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By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
May 4, 2009

[NOTE: Relevant to Barack Obama’s candidacy for the presidency being scripted, on September 5, 2008, Saul Alinsky’s son, David, wrote a letter to the Boston Globe stating: “The Democratic National Convention had all the elements of the perfectly organized event, Saul Alinsky style.” Saul Alinsky wrote Rules For Radicals (which has an acknowledgement to Lucifer at the front), and David Alinsky’s letter said “Obama learned his lesson well” as a follower of Saul Alinsky’s model for organizing. Interestingly, Kyle-Anne Shiver in “Obama’s Alinsky Jujitsu” (American Thinker, January 8, 2008) earlier noted: “Alinsky saw the already formed church communities as being the perfect springboards for agitation and creating bonds for demanding goods and services.” Does this have the ring of any church growth movement leaders today?

Shortly after Obama became president, Fox News host Greta van Susteren’s “On the Record” (March 27, 2009) began with her stating: “Tonight, a dictatorship? A power grab? Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich says President Obama is making the biggest power grab in American history and moving America towards a dictatorship.” Later, she recounted that U.S. Senator Robert Byrd wrote on February 23 a letter to the President complaining essentially of a power grab when Obama named health czars or urban affairs policy experts at the White House. Gingrich said the stimulus package/appropriations bill “was written in the House under what is, in effect, a dictatorship” by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who “is the most powerful person in the government today. President Obama is the second most powerful.”

Concerning Power Elite (PE) agent Henry Kissinger, very few people in the audience at the Munich Conference on Security Policy on February 8, 2009 laughed when U.S. National Security Advisor James Jones said to them: “I take my daily orders from Dr. Kissinger, filtered down through General Brent Scowcroft and Sandy Berger, who is also here. We have a chain of command in the National Security Council that exists today.” Could it be that most didn’t laugh because Jones’ remarks had some ring of truth? Recently, Kissinger has been talking about the emerging “new world order,” and on CNBC World’s “Squawk Box Europe” (April 1, 2009), Financial Times editor Lionel Barber declared we’re now living in a “new world order” where G20 countries will mainly focus on what China rather than the U.S. will do to solve the global financial crisis.]

Part 4 of this series ended with my giving examples of terrorist activities by “some agitated Moslems,” whom Zbigniew Brzezinski (ZB) had said were less important than the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the Cold War. “Some agitated Moslems” also included the training of suicide pilots at Busher Air Base in Iran in the early 1980s. According to Yossef Bodansky (Director of the U.S. House of Representatives Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare) in Target America: Terrorism in the U.S. Today (1993), one of the exercises of the suicide pilots (according to a former trainee) “included having an Islamic jihad detachment seize [or hijack] a transport aircraft. Then, trained air crews from among the terrorists would crash the airliner with its passengers into a selected objective.” Sound like training for the attack of September 11, 2001?

ZB was no idiot. As an agent of the PE, he knew perfectly well the consequences of what he set in motion. In his The Grand Chessboard (1997), ZB explained: “How the United Stated both manipulates and manages Eurasia’s key geopolitical pivots will be critical to the longevity and stability of America’s global primacy…. A possible challenge to American primacy from Islamic fundamentalism could be part of the problem in this unstable region… and would be likely to express itself through diffuse violence…. The pursuit of power is not a goal that commands popular passion, except in conditions of a sudden threat or challenge to the public’s sense of domestic well-being…. America may find it more difficult to fashion a consensus on foreign policy issues, except in circumstances of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat.”


The “direct external threat” that was “widely perceived” after 9/11 brought about the “foreign policy consensus” desired by the PE, along with their desired freedom-infringing Patriot Act and Homeland Security Act. And that the U.S. is the PE’s primary military enforcer in this regard can be seen in ZB’s statement in his book “that America’s primary interest is to help ensure that no single power comes to control this geopolitical space (Eurasia) and that the global community has unhindered financial and economic access to it.”

Only a globalist PE agent like ZB, as opposed to a patriotic nationalist, would believe “no single power” should control this or any other area. But we already knew from ZB’s speech at Mikhail Gorbachev’s first State of the World Forum in 1995 that he supports world government and has outlined a strategy using as a first step “progressive regionalization” to get there.

