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by Benjamin Baruch
July 4, 2015


The modern science theory of our existence goes something like this: in the beginning there was a big ball of matter, a “big dirt clod” if you will, sitting suspended in the midst of nothing; and beyond the dirt clod nothing existed, and the dirt clod existed forever, all alone, in the dark, and it was very, very big. Then something happened and the dirt clod exploded, and that is how the universe was formed. Then in a distant corner, on a small planet, all the perfect elements for sustaining life somehow occurred, randomly of course, but it’s a big universe, and these things sometimes randomly happen in a big universe, and ours is very big.

Then, after a really long time, a chemical reaction occurred, randomly of course, on the back of a crystal, and the first forms of chemical life were created by a mixture of chemicals, elements and radiation which came together in the right time and place, but things like this happen every now and then, in really big universes, over really long periods of time.

Then, early life began crawling out from this mud puddle, and a series of evolutionary steps occurred (estimated at 5 billion) leading to the evolution of our complex yet perfectly balanced eco-system which we enjoy today with me, a man, sitting on the top of this eco-system in Jerusalem, Israel typing on a computer, while writing this paper. Five billion evolutionary steps is a lot of steps, and we can believe this story, if we simply remember, this took a very long time and ours is a very big universe.

Modern genetics has measured the probability of successfully accomplishing each of these steps of genetic change, which are required for evolutionary change, and which can only occur when random radiation alters the genetic coding within the DNA of reproductive cells, and then only during their mitosis, to be something in the order of one in ten thousand.

In other words, in the other 9,999 times, the random genetic change created by external radiation will follow the 2nd law of thermodynamics, and the complex genetic structure will experience dis-entropy, or disorder, causing a disorganized alteration of the DNA coding, resulting in deformation, mutation or death. So those are roughly the odds of our evolution, one step at a time, a mere one in ten thousand (1/10,000), multiplied together, five billion times.

Those are the odds of the evolutionary process, in order to randomly evolve, and we have to do this successfully 5 billion times in a row. Imagine a coin toss, where the odds of heads are only one in ten thousand, and you have to get heads 5 billion times in a row, and that is just for the evolution of the species of man. With those odds, you could try it a billion times, and it wouldn’t even matter.

To give you some idea of the mathematics of the probability of our evolution, based upon modern advanced genetics, or what is now called Neo-Darwinism; we are looking at the number (1) divided by ten thousand (10,000) to the 5 billionth power or (1/10,000)^5,000,000,000.

To give you some idea of how insanely large this number is, one in ten thousand to the only the second power is one in a hundred million and to the third power, a mere one in a trillion, and to the fourth power, one in ten quadrillion, and beyond that I don’t really know the names for the numbers in English or Hebrew.

If we calculate the first forty steps in our evolutionary chain, just to keep the math somewhat workable; and you take one in 10,000 to the 40th power (1/10,000)^40, the odds of us successfully completing even 40 steps in the evolutionary chain become a mere, one in whatever this number is….

10,040,078,098,891,400,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000,000, 000,000,000,000,000,000,000

But in our evolutionary chain, we have 5 billion steps so we have to make 5 billion calculations, all multiplied together, which is the equivalent of adding 50 trillion more zeros to the above number; and not fifty trillion as a number, which has thirteen zeros, but fifty trillion zeros, or pictured differently, this paper would have to have 23 million pages to simply show all the zeros required in the answer. Stated another way, the odds of humanity evolving randomly from a puddle of chemicals on the back of a crystal are one in some number followed by 23 million pages of zeros.

I suggest you don’t buy a ticket to a lottery with these odds, because we just calculated one in infinity, which is the mathematical equation for zero; in other words, nadda, zip, ain’t gonna happen, because it couldn’t happen this way. And as I have just demonstrated, the mathematical probability of the theory of evolution, which the propaganda masters sold the people as the new religion of the so called “rational world” is actually zero, and therefore it can be stated objectively, that mathematically and scientifically, evolution is a prima fascia lie. But then again, we really shouldn’t be surprised, should we? Let’s face the objective reality, we live in a world of propaganda, where you get what they give you, and it’s rarely, if ever, the truth.

It doesn’t stop there, because we aren’t alone here. We live in a perfectly balanced ecosystem with some 10 million, or perhaps 100 million other species. Actually, we don’t really know how many, but 8.7 million is our best guess[1] at the present time. Each of these species have millions if not billions of steps in their own evolutionary chains, and they all have to work together, in a balanced system, capable of sustaining life, during our troubled process of evolution, and all the while, all these species play the equivalent of Russian roulette 5 billion times with real bullets in the gun.

I hope you get the point; then consider the fact that this theory, with its absolutely absurd probability, is the basis for our entire scientific model of the origins of our world. Go figure. Now, assuming you followed this math, you may wonder as I did what is wrong with these people who sold humanity this nonsense; maybe we should just call them “the sophomores” and perhaps their excuse is they never really understood the second year of calculus.

I have debated these issues with PhD’s in genetics, and they agree with the math, that the odds of evolution are essentially one in infinity, but in the end they confess, “We know we are here, and we don’t believe in God, so we must assume we evolved and the one chance in infinity actually happened.” As hard as it to comprehend, the most brilliant scientific minds in our world have chosen, like the Queen in Wonderland, to believe in impossible things before breakfast.


We know from the laws of physics, that energy cannot be destroyed or created within our universe; it can only be transmuted or converted into another form, such as heat or light. And within our universe, there is a whole lot of energy. The huge ball of mass, conveniently assumed to always exist under the big bang model, contains an almost infinite amount of energy.

