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By Betty Freauf

November 27, 2009

For a number of months since President Barack Obama has been president, I’ve been watching further descent of America into Marxism caused by his appointing one after another unelected officials to key positions in government. I’ve been told the mother eagle when she wants her eaglets to learn how to fly begins pulling the twigs from their comfortable nests and the thought came to me that maybe God is allowing twigs to be pulled from our comfortable nests one after another hoping we would as a nation collectively repent. As the eaglets begin to shiver from the cold, they decide to try out their wings and when their first attempts fail, momma eagle swoops underneath them to save them from going splat on the ground.

When we read our Old Testament we see God blessing Israel when they trusted and believed in Him by giving them good kings but when they refused to repent, He sent them evil kings who made life miserable for the people and so the pendulum swings – to and fro. Could it be what is happening today is simply a result of Americans in general continuing to keep one foot in Egypt? As a result, is God pulling the twigs from our comfortable nests by allowing evil leaders to be elected? Allow me to use this as a correlation of the TV program “the Nanny” who puts rebellious children on the naughty chair.

However, what has been happening with breathtaking speed today cannot be blamed entirely on Barack Obama because our “republic” began to slide into the abyss as early as President Abraham Lincoln and the civil war in the mid 1860s when our government leaders began moving us away from local governments into a centralized, powerful, unaccountable government in Washington, D.C.

Long before there was ever a thought about a Barack Obama, under the Democrat President Woodrow Wilson administration, the unconstitutional Sixteenth Amendment (Income Tax) in 1913 became law without being ratified by the required number of states. On December 24, 1913, a small group of powerful senators stayed behind to vote on the creation of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve that prints money out of thin air without gold backing. Most Americans at the time owned allodial property titles, free and clear of any liens or mortgages but now all our property belongs to the Federal Reserve.

On October 9, 2009, in President Obama’s ninth month in office, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Someone acquainted with the occult numerology said three 9’s indicates finality and the Bible describes “end times” as a woman about to give birth and the birth pains becoming closer and closer together. I wrote this article, “Is Mother Earth Experiencing Birth Pains?” on December 11, 2004 four years before Barack Obama was elected president and before former V.P. Al Gore’s becoming the “outed” spokesman for this nonsensical, environmental Communist agenda called the green movement. And if anyone had said that by 1994, the “Master Manipulator” and former leader of the Soviet Union would have his tax-exempt Gorbachev foundation at a former U.S. military base, who would have believed the possibility?

This is the same man who, in 1990, received the Nobel Peace Prize and in 1988 hailed as TIME MAGAZINE’s “Man of the Year.” We first heard Gorby say in a speech to the Soviet Central Committee on Nov. 2, 1987 “We are moving toward a new world, the world of communism. We shall never turn off that road.” Later in 1990, then President George H.W. Bush announced we were moving towards a New World Order and then we heard Igor Panarin, a Russian professor’s grim prediction that the U.S. would fall apart in July 2010. There seems to be zillions of Anti-American organizations under a variety of names operating in unison with one goal and that is to destroy America. Whether the members at the bottom are aware of the agenda, the leaders at the top more than likely are aware.

While most of us want to believe the Chamber of Commerce is an honorable organization, on March 16, 1995 in the WISCONSIN REPORT Erica Carle wrote about the “U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Other Blankets.” In her prologue she wanted the readers to know there is a World Management System now functioning in many areas and working to increase its domination of total control. The System is not government, but it uses governments whenever it can in order to achieve its goals and to deal effectively with the System we have to be smart and well informed, rather than emotional. She quoted from an article titled, Psychology as a Means of Promoting Human Welfare by George A. Miller, a Rockefeller University psychologist. The article appeared in the December 1969 issue of AMERICAN PSYCHOLOGIST:

“You do not need complete authority over a social organization in order to reform it. The important thing is not to control the system, but to understand it. Someone who has a valid conception of the system as a whole can often introduce relatively minor changes that have extensive consequences throughout the entire organization.”


Erica then tells how in 1976 Milwaukee was facing the prospect of cross-town busing for integration which she deemed to be not only destructive for education but also for neighborhoods, neighborhood businesses and harmony within the city. She approached the head of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce to see if he would cooperate in their efforts to expose and defeat what she considered to be a usurpation of local and parental authority. She indicated he was polite and outwardly sympathetic but not really helpful with a look on his face that told her, “I know what you are trying to tell me but I don’t want YOU to know I know.” As she left the office, she saw on a table a collection of Chamber of Commerce papers telling Milwaukee business leaders how to promote the busing and educate industrial workers for the change. The fix was in and busing was another “class warfare” debacle.

