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By Pastor Roger Anghis
April 25, 2010

Daniel Webster spoke before the Supreme Court in a case in 1844 where a school would not let a minister speak at the school. This brought outrage from the people because the Bible was not allowed in the school as a teaching text. Daniel Webster deliberated in defense of using the Bible before the Supreme Court for three days! Today a lawyer only gets 30 minutes. His case was so decisive that it was printed as a book and distributed all across the Nation. The Courts decision was unanimous 8-0 “Why should not the Bible and especially the New Testament without note or comment be read or taught as a divine revelation in the school? Its general precepts expounded, its evidences explained, and its glorious principles of morality be inculcated.

Where can the purest principles of morality be learned so clearly and so perfectly as from the New Testament?” The Supreme Court then understood that morality could not be taught without the Bible as the source. They also believed that no government run school should be without the Bible as its main teaching text. Can you imagine a decision like that coming from today’s Supreme Court? If it ever decided a case in that manner, the ACLU and all their cronies would be filing lawsuits by the hundreds within the hour.

In 1848, after the death of President John Quincy Adams, a book was published that was a series of letters written by John Quincy Adams to his 10 year old son while he was a diplomat in Russia. He was concerned that his son would not have the proper instruction in studying the Bible while he was in Russia, so he sent a series of letters of instruction on how to study the Bible to his son.

When these letters became public it was decided that all young people should have this type on instruction. “The first and only book that deserves universal attention is the Bible. I have made it a practice for many years to read through the Bible once a year. I have always read it with the same temper and the same spirit that I extend to you and that is to read it with the intent and desire that it may contribute to my advance in wisdom and virtue.” It was John Quincy Adam’s intent was to learn something that would change his life for the better and it was the Bible that he felt was the best source of wisdom necessary for that.

Roger Sherman was the only Founding Father among the 250 to sign all 4 Founding Documents. The Articles of Association, The Articles of Confederation, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. He also served in Congress and helped write the Bill of Rights. He also made it a habit to read through the Bible once a year and while he was in Congress he would take a new Bible at the start of each new session and as he would read, he would make notes and at the end of the session, he would give the Bible to one of his grand kids.

At the 400th anniversary of Columbus’ trip to America in 1892 there was a world’s fair type of celebration and at that celebration there was an exhibit on the growth of education in America the head of the public schools in Kansas summarized the 400 years of education in this manner: “The free public schools of America are the outgrowth of the pastoral schools of New England.


Nurtured in the lap of the church, these schools soon became so necessary to society at large that the church reluctantly relinquished her claim on these schools. Whether this was wise or not is not my purpose to discuss, if the study of the Bible is to be excluded from all state schools, if the inculcation of the principles of Christianity is to have no place in the daily program, and the worship of God is to have no part of the general exercise of these public schools, then the good of the state would be better served to restore all schools to church control.”

History of the U.S. - Noah Webster - “All the miseries and evils which men suffer from vice, crime, ambition, injustice, oppression, slavery, and war they are perceive from despising or neglecting the precepts contained in the Bible.”

John Adams – “Suppose that a distant nation should take the Bible as its only law book. And suppose that they would regulate his conduct by the precepts in the Bible. What a utopia, what a paradise this region would be.”

John Jay – “The Bible is the best of all books. It is the Word of God. Continue therefore to read it and to regulate your life by its precepts.”

This is how our Founding Fathers built this nation. This is how they laid the foundation for the greatest nation this world has ever or will ever see. It is laid on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and unless we get back to where we need to be in depending on God’s Word for everything, like they did, we will lose everything they gave their all for.

As we have seen over the last few studies, the sentiment towards Christianity has taken a turn for the worse. There are those that have deemed it their life’s purpose destroy the religious foundation that our nation was built on. It isn’t surprising that some of these people are supposed ministers either. Today too many ministers are completely ignorant of the role that Christianity played in establishing this country.

This year will be the 400th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown, VI. But this years ‘celebration’ will be a little different. There doesn’t seem to be the love of country that there once was. For nearly 200 years, our leaders have recognized the importance of celebrating the providential goodness of the Lord Jesus Christ through our nation’s birth in Jamestown in 1607.

But this year’s Quadricentennial, officials are intent on belittling our nation’s Christian heritage and referring to the Jamestown settlers as bloodthirsty cannibals, environmental terrorists, and even worse. They have gone so far as to ban the word ‘celebration’ because, after all, as one official stated, “You can’t celebrate an invasion.”

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At the State of the Black Union Jamestown Conference, Rev. Otis Moss, as part of a panel discussion with Rev.’s Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, invoked a highly charged comparison to Nazism and the KKK, declaring that the Jamestown settlers were guilty of mass ‘holocaust’ and ‘lynchings’. This is how they described Captain John Smith, Pocahantas and the rest of the Virginia Company, which is totally unfounded, inaccurate, not to mention irresponsible.

This is the type of ‘teaching’ that goes on today. There is no reference to the actual history of our nation, just what some revisionist historians want it to be.

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Pastor Roger Anghis is the Founder of, an organization designed to draw attention to the need of returning free speech rights to churches that was restricted in 1954.

President of The Damascus Project,, which has a stated purpose of teaching pastors and lay people the need of the churches involvement in the political arena and to teach the historical role of Christianity in the politics of the United States. Married-37 years, 3 children, three grandchildren.

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History of the U.S. - Noah Webster - “All the miseries and evils which men suffer from vice, crime, ambition, injustice, oppression, slavery, and war they are perceive from despising or neglecting the precepts contained in the Bible.”