By Dr. John Ure, MD

First of all, I would like to say, thank you so very much for placing me as a featured writer when I submitted my first article.  In speaking to the editor regarding my experiences, he graciously offered me a position as a contributing writer, which I gladly accepted.

This article is not what I had anticipated writing as my second article. This morning I spent time reading the book, Aids Opium and Diamonds by Dr. Nancy Turner Banks.  I would like to thank Sofia Smallstorm for recommending the book to her listeners. The section of the book today dealt with the horrible condition of poisoning our environment, animals and people with fluoride. I had already realized the harmful effects and the evil actions of the powers behind the scenes. Obviously, as is stated numerous times, simply follow the money. On my website, I have an article on fluoride, but it is relatively brief and it is one of the topics that I’m going to expand on in the future.

The other topic that was going through my mind was going to be my next article, Earthing. Consider the previous sentence as a preview of what is forthcoming, but if you just can not stand the suspense it can also be found on the above website. You might be thinking, well if it is already on your website why would you want to write about it again?  Good question. The reason is, I have had quite a number of years experience working with it personally as well as with my family and hearing feedback from my patients.   Now I can share knowledge of earthing firsthand.

Observing the videos of Dr. Buttar, I became impassioned to think that I could go out into the community and share the knowledge that I have and that others would be interested in listening. You will be so glad you spent time watching him because he is not only full of passion but has an excellent understanding of medicine and expresses it in a way that is easy to understand. Dr. Rashid A. Buttar website.

I had envisioned myself in front of a sizable group of people answering questions that I am sure that they must have wanted to ask. I suppose I had viewed so many movies in the past showing crowds of people clamoring to listen to an orator.

I armed myself with a print out of my first article planning on handing them out to an eager audience, or at least sharing websites so that they could look it up online. I also had several brochures that told who I am, and what I am doing. Explaining that my goal was readily available healthcare that is affordable.

I had created a fairly large sign approximately 4′ x 4’and had kept the writing to a minimum. Top line, Dr. John Ure and that was simple enough. The next three lines stated Virus Questions Answered on hour. I also took a nice stand that was going to allow me to place my material so I could readily review it as I talked with the gathered audience.

I went to our largest shopping area that consists of Walmart, Tractor Supply, and Ace True Value Hardware representing some of the largest retailer’s although there are several other smaller businesses as well. I proceeded to place my vehicle in just such a way as it would not impede the flow of traffic. I then placed my sign in a readily visible location leaning against the vehicle.

I anxiously awaited the first interested individual. And I waited and waited and waited some more. I had taken one of my dogs, a small fox terrier with me because he absolutely loves car travel and being with me. His name is Dusty, and his coat is completely brown with short hair.  One of the reasons he gets to go with me while other dogs stay home is because he minds so well. As a matter of fact he has darling way of singing on command and can almost repeat I love you so that it sounds like the words.  I invite you to look at my Facebook page, John Ure and you will see many of my furry friends.

On two occasions I thought for sure I had some interested individuals. The first parked off to my left but as they proceeded to get out of the car it became apparent that they were only needing to walk their dog. The next parked only 20 feet away from me and I thought their motive was to distance themselves from other individuals in the parking lot. I was wrong again. They had bought lunch at Hardee’s because they couldn’t go inside because of our pandemic and had simply chosen that spot to have their lunch.

I had one pedestrian, probably in his upper teenage years, walk by at a distance of approximately 20 feet away and therefore I could ask him if he had any questions about the virus. He stated he did not.

After approximately 1 1/2 hours sitting on a folding chair with Dusty on my lap a lady stopped approximately 20 feet away and ask if she could take a picture. I gave her permission and told her that he could sing a song for her and proceeded to allow him to show off. I then told her that I would be more than happy to give her some information on the virus and in so doing approached her car when she readily grabbed her mask and stuck it up in front of her face. I told her that the mask was certainly not going to do her any good whatsoever. Obviously she had been brainwashed by the main stream media.

