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By Betty Freauf
October 16, 2015

If we are indeed living in the dangerous times of deception, who would ever believe in our Constitutional Republic it was the turtle that started America’s political plunge to the left. The Harvard men among the Turtle Bay Colonists typified in one way or another the revolt against New England Puritanism and utilized the Bible as a prime source of wit and humor. These were the American cousins of a species commonly cultivated in England by the Fabian society, because such individuals made Socialism appear attractive as well as respectable and they chose the turtle as its mascot to begin America’s Revolution (7-part series, 180-185) Turtle Bay Colonists personally knew and admired a good many of the English Fabians, a fact frequently reflected in their writings. The turtle is slow but keeps moving forward and the Common Schools that the Harvard/Unitarians were creating at the turn of the 19th century knew that children were the key once compulsory education was mandated. Someone should have put that turtle on a fence post and left it there and we wouldn’t be having the problems in America that we are having today.


Since most of the inhabitants of Upper New York State were immigrants from New England, the Common School was a familiar idea to them. That, plus the state subsidy, made it easy to accept the idea of government involvement in education. By 1840, American Protestantism was quite fragmented by its sectarian differences and had mellowed a good deal by the liberal trend and controversial doctrines of Calvin were now taken far less literally than in previous times. The only force that tended to unify them was fear of a growing Roman Catholic population. Today it is the rise of the Orwellian State. Horace Mann became known as the father of education and master manipulator and used fear of the Catholics to have the parents withdraw their children from the private schools and put them in safe-keeping public schools. It was the first time in American history that educators called on parents to sacrifice their children’s academic and moral well being for the sake of a social experiment.


On October 10th on the Washington, D.C. Mall Louis Farrakhan’s Million Man March has finally morphed into a million Atheists, Islamists, Anarchists, Fascists, Socialists, Communists which the liberal media failed to identify as they were calling for “Down With the U.S.A.” and “Justice or Else.” This turnout was more than twice the approximate 400,000 at the last gathering. A doctor in Germany has reported chaos since the refugees have been arriving making demands for religious accommodations and she says America is next.


Brent Bozell of Media Research Center has given us some valuable insights regarding the left media. In 1987, independent polls found that 8-in-10 Americans thought the media reported the news fairly and accurately. Today a Rasmussen poll finds that just 6% of Americans have strong confidence in the media’s reporting. I cringe every time I hear another pundit refer to our Constitutional Republic as a “democracy.”

The fact is that the Big 3 networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) are now a core constituency of the Left just like Big Labor, the Gay Lobby, the Civil Rights establishment, the teachers unions, Hollywood and the Trial Lawyers who are using Tort Reform against Christian organizations. The most recent one is the ACLU suing to force Catholic Hospitals to Perform Abortions. Citizens do not seem to be aware that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1942 that “anything the government subsidizes it has the right to control.”[1] And for this reason alone we should never have allowed public education. It will be interesting to see how FOX reports on the Million Man March.


In the 2010 book YOU CAN STILLT TRUST THE COMMUNISTS TO BE COMMUNISTS, David Noebel said President Obama has been swimming in radical, shark-infested, Socialist waters for much of his life. First, to understand Barack Obama’s political philosophy, one must understand something about his alma mater. Obama is a graduate of the Harvard Law School. In a November 7, 2009 WORLD MAGAZINE, Marvin Olasky wrote in his “All Together Now” article explained the environment at this institution: Understanding Harvard Law School is very important to understanding our President. He is very much a creature of Harvard Law and where there were more self-declared communists on the Harvard faculty than there were Republicans. Every single idea this president has proposed…has been orthodox wisdom in the Harvard faculty lounge.

Olasky also said the Communists on the Harvard faculty are generally not malevolent: they generally were raised in privilege, have never worked very hard in their lives, don’t understand where jobs and opportunity come from. If you asked the Harvard faculty to vote on whether this nation should become a socialist nation, 80 percent of the faculty would vote yes and 10 percent would think that was too conservative. In addition, at Harvard, Obama was further indoctrinated into Alinsky-style community organizing. Alinsky’s most enduring influence may have been to inspire the National Education Association to become a political powerhouse. Hillary Clinton’s College thesis revealed her praises for Alinsky, said Frank Luntz, frequent guest on FOX.


