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By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
November 1, 2010

[Note: Only a few weeks into the school year, values instruction is occurring in nearly every school in the nation. If you ask the schools’ leadership what values they are teaching, the response will be “only the values such as honesty upon which we all agree.” Most parents, including Christians, unfortunately accept this answer. However, there are two problems with the quoted response above. First, the word “all” is incorrect because some people believe it is acceptable, based upon the situation, to be dishonest. Secondly, the word “we” means man, not God, is the final moral arbiter of what is right or wrong (e.g., currently a majority of Americans have agreed not to ban abortion even though God has indicated abortion is wrong). This is the same position Satan persuaded Eve to take in the Garden of Eden regarding whether to eat the forbidden fruit, and it is essentially what Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt meant when he said “Reason will be the only code of man… (the) religion of man.”

On October 18, Iraq Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki went to Iran to get their public backing for his re-election. Is this what American soldiers died to bring about—an Iraqi leader approved by the terrorist-sponsoring theocratic leaders of Iran (remember that the Iraq constitution says their freedoms cannot be abridged “except in accordance with the {Islamic/Shariah} law”?) Also, according to TIME (November 8, 2010), the latest WikiLeaks revelations detail the brutal treatment of prisoners by Iraqi security forces since Saddam’s fall. Did American soldiers die for this, too?]

At the end of Part 1 of this series, I mentioned the acceptance of world citizenship was an important part of the Illuminati’s plot (just as it’s an important part of the plan of the Power Elite [PE] today). Relevant to this, shortly after Ernst von Gochhausen was dismissed from the Illuminati, he wrote a novel titled Exposure of the Cosmopolitan System: In letters from ex-Freemasons (1786), in which the hero asks his superior, “What purpose do the Illuminati have in infiltrating and dominating Masonry?” The response was, “To emancipate all of mankind from religious and political slavery.” And the superior continued: “When nations are no longer separated from one another; when citizens are no longer influenced by the exclusive interest of any state or the parochial sentiment of patriotism…. World citizenship. What does it mean? You are either a citizen or you are a rebel. There is no third choice….”

Concerning the strategies of the Illuminati, they are similar to those of the PE today. For example, the Illuminati adopted the Machiavellian concept that “the end justifies the means,” contrary to the Biblical admonition that one should not do evil that “good” may come from it. Today, one can see some of the PE’s activities regarding population control as exhibiting the same perspective of “end justifies means.”

The plot of the Illuminati began to be exposed by the Bavarian Court of Enquiry which commenced its investigation in 1983, and it concluded with the abolishment of the Illuminati in 1786. There had already been friction within Weishaupt’s ranks as Baron Adolph von Knigge (code name Philo), who was initiated into the Illuminati in July 1780 and was Weishaupt’s second in command, resigned on April 20, 1784 over Weishaupt’s direction and dictatorial management of the Order as revealed in the Supplement of Further Original Works (1787) regarding the Illuminati. Next year (1788), Baron von Knigge wrote: “As a rule, under the veil of secrecy, dangerous plans and harmful teachings can be accepted just as well as noble intentions and profound knowledge; because not all members themselves are informed of such depraved intentions, which sometimes tend to lie hidden beneath the beautiful façade….” (See Steven Luckert’s dissertation titled Jesuits, Freemasons, Illuminati, and Jacobins: Conspiracy theories, secret societies, and politics in late eighteenth-century Germany).


In the same year (1787) the Supplement of Further Original Works was published, so were the Original Writing of the Illuminati published in Munich by Johann Strobl (code name Ediles), who was dismissed by the Order in 1783 and became an ardent opponent of it.

Even though the Illuminati had been abolished in 1786, Weishaupt already had a plan for its continuation. In Augustin Barruel’s Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism (1798), Weishaupt is quoted as stating: “I have foreseen every thing, and I have prepared every thing. Let my whole Order go to rack and ruin; in three years I will answer to restore it, and that to a more powerful state than it is in at present…. I [shall] rise stronger than ever…. I can sacrifice whole provinces, the desertion of a few individuals, therefore, will not alarm me.”

