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By Betty Freauf
April 21, 2012

On April 12th I received an alert from Doug Wead, the son of an Assemblies of God minister and co-founder of a famine-relief organization called Mercy Corps International, and one who has been involved in many GOP campaigns. He said in the wake of Senator Rick Santorum’s departure from the presidential race there are signs that some evangelical leaders are refusing to jump on board the Mitt Romney bandwagon and it may come as a surprise to Romney, who takes for granted if he’s selected the nominee, GOP voters will accept him. He’s already selling seats for the inauguration event at $50,000 each. However, evangelicals may be turning to Congressman Ron Paul instead. All Romney speaks about is his ability to create jobs but at 25% income taxes on the average $45,000 a year job would take the government about five hundred years to recoup the $3.7 trillion spent on the 654,000 jobs that were created during the government’s bailouts and stimulus spending, said Dr. Martin D. Weiss in the August 15 issue of MONEY AND MARKETS. And why so many evangelicals chose to support Rick Santorum and his poor Constitutional voting record in the first place is a puzzle to me.

M. Stanton Evans in his 1966 book, THE POLITICS OF SURRENDER, reminds us in 1962, the Kennedy regime began a campaign to convince American businessmen they should trade with Moscow. The BALTIMORE SUN reported, “The government is quietly encouraging American businessmen to expand trade, “ and he rebuked those who protested Communism to join the Peace Corps. A report on trade to the Soviets said in the weeks succeeding the 1964 election, “more than 200 businessmen made the journey to Moscow” and “a few U.S. firms, with a big assist from the State and Commerce Department were sending reps for extended stays of one to three months.” How well has that worked out for us? We now have a Marxist in the White House and the Chinese are subsidizing our national debt.

On the other hand, Congressman Ron Paul has promised to cut a trillion dollars from the federal budget in one year by eliminating five cabinet departments: Education, Energy, HUD, Commerce and Interior, ending foreign aid and corporate welfare and rolling back all other domestic spending to fiscal year 2006. Without government interference, jobs will automatically follow. I’ve been watching all these clips of packed college auditoriums where Congressman Paul is making appearances – even left-wing Berkley where no conservative GOP presidential dared to set foot without being booed and yet Ron Paul was welcomed. These passionate, exciting college students who were Barack Obama votes in 2008 feel betrayed and may now be Ron Paul supporters. Of course, Paul believes the “War on Drugs” has been a dismal failure and favors legalizing marijuana would be welcomed to these audiences. Congressman Paul has been faithful in giving out his message of freedom and liberty and state’s rights trumping centralized government and his message has been resonating. Suddenly we are having a new phrase re-introduced into the American vocabulary – Nullify now! States and individuals are rediscovering the 10th Amendment as a defense against tyrannical and unconstitutional measures taken by the fed – all thanks to Congressman Paul never giving up in spite of many odds. See for additional information.

As the Christian Gospel song suggests,” He Was There All The Time”, about Jesus patiently waiting in line for sinners to come to him in repentance. While he doesn’t wear his Christianity on his sleeve, Congressman Ron Paul lives his faith and has been there all the time waiting patiently in line. I agree with Chuck Baldwin in his article THE MAN WHO SHOULD BE PRESIDENT. He says neither Romney nor Santorum have the remotest understanding of America’s real problems nor the courage and backbone to do anything about it if they did understand.

So, surprise, surprise, the evangelicals and/or fundamentalists, that Jesus calls sheep, have finally discovered Ron Paul. It will be interesting to see if the Jewish talk show hosts who have waged an outright war against Congressman Paul will come on board. Dr. Paul has been in Congress since 1976, married 55 years to the same woman, no scandals and he can’t be bought. His record is 100% Constitutional. He doesn’t flip flop.

Libertarian John Stossel, who has recently become a FOX contributor and is on every program promoting his book NO THEY CAN’T – a play on Obama’s 2008 presidential mantra, YES WE CAN was an early and strong supporter of Ron Paul. Obama’s “ Hope and Change” has turned into a “hoax and chains.” I recently had a friend return from travels in Europe and she said in Germany their guide said the children in German schools are told what a mistake it was to follow Hitler and how ashamed they are of the atrocities involved under his dictatorship and then the tour guide added: The people wanted change and that is what Hitler offered them.


In 2007, James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family encouraged former GOP speaker Newt Gingrich and FOX political analyst to go public with his adultery and marriages in case he decided to run for President. Dobson, a psychologist, said the former Speaker was the brightest guy and most articulate politician on the scene today and so with the blessing of Dobson and friends, on May 11, 2011 Gingrich announced on Hannity FOXT.V. he was running for President. The whole gang at FOX should have their names entered into the Hall of Shame because being fair and balanced is a misnomer. Congressman Ron Paul’s name was avoided. Where on earth have these dunderheads had their heads in the last two presidential election cycles? Our national Christian leaders have been content to revel in the lap of political cronyism with President Bush and then John McCain. They abandoned their positions as watchmen on the wall. They became political lackeys and toadies for the Republican Party. Had they been on the ball in 2008 and supported Congressman Paul then, we could have avoided all the damage that President Obama has caused to our country these last three years bringing us nearly to a complete dictatorship!

