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By Betty Freauf
March 21, 2015

God chose a little village in Bethlehem for the birth of a Savior and God only knows that today our world is in desperate need of a Savior because the community leaders in a little village in the State of Washington, deep in the Columbia River Gorge called North Bonneville have decided the city of about 1,000 will become the nation’s first municipally-operated pot store. Taxes will go to the state of Washington with a promise of giving some money back to the city – if they go begging, I suppose. Remember, it is the grant making agencies that control the money. Republican Richard Nixon in 1971 took us off the gold standard and Revenue Sharing was one of Nixon’s socialistic policies that allows the federal government to force states to implement its policies by threatening to hold back revenues aka blackmail. Revenue sharing was one of the most totalitarian pieces of legislation ever to come out of the Congress of the U.S. which forced states to regionalize before they get the money. “We cannot leap into world government in one quick step,” Zbigniew Brzezinski told a Gorbachev Foundation audience, but through gradual step-by-step regionalization.”


The pot store in North Bonneville will be called The Cannabis Corner and the civic leaders believe the returned taxes will allow them to turn the street lights back on again and fill its only hotel with tourists coming to North Bonneville to buy their marijuana. The former administrator, now a consultant, predicts their success will be copied by other cities who find themselves “ghost towns” due to the spotted owl. It was determined in the mid- eighties that 1.2 million acres of old growth forest had to be preserved to protect 550 pairs of spotted owls which cost the Pacific Northwest $2 billion to $5 billion and between 760 and 1330 jobs in the forest industry or about $1,818,000 each to preserve the Owls.


The unconstitutional Department of Interior which has no right whatever to own any property except for the erection of forts, arsenals, dock yards, and other needful buildings, by 1962 had come into possession of 40% of all the land and water in the U.S. by the system of taxation and seizure. Even as early as 1962, there were those who were asking how long would it be before the figure was 50% - 75% - 100%[1] Well, eighty some years ago before FDR was elected president the government owned less than 20% of the land and water areas. We may have the deed to the land we think we own but only if the property taxes get paid.

Marijuana advocates with their propaganda have convinced once God-fearing patriots that such a capitalist venture would be good for their budgets since a once vibrant timber industry, where only marijuana growers were allowed to operate, have collapsed. Even the county sheriff’s were afraid to go into the woods to shut down these highly-sophisticated illegal marijuana growing operations.

Up until a few decades ago, the taxes by the timber industry helped defray the costs of schools, law enforcement, public health and safety programs and it gave jobs to people who paid taxes and spent money. Then the communist environmental infiltrators came along with their deception and began shutting down our timber industry. Today North Bonneville has one gas station, one restaurant and a golf course and the Bonneville Hot Springs Hotel. These once patriotic, common sense conservatives in North Bonneville, if they resemble their neighbors across the Columbia River in The Dalles, Hood River, etc. who sent the only Republican to Congress from Oregon, then these folks in North Bonneville may be throwing reasoning aside and trusting the tourist trade will come to their little town to buy marijuana but at what cost? For the answer, see The Honest Affects of Hashish below.


Why has there been such a rush to legalize marijuana? Colorado was the first state followed by the State of Washington and Washington, D.C. and a number of other states are considering legalizing it. Oregon will be following the pack and dispensaries will open in June. Marijuana in the past has taken a lot of prisoners and caused a lot of casualties but due to depleted municipal budgets, elected leaders seem to throw the dangers to the wind and go full speed ahead because they claim public opinion is now favoring legalization of marijuana even though scientific evidence has never been stronger against the use of marijuana.


Former education and drug czar Bill Bennett has co-authored a book with Robert White called GOING TO POT. They tell how the scientific evidence is overwhelmingly against the use of marijuana. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would be able to recognize this. Public education has been very successful in dumbing down the people. According to Major William E. Mayer, U.S. army psychiatrist and one of the army’s experts on brainwashing reported that one third of all the American soldiers who became prisoners in Korea succumbed to brainwashing by the enemy without any torture.[2] They became something called “progressives.” By the communists’ own definition, this meant that a man was either a Communist sympathizer or a collaborator – or both – during his stay in a prison camp and that my dear readers may explain why elected leaders come out of college “progressives” because that’s where the communists have strategically placed some professors.


The Major learned that during the brainwashing every fault of America was chalked in and every virtue of America was erased out (Sorta sounds like what President Obama would say); that the education of most Americans had failed to prepare them to meet the intellectual erosion and the political indoctrination. They had received no fundamental facts and no enduring principles from their “formal education” to counter the communist brainwashing – one major quality lacking: love of country and a sense of patriotism. Author of ten books on education, Samuel L. Blumenfeld in 1981 asked in his book: Is Public Education necessary? The unprecedented decline in academic quality has precipitated a veritable exodus of children from the government schools answers his question and now we have Common Core.


