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By Betty Freauf
November 23, 2013

More than 51 percent of Americans in surveys about Obamacare and the shutdown of government because of it, would not have even noticed the planned distraction if it were not for the 24/7 hysterical “news” stories dramatizing the temporary situation. President Obama took control of the Census Bureau shortly after he took office. It works with the unemployment department and now I understand there is an unnamed source ready to testify that the statistics were manipulated in favor of Obama near the end of 2012 when the elections were coming up and the media was complicit. He feels it should be investigated. We now have 91.5 million people unemployed plus all those who no longer are even looking for work.

I confess. I’m an information junkie addicted to the musty smell of old newspaper articles. My self-imposed therapy requires downsizing so while cleaning out files from 1987 regarding Tammy Faye and Jim Bakker and their Praise The Lord (PTL) ministry scandal and Jim’s 7-year-old sexual encounter with the office secretary, I thought if the fourth branch of the U.S. Government, the pandering pundits in the media would have given only half as much ink to the mysterious imposter and dictator in the White House as they did the Bakker scandal, maybe things would be better in America.

On March 21, 1987 an AP article reported television evangelist Jim Bakker may have averted a “hostile takeover” of his $129 million ministry by turning it over to the Rev. Jerry Falwell. Bakker resigned from his PTL ministry. Falwell said Bakker’s sexual encounter was very wrong but he preached forgiveness for Bakker.

Refusing to be victims, by October 1987 the Bakkers were preparing for a 25-city variety-and-gospel two-hour show tour. The Bakkers had been trying to raise money through a daily pay-per-call telephone recorded message service that began in September. For $1.50 for the first minute, and 35 cents for each additional minute, callers dialed 1-900-660-HOPE where they could hear the Bakkers give their version of how they lost control of the PTL empire in March to TV evangelist Jerry Falwell. They received 25 cents for each minute. They also gave marriage tips, read Scripture and even shared Tammy’s favorite recipes.


While the Bakkers were trying to put their chaotic life back together, a 11/5/1988 AP article indicated Bakker was the target of a 15-month federal grand jury investigation into the television ministry’s finances so they were needing a legal defense fund. The Grand Jury had been impaneled since August 1987 to investigate allegations of mail and wire fraud, conspiracy and criminal tax violations. One month later an AP article told about an ex-preacher admitting to having sex with Bakker claiming in the January Penthouse magazine he was Jim Bakker’s male prostitute. Bakker denied in a sworn deposition that he ever had a homosexual relationship with anyone and denied charges of financial wrongdoing in response to the Penthouse story. Bakker’s attorneys issued this statement in response to the Penthouse report:

“Sadly, some so-called journalists continue to exploit human tragedy by stories such as the one we now understand to be in Penthouse about the male prostitute. Jim has lost his ministry and finances and recently has been hospitalized. We would not want to further add to his difficulties by commenting on the story, and simply point to where it is being published.” In November 1982 a Federal appeals Court overturned a $14 million libel award a former Wyoming beauty queen received after claiming she was defamed by Penthouse. The court ruled the first Amendment protected even “crude” literature. The judges ruled 2-1 that the story was in poor taste but was a fictional attempt at black humor that could not be taken literally.

A 12/6/1988 Gannett News Service article said that a federal grand jury accused PTL founder Jim Bakker and his aides of using his television show in a conspiracy to sell worthless partnerships in the ministry’s theme park, hotels and resorts. The jury indicted Bakker on 24 counts of fraud charging that he bilked $158 million from his followers to pay for a life of luxury. The lifetime partnerships guaranteed a week’s vacation every year at one of the resorts. When the ministry collapsed last year, 152,000 lifetime partnerships had been sold, and one hotel and a bunkhouse had been built. Charged along with Bakker was Richard Dortch, the former executive vice president of PTL. If convicted, they could face as much as five years in prison, and $250,000 fines on each count. Bakker’s wife, Tammy Faye, although a target of the grand jury, was not indicted.

Stress eventually took a great toll on the Bakker marriage and they divorced. Jim spent time in prison. A 12/24/1987 AP article showed Bakker talking to reporters from behind the gates (picture looked like prison bars) of a rent-free two bedroom Palm Springs, Calif. home compliments of a friend. Both eventually remarried and appeared on the 7/4/2000 Larry King T.V. with their spouses and children. Jay, their son and his older sister was also on the show. He said he was in Heritage school at age 11 when things fell apart. He was deeply affected from the fall because other parents wouldn’t let their kids associate with him any longer. Although deeply disappointed in the way many Christians treated them, all seemed loving and forgiving. In 1996, Tammy Faye was being treated for cancer and later died.

One week after the grand jury’s accusations in December 1988, it was noted in an AP article that “evangelists’ records were getting scrutinized by the IRS. The Agency was auditing Jerry Falwell, Oral Roberts and Pat Robertson to determine whether tax-exempt contributions were being misused.” Fast forward to May 2013 when it was discovered that the I.R.S. was stalling giving 401(c)4 tax-exempt status to conservatives while sharing their information with the liberals.

In addition, in the midst of the IRS scandal politically targeting conservative groups, the federal agency charged with collecting taxes from us and making sure we have receipts, was wasting millions of taxpayer dollars on IRS extravagant conferences for which THEY kept no receipts. The IRS targeting of conservative political groups such as the Tea Party was not an isolated incident. Its vendetta was not the work of one roque agent in Cincinnati as originally reported but of 15 agents – so where are the indictments? It was calculated deceit, brilliantly conceived and flawlessly executed fraud with help of the media again, said radio personality Rush Limbaugh.