So whether it is what appears to be reputable organizations such as the Chamber of Commerce in your city or the Green Party of Mendocino, California who at about the 44-mile post north of Ukiah that says they are cleaning up the highway or other Community Organizing groups such as ACORN and the SEIU union, they all seem to be in this destruction of America by some means. ACORN has 361 affiliations. For years this organization has received taxpayer dollars to promote the Communist/Marxism agenda and who were helpful, along with the unions and in particular the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) for putting Barack Obama into office,

Michael Medved on his talk radio show on July 9, 2004 interviewed David Cobb, a Green Party presidential candidate. Medved made fun that Maine was the only state with a Green Party state legislator completely missing the point his Green Party guest made about the importance of county and city levels where they were having their biggest successes and while they, like the Socialist Party may be thrilled to get someone elected as a state legislator or even a Congressman such as Bernie Sanders, these folks recognize the control and the power is at the bottom and then those elected appoint their friends to unelected administrative positions. Medved, the “cultural brain dead crusader” failed to recognize and warn his listening audience that United Nations regional administrative government undermines our “republic” with unelected bumptious officials creating unconstitutional rules and regulations to enslave us and where our enemies are gaining their strength. The Arab American Institute two years later on July 14, 2006 posted on the Internet all Arab American candidates that were running for a public office. Please see the list here. And in our local paper on November 22, 2009 was an article about an old Washington mining town called Granite Falls, Wash. that had elected a Muslim mayor.

Then we have the Green Peace folks. I have a cartoon showing the Green Peace protesters beside Noah’s Ark with “Save the Whales” signs.

Did God begin pulling more serious twigs from our comfortable nests when the 1973 U.S. Supreme Court decision allowed future taxpayers to be aborted in the womb or was it when prayer and Bibles were banned in schools? The environmentalist movement emerged after Communism allegedly failed, the wall came down and a lot of peaceniks and political activists moved into the environmental movement, bringing their neo-Marxism with them. They learned to use the “Green” language in very clever ways to cloak the agenda that actually has more to do with anti-capitalism than anything to do with ecology and science. The Green Peace crowd, the American-hating anti-war protesters of the 1960s have become the Green Nazis of today. As one Green Peace activist put it, “The secret to Green Peace’s success is…it doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true” and, of course, the pimps in the liberal mainline media help provide the propaganda. We have Earth First, Animal Liberation, the recently “outed”ACORN and a plethora of other Communist fronts who when they spit in our face, we called it dew. These kinder, gentler greenies have taken a new path to world domination. They have switched from their bloodletting-red to the sacred green of the pagans.

The October 2009 The Schwarz Report, had an article entitled, “From Pravda With Love” by Stanislav Mishin explaining how Holy Russia was a testing ground and now these same methods of dumbing down Americans through a politicized and substandard education system based on pop culture rather than classics finds Americans knowing more about their favorite TV dramas than the drama in DC that directly affects their lives and how their faith in God was destroyed and then he says the final collapse of America came with the election of Barack Obama and the planned destruction of our capitalist system is gone with a whimper. It’s worth the read. Google it.

We have an electronic world connected by the Internet, satellites, microchips and spy devices. People are out of work. Our planned retirements are being depleted. Are we at the point of no return or are there going to be up and rising stars within the Glenn Beck’s Tea Party/Project 9-12 groups to become like the momma eagle who flies under the eaglets to keep them from going splat on the ground? Are they educating themselves on Constitutional principles and will they run for office to counterbalance this take over of America by the Marxists? The FOX crowd has been giving Sarah Palin plenty of coverage. Sarah was heard saying as Greta VanSustern was interviewing her, “I’m not going to compromise my values and positions in order to placate certain demographics.” Will Sarah be our Debra (Judges 5)? Is she to be the one to replace the “cunning women” described in Jer. 9:17 who have been able to obtain such powerful positions as Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State or Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House and two steps away from the Presidency? Is this why principled Sarah is being maligned by the radicals on the left? I hope she’s wise enough not to be seduced by the one worlder, globalists Rockefeller Council on Relations/Trilateral Commission/Bilderberg crowd who had plans of bringing the U.S. to its knees by the year 2000. About the only thing that has stopped them thus far are the Second Amendment folk with their guns.

As early as 1993, a New World Order progress report indicated the American economy was on the verge of total collapse and absolute bankruptcy, even though her citizens continued to foolishly hope for the best, not suspecting for a moment the desolate economic realities that were planned to shortly be unleashed upon them. There were more twigs from our nest when great industries were gutted and/or moved overseas and our educational systems were thoroughly contaminated with false doctrines and our youth thoroughly corrupted. The political correctness plan causing divisiveness, distractions and racial disharmony has been quite effective leading to chaos, confusion, destruction and moral decimation.

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Our former legal foundations have been severely comprised and degraded. Now Judges and attorneys are seen by most Americans as a step below the proverbial used car salesman and most people have lost faith in our justice system. On November 25th a federal public defender was found dead in her home in Portland, Oregon. The early news alleged it to be a homicide. Have we moved from twigs to this being the final straw that broke the camel’s back?

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004 and joined the Constitutional Party.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
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The FBI had been aware of Hasan’s rambling on the Internet about his opposition to the war in Afghanistan and Iraq and how the killing at the Arkansas Recruiting Center in June by a Muslim was justified equating it to a suicide bomber.