The evangelical community began reaching out to Dr. Paul almost immediately after Senator Rick Santorum dropped out of the presidential race. Pastor Steven Andrew of USA Christian Ministries announced his support of Congressman Paul, calling for a day of prayer and fasting. He released a statement saying , “After Santorum, Ron Paul is the most God-fearing candidate (and) the Republican party should endorse him.” But I am deeply troubled when he also said Ron Paul would be their best voice of “protest” and the best way to “force” Romney to deal with them. And then he mentioned a “third party.”

Paul knows November 2012 is our last chance to regain our Republic and Constitutional government that began to be dismantled at the turn of the 20th century, i.e. I.R.S., Federal Reserve under Democrat Wilson, Social Security entitlement under Democrat FDR, Medicare & Medicaid under Democrat L.B. Johnson, Republican Nixon with his Executive Order 11647 divided the U.S. into 10 regions, a step in the direction of a one world government about which President George Washington had warned never should be done.

In 1971 Nixon closed the gold window by breaking the U.S. treaty commitment to redeem the dollar for gold internationally. He also thereby removed all constraints on the Federal Reserve’s ability to inflate and the government’s ability to pile up endless debt. Some said Nixon should have been prosecuted and jailed for destroying the world’s currency system abolishing gold backing of the U.S. dollar. And last but not least before Obamacare, prescription drugs offered under Republican Bush. A third-party candidate would guarantee the election of Barack Obama. Former New Mexico governor, Gary Johnson has already filed for President on the Libertarian Party ticket. Johnson was the candidate on the extreme right on our T.V. screens during the early GOP debates. Providing we have a fair election in November, many polls show that Ron Paul can beat Barack Obama so we would hope that Gary Johnson would consider giving up his bid on the Libertarian Party ticket.

Exactly one hundred years ago in 1912 William Howard Taft was elected President because he was a protege of President Theodore Roosevelt, but Roosevelt, becoming disgruntled with what Taft was proposing, soon wanted the presidency back so he split from the Republicans that resulted in the most successful third-party candidacy in history. The 2/20/2012 article in the NEW AMERICAN entitled “Bullied by the Bull Moose” indicated however that third-party run virtually assured the election not only of Democrat candidate Woodrow Wilson, but solid Democratic majorities in both houses of Congress. (Sounds like 2008).The Republican Party would survive its self-inflicted wounds, but 1912 would be Theodore Roosevelt’s last year in the center of a political stage. In 1981, Dr. Paul was the only public figure who defended Israel’s military action when it took out the Iraqi nuclear facilities. He, alone, in the U.S. Congress, refused to condemn the action saying that Israel has the right to defend itself without approval of the United States.

Doug Wead also said Dr. Paul has been the target of vitriolic attacks from evangelical leader, Gary Bauer, who issued a fund raising letter criticizing the Texas congressman for wanting to “cut off foreign aid to Israel.” Bauer’s letter failed to mention that Dr. Paul is calling for the end of ALL foreign aid, which not only includes the $3 billion the U.S. gives to Israel but also the $12 billion it gives to Israel’s avowed enemies, including Palestinians, who publicly proclaim they will drive her into the sea. Dr. Paul points to America’s practice of borrowing money from China to give to Pakistan as foolish. Paul is so intellectually honest and so committed to a Constitutional form of government he is easily tripped up by issues taken out of context by a demagogue.

To further prove how Ron Paul has been unfairly criticized, he indicated in a GOP debate on January 9, 2012 that Iran was not on the verge of developing a nuclear weapon. Secretary of Defense, Leon Paneta said the same thing three days later on the CBS program FACE THE NATION but no apologizes were forthcoming to Dr. Paul. Of course, earlier on December 29, 2011, the Isaraeli Mossad Chief, Tamir Pardo, told 100 ambassadors gathered in Jerusalem that a “nuclear Iran does not pose an existential threat to Israel.” Someone was listening and remembered. His name was Ron Paul.

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He was questioned by the evangelicals about his faith. He said he accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and endeavors every day to follow Him in all he does and in every position that he advocates. While other GOP presidential candidates were ripping each other in the debates and later in ads, we saw what a statesman Ron Paul was. I won’t waste your time telling about how corrupt the counting was in some of the states to make sure Congressman Paul didn’t win any states making him appear weak but he says he’s in the race to the end. Oregon votes by mail on May 15, 2012-more opportunity for fraud in a Democrat-controlled state.

May God bless his endeavors and keep him safe. It’s not over until the fat lady sings and Romney gets 1144 votes at the convention to be held in August. I fear it’s going to get ugly as it did in 2008 when Paul and his supporters were forcibly ejected from the GOP convention and he wasn’t the threat in 2008 as he is in 2012. The Xeroxed Republicans may shoot themselves in the foot again as they did in 1912 if they aren’t careful . More and more people are thinking “libertarian”.

But don’t worry, now I learn the Obama regime has made arrangements to outsource our votes to Spain for counting. If this is true, I guess the fat lady already sang.

� 2012 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to









The evangelical community began reaching out to Dr. Paul almost immediately after Senator Rick Santorum dropped out of the presidential race. Pastor Steven Andrew of USA Christian Ministries announced his support of Congressman Paul, calling for a day of prayer and fasting.