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By Betty Freauf
December 20, 2014

Oscar Osburn Winther in his 1947 book THE GREAT NORTHWEST said that Religions and social life was a great part of the rugged pioneers. Apart from their educational operations, religious organizations had a civilizing influence upon their lives. Doffing their work clothes after chore time on Sunday mornings, hitching the team to the wagon (later the buggy) and riding off to the meeting house for services provided the families with momentary relief from the drudgery of the farm and a little fellowship with others.


What happened to civility? Civilization as we’ve known it in the past began to decline in the sixties when civil disobedience followed Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals pattern after labor unions negotiating with management and which President Obama relied upon during his community organizing days. On October 5, 1971 the federal government was authorized to take over our children when the Comprehensive Child Development Program was enacted “In the Best Interest of the Child.” Congressman John R. Rarick from Louisiana said it was a dark day for America. Republican president Richard Nixon had addressed Congress in 1969 recommending that the government become involved in developing children during “the first five years of life.” The anticipated was expected to be from infancy to kindergarten – the most important years and time when bonding would take place.

What significant educational training was there to be for babies in arms except to condition them to be away from their mothers and eventually we even saw car seat restraints a requirement before babies coming home from the hospital would be released? What came next- Day Care Centers to help working mothers and to provide facilities for youth and encourage unemployed mothers to seek gainful employment. Nothing happens in government that wasn’t planned years in advance, which reminds me about Obamacare first being tried in Massachusetts under Governor Romney. I recently ran into an article from January 22, 2000 from our local Statesman Journal in Salem, Oregon which said:

Democrat Governor John Kitzhaber outlines his agenda (for universal health care.) But Senator President Brady Adams (R-Grants Pass) counted eight new programs that would require new funding. “Funding is a nicer way to say spending, or even a nicer way to say taxes,” Adams said. Kitzhaber wants an extension of health to the one in 10 Oregonians who now lacks basic health care, including 66,000 children. He says to his colleagues, “I ask you to join me in recommitting ourselves TO MAKE OREGON THE FIRST STATE IN THE NATION WITH UNIVERSAL HEALTH INSURANCE COVERAGE.” Like I said in an earlier article, socialists always choose Oregon to experiment:

If you’ll google the name Cylvia Hayes you’ll find out a lot more to laugh about Oregon’s fourth term Democrat John Kitzhaber’s live-in concubine at the governor’s mansion.


While there is no equality for women in the USSR, in her 1936 book THE ROOSEVELT RED RECORD author Elizabeth Dilling wrote the Communist Party had always recognized the necessity of winning women to its ranks as an essential part of its revolutionary program and in his 1965 book IT’S VERY SIMPLE, Alan Stang wrote an opening statement by Joseph Stalin who tells how he planned to use the women’s associations to wage war on capitalism. I’m reminded that Jeremiah 9:17 talks about using “cunning women” to participate in participate in the “equal rights” movement. Do the California girls, former Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Senator Dianne Feinstein and the recent NSA/CIA debacle come to mind? How about Hillary Clinton?


Police standards prior to the New Age radical sixties required a man who wanted to become a policeman be at least a certain height and weight to help assure this own safety and aside from being physically fit, he should be psychologically of sound mind. God began to die in the sixties, then the two Kennedys and King, the author of the Civil Rights Movement which the homosexuals later hijacked for their benefit, the family came under attack by the Marxist movement mandating equal opportunities for women, although physically unfit, to serve as police, firemen and prison guards. It didn’t take long for a policeman who couldn’t pass earlier physical requirements but was allowed to serve that his/her gun would be the only line of defense against bigger criminals.


Today we mourn the passing of an old friend by the name of “Common sense.” The gospel of 2 Timothy rests upon a tremendous fact and that is the total depravity of man. Education assumes the moral nature of man is capable of improvement (I’m OK, you’re OK) but traditional Christianity assumes that the moral nature of man is corrupt and absolutely bad and easily manipulated by trained facilitators to bring people to a certain conclusion. Add to this mix a declining culture and respect for authority growing less and less along with anti-discrimination laws, the self-esteem movement, affirmative action, unions, required sensitivity training for offenders and we learn why we are having so many police shootings.

George Washington Carver, the great Negro educator, said many years ago that the Negro and white people should be just like the fingers on your hand. They work for a common cause but are entirely separate.


In 1962 Robert Dilley wrote in his book MESSAGE FOR AMERICA that minority groups were allowing a group of agitators to convince them they are not happiest among their own people and if they find opportunity among their own people it is wrong.

Further, the minority groups have become convinced that all of their advances have been won for them by a group of agitators and trouble makers. This attitude even extends to the group of working people we call labor, Dilley said. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The advances won by any group are due entirely to the outstanding members of the group who have made real contributions to mankind. It is by thei own efforts and not by the agitation of a disinterested third party that we have many outstanding colored people in all walks of life in America, both in the North and in the south. See Ben Carson below.


