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By Betty Freauf
January 22, 2011

America’s Creeping Revolution as described in historian John T. Flynn’s 1949 book The Road Ahead compares what could happen in America in the future as to what happened in England. In this Part 5 he says the intellectuals - the Harvard crowd and other professors had this “cockeyed theory” of John Maynard Keynes of spending and national debt. Taxes and debt were supposed to be evil and were certainly unpopular but most indefinitely, that government borrowing was a good thing, that government debt was not a burden, did not have to be paid and was, literally, an unmixed blessing. Does this sound familiar today? National Socialist Planning, now equipped with the new engine of government borrowing, took on a new and vital form. And the whole brood of Socialist and Technocrats and Fabians were swarming into Washington. They believed that the depression and then the war, along with the devices introduced into our system by Frank Delano Roosevelt’s “New Deal,” had effectually wrecked the American Capitalist system. By the time Roosevelt was elected to office, not once but four times, change agent Edward L. Bernays had learned how to control and manipulate people so the whole 20th century may be called the “Big Lie” as we begin hearing about the paradigm shift.

And once our misleaders decided “borrowing” and spending instead of saving and investing was the way to go, it wasn’t long until people believed what was good for the goose was also good for the gander. Neither my folks nor my husband’s ever had a credit card. They saved and paid cash for everything because they learned the difference between “wants” and “needs.” But in today’s instantaneous society, if we want something that we don’t need, we whip out the credit cards.

When I arrived in the big city of Portland, Oregon having come from a farming background, I received in the mail a credit card for which I did not apply. Fortunately, my unsophisticated country bumpkin roots helped me never to buy anything I couldn’t pay for when the statement arrived. I used it simply for convenience. Millions of others, however, have not been as wise and find themselves over extended. I remember President George W. Bush after 9/11 encouraging us to get back to “normal” which meant spending like Big Brother!

The government has been picking our pockets through the unconstitutional “voluntary” 16th amendment (IRS) since 1913 described in Part 1 but now we have a new problem called “Electronic Pickpocketing.” In a crowd of people, someone with a hi-tech scanner resembling a computer case can make contact with credit cards in a man’s billfold in his back pocket without the person knowing he’s just had his pocket picked! All the information they can get from the credit card can be disseminated around the world in a short period of time to unscrupulous people willing to pay for the information. Once again, it’s hi-tech technology run amok! All U.S. passports issued since 2006 are also vulnerable. There is no place to hide.

Flynn said the National Socialist Planners looked upon the performances they were able to promote during the war and the results they had obtained since the armistice as complete proof not merely of the soundness of their theories but of the inevitableness of their dream of a violent revolution. Glenn Beck on his T.V. show has been referring to the top down, bottom up and the taxpayers getting caught in the middle. Translation: The anarchists at the bottom asking for more entitlements and spending while the progressive/socialists misleaders at the top complying and borrowing to avoid orchestrated protests in the streets and eventually the American taxpayers in the middle would end up being squeezed. Our Founders knew how a centralized government could result in eventual chaos and Martial Law. Contrary to the initial suspicions by the liberals that conservatives were to blame for the January 8th Tucson shooting, they were later caught in the “blame game” that backfired when it was discovered a deranged young man was responsible and since January 8th a deranged older liberal man threatened a Tea Party man and is now being evaluated in a psychiatric institution but all we hear from the left is harping about Sarah Palin.

Flynn said the Fabian Socialists have infiltrated our government believing they have America trapped within the walls of their economic Keynesian borrowing theories. He admits this might be true and it very well might be all over for America and capitalism; however, he believed that only a tremendous and heroic effort could extricate America and this brings us to the Tea Party movement.

The lack of will on the part of the elected RINO’s can be compared to Judges 5 when God’s soldiers were paralyzed by fear and confused in combat so Debra took the leadership roll while the fearful, ignorant and indecisive male Republican leaders have earned the curse of Meroz because they did not go to the help of the Lord against His enemies. So, like Debra, former Alaskan Republican governor, Sarah Palin and Congresswoman, Michelle Bachmann (R-Minn) have been targeted for their stands. Inasmuch as Sarah may be planning a run for the 2012 presidency, this should help you to better understand why these socialists are demonizing her and attempting to cause divisions. Unless I’ve missed something, Jeb Bush, former Florida governor, has defended Sarah a little but silence by others in her defense is once again deafening. And no matter how she responds to their absurd accusations, they’ll find fault and all of a sudden we are supposed to become more “civilized”?

David Freddoso said in his 2008 book The Case Against Barack Obama that his liberalism extends beyond his positions on issues to other aspects of his worldview. The reason civility has declined in America, Obama suggests, is that today we lack a nice, liberal television anchor whom we all trust to tell us the way things are: “We have no authoritative figure, no Walter Cronkite or Edward R. Murrow whom we all listen to and trust to sort out contradictory claims.” No, Mr. President, today we have the Internet, conservative talk radio and cable news reporting from both sides and we, the people, doing some in-depth research from some musty old books like The Road Ahead can choose which venue we trust more.


