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By Betty Freauf
October 3, 2015

So much has taken place since my last article on 9/19, and, of course, the most recent tragic school shooting at a “Gun Free Zone” Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon on October 1st found the Security Officer unarmed as well. This is ironic because only a few weeks earlier 22- year old National Guardsman, Alek Skarlatos from Roseburg and his friends were receiving international recognition because they stopped a terrorist on a French train. Could this be blow back? It is being reported Christians were the target. Charlotte Iserbyt in her 2011 THE DELIBERATE DUMBING DOWN OF AMERICA wrote that a group of parents and teachers asks the Education Department in Washington, D.C. to stop funding “mind control” curricula that uses hypnosis. All it takes are some drugs like recreational Marijuana that went on sale legally on October 1st in Oregon and hypnosis and we’ve got a 26 year old “lone wolf” shooter named Chris Harper Mercer which the reported as a Nazi fanatic.


And our “COMMUNITY organizer” president once again used this atrocity to confiscate guns. At the same time he said seat belts save lives, the hypocrite was supporting Planned Parenthood’s selling for profit aborted baby parts. Columbine student’s Father Darrell Scott, 12 years later, appeared before the House Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee and said because our evil government outlawed simple prayer, gunshots fill our classrooms and precious children die and you regulate restrictive laws when God is what we need?

The liberals found great delight in revealing that Kentucky’s Clerk Kim Davis, a woman who had been married numerous times and had an illegitimate baby, since accepting Jesus Christ as her Savior and forgiven was refusing to grant marriage licenses to same sex couples claiming this is against her faith and goes off to jail. As we begin to see more and more attacks on the church and its stand for Christian principles all we have to do is go back to around 1910 when the way lawyers were educated in law. Up to that time lawyers were required to attend four years of seminary because it was understood by the Founders and those that established our judicial system that one could not judge man unless one knew how God judged man.


On May 4-5, 1989 the American Bar Association hosted a seminar in San Francisco on how the legal profession could effectively sue Christians and Christian organizations using Tort Law to declare war on Christianity claiming religious fraud and the detrimental impact (emotional, financial, and civil rights-wise) of religion and religious beliefs on American society. This is the American Bar Association not the ACLU or the Southern Poverty Law Center and as a result the liberal judges in recent decades have been creating new duties based on what THEY perceive to be social norms, i.e. same sex marriage.[1]


In 1910 the attorneys and legislators forged the Oregon Constitution and created the “Amended VII” counterfeit legislative judicial system, and incorporated the corporate national socialist agenda in the design for total control and management by the “money priests”, private corporate interests calling itself “government” in Oregon. Nazi Eugenics policies started in 1917 in Oregon U.S.A. This will help you understand why Oregon is designated to introduce socialist/communist legislation such as the first state to implement euthanasia. The State of Washington followed and California and New York is considering it. In addition, it was in 1910 when the Federal Reserve was secretly conceived but it was 25 years before any of its details became known. But now with this Umpqua Community College shooting it should be noted The Elementary and Secondary Education Act already wants our Second Amendment right to own a gun to disappear.

The Muslims are demanding that schools be closed for their holidays and presidential candidate Ben Carson is right when he says Islamic Leadership is not American. Schools don’t even close for Jewish holidays.

And then the Pope arrives in America on September 23rd. Following his speeches for the next few hours we find that Xi Jinping, the President of China has arrived at the White House for a lavish state dinner with businessmen and later in a press conference to talk about a variety of issues and suddenly President Obama announces school children will begin learning Mandarin. And then Russia bombed Syria resulting in operation chaos leaving even the “experts” perplexed.


And then we learn House Speaker John Boehner will resign on October 30th. Why? Because he found himself the day before (Sept. 24) alone with the Pope after he had addressed Congress. The Pope asked Boehner to pray for him. Boehner, a devout Catholic, said he’d been contemplating resigning after 25 years in Congress for awhile but because there were so many problems, he stayed a little longer but as he and the Pope departed, the Pope said to him, “Remember the Golden Rule.” And that is when Boehner decided he’d heard from God and it was time to resign. As he was appearing all misty eyed over the Pope’s appearance before Congress and his own resignation, I could still see him clearly in my mind how he and former House Speaker embraced as she handed over the gavel to him. I knew then he’d be an impotent House Speaker. Rush Limbaugh opened his 11/3/2010 radio show saying, “Ding Dong the witch is dead.”


