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By Betty Freauf

October 6, 2010

Radio “common tater” Rush Limbaugh was on a roll on October 1, 2010. He is getting tired of hearing his friends tell him the conservative women already winning in many of the primaries can’t possibly win against the obvious Marxist Democrats in the general election and his friends are saying these women are an embarrassment to the GOP; however, if you want real GOP embarrassment, read the 6/29/1989 Washington Times article below. Rush is beginning to ask these friends if they had the courage to run in the first place if they could stand up under the scrutiny of the left-wing media?

How would many of them respond when being put under the microscope on a daily basis? How many “lofty perch perfectionists” have ever wrecked a car or gotten a speeding or DUII ticket or even a parking ticket? How many of them have spent time on a psychiatrist’s couch? How many of them are on anti-depressant drugs? How many are alcoholics? How many of them are closet homosexuals or cross dressers? How many of these Monday morning quarterbacks who denigrate these conservative women have been audited by the I.R.S? How many have been late on mortgage or credit card payments? How many peak at porno sites when no one is looking? How many have an illegitimate child or two running around about which they are aware or unaware or how many have impregnated some woman causing her to get an abortion? How many have had divorces and what might their ex spouse say about them? How many have troubled children? And I’m sure readers can add to this list. These “flawless life” critics say these conservative “kooky” women are unelectable. They don’t look good on T.V. or at interviews by the “gotcha” mainstream media pundits who ask questions of newcomers they wouldn’t dream of asking the entrenched politician.

We all fall short in some areas. The Bible speaks more about the “tongue” than any other issue. The Ten Commandments show us how imperfect we really are and says if we offend in one point, we are guilty of all (James 2:10) which proves we are all flawed and in need of a savior. (John 3:3) Jesus was considered too dangerous to live by the Romans because any man who could feed 5,000 with the contents of a boy’s sack lunch could feed an army. Anyone who could heal the injured and raise the dead could marshal legions of zealots to wage war against imperial Rome so He had to be destroyed. [1] And any conservative political candidate who plans to obey their Constitutional oath and call upon divine guidance must likewise be destroyed.


On October 1, 2010 Sean Hannity on “unFair and Balanced” FOX showed a poll of three possible GOP presidential contenders to Barack Obama. Romney was at 41%, Huckabee at 40% and Jeb Bush at 37%. Both Romney and Huck ran the last time and since Huckabee has been given a program on FOX and he’s on 600 radio stations and readers might want to refresh their memory about Romney. However, there was not one mention of Sarah Palin as a possible presidential contender. Could it be because Hannity’s guest was the all-knowing GOP patriarch, Karl Rove and it was his poll? I remember Hannity having a total meltdown regarding Ron Paul.

On September 23, 2010 talk show host from liberal radio KGO in San Francisco, John Rothman, who formerly worked for Richard Nixon, talked about a poll that showed Obama at 46% and Palin at 46%. One woman caller said Palin is charismatic and she believes in the Rapture so that makes her dangerous! To John’s credit, he reminded the caller that Ronald Reagan believed in the Rapture.

Another woman caller said Palin didn’t have her own house in order. At her age she should have known an “older” woman’s chances of delivering a Downs Syndrome child increases plus her own daughter got pregnant out of wedlock. I wonder how many of these self-righteous folks now see that 19-year old “Dancing With the Stars” and cringe! Of course, in past generations a child out of wedlock would not have been acceptable; however, today nearly every family is being challenged in a variety of ways unheard of a generation or so ago so these types of comments only increase Palin’s popularity because so many families can relate to these types of problems but does that make Palin dangerous?

Just like the Romans feared Jesus and put him to death is why the liberals and the R.I.N.Os fear Palin and her conservative sisters winning elections while many of the current “cunning” Pelosi crowd are in trouble! Didn’t Palin take on the corrupt GOP in Alaska when she became a governor? Did she not carry her Downs Syndrome son to full term rather than abort him? Sarah Palin’s courage against all odds is simply unheard of in this day and age. In a perfect world, God would use men as political leaders and women as helpmates but in the absence of such men leaders, God chooses women such as Debra and Esther in the Bible. Unlike Hillary Clinton, I personally don’t think becoming the first woman president is on Palin’s mind. She has been too busy on the campaign trail endorsing virtually unknown women for Congress who have been winning in the primaries and are willing to return to Constitutional principles. It is this writer’s opinion she held her nose when endorsing John McCain (and he knows it) but still remaining loyal to the guy who God used to bring her into the spotlight.

The old GOP Pecksniffian, Karl Rove, who was President George W. Bush’s top adviser, said in early 2009 Obama’s economic team was reassuring. “He’s generally surrounded himself with intelligent, mainstream advisers (who have) a market-oriented imprint.” Karl Rove wrote an entire article praising the president-elect’s choices of individuals who will direct the nation’s economy for the next four years. [2] Hey, Karl, how’s that “Hoax and Chains” working for you? On second thought, just fine! “Barack Obama is no fool. He is not incompetent. He knows exactly what he is doing. He is purposely overwhelming the U.S. economy to create systemic failure, economic crisis and social chaos – thereby destroying capitalism and our country from within,” says Wayne Allyn Root, Obama’s college classmate at Columbia University.