Dilley goes on to say the foregoing comments are not an attempt to mislead anyone into thinking that conditions are perfect everywhere in America. Instead it serves only to illustrate that the approach of force, violence and legislation is not the answer to greater human rights because this approach will ultimately result in total government control where no one has any rights at all. The agitators are correct when they tell us that in Russia all people are treated equally. They are – there are no human rights for anyone. Every citizen regardless of his race or creed is a slave of the state and no dissenting opinions are allowed. This fact must be recognized. In conclusion, he added, given time, in America, all minority groups will be accepted. For the present, the fact that all citizens are born free and equal before the law is about all that any person can expect. Conditions for the white majority are not perfect in every area no more than are conditions perfect for minority groups.


The possible 2016 presidential black candidate Republic Ben Carson in his book ONE NATION (c) 2014 agrees. While he refers to successful women in medicine, commercial airline pilots, and many women who have broken the “glass Ceiling” in the corporate world, there remains in our society people who doubt the ability of women to be good police officers, fire-fighters or military combatants. They claim women are too weak for such jobs but Carson quickly addresses anyone who is truly objective would have to admit there are many men who are too weak for such jobs and there would be no rationale for putting such men in those positions. He says we need to start evaluating people based on their abilities and not on their sex or other congenital characteristics. He also reminds us of the millions of women who occupied the vacancies in the factories created by the military draft. Their strength and determination created more airplanes, tanks and mortars than anyone could have imagined, thus supplied the fuel for military victory.

There is only one problem with the good doctor’s analysis. He forgets the required sensitivity training humiliation by any policeman who would refuse to work with a woman. This whole sensitivity training legislation reached a new level of ridiculousness recently when the Colorado “Civil Rights” Commission ordered a Christian baker and his employees (including his 87-year old mother) to undergo “sensitivity training” until they are proved to be “rehabilitated “ from their religious beliefs. This was because the baker declined to make a cake for a lesbian parody of a wedding, which would have entailed his knowing participation in a third party’s act of sin.


While in Ferguson, Missouri, 6’4” 290# 18 year old Michael Brown high on drugs was on the front burner for many weeks, the white policeman, Darren Wilson, a tall man, nearly 6’ 4”, with soft, doughy features told the grand jury the problem began when he encountered two young black men walking down the middle of the road as the details of the robbery earlier that day blared out on a police radio. He told the young men to move to the side walk. Brown was at his car window, enraged and hit Wilson in the face, grabbing for his gun. Two shots fired and then Brown bolted. You can read the rest of the story in the November 25, 2014 Washington Post.

While we have beheadings of journalists and Isis trying to sell remains for $1 million to the family of James Foley, Jessica Chambers, a teenage girl in Courtland, Mississippi set on fire and burned to death, China surpasses the U.S. and becomes the economic leader, among other important events but the T.V. media keeps all eyes of readers on the recent shootings in Ferguson, Missouri and Stanton Island, New York and the continued demonstrations across America.


The kleptocracy (government by thieves) continues to grasp more power under the basic human rights of individuals in the light of God’s truth. It is the failure to understand that our rights come from God and they cannot be taken away by a group of sycophants in an effort to appease a certain segment of our community. Therefore, we must get into the subject of discrimination problems that need to be analyzed in the light of reason.

First, we must realize that all groups have a right to demonstrate publicly to create public sentiment in behalf of their ideas. The demonstrations can go on public property, are quiet, orderly, keep moving and do not infringe upon the rights of others. This is good legitimate political and social action. When the demonstrators carry their antics into a store, restaurant, any private business or lay down on freeways as they did in California that prevented Emergency vehicles to get to a man in a car having a stroke and a woman having a baby, they’ve pushed their “rights” too far.


Ben Carson goes on to state regarding Obamcare, “This ‘my way or the highway’ approach has resulted in disaster. Influenced by special interest groups, like some of the insurance companies that stood to benefit from the exchanges if they worked well, the Trial Lawyers Association, which support anything that doesn’t include tort reform, and many liberal universities, which blindly support anything disguised in the mantle of liberalism, Democrats tried to create a bandwagon effect to alleviate any anxiety felt by the public. But by rushing to pass the bill while they still controlled the House and Senate the Democrats passed a program so massive that many components of it have not even been tested. As Nancy Pelosi once famously said ‘We have to pass it, so we can see what’s in it.’”

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Milton William Cooper, Author of the 1991 book BEHOLD A PALE HORSE said human beings are machines, levers which may be grasped and turned, and there is little difference between automating a society and automating a shoe factory and sixty years after George Orwell’s 1984 book was first published his tale of a world ruled by Big Brother is proving to be an ever more frighteningly accurate depiction.

� 2014 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
[email protected]



While using the First Amendment of Freedom of Speech, protests like we’ve seen in Ferguson, Missouri is how the First Amendment can be abused. One person’s rights stops where the nose of the other person begins and destruction of personal property of others is criminal and should be prosecuted.