Fortunately, to break my boredom one of my friends from Texas called and I told him what I was doing. He thought that it was a good idea and I told him that it really wasn’t. I then told him about my article and he asked me to send it to him. I told him I would and said there are several interesting parts I could read to you. He then said will read the whole thing, and I told him it was long but he had the patience to listen to it entirely.

I had watched car after car drive-by people looking at the sign, not comprehending it’s significance. People not even turning their heads being aware of their environment, or people looking at their cell phones oblivious to their surroundings. This is why I feel that our population is nothing but a bunch of hypnotized sheeple mesmerized by their cell phone totally out of touch with reality.  I believe if there had been a blaze in front of them they would have driven through in their haste to get into Chinamart.

I had enough and was preparing to leave.  Putting the sign away and closing all doors.  A local police car pulled up and stopped about 20 feet from me.  My first impulse was someone has called the police any reported my actions.  I decided I was not up for an explanation to the police.  Usually they are not at all understanding anyway, so I just drove away.  Perhaps my paranoia was just kicking in but who knows.  I am seeing all kinds of inappropriate behavior by law enforcement all over the world.

I then drove to Aldies grocery store for provisions.  Usually you place a quarter in the slot to retrieve your cart, but due to the pandemic they have assigned an employee to be the official cart disinfector.  I spoke with her and found out she had been laid off from one of the large boat manufacturing industries locally.  As a divorcee living by herself she had to take a job paying considerably less than she had.

About 20 feet down the first aisle I ran into two friendly men.  I did not know it at the time but they were father and son.  I asked them where they were from and they were from the Sedalia area but were here for the Spring turkey hunt.  They were gathering their food supply for their outing.  It was good to witness the comradery that they displayed.  Both expressed their frustration calling the entire fiasco a gigantic hoax and described all of the feelings about it that good, common sense people share.  I might add that neither of them had on masks or gloves.  Most of the other shoppers had on masks.

The older man described how he would execute a do over and I may have given you a hint.  He stated once the politicians realized what was in store for them if they did not toe the mark then maybe they would actually do what they are being paid to do. When I approached the checkout they had constructed a transparent shield to prevent contamination by the virus. It had been added since my last visit. Obviously worthless, but adding to the overall fear factor.

I gave the men a print out of my article and brochure.  They each  showed me a knife they had made, and wore proudly.  In fact they made my entire effort worthwhile.  It made me proud to see that there are still red blooded Americans with backbone to tell it how it is, as well as the willingness to do something about it.  We will be counting on these type of individuals in the future.  They gave cheery waves as they drove away.  Somehow I think I will run into them again down the road.

This brings me to the bible text, Romans 8:28 All things work together for the good of those who love God.  To those called according to His purpose.  If you look closely at the wording of the text, it does not say every thing that happens to you is a good thing.  It says that all things that happen will ultimately have a good purpose.

The effort to share knowledge with the community was a bomb, but the time spent with the cart cleaner and these men was valuable.

I so not know if the sign will ever be used but it is ready if needed.  I already knew it but this was just a reinforcement of the head in the sand, I know all about it or totally indifferent attitude of people today.  Oh, how I long for the good old days when I was raised the 50’s and 60’s.  I will share something with you that is very special to me, and that is a tribute I made to my mother shortly after she died. You will be able to find it by Clicking Here I invite you to look particularly at the title, Leave It To Beaver, because that is the type of home my parents provided for we children.

I am so disappointed in the direction I have seen health care go.  I have been attacked in a way that I would have never imagined because the establishment does not want people to get better.  All they want is to cull the older folks from the ranks, and make more money.  I am currently writing a book called The Last Country Doctor.  It will be telling the story of just how we doctors are being attacked.  If it is not according to the way the establishment wants it to be then you better watch out.  Heaven help you if you take someone off of their prescription medication.  All they want is for them to take another pill.  Then there will be side effects of that pill so nobody is really ever cured it is just a revolving door to maintain sickness in order to maintain a constant cash flow.

I recognize just how far off course things have gotten in so many ways.  My future articles will be addressing what I am aware of, and I would appreciate suggestions for topics of interest from the readers.

I would really appreciate you passing the word around that I am providing basic medical care by Telemedicine.  417-644-2788

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