With the abolishment of the Illuminati in Bavaria in 1786, Weishaupt fled to the court of Saxe-Gotha under the protection of Duke Ludwig Ernst II, who ruled there and was a high-ranking Illuminatus (code name Quintus Severus/Timoleon). Ernst II was initiated into the Illuminati in 1783, and today’s British royal family are his direct descendants. According to Rene Le Forestier in Les Illumines de Baviere et la Franc-Maconnerie Allemande (1915), Ernst II on February 25, 1777 had become a member of the Strict Observance Masonic lodge, and a banquet table was brought in having the shape of a T—“a symbol noticeable on monuments of the old Knights Templar.”

Taking over the Illuminati leadership in 1786 was Johann Bode (code name Aemilius/Winefried), and in 1787 he founded a branch of the Illuminati in the Les Amis Reunis lodge in Paris. Bode adopted the name Philadelphes, rather than Illuminati, in France. And in an interview with Charles Porset in the December 1995 edition of Humanisme (publication of the Grand Orient Masonic Lodge of France), there is reference to a 1789 document holding the Philadelphes responsible for the French Revolution which began that year.

It is entirely logical that the Illuminati would be a prime instigator of the French Revolution as the theories of French philosopher Jean Jacques Rousseau, who greatly influenced Weishaupt, inspired the Revolution. In addition, according to Librarian of Congress (and Rhodes scholar) James Billington in Fire in the Minds of Men (1980): “It was [Jacobin and French revolutionist] Honore Mirabeau’s ‘evocative’ language and his popularization of Illuminist concepts that, during the early years of the Revolution, swayed many of the conspirators in Paris.” Prominent Freemason Marquis de Luchet (who obtained the position of Bibliotheque for Voltaire) in the first year of the Revolution (1789) warned in Essai Sur La Secte Des Illumines about the infiltration of the Illuminati into the Masonic lodges, saying: “You who are misled, or could be, know that there is a conspiracy…. It was formed in the deepest darkness; a society of new beings who know each other without being seen, who understand each other without explanation, who serve without friendship. The goal of the society is world government, taking over the authority of sovereigns, taking their place, and leaving them nothing more than the empty honour of wearing the crown.”

The Illuminati not only spread to France, but to other countries as well. According to Le Forestier, King Frederick William II of Prussia wrote to Frederick Augustus I (Elector of Saxony) on October 3, 1789 that he had been informed that “a Masonic sect, who are called Illuminati or Minervals, after having been expelled from Bavaria, have become formidable and have spread rapidly throughout the whole of Germany and into neighboring countries.”

In Germany, the philosophical Jacobin Johann Gottlieb Fichte, though not a member of the Illuminati, was accused of having sympathy for them. Fichte actually developed the “dialectical process” before Georg Hegel to whom this process is attributed. Terry Pinkard in Hegel: A Biography (2001), revealed that Hegel was mentored by Illuminati member Jacob Abel (code name Pythagoras).

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Terry Melanson of the online Illuminati Conspiracy Archive (a website with extensive research information) indicated that “one of the core concepts that influenced him [Hegel] was the notion of a single ‘philosophy of history’.” And according to Reinhart Koselleck in Critique and Crisis: Enlightenment and the Modern Society (1988), this philosophy “substantiated the elitist consciousness of the Enlightenment. This was the power that the Illuminati possessed, a power they shared with the whole of the Enlightenment. This was the threat: it revealed the plan of conquest to those under attack.” As Antony Sutton explained in America’s Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones: “Progress in the Hegelian State is through contrived conflicts: the clash of opposites makes for progress. If you can control the opposite, you dominate the nature of the outcome.” Remember here that the PE and Skull & Bones member William Whitney in the late 19th century devised a political strategy of giving large sums of money to both major political parties, and then alternating power so the public thinks it has a choice when both major political parties’ candidates actually are controlled by the PE.

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Dennis Laurence Cuddy, historian and political analyst, received a Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (major in American History, minor in political science). Dr. Cuddy has taught at the university level, has been a political and economic risk analyst for an international consulting firm, and has been a Senior Associate with the U.S. Department of Education.

Cuddy has also testified before members of Congress on behalf of the U.S. Department of Justice. Dr. Cuddy has authored or edited twenty books and booklets, and has written hundreds of articles appearing in newspapers around the nation, including The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times and USA Today. He has been a guest on numerous radio talk shows in various parts of the country, such as ABC Radio in New York City, and he has also been a guest on the national television programs USA Today and CBS's Nightwatch.

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“Progress in the Hegelian State is through contrived conflicts: the clash of opposites makes for progress. If you can control the opposite, you dominate the nature of the outcome.”