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By Coach Mitchell Goldstein
6, 2011

Self-hating Jews delude themselves. Speak to any “Jew for Jesus,” and you will hear that Christians do not accept these Jews who accept Jesus, necessitating that they form their own congregations, segregated from the rest of Christians. Christendom has never accepted Jews and that includes Jews who have converted to Christianity; despite the Papal apology for historic harsh Christian doctrine and treatment of Jews and the edict that current day Jews are not to blame for the crucifixion of Jesus.

Currently, African-American Muslims are being openly Anti-Semitic. Ministers Louis Farrakhan and Jesse Jackson are just two famous examples. Jews are hated, despite being in the forefront of the Civil Rights struggle, despite being a bulwark for social reform favoring African-Americans, and despite being active in many African-American struggles. That African-Americans are so hostile toward Jews is powerful evidence of the power of Anti-Semitism.

Anti-Semitism has had the most debilitating effects on Judaism itself. The desire to be accepted as equals has led to rampant assimilation. Several branches of Judaism have developed in America, diluting Judaism’s religious and moral underpinnings. Thus, Jews have picked up the worst characteristics of Christians – the ability to lie to ourselves and a desire for personal power.

Most Jews are liberal – the worst consequence of Anti-Semitism

Because of Anti-Semitism, political movements had usually excluded Jews. Therefore, in the early19th century, many Jews cleaved to a new idea called Socialism, which spoke of a vision of equality amongst all men. Being over-achievers, some Jews became leaders in the movement. Even more sadly, these Jews fashioned and participated in trying to establish a worldwide Socialistic order. Anti-Semitism forced Jews to find a political movement not rooted in their demise, and Socialism sounds good.

Many American Jews see themselves as Progressives or Liberals because their ethos is to do good and to promote justice. Doing good through government is seen as an obvious path. Jews join government service in large numbers in an effort to insulate themselves from the semi-conscious but ever-present fear of Anti-Semitism. Apparently, in their mind, the control granted to government is just the price we must all pay for the potential of a level playing field. Others, not Jews, have turned Socialism into the power collecting, efficient killing machine that it is.

With Anti-Semitism so much a part of their backgrounds, the founders of Israel in 1948 chose a socialist economic model. In fact, the only peaceful, profit making, long lasting, non-government supported socialistic enterprise is the Israeli kibbutz. Ben Gurion and the new Israeli government sought to control the lives of the people and the destiny of the country from their offices in Tel Aviv. Ben Gurion would not agree with this assertion. Ben Gurion would say that he only wanted to aim the people where their talents were most needed. The Soviets said the same thing; that they know best. The Maoists enforced their “vision” with the barrel of a gun, as do the current rulers of China.

What we have wrought

Today, in America, Egalitarianism has captured our government and our culture. This version of Socialism, is now seen as a good rather than as the path to the consolidation of power that it really is. After all, how can wanting to help others be bad? Ignored is the idea that when a few policy makers choose who gets help, that they have the power of kings, which is, of course, why they choose the Egalitarian way. Fascist Socialism is defined in a 1952 pre-politically correct Webster’s Dictionary as: “The control of the means of production.” Control is exercised through government regulation. Egalitarianism is nothing but good marketing leading to the total control of everything. Egalitarianism is Fascism with a smile – and a wink.

Leaving it to the individual to volunteer to help those in need, out of a feeling of inner goodness, does not consolidate power in the hands of a few. Achieving and holding power allows for higher taxes and control to be foisted onto an unwilling population. Seeking power is thought to provide safety for the power seeker. Having power feeds our ego. “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.” said Kissinger.

Self-hating Jews are prominent in the halls of power, in Israel and in America. Self-hating Jews have influence at the highest levels in a significant portion of the political, communications, and entertainment industries; industries at the forefront of turning America into a narcissistic, self-indulgent nation. Self-hating Jews are authors of the Neo-Conservative movement which accept the idea of big government and promote an interventionist foreign policy. Self-hating Jews sit in seats of financial prominence and have helped guide this nation down its current self-destructive path. I suspect that these prominent persons feel that their achievements result from working with their Christian cohorts, thus moving themselves forward. This may be true, but it is at the expense of the freedom and wellbeing of others.

People who hurt others should be punished, but you never see anger pointed at collectivists who are born to Christian heritage. Somehow, the anger is amplified if the purveyor is Jewish. There is an added shrug of the shoulders and nodding of the head as if to say, “I’m not surprised that nonsense was done by a Jew.”

My own history is replete with Anti-Semitism; from fourth grade, where I regularly fought the sons of those who had fought with my father; in high school, where one Halloween, “the Jews” fought any who showed up; to college, where I was locked out of student housing on the very first night because “they” didn’t want “a Jew” living with them; to current political activity, where the election of political party officers was held on Yom Kippur so that I could not participate - because I had garnered significant support.


Upon learning that my wife was Jewish, her coworker asked seriously, “Where are your horns?” The nuns had told her that you “could always tell a Jew because they had horns.”

Despite New York City being “Hymie-town,” my own father was not allowed admission to engineering college in NYC because he was Jewish, even though during WW2, as a sailor, he survived the sinking of seven ships. But today, only two generations later, one third of the faculty at Harvard Medical School is Jewish. Anywhere Jews have been allowed to participate in society; that society has flourished.

Yet, despite all, with Jews being just .00186% of the world’s population, Jews have contributed greatly to the world’s well-being. Jewish accomplishments are so well known that I don’t even have to give examples. Little Israel, excluding oil production, has a Gross Domestic Product equal to all the 22 hostile Arab nations which surround her. In the US, Jews are very few in number, yet Jews are prominent in nearly every part of American life.

