By Frosty Wooldridge

Ten years ago, my column, “What if 20 million illegal aliens vacated America” published with incredible responses.  (Source:, October, 29 2007) Over 100 emails landed in my ‘in-box’.  Angry Americans, fed-up Americans and really PO’d Americans!  Even radio host Michael Savage read the column verbatim on his show.  It still makes the rounds on social media, but for some mysterious reason, my byline vanished as the original author.  For a cliff note review, that commentary chronicled all the benefits Americans would enjoy if those 20 million border hoppers, anchor baby mothers, welfare recipients and illegal workers and their employers actually followed the rule of law—and were sent back to their countries.

At the time, Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo spoke up nationally about closing our borders and obeying our laws.  He received white-hot anger from La Rasa, ACLU, CAIR and the Southern Poverty Law Center—groups that do everything in their power to destroy America’s borders and legal citizenship.

In the past ten years since that commentary, the borders remain as wide open as Maxine Waters’ mouth, immigration added 35 million more people to the USA, net gain, and, not a single person in Congress has succeeded in stopping the endless flow of legal and illegal immigrants.  Big corporations like Marriott, Holiday Inn, Hormel Foods, Tyson Chicken, Chipotle and hundreds more, bribe the majority of 535 Congressional critters to make sure they take no action to stop the invasion. Results: our country continues to fracture, polarize and fragment faster than ever.  Not to mention our exploding cities, poverty and population hyper-growth.

What few understand in Washington DC: these immigrants could care less about America or about becoming Americans.  The liberal elites think they will never be touched by those unwashed and illiterate masses collecting in our cities.  They feel immune.  Lewiston, Maine or Minneapolis, Minnesota or Miami, Florida or Los Angeles, California?  That won’t happen to my city!  Unfortunately, it IS happening to every city in America with a welfare office and refugee center.

So, last week, I interviewed Director Fred Elbel (  about how White Americans face being displaced from their own country.  ‘The Great Displacement of Americans: Devolving Western Civilization by Frosty Wooldridge”  NewsWithViews, January 30, 2020.

Once again, that commentary hit a cord in over 100 readers who responded.  While millions read these commentaries, very few return with their own feelings.  Readers shake their heads, feel powerless and simply accept what’s happening as if there are no alternatives.  I’ve called it, “Civilizational Despair.”  It’s so exasperating to watch those 535 elected people do NOTHING to stop this invasion no matter what the consequences.  At some point, we’ll all be riding a sinking ship as we add another 110 million people by 2050.  By that time, TOO LATE to save ourselves or our children!  We’ll all become victims, much like Europe today.

In the meantime, you might share the frustration of readers from across America who did respond to that commentary last week:

“Mr. Wooldridge, You are correct, but it isn’t, in my view, just a cultural war, it’s also a racial/ethnic war. I will be candid, blunt, even. As America browns, the Caucasian people will become the minority; and it won’t take 20 years.  [Pew Research Center says America’s new majority, Latino-Mexicans, will become 51 percent by 2042.]

“The irony of this is, in part, the leftist Caucasians who allow this, and even seem to desire it, will find themselves in that same minority, and the majority will vote them, much to their dismay, out of office, and those leftists will find, albeit far too late, they are no more loved and appreciated by the various non-white cultures that  we the conservatives are hoping to desperately hang onto America, and what is left of it.

“It’s been oft said this nation will not fall from any outside forces but from the traitors and fools within.” Best to ya, Richard

Next responder:

“Mr. Wooldridge, Totally agree with you.  It’s SICKENING to think we fell for this.  Unbelievable that this was started by just a handful of people that could have been easily run out of office but managed to stay there for decades plotting our demise when we paid them handsomely, trusted them, and worse honored them.  What FOOLS we were!

“They must have been laughing so hard when our backs were turned.  And to think most of them could be considered insane by any psychological standards.  Many were sexual deviants, cowards, traitors and little cheats.

“You want to solve the problem?   START hanging them.  We have the evidence, the crimes.   That is why you have the very, very, serious demise of your country right now.

“The enemy is on your soil without FIRING a shot!  Thanks to the traitors you elect year in and year out to do this to you.  Now you ask me who has a mental illness?  Who is really insane?

“Combining the immigration rate, their high birth rates and our declining birth rate and aging population and I predict a little more than a decade and you’ll see nothing but third world citizens surrounding you and salivating at your demise.” Nelson

Another responder:

“Dear Frosty: Excellent article about the displacement of Western civilization. Unfortunately, however, Spence’s article, which you quoted in part, mentions, “This war is not properly called a “Global War on Terror.” What we’re up against is the world’s largest and most violent religion: Islam. I doubt that anyone understands Islam better than the men who had been living and breathing it all their lives and killed 3,000 of us in a single morning on 9/11.”

“Well, the true enemies behind 9/11 were not that bunch of idiots who could not fly a Piper Cub, but Bush, Cheney, and their globalist masters at the Council on Foreign Relations. Those are the same people who conceived the present displacement and are financing it. They call it the New World Order. Keep up the good work!” Best, Servando

Fourth responder:

“Frosty, one of the reasons why Islam is winning in the West is because the West has bought into the lie that Islam is “a religion” among many other religions.  Islam is not just another religion, it’s a totalitarian religious-political-economic system no matter what nation with varying degrees of severity.

“Pretty simple isn’t it? Well not quite, because western Christian civilizations have been brainwashed by secularism to think that way about Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity also which is also another lie. So, the mass-mind now thinks of religion as something to do apart from the rest of life, when in fact it’s just the opposite.

“There is no government on earth without a religio-philosophic foundation, none! Never has been, never will be because we cannot govern people apart from a consensus of religious or philosophic belief.

“Yesterday I had a conversation with a very nice elderly Swedish lady who has been living in Florida for years, but is returning to the land of her birth. I am of the opinion that she knows nothing about the Islamic spiral her native country is now in. Any nation that will not only not protect its citizens from the ravages of foreign invaders, but favors the invader over the citizen is a failed state. It’s only a matter of time and Sweden will become an Islamic state because this is the stated objective of Islam and Swedes are not resisting.

“The problem the west has is with turkeys and foxes in the pulpits!

‘I wish I had ready access to a letter I wrote a couple of years ago wherein I cited quotes from the state church in Sweden that in effect proclaimed victory for Islamic invaders. It sounded like the French Vichy following the Nazi takeover of their nation.” Respectfully, Jon

Do you see the ‘realities’ of their responses?  Can you see it in your city or one near you?  Dear reader, this ‘thing’ races toward us at breakneck speed and nobody attempts to stop it.  They haven’t stopped it in Europe and in fact, they invite it into Canada. We’re no different and we and our children face a really nasty future with another 110 million more foreigners landing on our country.  Are you okay with that?  If not, what are you doing about it?

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