People are uninformed or misinformed at the very least about the nature of marijuana today. It is not what it was in the 60s, 70s or 80s says Bennett and White. During that period the THC- tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the psychoactive “hi” ingredient ran about 3% - maybe on the high side – up to 5% says Bennett and White. Today on an average of seized marijuana- that is marijuana which the authorities would interdict- runs 13% “but when you go to the dispensaries in Colorado and California as I have” says White, “you will routinely find THC contents of 20-25-30 and even 35%.”

It is dangerous. This can be compared to a 12 oz glass of beer to a 12 oz. glass of 80-proof vodka. While they are both alcohol and have the same volume, the impact on the body and the brain is dramatic. But not only does it impact the brain but leads to problems with lungs and the heart but particularly it impacts the developing brain of teens and young adults. It causes permanent damage for regular users on the average of an 8 point drop in I.Q. In addition, the dispensaries have brightly lit display cases and the edibles are packaged in a way that it is clear marketing to children. Remember how big tobacco and alcohol was packaged to attract the young folks – many now with liver problems and dying of cancer? And alcoholism is no longer considered a sin but a disability draining more money from the fragile Social Security system.

The Indian Cannabis name is Mariahuana. It comes from the flowering tops of the Indian hemp plant and the highly addictive drug is seldom used as medicine.[5] May I remind you this was written in 1936! Today the opposite is being spoken.


The hashish addict gets his effect from the drug by smoking the dried flowering tops of the hemp plant. Soon after smoking he begins to feel very light and imagines himself to be in the midst of beautiful gardens. Ideas pass through his mind so fast that he cannot remember them. He seems to be in a world of happiness where no trouble or pain can come in. Time has no end and space is lost. The addict is the center of a world of beauty and everything in it belongs to him. All sense of judgment and reason is lost. It is said that a Persian chief who was fighting against the Crusaders gave hashish to his body guards. The guards always became so crazed that they would draw their swords and rush madly out to kill the Crusaders. These people called the drug haschisch and the killers were called hashshashins (hash-shas-hins). From this came our word assassin, which means a person who sneaks up and kills someone.

Hashish or cannabis acts only on the brain and nerves. At first the person is very much excited. He sees the visions. Following this he cannot walk, and finally he falls into a drunken sleep. After a person uses hashish for only a few months his eyelids become red and swollen. He is weak and becomes tired very easily. His appetite is poor and he does not sleep well. Before a great while he has difficulty in remembering things. From this time on, his mind becomes weaker and soon he is completely insane. In one insane asylum in India where many people use hashish, one fourth of the inmates or patients became insane by the use of this drug. Reports from other asylums in India and Egypt show about the same figures.


Hashish has been brought into our country by people who hope to make money for its sale. In many large cities it had been found that the hashish habit is common among high-school students. It threatens to become more widespread and dangerous by far than any of the other habit-forming drugs. In many states and cities laws have been passed in an attempt to stop the spread of this dangerous drug but getting back to North Bonneville, Washington, who has become the first municipally-operated pot store, readers should see where this is all going to be tragic in years to come.


Maybe we should review the term conservative. We used to believe a conservative was God-fearing adhering to the documents created by our Founding Fathers, respected the flag and believe in the free enterprise system as our best method to prosperity for each of us but did they ever stop to think the free enterprise system would come to this – selling marijuana to pay the bills? Today we can talk to our next door neighbor only to find that one or two of the socialist ideas that were created out of the Democrat FDR administration meet with his or her approval and today, even with Obama’s failed policies, you can bet they may still have an Obama bumper sticker on their car bumper.

Allow me to digress a little. Along with the Obama Administration comes the current debacle of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, her missing e-mails and that form all government employees are to sign with the State Department upon leaving. Robert Dilley in his book said in 1962 the State Department was already then 17 years behind in publishing its records.[3] So much for accountability.

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The “flexible conservatives” oppose the liberal left. They are against every government expenditure except where it affects them. These people may be recognized as “sound individuals” and are generally people of high standing in the community. When they lend their support to a socialist program, it immediately receives prestige and respectability when under normal conditions it would have been rejected by everyone. Bill Gates comes to mind. These flexible conservatives who won’t stand their ground are the major cause for socialism in America today and the cause of states, counties and cities becoming bankrupt and unable to pay their bills.[4]


1. Book: Message for America by Robert Dilley (P.145)
2. Book: Brain Washing in the High Schools © 1962 by E. Merrill Root
3. Book: Message for America by Robert Dilley ©1962
4. Ibid (P.181)
5. Book: Alcohol & Habit-Forming Drugs by Grant Donnelly (1936)

� 2015 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
[email protected]



Allow me to digress a little. Along with the Obama Administration comes the current debacle of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, her missing e-mails and that form all government employees are to sign with the State Department upon leaving. Robert Dilley in his book said in 1962 the State Department was already then 17 years behind in publishing its records.