And then there is the Trinity United Church in Chicago where Obama was baptized in 1988 and remained for two decades. According to “The Blaze” (Glenn Beck website), Rev. Wright was a guest speaker at the Million Man March offering his traditional Muslim greeting – ‘salaam alaikum” and launched into an appeal for “Palestinian justice” and for blacks to stand with them.


And let us not forget Bill Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn to whom Obama looked to as mentors in his run for the Illinois Senate. Both Ayers and Dohrn’s Weather Underground Organization (1969-1977) was “to create a clandestine revolutionary party for the violent overthrow of the US government and the establishment of a dictatorship of the proletariat.

Ayers was also a member of the Students for a Democratic Society, a left-wing student group descended from the League of Industrial Democracy. In 1984 Ayers earned a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education and three years later, a doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction and I heard recently that former terrorist Ayers is looking to Obama to appoint him as U.S. Secretary of Education to replace retiring Arne Duncan at the end of the year so the Harvard/Unitarians/Ownites have come full circle: Federal control of education and a terrorist to possibly become U.S. Secretary of Education and a socialist or two running for President on the Democrat party ticket.


Unlike Calvin, who was satisfied to know and accept God as He was revealed in the Bible, Harvard/Unitarians made their worship of God conditional on His being what they wanted Him to be. They said they could not bow before a being, however, great and powerful, who governs tyrannically. It was a sudden shift from the objective to the subjective, a warning that if God was not what they thought He ought to be, they’ll create a god who was. When man creates God, he reverses the divine process and ends up worshipping himself called Humanism.

Mann’s forbears were among the earliest Puritan settlers in Massachusetts and he was exposed to a severe brand of Calvinism that said humans were depraved since the Garden of Eden and the only thing that can save them is the Savior, Jesus Christ and this seemed to be the greatest obstacle the Unitarian Progressives had to overcome. It was this belief that compelled the Founding Fathers to devise a form of government of checks and balances to limit the power of politicians and to make political tyranny as difficult as possible to achieve. People are different and forcing them to deny their faith or behave a certain way by using politically correct lingo and presidential executive orders is generally a bad idea.


In 1835 the first whole-word or sight vocabulary primer was published using visualization and guided imagery to replace the highly successful phonetic method. Whole word method was introduced by Thomas H. Gallaudet, director of the Harvard Asylum for the Deaf and Dumb. Because the deaf could not hear, they could not be taught to read by learning alphabet sounds. Instead they were taught to read by associating whole words with pictures. Gallaudet thought this method could be adapted for use by normal children; however, to prove how backwards we’ve become thanks to those Harvard/Unitarian “enlightened” ones, on 9/15/2013 Oregon’s Deputy Superintendent of Public instruction was excited because they discovered yet another method to teach the children to read and hoped they could be ready by the end of the third grade. I laughed when I read that dream from the Oregon so-called educators when parents were already teaching their children at the turn of the 19th century to read and write before they entered school at age seven.

America of 1836 was something of a libertarian paradise and the blessing of freedom had their positive economic consequences. Considering how ideal conditions seemed in 1836, it was hardly difficult to see why the general public did not share the educator’s hysterical urgency for educational reform in the Prussian mould.

However, until 1837, Mann was a man without a purpose. True, he had selected his legal profession but eventually gave up his law degree and got into politics and had worked his way to a respected position in the Massachusetts legislature as a Republican. At Brown, as a debater, he had been able to argue both sides of a question quite convincingly. And as a legislator he had become an able instrument of the Harvard-Unitarian elite. Soon they would give him a purpose that would make him the most famous name in American educational history: Board of Education Director using his position to assist the Harvard/Unitarian elitists to begin promoting government controlled public education and the religion of Humanism. These Utopian dreamers raised $5,000 and another $5,000 was given as a “grant” to build two Normal Schools – another idea that the old-time Boston Masters opposed.

