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By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
January 25, 2010

[Note: I have written many times about the Power Elite’s (PE’s) plan to link regional economic arrangements into a global economy managed by a World Socialist Government. In that regard, on January 27 the “Union for the Mediterranean” (formerly the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership) will come into being. It will include Israel as well as non-democratic Arab nations such as Jordan from which the Union’s Secretary-General Ahmad Khalaf Masadeh comes. And it will include economics, financial, social, cultural and human partnerships.

Regarding Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, ask yourself why it omitted reference to the embedded swastikas on The House of the Temple in Washington, D.C.. Also, ask yourself why Dan Brown didn’t emphasize that leading Masonic philosopher Manly P. Hall said “the seething energies of Lucifer are in his [the Mason’s] hands.” Hall’s books can be found in Masonic libraries around the world, as can Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike who revised the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Pike in this book also praised Lucifer, as he likewise did in his Indo-Aryan Deities and Worship (remember there’s a connection between the Aryans and swastikas). In addition, Freemasons often say they seek “more light,” and Pike said Lucifer is the “Light-Bearer.” Most Masons are unaware of its true intentions or meanings of its terms, as Pike in Morals and Dogma revealed that those in the blue (lower) degrees are “intentionally misled.”]

Of course, there were periods when The Order’s absolute rule was lessened, even allowing small revolutions to occur, so that potential adversaries to The Order could be drawn out, identified, and dealt with before they could become too great in number. Bertram Gross had explained in Friendly Fascism: The New Face of Power in America (1980) how computerized information could be used for “direct character assassination and defamation…. The creative assembly of unrelated sounds is now possible through electronic means…. Through ‘tape-recording,’ a person’s own voice may be used to say anything that the tape recorders want him to say.” Gross also had described how this might be done in the editing of film and videotapes by “the use of new RAVE methods (Random Access Video Editing).”

In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, the primary opposition to The Order was from various patriot militia groups around the world. The Order wisely engaged in a plan to discredit these groups along with very religious people by branding them as extremists who want to impose their views on everyone else. It was not difficult to infiltrate these groups with agents of The Order, who engaged in such outlandish behavior that the public perception of the patriotic groups to which they belonged became negative. Conveniently, while media and press attention focused upon right-wing militia as a threat to the U.S. government, little notice was given to the International Socialist Organization’s (holding regular meetings at universities across the U.S.) promotion of “worker’s militia” and its statement that “The struggle for socialism is part of a worldwide struggle…. To achieve socialism, the most militant workers must be organized into a revolutionary socialist party…. Only mass struggles of the workers themselves can destroy the capitalist system…. Capitalism must be overthrown…” (Socialist Worker, November 22, 1996).

So that the people did not recognize and react against The Order’s growing power and control, use was made of various psychological techniques. For example, use was made of the work of Wundtian psychologist Kurt Lewin and Soviet psychologist Alexander Luria concerning the artificial disorganization of behavior to control human behavior via the creation of social chaos. Their work was followed by J.R. Rees’ “Tavistock Method” inducing and controlling stress in order to make people give up firmly held beliefs under “peer pressure.” Rees’ work was followed by the “social turbulence” theory of Tavistock senior staff member Fred Emery. Use of this theory by The Order was carried out by creating a series of emotional crises, which caused the people to reduce the tension by adaptation and eventually psychological retreat (similar to Pavlov’s “protective inhibition” response), accepting the will of The Order.

“Psychologically controlled environments” (Rees’ term) were created to manipulate particular populations via mass media. Relevant to this, villains in films did things so horrible that anything “anti-hero” heroes did to them, the audience would accept it. Modifying this technique, whenever the public began to become suspicious of The Order’s growing power, they were flooded with fictional conspiratorial books, motion pictures and television programs showing life in the future to be so totally controlled and terrible under various “Big Brother” types that they became confused and unable to perceive what The Order was in reality doing gradually to control them. And what the Order was actually doing was viewed by the public as not so extreme when it was compared to the hideous portrayals of the future presented by The Order in these books, films and TV programs. Thus, the people were psychologically manipulated into non-resistance to The Order’s increasing power and control over their lives.


The possibility of terrorism, such as the nearly 100 missing Russian nuclear devices capable of fitting into suitcases, plus actual terrorist attacks upon buildings, airplanes, trains, etc., were used by The Order to justify greater monitoring of the population’s activities along with the confiscation of all firearms. The basis for firearms confiscation was a February 20, 1997 U.S. Justice Department letter indicating the Clinton administration’s position that Americans had no 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights as individuals.