And while all the above distractions were taking place prior to Umpqua, nothing was being reported in the mainstream media about the United Nations meeting in New York where the United States will turn its sovereignty over to the communist-controlled United Nations beginning September 25th and so far, not one word from the Republican presidential candidates about getting out. God Bless Charlotte Iserbyt for blowing the whistle on this nefarious plot. Once again it is the Progressive Democrats and President Harry Truman who became a significant contributor to the globalist agenda when he led the U.S. into joining the U.N. and it is the liberal Democrat Progressives that continue the trend today.


And while all this is going on, I’m itching to get back to my article about why Is Public Education Necessary with the exception of the footnotes all information in this article are excerpts from that book. All the chaos we are experiencing above is the result of the Harvard/Unitarian/Progressive enlightened snobs way back at the turn of the 19th Century attempting to bring communism to the U.S. which would require getting control of education away from the Calvinists Christian parents. The “friends of education” with Horace Mann as its secretary and his Harvard/Unitarian friends began having lectures around Massachusetts . They distorted Puritan history and reminded the middle class of the Common School’s sacred origins. It was, they argued, the purpose of their pious ancestors to establish free schools in order to foster Equality. And then the reformers used moral blackmail to make the Middle Class feel that by sending their children to private schools, they were betraying everything their ancestors held sacred and then they accused the middle class and professional classes of trying to create social divisiveness by establishing the principles of an aristocratic society. By distorting that history meant that, by 1830 the Puritan past was only dimly remembered by the population as a whole.


The takeover of Harvard in 1805 by the Unitarians is probably the most important intellectual event in American history – at least from the stand point of education. The circumstances that signaled the take over were the election of liberal theologians Henry Ware as Hollis Professor of Divinity and the subsequent retreat of the Calvinists to a new seminary of their own in Andover. From then on Harvard became the Unitarian Vatican so to speak, dispensing a religious and secular liberalism, that was to have profound and enduring effects on the evolution of American cultural moral and social values. It was, in effect, the beginning of the long journey to the secular Humanitarian worldview that now dominates American culture- the battle between Unitarians and Calvinists. It made Harvard not only the seat of liberalism, but also by necessity the seat of anti-Calvinism. Unitarianism sealed Harvard with its spirit. We can never measure the relief, the stimulus, the exhuberant joy felt in the last century by thousands of young men who, after a stern upbringing, in expectation of a hard struggle to escape eternal damnation, entered a college where hot-gospelling was in poor form, hell was not mentioned and venerable preachers treated the students, not as limbs of Satan, but as younger brothers of their Lord and Savior.

The UN 2030 plan promoted by the Pope on his visit to the U.S. will advance Agenda 21 on Steroids. A Communitarian according to Webster is a member of a COMMUNIST community. Remember President Obama’s only qualification was that he was a “ COMMUNITY organizer” whose job was to Transform America. Every day I open up my emails from NewsWithViews and there are the contributors warning about the dangerous education system. The last one was entitled “Fifty Years of Tax-Funded Poisonous Education Lies.” The one before was “A New Agenda 21 Threatens Our Way of Life.” Another writes about “Public School Compulsion” and the Owenites, Horace Mann and John Dewey.

Robert Owen contended that evil was caused by the social environment and miseducation at the hands of religionists so public education was the first attempt by science- or rather pseudoscience- to explain the origin of abnormal and criminal behavior other than as a manifestation of innate depravity or original sin. It would become the secular world’s first venture into the study of human behavior which would in time involved into something called “Psychiatry” and now the psychobabblers are being called upon by the media to give their opinions of the Umpqua Community College shooter.

The vast majority of citizens were quite satisfied with the public and private educational facilities already in existence at the turn of the 19th century but Horace Mann, Secretary of the Board of Education which the Unitarians had created to promote the Prussian system were traveling to Europe and returning with glowing reports. Of course, history proved Mann quite wrong. The Prussian state dominated by Hegelian statism and pantheism, became, successively, Bismark’s nationalist Germany, Kaiser Wilhelm’s warfare state, the weak Weimar Republic.

And last but not least, Hitler’s totalitarian nightmare with its pre-christian Teutonic symbolism, demented racism, and unparalleled barbarism. And through it all, the German public schools served no other purpose than to be the prime instrumentality of whoever controlled the state.