The real reason for Anti-Semitism

When allowed to participate, individual Americans choose Jews to deal with, by a higher percentage than other groups. Though under 1.7% of the US population, Americans who are Jewish are currently 13% of the US Senate, 43% of the US Supreme Court, 7% of the House of Representatives. Fully 22% of all Nobel Laureates have been Jewish. You will find a Jew at the top of the list in many professions; particularly the physical and social sciences, literature, entertainment, law, medicine and finance. Despite all, Jews continue to overachieve. Jewish accomplishments throughout history have led to the biggest reason for Anti-Semitism, jealousy.

Jews have always been a subset of a nation’s population. The Jewish cultural norm stipulates that the only acceptable Jewish profession is to be one of the Jewish “princes,” a doctor, a lawyer, or an accountant. Little understood is that within Jewish culture is a genuine love of learning and a very aggressive familial mandate to achieve. This combination of Jewish characteristics has led to Jewish over achievement, which has always led to a national Anti-Semitic phobia that has often turned ugly.

Anti-Semitism is a unique form of discrimination. All other racial discriminations are based on feelings of superiority, e.g. white over black, Serb over Muslim, German over everyone, etc. However, because of overarching Jewish accomplishments, Anti-Semitism is based on a deep seeded feeling of inferiority and jealousy within the host nation. The population harbors a controlled rage, based on knowing that, individually, they will never be able to achieve enough and therefore the population feels they will never be equal, much less superior to the Jewish citizenry.

Within the world’s top 500, there is not a single Arab university. Less than 40% of Arabs can read, allowing angry Imam’s to interpret the scriptures in any fashion they wish, without critical thinking or discussion to contend with. Since the 13th century, Arab accomplishments are so few they cannot help but be jealous, and with good reason.

It has been calculated that, were Jews not killed by design, that the world Jewish population would now be about 600 million’s. So complete has been the world’s annihilation of Jews, that the current total of Jews worldwide is under 13 million.

What to do

So that Israel can exist, and so that Jews have a place to flee when internal US pressures turn against US Jews, as is happening; American Jews should favor a highly protective policy towards Israel.

Question: What do you do if your neighbor will not stop throwing rocks at your window? What do you do if your neighbor will not be reasonable, will not give in, will not stop teaching their children to hate you, will not, will not, will not…?

Answer: You must defend yourself.

Proof: While you have not heard anything of it, surveys of the Arab street continually show overwhelming support for the destruction of Israel and the killing of all Jews, e.g. 96% support for Bin Laden’s ideas, from a study by Saudi intelligence shortly after 9/11. When Daniel Pearl’s head was cut off by Al-Qaeda; Arabs felt justified in celebrating. Despite many millions in reward, Bin Laden was not turned in and Muhammad Omar will never be turned in - because of their overwhelming support within the Arab street.

Suggestion: Because Arab society is so vindictive, its entire society must purge itself of hatred toward Jews and western civilization. Arab schools and Arab Imams must start teaching and preaching a liturgy totally different than what it currently espouses; that democracy and Jews are the bane of the world. Arab school books should be censored to show the truth of Jewish history and the truth of western civilization. All references to Jews and to westerners, throughout Arab society, should be kindly and inclusive. The dictum that Jihad allows for lying and violence toward infidels must be ended.

Solution: For these changes in the Arab temperament to take hold within Arab society, let 40 years, that is, two full generations must pass, just as in biblical times, to purge those having been taught to hate. When the ideals of goodness and reason have been inculcated into Arab society for 40 years, then the world has the prospect of a realistic and faithful partner for peace, and not before.

Admonition: For those thinking that one can be anti-Israel and not be Anti-Semitic, it is not true. Jews are so few in number that anything that dilutes their strength can be fatal. The world has made Jews a separate race. Jews are an endangered species and deserve protection and a special place in the world.

The lesson of history

Reason is not a primary mover amongst the powerful in history. History is written by the victorious; therefore history looks to those who chose power over reason.

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America speaks out of both sides of its mouth; holding Jews and Israel close, while sticking a knife in their back. Meanwhile, America takes advantage of Jews where it can. Archie Bunker said it right, “We need a good lawyer, call the Jew.” I predict that the three Jewish justices on the Supreme Court, all liberals, will be labeled as the reason for American liberalism and decline. Sadly, there is truth in the assertion.

Let Israeli and American Jews make it clear, very clear, that we do not intend to offer ourselves up on the altar of Anti-Semitism, so that the prejudices of others will be satiated. Never again!

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� 2011 Mitchell Goldstein - All Rights Reserved

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Coach (Mitch) Mitchell Goldstein is a Nationally Recognized Expert in tax delinquent property investing and a Real Estate Investor since 1972 in commercial and residential properties.

Coach Mitch is dedicated to helping would be real estate investors to attain their financial goals through investing in tax delinquent real estate and has created various products and services to facilitate the tax delinquent real estate investor.

Mitchell is a Jewish American of Hungarian and Polish extraction and a fan of Locke, Jefferson, and Madison, whose instincts against accumulated power have proven prescient; and of Washington, and Hamilton, whose notions regarding consolidated power required that honor and the highest moral behavior be the hallmark of those exercising power.


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Only “friends” can hurt you like America is hurting Israel. And, as the old saying goes, “With a ‘friend’ like this, you don’t need enemies.” You might think this a ludicrous statement; however a clear look at history will show it to be true.