Immediately after the terrorist attack against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on the morning of September 11, 2001, ABC News/Washington Post that evening released poll results indicating at least two-thirds of those surveyed “would sacrifice some personal liberties in support of anti-terrorism efforts.” This willingness of the people to sacrifice liberties paved the way for passage of the Patriot Act and the Homeland Security Act, both of which infringed upon the people’s freedom. Precedent for monitoring people’s activities has already been accepted with the U.N. Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China in 1995, where a “family dependency ratio” was suggested. This ratio would measure each family member’s production and consumption to see that it was in line with preserving “sustainable development.” The U.N. and World Bank then audited natural capital (natural resources), manufactured capital (anything built), human capital (a person’s work skills, etc.) and social capital (what people think). Mega-church pastor Rick Warren, who was mentored by Peter Drucker, was helpful in this regard, as he got all of the churches across the globe on board for this agenda, thereby neutralizing any remaining opposition.

In public areas, video and audio monitors were placed on all streets and buildings; and in people’s homes, audio monitors were placed on all phones, and all televisions were adapted for 2-way viewing. The public was told that this was to make them secure from theft and assault. Because computer hackers had become so proficient, the public was advised that for their own good, all domestic (including bank transactions) and Internet computer communications would have to be monitored by The Order. All word-processing and E-mail programs, all web browsers, and all computer software contained components allowing The Order to monitor everyone’s communications and other activities without their knowledge.

On October 1, 1997 the federal government of the United States began operating a directory of all people hired for any full-time or part-time job in the U.S. All employers were required every 3 months to report all employees’ wages, and the gigantic database also even included the amount of the individuals’ assets and debts. Then on the front page of the July 20, 1998 New York Times, reporter Sheryl Stolberg wrote: “As legislation that would protect patient privacy languishes in Congress, the Clinton Administration is quietly laying plans to assign every American a ‘unique health identifier,’ a computer code that could be used to create a national database that would track every citizen’s medical history from cradle to grave.” It was somewhat surprising to see how willing the people were to lose their right to privacy, their right to bear arms, and their freedoms in exchange for the peace, stability and security provided by The Order.

Late in the previous century, The Order’s National Security Agency even developed the ability to monitor individuals’ electromagnetic emissions from their brains using remote neural identification and monitoring techniques, and then alter certain individuals’ brain waves (based upon capabilities of U.S. Patent 3,951,134, approved April 20, 1976) for their own good or, if necessary, to discredit those who were obstinate and resisted the beneficent work of The Order. Relevant earlier work included IBM’s 2020 neural chip implant, tested upon unsuspecting (sedated before implanting) Soledad prisoners, which provided a visual and audio record of all events in which they were involved, and which was used to reduce aggression, to make them lethargic, or to disable them.

In 2025 C.E., this was supplemented by a computer chip (implanted behind the eye) developed by British Telecom’s artificial-life team headed by Dr. Chris Winter. This chip records a person’s every sensation, which can then be played back by a computer. The Order’s capabilities in this regard were an extension of what Zbigniew Brzezinski had written about the earlier Technozoic Era in his book, Between Two Ages (1970), in which he stated that “In the technetronic society the trends seem to be toward… effectively exploiting the latest communication techniques to manipulate emotions and control reason…. Human beings become increasingly manipulable and malleable… the increasing availability of biochemical means of human control… the possibility of extensive chemical mind control…. A national grid that will integrate existing electronic data banks is already being developed…. The projected world information grid….”


The Technozoic Era was followed by the Ecozoic Era in which ecological and environmental concerns were used to persuade people that only a world government could solve the problems in these areas which transcend national borders. Very helpful in this regard were the early efforts of Mikhail Gorbachev, who became head of the International Green Cross, and remarked: “We are part of the Cosmos… Cosmos is my God. Nature is my God…. I believe that the 21st Century will be the century of the environment, the century when all of us will have to find an answer to how to harmonize relations between man and the rest of Nature…. We are part of Nature…. The future society will be a totally new civilization which will synthesize the experience of Socialism and Capitalism.”

In the Ecozoic Era, the pledge of allegiance to the flag was replaced by the pledge of allegiance to the Earth. One of the pioneering efforts in this regard was Putnam School in Minneapolis, MN, in the early 1990s. This was followed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors on June 25, 2001 endorsing the Earth Charter, which has as a goal to “promote the equitable distribution of wealth within nations and among nations,” a clearly Socialistic concept. Also, The Order’s agents’ deliberate placement of endangered species on land desired by The Order was useful as a pretext for confiscating people’s property.

At the beginning of this past century, the people had become anxious over the increasing chaos in the world, and they longed for peace, stability and security. Toward this end, health care, education, service and even the police of all nations had been nationalized and then internationalized, first under the authority of various U.N. agencies and then under The Order. U.N. treaties (e.g., on children’s rights) were enforced through domestic courts in the nations of the world. Military downsizing in nearly all of the nations forced a greater and greater reliance upon U.N. peacekeepers to quell disturbances and even to intervene in advance in countries where there might be trouble (e.g., racial discrimination in the U.S.). The people were already used to U.N. peacekeepers and foreign troops on their own soil, and these forces from other nations were used to put down domestic uprisings, even in the U.S. Eventually nations became borderless, and immigrants moved freely wherever they pleased, with The Order’s permission, of course. This resulted in a loss of what had been known as national cultures, and all countries came more and more to resemble each other, forming a New World Culture under the benevolent, guiding hand of The Order of the New World or New Civilization.