The Puritans were not at all impressed with how the Prussians ran their schools so Mann and his cohorts figured they’d have to work covertly to convince people. At about the same time – 1851 to 1854- the Irish Catholics were arriving in America and the Harvard/Unitarian crowd began to cause divisions in the Christian community by trying to convince the Puritans that the public schools would give them protection from the Catholics, after much brainwashing, parents began to succumb.


And now we read about Obama’s COMMUNITY Schools” that aim to replace parents.[2] While the proposed new rules would not get America to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s plans for 24-hour-a-day school, they will go a long way in that direction. In Oregon at the beginning of this school year, it was announced that kindergarten children would now be in school all day rather than half days.

In my second article I went into great detail of Horace Mann’s history and how he turned away from Christianity at age 12 even though he was born in a Christian home, one highlighted subject was entitled “The Peril of Denying.”

Blumenfeld’s postscript reads: After more than a hundred years of universal public education, we can say that it nowhere resembles the Utopian vision that drove its proponents to create it. It has not produced the morally improved human being the Unitarians insisted it would, nor has it changed human nature in the way the Owenites predicted. Ironically, one of the public school’s biggest problems today is the physical safety of its students and teachers. It has turned education into a quagmire of conflicting interests, ideologies, and purposes, and created a bureaucracy that permits virtually no real learning to take place. Nonsectarian education has become secular humanist indoctrination, as biased in its worldview against religion as Calvinism was in its favor. Home schoolers and the Roman Catholics were aware enough to see what it would all lead to and bolted the public school rather than accept the destruction of their faith. As for the Normal Schools which the Harvard/Unitarian “enlightened” crowd promoted, they have blossomed into state teachers’ colleges that cannot produce competent instructors in basic academic skills. Do you think that Mann’s artificial paradise and the New Man is at the final turning point?


Parents are asking what can be done to stop the killings? Well, they can begin by keeping a watchful eye on the Socialist Progressive Democrats and quit voting for them. On Thursday Oregon’s Democrat governor Kate Brown appeared at a Press Conference to offer her condolences. She was the Senate Majority Leader until Democrat Kitzhaber in 2015 was forced to resign. Senate Majority leader in 2007, Brown, who is married but considers herself bisexual, rejoiced with Oregon’s first openly gay lawmaker, Gail Shibley, and 200 others to celebrate the gay-rights bills (SB 2) anti-discrimination and (HB 2007) domestic partnerships. Gail Shibley of Portland said “It took more than 20 years, but what great progress we have made. When Kate ran for Secretary of State and won, she received money from Emily’s List, the SOS project in addition to her biggest benefactors, the Gay and Lesbians. Brown identifies herself as bisexual, despite being married to a man.

Also at the Press Conference were two more Democrat Senators, Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley from “Sanctuary” city, Portland, Oregon – both with dismal Constitutional voting records: Merkley at 11%, Wyden 10%. Merkley said he was born a short distance from Roseburg and a great grand-daughter of his first cousin died in the shooting.

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Congressman Peter De-Fazio with a 20% voting record also spoke indicating he lived two miles from Thurston High, when the shots rang out in the school cafeteria. Thurston is in Springfield, Oregon where some of the victims in the October 1st shooting were transported. The Thurston shooting happened on May 21, 1998, the day of Jacob Russell Ryker’s 17th birthday. Jacob was struck in the chest by a shot that pierced his right lung, knocking him to the ground. Though seriously injured, the 6 foot 4, 185 pound member of the school wrestling team was able to rise to his feet and tackle the gunman after hearing a “click” indicating the assailant rifle was empty. His parents were longtime members of the NRA.[3] Jacob and four other students tackled Kip Kinkel, the shooter who was on the mind altering antidepressant drug, Prozac. He killed his parents before he went to the school. Rather than challenge boys with high I.Q’s, school counselors recommend drugs. Been there, done that with our son but thank God, I got him off and he ended up in a Christian school.


1. Toward a New World Order by Donald McAlvany © 1990 (P.23)
2. New American by Alex Newman 9/7/2015
3. New American 10/23/2000

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� 2015 Betty Freauf - All Rights Reserved

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Betty is a former Oregon Republican party activist having served as state party secretary, county chairman, 5th congressional vice chairman and then elected chairman, and a precinct worker for many years but Betty gave up on the two-party system in 2004.

Betty is a researcher specializing in education, a freelance journalist and a regular contributor to



And then we learn House Speaker John Boehner will resign on October 30th. Why? Because he found himself the day before (Sept. 24) alone with the Pope after he had addressed Congress.