Remember, the PE, including Cecil Rhodes, have planned this for a very long time. Rudyard Kipling (who has swastikas on his early books) in 1888 wrote: “For the North, guns always – quietly – but always guns” (see Writings in Prose and Verse of Rudyard Kipling, 1899). Mike Evans in his book Jimmy Carter: The Liberal Left and World Chaos asks: “Could he [Kipling] have possibly known that nearly 100 years hence the policies of first Jimmy Carter, then Ronald Reagan, as well as the ruling junta in Pakistan would supply the weapons necessary to raise a Mujahedeen army to fight the Russians [north] in Afghanistan? Could Kipling have unknowingly prophesied the mayhem that would arise from the decisions made by men as yet unborn?” Since Kipling was a member of the Rhodes Trust, his remarks may not have been made “unknowingly.”

Recently ZB has been an advisor to Barack Obama and has defended the President’s decision to meet with Iranian officials in the future. This, of course, will be welcomed by the Iranians and used as part of their delaying tactics until they achieve a nuclear weapon. Israel in all likelihood will not want to wait until that happens, but rather will plan to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran. The U.S. will try to dissuade Israel from taking such action, because if a “real war” ensues, Iran will block the Strait of Hormuz and hit Saudi oil refineries, creating a global fuel supply crisis. Iranian agents in the U.S. trained in terrorist activities and evasive tactics would have at least a month (remember it was a month before snipers Malvo and Mohammed were caught, and they weren’t given training in evasion) to set forest fires and burn apartment complexes across the nation at night, derail passenger trains, poison food at grocery stores and fast-food restaurants, etc. etc.

However, if the PE is in control and Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is actually from “Central Casting,” all of the dire consequences possible from a real war may serve to coerce Israel, Iran, the U.S., etc. to negotiate a peaceful resolution that would lead all parties further down the path of accepting the PE’s goal of a World Socialist Government. How would Iaraelis be manipulated into such negotiations? On the PBS “Charlie Rose Show” (April 7) former Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte said that just as only a conservative like President Nixon could open the door to Communist China, perhaps only a conservative like new Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu could make the compromises with Israel’s opponents “necessary” for peace.

And how would the Obama administration approach the subject of Iran? President Obama has indicated he is open to talks with Iran. From where does this openness come? Obama’s Director of National Intelligence is Dennis Blair (Rhodes scholar) who wanted Charles Freeman to head the National Intelligence Council. Freeman (who withdrew his name from nomination) had been on the board of directors of the American-Iranian Council (AIC). The Obama administration doesn’t seem sufficiently concerned about the fact that the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and/or Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (VEVAK) have their spies operating out of Embassies and Consulates around the world. Their thousands of agents have been responsible for many terrorist attacks in Iraq and elsewhere. And Iran has given large amounts of aide to terrorist groups like the Taliban in Afghanistan, and to Hamas in Palestine, and $100 million per year to Hezbollah in Lebanon.

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The stress to various nations brought about by such terrorist activities is used by the PE to pressure these nations into negotiations that will pave the way toward a World Socialist Government. And in case you doubt that the PE has been planning world events for decades, just reflect upon the following from Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s The Fight for America (1952): “Before meeting (Secretary of the Navy) Jim Forrestal, I thought we were losing to international Communism because of incompetence and stupidity on the part of our planners. I mentioned that to Forrestal. I shall forever remember his answer. He said, ‘McCarthy, consistency has never been a mark of stupidity. If they were merely stupid, they would occasionally make a mistake in our favor.’ This phrase struck me so forcefully that I have often used it since.”

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Dennis Laurence Cuddy, historian and political analyst, received a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (major in American History, minor in political science). Dr. Cuddy has taught at the university level, has been a political and economic risk analyst for an international consulting firm, and has been a Senior Associate with the U.S. Department of Education.

Cuddy has also testified before members of Congress on behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice. Dr. Cuddy has authored or edited twenty books and booklets, and has written hundreds of articles appearing in newspapers around the nation, including The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and USA Today. He has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows in various parts of the country, such as ABC Radio in New York City, and he has also been a guest on the national television programs USA Today and CBS's Nightwatch.

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Recently ZB has been an advisor to Barack Obama and has defended the President’s decision to meet with Iranian officials in the future. This, of course, will be welcomed by the Iranians and used as part of their delaying tactics until they achieve a nuclear weapon.