Kevin Phillips in his masterful book American Dynasty stated that Karl Rove, the political strategist for President Bush, “is a devotee of Machiavelli…and today’s best apologist for Machiavelli is one of the most influential voices in Washington with direct connections into the Bush oval office.” Machiavelli, an Italian statesman and student of politics, taught it is dangerous for a leader to practice goodness. Instead, he must pretend to be good and then do the opposite. Machiavelli taught that a leader would succeed on appearance alone. His name has long stood for all that is deep, dark and treacherous in statesmanship. In Elizabethan literature, for example, there are hundreds or references that connect him with the evil one or the devil.

Machiavelli says a good leader puts his finger to the wind and changes course whenever it is expedient to do so. In the 1996 book Boy Clinton it was noted Clinton had a following on campus of Machiavellis. Clinton was good at putting his finger in the air so why isn’t Obama? Why does he continually go against the will of the people? Perhaps it is because he is totally confident the New World Order crowd has written the final chapter so no need to fear we, the people.

Machiavellian principles

I will control. I will get you to love me but I will control. If I cannot get you to love me, then I will get you to hate or fear me but I will control but if I cannot get you to love me or hate and fear me, then I will destroy you! Does that sound like President Barack Obama?

Karl Rove hesitates supporting some of these conservative women but just where does he stand on the gay agenda? His criticism of Delaware Republican senate candidate Christine O’Donnell is seen by some conservatives as based largely on her strong stand in favor of pro-family policies. In a former News With Views contributor (now deceased), Alan Stang’s 2007 book: Not Holier Than Thou says Karl’s father, Louis, was a homosexual which could be the reason Karl’s mother committed suicide.

The Washington Times reported on June 29, 1989 how a homosexual prostitution inquiry was ensnaring VIPS with Reagan and Bush and how “Call Boys” took midnight tours of the White House. Ann Coulter in her 2008 book Guilty said Frank Rich, a columnist on the Huffington Post announced Karl Rove’s father was gay. Of course, never shy Coulter also says that Arianna Huffington acquired millions of dollars by marrying a very rich gay man. A number of the newest programs on T.V. have homosexual couples even adopting babies or trying to use surrogates.

Conservatives long ago opposing the gay agenda foresaw the writing on the wall if homosexuals were given the same rights as married couples, the next step in demoralizing America further would be polygamy and now we have a reality show testing Utah’s laws about multiple wives. It’s called “Sister Wives.” The January 2010 The Schwarz Report reported Obama’s nominee for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Chai R. Feldblum, signed a 2006 manifesto endorsing polygamous households. This lengthy document called “Beyond Same-Sex Marriage” argues that traditional marriage should not be “privileged above all others.” How long will it be before thousands of polygamous men are receiving welfare payments for each of their wives? We are having a culture crisis beyond my wildest dreams!

And then there is the illegal immigration issue. Pat Buchanan’s in his 2006 book State of Emergency writes the GOP white race was shrinking so Bush and Rove decided to court the Hispanics and that is why Bush refused to deal with the border crisis and denounced as “vigilantes” the minutemen volunteers who served in Arizona as spotters for the Border Patrol but it took yet another woman to stand up and speak out – Arizona Governor Brewer and she became very popular!

Although some in the GOP hierarchy have decided to give a pittance of financial support to some of these women, it is still uncertain whether the establishment is going to go beyond lip service. After Christine O’Donnell’s surprise win in the Delaware primary, Rove and his GOP lap dogs admitted “This win has given us energy, it’s given us enthusiasm, and in many ways it’s given us highly qualified candidates who are going to be able to take the fight to the Democrats this fall,” Rove told FOX news. But he stood by his earlier statement that O’Donnell isn’t one of them. “My job is not to be a cheerleader for every Republican; it’s to call them as I see them,” he said.

Although I believe Rush – even though he has denied it in the past- has carried water for the R.I.N.Os in the party, he seems very irritated lately with the GOP and it’s treatment of the new female candidates being supported by the Tea Party folks. Rush used to hang up on any caller that dared suggest a “conspiracy” of any type and Rush is somewhat responsible for us having NAFTA. However, perhaps he’s finally come to realize we are a nation of squealers and sometimes the people we think are our best friends will betray us to gain another step on the political ladder.

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With all these United Nations unconstitutional administrative agencies and no accountability by these unelected appointed directors, one misstep by anyone and it is noted in some database. Do you remember how Joe the Plumber just happened to be in the neighborhood when Mr. Charismatic presidential candidate Barack Obama came by, shaking Joe’s hands and telling Joe about our need to redistribute the wealth? Joe was a virtual unknown the day before but the media was quick to note he was conservative which caused the Obama crowd to then begin probing through Joe’s I.R.S. files. Anyone of us could be next.


1- Book: Jerusalem COUNTDOWN by John Hagee (P.51) © 2005
2- Jan. 5, 2009 New American (P.9)

� 2010 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
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Kevin Phillips in his masterful book American Dynasty stated that Karl Rove, the political strategist for President Bush, “is a devotee of Machiavelli…and today’s best apologist for Machiavelli is one of the most influential voices in Washington with direct connections into the Bush oval office.”