Relevant to The Order’s establishment of a One-World culture, economy, government and religion, early Socialist August Comte had written in System of Positive Polity (vols. I to IV, 1851-1854) and The Catechism of Positive Religion (translated in 1858) about “the class whose special function it is to systematize man’s peaceful activity” and “a systematic domestic organization of public opinion, as they will stamp an unconstrained uniformity on all the salons of the globe, a process facilitated by the progressive acceleration of all means of communication…. Ultimately, political power will fall into the hands of the great leaders of industry…. The industrial chiefs are the representatives of Humanity…. The principle of all regular concentration of duty is this: A single manager for the whole field of industry which one man can personally direct. Thus temporal authority will be centered in a certain number of Families, scarcely one-thirtieth part of the entire population…. Man indeed, as an individual, cannot properly be said to exist…. Existence in the true sense can only be predicated of Humanity…. Now that Sociology is once for all substituted for Theology as the basis for the religious government of mankind…. Everywhere the relative definitively takes the place of the absolute.”

With the people thus accepting moral relativism over Biblical moral absolutes, The Order was able via a series of crises to create a climate of desperation in which the people became willing to give ultimate power to the leader of The Order in the hope that their problems would be solved. For three and one-half years, The Order’s benevolent leader allowed the people to believe they had chosen wisely their ruler. However, for almost the last three and one-half years, The Order’s wonderful leader has ruled more forcefully for the public’s own good.

Because the people began to see the leader as The Antichrist foretold in what they called The Holy Bible, The Order once again decided to assuage the public’s fears by creating their expected second coming of Jesus Christ. Late in the 20th century, the Intel Corporation had developed a supercomputer capable of performing more than 1 trillion calculations a second. This was described by Intel expert Justin Rattner as “a baby step toward being able to do a real simulation of the physical world,” where holographic scenes could not be easily distinguished from reality. After The Order significantly improved upon this “baby step,” it holographically portrayed what many believed to be the second coming of Jesus Christ. (Note that Revelation 13 and 14 repeatedly refer to the “image of the beast,” the false Christ.) This helped fulfill in 2100 C.E. “the Plan” foretold by leading occultist Alice Bailey (whose first works were published by Lucifer Publishing) in her pamphlet “The Next Three Years (1934-1935-1936),” in which she described the “outer form” of the “World Federation of Nations… taking rapid shape by 2025.” She further remarked therein that one should “not infer by this that we shall have a perfected world religion and a complete community of nations…, but division and the idea will be universally recognized, universally desired, and generally worked for. When these conditions exist, nothing can stop the appearance of the ultimate physical form…. Approximately four-hundred men and women are working consciously with the Plan.”

Further regarding The Order’s created perception of Jesus Christ’s second coming, late in the 20th century, the sound of a trumpet in midair without the use of a loudspeaker was generated by using American Technology Corporation’s Norris Acoustical Heterodyne Effect, acoustically mixing ultrasonic waves to create new waves that can be heard as sound in “midair.” (Note that Revelation 13:15 says that the image of the beast is given “life” and should “speak.”)

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The pyramid constructed to honor the accomplishments of The Order is now nearly complete as it reaches into the sky, higher than any other structure ever built by man. As I am concluding this paper describing the wonderful history of The Order’s rise to power, I am looking out of a window in the Ministry of Peace near the top of the commemorative pyramid and there is lightning in the sky from east to west. There is also a sound like a trumpet filling the air, and in the sky I see a figure of a Man coming….

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Dennis Laurence Cuddy, historian and political analyst, received a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (major in American History, minor in political science). Dr. Cuddy has taught at the university level, has been a political and economic risk analyst for an international consulting firm, and has been a Senior Associate with the U.S. Department of Education.

Cuddy has also testified before members of Congress on behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice. Dr. Cuddy has authored or edited twenty books and booklets, and has written hundreds of articles appearing in newspapers around the nation, including The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and USA Today. He has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows in various parts of the country, such as ABC Radio in New York City, and he has also been a guest on the national television programs USA Today and CBS's Nightwatch.

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The possibility of terrorism, such as the nearly 100 missing Russian nuclear devices capable of fitting into suitcases, plus actual terrorist attacks upon buildings, airplanes, trains, etc., were used by The Order to justify greater monitoring of the population’s activities along with the confiscation of all firearms.