While Senator Joseph McCarthy was right when he warned about communist infiltration into our country, George Clooney’s movie Good Night and Good Luck continued smearing him while the movie lionized leftist Edward R. Murrow. On the 10/7/2005 Laura Ingraham radio show played a soundbite where Cronkite says voters today are too stupid to make educated choices on Election Day unless, of course, they vote for Democrats and that, my dear readers, is why every candidate has listed behind his or her name to what party they are affiliated.

Cronkite’s remark about voters today being too stupid to make educated choices on election day reminds me of a caller to a talk show host at KGO in San Francisco who boasts of his ability to remember dates, votes and the history of candidates, and I have to admit the guy seems credible. She indicated she and her husband were 66 years old. She called the show enamored with President Obama’s speech at the Tucson Memorial service believing him to be the finest president ever even though they had voted for FDR. I ran the audio tape back to make sure I heard what she said and the talk show host perhaps fearing losing a listener did not suggest that would have been impossible. FDR was in office from 1933 to 1945 and we had to be 21 vote.

Freddoso says Obama is a New Deal liberal who looks back to President Franklin D. Roosevelt for inspiration which means Obama is a Great Society liberal, whose wife once noted, with an admirable forthrightness liberal politicians don’t display: “The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and (a) revamped education system then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so someone else can have more.” It’s all about the redistribution of wealth.

And we know Rahm Emanuel, Obama’s former chief of staff has said never pass up a crisis so while all thoughts were still on the Tucson shootings, instead of looking for waste in the military, President Obama decided to try to reduce the spending. This is “progressive” code for domestic socialism paid for out of a decreased defense budget just as our enemies are increasing their military and now a military panel has approved openly gays for service and recommending women for combat all in an effort to dismantle the last major area of discrimination in the armed forces. Doesn’t this make you feel all warm, fuzzy and secure while our borders remain open?

In order to show some concern for civility, one Democrat Congressman is suggesting that instead of sitting in separate sections for President Obama’s annual State of the Union address, the lions should sit beside the lambs to demonstrate “civility.” Maybe we should look at the origin of “civility” which began in the 60s when civil disobedient followed Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals patterned after labor unions negotiating with management. Respect for each other in the Congressional chambers has been a prerequisite but when I see elected officials fistycuffing in other countries, I often wondered how long it would be until it happened in America. On occasion someone says something derogatory into a “hot” microphone like Jesse Jackson commenting negatively about Barack Obama; however, it fell off the radar rapidly. When Rep. Joe Wilson interrupted President Obama’s address by shouting, “You lie!” the liberals repeated that for days!

While President Obama’s address at the Tucson memorial service was very good, we learned later the $60,000 for 10,000 T-shirts bearing the words, “Together We Thrive” paid by the college/taxpayers, helped send a message it was OK to turn a solemn memorial service into a pep rally with no admonishment by the president to the students who were probably his voters. They disrespectfully hollered out and clapped approval during the president’s speech. And what about that opening prayer by a Native American?? And why would hypocrite A.G. Holder want to show his face and quote scripture when the rascal is suing Arizona for trying to stop illegals? Likewise for Homeland Security secretary Napolitano who is more fearful of the “Christian right” than the illegals crossing the Arizona border and never debunked the Southern Poverty Center’s patriot hit list.

Completely forgetting about all the atrocities that happened under the Clinton Administration such as A.G. Janet Reno disobeying the historic 1878 Posse Comitatus Act that prohibited the U.S. military from exercising police powers within the U.S., Reno gave the military the authority to burn down the Waco compound in Texas where men, women and 17 little children were burned to death, the left came out immediately blaming conservatives for the Tucson shooting.

Then there was the FBI sharpshooter who shot Randy Weaver’s wife, Vicki in the head at Ruby Ridge, Idaho as she stood on her porch on August 22, 1992 with her baby in her arms. The government later settled with Randy in a civil wrongful death lawsuit. There is still great skepticism about the Oklahoma City truck in front of the Murrah building causing all that damage under the building and killing children in the nursery.

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While there are many more I could mention, may I end with one rather humorous “lack of memory by the liberals?” A black radio host out of San Francisco, on the air for 40 years said on the holiday of Martin Luther King that his was the only holiday attributed to a person. What about George and Abe, Mr. Talk show host? With a well-orchestrated socialist machine in 1987 the birthdays of George Washington and Abe Lincoln’s birthday were combined in President’s Day to make room for Rev. Martin Luther King’s birthday.

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� 2011 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
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The aim of the progressives has been for years to build a huge united progressive movement that can force the new president to move America massively to the left and up until the November 2010 election, President Obama was being a compliant follower.