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By Pastor Roger Anghis
June 3, 2012

Revelation 1:4 “John to the seven churches which are in Asia: Grace be unto you, and peace, from him which is, and which was, and which is to come; and from the seven Spirits which are before his throne;

(5) And from Jesus Christ, who is the faithful witness, and the first begotten of the dead, and the prince of the kings of the earth. Unto him that loved us, and washed us from our sins in his own blood,

(6) “And hath made us kings and priests unto God and his Father; to him be glory and dominion for ever and ever. Amen.”

We have learned that some are anointed to be kings and some are anointed to be priests. Privately, dealing with our families, we are anointed for both, but corporately, you are one or the other.

In the church there are many that do not understand this relationship. We see this in the telethons on Christian TV. Preachers that are good at hitting the emotions of the people in raising money. The problem with that is that isn’t the way God wants it done. I believe that we just saw how God wants His system to operate. A Christian University that is many millions in debt has been offered, by a fellow Christian, the money to get out of debt, immediately. The University trains the priests AND the kings and it should have NEVER been it the financial situation that it has found itself in. I am not saying anything against those that run the University, I am only saying that God has a system that we need to relearn and utilize for these last days. This is one of those revelations for these last days that only those that believe it will benefit from it.

In times past, the church had allowed satan to define the church.

Matthew 12:22 “Then was brought unto him one possessed with a devil, blind, and dumb: and he healed him, insomuch that the blind and dumb both spake and saw.

(23) And all the people were amazed, and said, Is not this the son of David?

(24) But when the Pharisees heard it, they said, This fellow doth not cast out devils, but by Beelzebub the prince of the devils.

(25) And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand:”

Satan knew this and he began to work on the churches trustee board. In the beginning, God directed the preacher. God gave the preacher the vision and impressed on him what the people needed to hear. Then the board began to tell the preacher what to do and what to preach. If the preacher has one vision and the board has another, you have division and a “or house divided against itself shall not stand”. I saw this in one church that we went to a few years back. One member that was on the churches consistory was also one of the big tithers. He felt that because he gave a lot that he had the right to tell the preacher how to spend the money. The preacher resisted, unrest set in, and a special congregational meeting was held and the preacher ended up leaving the church. Division caused the breakdown in the political authority in that church. If satan can create division in the church there will be no rest, there will be signs, no wonders, no miracles, the fruit of the Spirit will not be able to manifest. Strife will stop all manifestations of the Spirit.

Romans 11:29 “For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” Whether you use the gifts God has given you or not makes no difference. God will not take them back. Proverbs 17:8 “A gift is as a precious stone in the eyes of him that hath it: whithersoever it turneth, it prospereth.” Each one of us has a gift that God has given us and that gift is worth all the gold on earth IF we use it for what God has called us to use it for. When we first begin to use our gift we may not be very good. Like when you begin to learn an instrument, but after a while you become tolerable. With more practice you become noticeable and then your gift begins to draw attention to you. Proverbs 18:16 “A man's gift maketh room for him, and bringeth him before great men.” Some take that gift and use it for their own personal benefit. Your gift is not for you, but for others. When you use that gift for others, you will benefit but if you use it just for your self, you will eventually lose ALL that that gift brings to you. Psalm 37:4 “Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” The Hebrew word for Delight here is anag and means to take exquisite delight.

Psalm 37:23 “The steps (course of life) of a good man are ordered (established, prepared) by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.” Desire and direction are directed by God. All we have to do is follow Him. He has prepared it all for us. The pressure from the world has caused kings to think that they are supposed to preach. This causes an feeling of unfulfilled life because kings are not called to preach and that outside pressure makes them feel that they are not doing what they are supposed to do. There needs to be an understanding as to who is a king and who is a priest and that understanding MUST include what each persons role is. Without that understanding there will be confusion and nothing will get accomplished. A king that feels unfulfilled will end up a spectator instead of winning battles and taking the spoils and bringing it to the priest to build the kingdom. Too many priests are spending too much time trying to raise money and this causes stress, family problems and keeps them from hearing God. A priest is not anointed to raise money, kings are!

God is going to give you (kings) so many battles that will give you so much money that you won’t know what to do with it all! When He said that His blessings will come upon you and overtake you, you are going to be run down and overtaken! The world says that the church is supposed to be poor, but the Word says that you will leave an inheritance to your children’s children. That means you have enough for you, your children and your children’s children. The world says the church is supposed to be poor, but the Word says that He will supply all of your needs so that you can distribute to who ever is in need. The world says the church is supposed to be poor, but the Word says that He will pour out a blessing so much that you can not contain it all. The world says the church is supposed to be poor, but the Word says that you are supposed to be the head and not the tail, above and not beneath, and that you will lend to MANY nations, but you will not borrow. You can’t do that with ‘a little bit left over’! The world believes that a humble person is a poor person, but being humble has NOTHING to do with money. John D. Rockefeller was humble, but he was also one of the wealthiest men in American at the time. Being humble involves character not finances.

