By Laurie Roth

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President Trump is still the President in an undisclosed location working with our military.  We can say this due to Trump signing the 1807 Insurrection Act in January 2021.  As usual, most media say that has not been signed.  They are wrong.  My military source and patriot Simon Powell says he was also told by a military contact that it had been signed.

Trump is also  standing on his 2018, executive order 13848 which imposes sanctions in case of foreign interference with a United States Election.  By now, the world knows of the international interference and coordinated vote changing crimes to enact a coup against Trump’s landslide victory.  The focus was to put the Chinese controlled Communist stooge in the White House, Joe Biden.

I have already shared with you part of the growing mountain of evidence showing foreign election involvement with our Presidential election.  One of these large offenders was the Government of Italy and the Vatican using the Leonardo Vatican Satellite to change many votes from Trump to Biden.  Trump also said he had much proof linking China, Germany, Great Britain, and other nations to the election crimes and coup.

You must notice the growing amount of radio, TV and print, cowards, traitors and liars who scream that Biden is the real President now, get over it, and the election votes were checked in court after court and nothing confirmed a win by Trump over Biden.  In my view, those who are now spewing the lying talking points of the treasonous election coup should not escape any severe consequences.  This is total treason on many levels.

Remember also in one of my recent articles that Attorney Sydney Powell found the real election results.  They were far from a Biden win or a squeaker.  Trump got 410 Electoral College Votes and Biden got 128.  There has never been such a landslide victory for a President in the history of the U.S.

Be patient, pray and don’t doubt Trump and our military.  There is a strategy and real, winning plan.  Be patient.  God, America and President Trump will not be robbed, taken out or erased.

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