A number of the Harvard/Unitarians traveled to Prussia and returned to America with glowing reports of the Prussian system. However, religious liberals were not the only ones attracted by the Prussian system. One noted conservative who, in 1836, wrote his own report on the Prussian system was Calvin E. Stowe of the Lane theological Seminary in Cincinnati, Ohio. Stowe was born in Massachusetts in 1802, had spent three years at the Calvinist Andover Theological Seminary, after which he began his long career as a college instructor. In 1833, Lyman Beecher, the noted orthodox minister was made president of the Lane Theological Seminary and he offered Stowe the position as professor of Biblical Literature, which Stowe accepted. In May of 1836, Stowe was sent to Europe to collect a library for the seminary and to inspect Prussian schools.

It was Stowe’s principal endorsement of the non-sectarian principles of public education that swung enough of the orthodox to the Board’s side so that it could survive. The Unitarians knew how to neutralize the orthodox Protestant opposition by using Stowe’s arguments instead of Mann’s.


In order to sway the Boston Masters to support the public schools, Mann would make sure that he had a few Protestants on his Board of Education although small in number and always out maneuvered. And by using this process of “consensus building” (compromise) and “conflict resolution” (dialog) in the early 19th century has become known today as the Hegelian Dialectic which the radical left attempts to control and manipulate outcomes. Conservatives should become apprised of this tactic. The idealism of Hegel’s theory also fit nicely with the Marxist notion of UTOPIANISM.

Mann believed his creation of what he called “Normal Schools” would be the new instrument in the advancement of the race and the linking of state power to teacher education as indeed a crowning circumstance. Another colleague of Mann’s, James G. Carter, had described in 1825 that Normal schools would be a powerful “engine to sway the public sentiment, the public morals, and the public religion, more powerful than any other in the possession of government.” And once a nation’s teachers’ colleges became the primary vehicle through which the philosophy of statism is advanced, this philosophy will very soon infect every other quarter of society, for the most potent and significant express of statism is a stated educational system and control of the media keeping the public distracted with matters of no real importance. Now having skipped over many decades of education reform using the turtle tactic, we arrive in 2015 and Ron Edwards in his article “Act Now or Be Enslaved” nailed it well when he wrote five decades of bigoted progressive indoctrination in government schools against the United States, Liberty, God, free market economics and everything good has been the problem. American has got to collectively repent and fight against the madness.

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The Primary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 allowed GOVERNMENT and psychiatry to join forces to make children take powerful drugs, even against their parents’ wishes. That was the year the term “Learning disorders” was coined and followed by federal legislation to provide money for disabled children in schools. Soon “Mental Illness” was added to the list of qualified disabilities under that law, and that is now the largest category of disability for which funds are available. And, by the way, there is no such word as “normal” in the computers. All this the result of the Harvard/Unitarians and turtle steps one by one to bring communism into our public school, tax-funded system. Time and time again it’s been revealed that the shooters in these schools got their first experiment with drugs as they were diagnosed with a “learning disorder.”The lethal link between psychiatric meds and violence, including school shootings, has been largely ignored by officials. In 2013, the University of Utah’s Genetic Science Learning Center says that Ritalin is currently prescribed to approximately six million people in the U.S., of which 75% are children. Its data also confirms between 30 and 50 percent of adolescents in drug treatment centers report abusing Ritalin. And because of the medication’s similarity to cocaine, once these teens reach adulthood they are more prone to cocaine addiction.[3]


1. 1962 book: Message for America by Robert Dilley (P.49)
2. 9/17/2007 New American P. 12
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� 2015 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to
[email protected]



Unlike Calvin, who was satisfied to know and accept God as He was revealed in the Bible, Harvard/Unitarians made their worship of God conditional on His being what they wanted Him to be. They said they could not bow before a being, however, great and powerful, who governs tyrannically.