Being humble comes with the kings anointing and obedience to His Word. We have to get back to the proper mindset. Today’s world, specifically the Western world, has removed the belief that God is with us everywhere and has replaced it with the belief that God is only with us inside the church building. We have to reestablish the belief in a relationship with God that exists wherever we happen to be. When we get back to that mindset, we will be able to operate in His power wherever we happen to be. When we learn to do this we will be able to hear from God 24/7 and operate in His realm whenever needed.


We have to, by our actions and faith, bring the kingdom of God to this earth. The Jews were expecting a man that would defeat the Romans and reestablish Israel as a powerful nation. They were looking for a physical kingdom to be established, but Jesus declared that the establishing of the kingdom of God was not something that could be seen with the eyes. Luke 17:20 “And when he was demanded of the Pharisees, when the kingdom of God should come, he answered them and said, The kingdom of God cometh not with observation:” Now the results of the coming of the kingdom of God would be obvious, but as a marching army that comes into a city to conquer is visible, God’s kingdom is different. Luke 17:21 “Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” The God ordained system of kings and priests can only be fulfilled when we are operating in His kingdom.

God has already spoken what He was going to do through the Old Covenant. Remember in Daniel chapter 2 where king Nebuchadnezzar had the dream that he couldn’t remember? God showed him what He, God, was going to do all the way to the return of Jesus.

The kings need a place for the spoils they win. God has given the priests the vision, Gods vision, for what He wants done on the earth. Proverbs 29:18 states “Where there is no vision, the people perish. . . ”. God’s vision is for all to be saved. If the priest does not have that vision, the kings provision will not be put to proper use. If the king doesn’t have the provision, the priest will not be able to accomplish what God wants him to do. That is where too many of the churches are today. The priest or preacher has the vision, but the kings either don’t have the money or are not willing to part with it. I’ve been in churches where the demon board felt that THEY should determine where the money is spent. These are people who go where they want to go instead of going where God has directed them and instead of letting God run the show, His way, they feel that they need to take the reigns and run it themselves.

We can see how God wants the church to operate. We have to operate under the authority of the Holy Spirit meaning that we do what we are directed to do. Not many in the church are willing to do that today.

We see an example of this type of operation in Matthew chapter 8. In the story when Jesus had entered Capernaum and he met a Centurion.

Matthew 8:5 “And when Jesus was entered into Capernaum, there came unto him a centurion, beseeching him,

(6) And saying, Lord, my servant lieth at home sick of the palsy, grievously tormented.

(7) And Jesus saith unto him, I will come and heal him.

(8) The centurion answered and said, Lord, I am not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof: but speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed.

(9) For I am a man under authority having soldiers under me: and I say to this man, Go, and he goeth; and to another, Come, and he cometh; and to my servant, Do this, and he doeth it.”

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Another example is when Jesus met the woman at the well. He was traveling through Samaria, a place that Jews did not like traveling through. Jesus’ whole reason for going there was to met the woman at the well. This encounter would have been avoided by most Jewish men of that day because a woman was considered property in those days and she was a Samarian, plus she was not married to the man she was living with. Jesus’ mission was to bring salvation to that one woman.

He may have had the same feelings initially that most Jewish men had at that time about traveling through Samaria, but He was about His Fathers work and who knows how many lives this woman touched after her encounter with Jesus. May she was the only one effected. Either way we see Jesus doing exactly what the Father wanted Him to do. Which is what we are supposed to be doing. The system of kings and priests is the system that God intends to use to spread the Word and bring Jesus back. We might as well learn how to operate in that system.

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Pastor Roger Anghis is the Founder of, an organization designed to draw attention to the need of returning free speech rights to churches that was restricted in 1954.

President of The Damascus Project,, which has a stated purpose of teaching pastors and lay people the need of the churches involvement in the political arena and to teach the historical role of Christianity in the politics of the United States. Married-37 years, 3 children, three grandchildren.

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Satan knew this and he began to work on the churches trustee board. In the beginning, God directed the preacher. God gave the preacher the vision and impressed on him what the people needed to hear. Then the board began to tell the preacher what to do and what to preach. If the preacher has one vision and the board has another...