Using the IRS and Justice Department to punish their enemies was practiced under the Clinton Administration during his many trysts. Will the media bring these incidents to the attention of the voters when and if Hillary runs for president like they’ve done with these Christians or will it remain covered up for the useful idiot voters by the “presstitutes” in the media?

If it is true that judgment begins in the House of God (I Peter 4:17,18), will judgment soon fall on this puppet in the White House with his reign of malfeasance and his New World Order handlers? Others feel God allowed Obama to be put in power, not once, but twice, as part of His divine plan to bring judgment upon America.


Revelation 6:12 speaks of natural disasters and although they have been around forever, never in my life time at such an exhilarated pace. The worst typhoon in the Philippines was followed within days by a tornado unheard of this time of the year that hit the Midwest. The volcano in Italy is erupting again. Rev. 13 speaks of social agitation, the sea representing society in turmoil and economic problems. Sink holes are opening up and swallowing homes that was reported on November 15, 2013 on 20/20 T.V In an earlier incident, one man in his bed was completely swallowed up as his helpless brother watched. Jer. 12:5 says, “If you are troubled now…” well you ain’t seen nothing yet!” The birth pains are getting closer and closer together.


In September 7, 2012 China’s Yangtzee River mysteriously turned blood red and officials had no idea why. Is it possible the Bible has the answer in Revelation 16:4: The 3rd angel of God poured out his bowl on the streams and rivers making them blood red. The red began appearing in the Yangtze, the longest and largest river in China and the third longest river in the world. Did you see this in your paper or on TV?

On February 4, 2002 O’Reilly on FOX news had a guest on his show who had a microchip implanted in him a few days after the 9/11 attack. The digital world believes these implants will be useful for medical high risk problems; however, the world is becoming a vast concentration camp with all the inmates numbered.


Right in the midst of a number of scandals of evangelists, a Statesman Journal 6/19/1987clipping appeared about Ron Post and his organization, Northwest Medical Teams where he was president. Ron is the father of conservative Christian talk show host on KYKN/Salem, Oregon, Bill Post. While our local Statesman Journal and other Oregon newspapers gave much ink to the Bakkers week after week, it was refreshing to see the good other Christians were doing.

The quote attributed to Ron: “I made a vow that anyone who stretches their hand out to me again, I will never turn away.” The article went on to describe the disasters of the past decade when Ron’s relief workers were there. For his work he was named one of 51 national heroes of our time by Newsweek and he was also featured on Good Morning America. Ron stepped down as CEO of the Northwest Medical Team in 1992.

And a month later there was an article about Youth With a Mission training facility for the youth-oriented organization just a few miles from my home. It houses 85 to 100 mission students at any given time. Its main programs are the five-month discipleship training and evangelism programs and a three-month school called Crossroads for mature adults. It is also the headquarters for the Youth With a Mission’s Slavic ministries which had sent 300 to 400 people to eastern Europe and the Soviet Union a year earlier.


We’ve seen newspaper headlines declaring the Tea Party folk, pro lifers, Constitutionalists, home schoolers, Bible believers called terrorists. We all remember what happened in Waco, Texas in 1993. Social workers found no child abuse at the Branch Davidian so in the “best interests” of these 17 little children President Bill Clinton and his Attorney General Janet Reno gave the command to burn them up. On 11/20/2013 President Obama awarded media mogul Oprah Winfrey and Clinton the Presidential Metal of Freedom.

Claiming there is a bias against President Obama because he’s black, Oprah said racism would be around until the whites in the south died off. Now I read where Larry Klayman has said Barack Obama is declaring war against our military. And with the help from the Obama federal government and the media, Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio is being persecuted for enforcing illegal immigration laws. Rev. 13:7 leaps off the pages of the Bible – “And it was given unto him to make war with the saints and to overcome them…”

The Conservative Digest had an article in that 1987 time period by William P. Hoar entitled, “Bashing Christians for Fun and Profit.” He described how People for the American Way spent $8 million in a bitter assault on traditionally religious conservatives, with twenty percent of that money coming from groups like the Playboy Foundation. And I remember vividly how a San Francisco KGO radio talk show host by the name of Bernie Ward delighted in reviling Reverend Jerry Falwell within 24 hours after it was announced that Jerry had died. Later Bernie went to prison on child pornography charges.

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In the 1999 book Blinded by Might, by Cal Thomas and Ed Dobson, asked: Can the religious right save America? They write on more than one occasion they heard the warning that one was not to touch God’s anointed (I Ch 16:22) but the problem with this thinking is that it puts the individuals who believe it and teach it out of the range of accountability, sets them up for the dangers that accompany pride or if evangelist Jimmy Swaggart wanted to mend his shredded credibility as a spiritual leader, he would have humbly accepted the terms of rehabilitation set forth by the Elders of the Assemblies of God. He declined. It wasn’t prostitutes this time, it was arrogance. It’s not “Amazing Grace” but “I Did It My Way.”

� 2013 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
[email protected]









More than 51 percent of Americans in surveys about Obamacare and the shutdown of government because of it, would not have even noticed the planned distraction if it were not for the 24/7 hysterical “news” stories dramatizing the temporary situation. President Obama took control of the Census Bureau shortly after he took office.