Einstein’s famous equation, E = MC2 measures the amount of energy contained within matter and the answer is a tremendous amount. Even a small drop of water or a few grains of sand, have a massive amount of energy locked inside their atomic structures. Our most powerful weapon, the atomic bomb, merely cracks open the door and releases a small amount of this energy in a nuclear detonation.

So where did all this energy come from, when it cannot be created or destroyed within the walls of our universe? Obviously it simply wasn’t just always there, as that answer is absurd, and given it cannot be created within the laws of physics governing this realm, it must have been created outside of the universe and then placed within. And then the only question becomes by whom?


It doesn’t stop there, we have further to run on our journey with Alice down the Rabbit hole… Let me help you look a little deeper, and let’s talk about space, not the kind of empty space in the heads of the fools or the liars who sold humanity this bag of non-sense they labeled as the scientific origins of the universe, but the other kind, the outer kind, the one way above our heads with the stars in it….

Space it turns out is not anything like it appears; ours is a universe of curved space, where the mass of the various planets and stars actually curves the very texture of the space around them.

This curvature of space, creates the force we call gravity, as smaller objects fall towards, or roll down the curve of space towards the larger mass objects.
In the case of our sun, the earth is rolling around its larger curvature of space, which is the force of its gravitational power.

In addition to its curvature, space it turns out is also multi-dimensional. Though we can only perceive a world of three dimensions, in reality, it turns out space, and the universe itself, curved by the masses within it, has more dimensions than just the three we are able to perceive. As to how many dimensions exist in reality, the truth is we don’t even know.


Lastly I want to touch on Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity, which I will describe in layman’s terms. Time is relative and that to velocity. As velocity accelerates, time slows down, and at the speed of light, time stops. This theory has been measured and proved in recent years. So what does this mean? Well, it’s actually quite profound, and it stands as another proof that we are not alone here. At the speed of light, time stops, it ceases to even exist, and a series of instantaneous steps occur, all simultaneously. So the four years light takes to travel from the nearest star, measured in our time, relative to our velocity, actually is occurring instantly from the perspective of the light – in other words, time is perceived and not real. All of human history, and all of our lives, are the summation of a series of instantaneous events, occurring simultaneously relative to the speed of light. That fact should be the final nail in the coffin of the theory of evolution, in which we somehow, randomly, evolved over billions of years. From the perspective outside and looking in, that conclusion is impossible, for those billions of years occurred simultaneously inside an n-dimensional curved universe.

Yet many choose to believe we are all here by random chance, and for them Alice is laughing still, for though she was once lost in a make believe world of dreams, she was smart enough to know, you shouldn’t believe in a world of impossible things. Yet the modern world of science, at least the version they sell to the people, has no problem believing in impossible things.

In fact, you can sum up the beliefs of this so called rational religion of science in a single word - impossible. But if you don’t believe me, you can always ask the Mad Hatter the next time you see him around. I have to wonder, what will come of the wizards, and the charlatans who fabricated and then sold these lies to the people? Will the great King, whose coming is soon, turn to these men and say, “Off with their heads.”

“The darkness drops again but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?”
For this rough beast, must surely now come,
after spells of deception, had long been cast
o’er the minds of men, lost in a fairy tale at the last,
to now believe as only mere beasts do….

And what rough beast has finally now come,
Vexing the minds of men to imagine there is no God,
Their darkened hearts, in the shadow of the beast they remain,
Yet this rough beast, man won’t worship long
for these days of darkness, shall soon be gone.

APPENDIX – Modern Genetics and Neo-Darwinism

The modern evolutionist is called a neo-Darwinian. He still accepts Darwin’s ideas about natural selection, but something new (neo-) has been added. The modern evolutionist theory believes that new traits come about by chance, by random changes in genes called “mutations,” and not by use and disuse. Mutations are random changes in genes (DNA), often caused by radiation. According to the modern, neo-Darwinian view, mutations are the source of new traits for evolution…

Most mutations are caused by radiation or replication errors. But what do you have to have before you can have a mutation? Obviously, the gene has to be there first, before the radiation can hit it or before it can make a copying mistake. In one sense, it’s as simple as that: the gene has to be there before it can mutate. All you get as a result of mutation is just a varied form of an already-existing gene, i.e., variation within kind.

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Genes of the same kind, like those for straight and curly hair or those for yellow and green seeds, arc called alleles. There are over 300 alleles of the hemoglobin gene. That’s a lot of variation, but all those alleles produce hemoglobin, a protein for carrying oxygen in red blood cells (none better than the normal allele). By concept and definition, alleles are just variants of a given gene, producing variation in a given trait. Mutations produce only alleles, which mean they can produce only variation within kind (creation), not change from one kind to others (evolution). To make evolution happen—or even to make evolution a scientific theory—evolutionists need some kind of “genetic script writer” to increase the quantity and quality of genetic information. Mutations are just “typographic errors” that occur as genetic script is copied. Mutations have no ability to compose genetic sentences, and thus no ability to make evolution happen at all.

Dr. Gary Parker, Mutations, January 1, 1994[3]

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� 2015 Benjamin Baruch - All Rights Reserved


1. Lee Sweetlove, Nature International Weekly Journal of Science Published online 23 August 2011.
2. William Butler Yeats, THE SECOND COMING, Yeats, William Butler. Michael Robartes and the Dancer. Chruchtown, Dundrum, Ireland: The Chuala Press, 1920. (as found in the photo-lithography edition printed Shannon, Ireland: Irish University Press, 1970.)
3. Mutations

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Most mutations are caused by radiation or replication errors. But what do you have to have before you can have a mutation? Obviously, the gene has to be there first, before the radiation can hit it or before it can make a copying mistake.