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By: Devvy

September 6, 2005

Never have I watched such a mess unfold. Never have I seen such stupidity by city fathers. Every mayor of NO and every governor of the gulf states have known for decades that a Katrina strength would eventually hit. Every single mayor from NO to Mobile, along with every single person who lives along that coast - they all know that they live right where hurricanes come ashore. It's a decision they have made - a risky decision. Within twenty four hours, mayors in three states, Governor Blanco and a million people began screaming for help from FEMA and the federal government. FEMA is an evil, evil organization and I will never have anything to do with them. Besides, it's not your responsibility to rebuild my house should I have chosen to build it within a mile of the water in Gulfport or any other city along the gulf coast. It's called personal responsibility.

The response to Katrina by the insidious Department of Homeland Security headed up by another inept public servant, Michael Chertoff, has been nothing short of gross incompetence. Forget Homeland Security, it's a waste of time and money and must be abolished because America doesn't need it. While all the bickering and finger pointing was going on, the violence, starvation and conditions in NO escalated along with the deaths. News anchors interviewed the ravaged areas of Gulfport and Biloxi with shell shocked residents crying for water and help from FEMA and the feds. FEMA is not a search and rescue operation. They are there to arrive after the fact, help people assess damage and apply for low cost loans to rebuild homes. Then people started screaming for the military. Unfortunately, there seemed to be a shortage of National Guard because a large number of them are deployed in that unconstitutional quagmire called "nation building" over in Iraq. The politicians stumbled all over themselves on that issue, but people saw through it and were enraged. Finally, people were beginning to see part of the bigger picture.

While I have my problems with some of the programming on FOX, CNN and MSNBC, in the case of Katrina, all I can say is thank you to all the reporters and news anchors for their tireless help for the victims of Katrina. I sincerely believe that if these cable networks had not been on the ground from the git-go reporting the horrors unfolding in three states, more people would have died and chaos would still be going on whole scale. Because of their relentless coverage and exposure of the horror going on in NO, by Thursday morning, September 1st, in came our military (all branches) in full force; National Guard coming home from Iraq were diverted to the storm ravaged areas. It was impressive, they got the job done and are still on the job. Truly, all these reporters and big name anchors for the cable networks have really done a terrific job under the worst of circumstances.

To say there was a breakdown in communications from hour one after Katrina hit is a gross understatement. On Friday, September 2nd, the Mayor of NO, who was clearly out of his league before Katrina even hit, blew a gasket on CNN that night when he screamed that the federal response was too little, too late: "Now get off your asses and let's do something and fix the biggest goddamn crisis in the history of this country." Mayor Nagin was in panic mode as soon as Katrina hit and he has remained clueless ever since.

Beginning on Thursday, September 1st, the military began evacuating the Superdome and convention center. People who have lost everything have now been forcibly sent to Houston, Lubbock, some to Arizona and even as far away as Massachusetts! For the love of God, talk about uprooting and destroying people's families and shoving them into cities and towns where they have absolutely no family. This is what happens when there is no plan in place. Many have questioned why the people herded into the middle of the flooded area weren't removed by the military right away to dry ground using available resources? For the love of God, there are nearby military bases and air national guard locations where tent cities could have been set up right away, get people taken care of and go from there.

I know for a fact that many who had boats and other floating devices were there the day after the levee breaks who wanted to help move people out of the flooded area onto dry ground, but were barred from entering the city! Many of these rescuers are ex military, yet they were treated with contempt and turned away. My husband spent 27 years in the Army - all 27 years in the Corps of Engineers. He has been simply astonished at the chaos due to lack of planning, the stupidity in not beginning an immediate evacuation to outlying areas; he also said the destruction should not come as a surprise because of those levees.

Officials at all levels of government have known for years that New Orleans was basically a sitting duck just waiting for "the big one" to hit. They were warned repeatedly. Congress after Congress for more than three decades has continued to cut the budget for the Corps of Engineers to build up those levees. That is a fact. The budget cuts year after year by Congress with the approval of each sitting president. It was just a matter of time and now the results of not taking mother nature seriously are almost beyond comprehension. The long term consequences are going to be horrendous. That's just New Orleans. How about all those parishes and major towns, Biloxi and Gulfport - gone, destroyed, no longer there? The ravages of Katrina are far, far worse than the people who live in hurricane country could ever imagine, even in their worst nightmares. However, they all knew it could happen during any hurricane season, yet many chose to build homes, businesses and big casinos right on the water anyway.

I have been to NO several times and it was a beautiful city. There is a great deal of talk about rebuilding NO, but I hope to God the city fathers and the residents re-think that whole proposition. NO can get hit again next week by another cat four hurricane or next year when the first one of the season hits. Are you really going to rebuild just as the city was before and set up an entire population for the same end results? The same applies to Gulfport, Biloxi and all the parishes in between. Should you rebuild houses, businesses and huge casinos within one mile of the water of the Gulf of Mexico and hope you don't get hit again by anything other than a pesky tropical storm?

There is no money in the U.S. Treasury, so Congress just borrowed another $10.5 billion (first installment) for Katrina; the amount will probably go close to $100 billion dollars of borrowed debt. Does it make any sense to rebuild right in the path of the same kind of monster that can hit at the beginning of the hurricane season next year or two times next season? I know we're talking about people's homes, their lives and my heart has been heavy watching Katrina and it's destruction. I've seen all the interviews of victims on the tube and watched the nightmare probably more than most because I work at home. These are decisions that the folks in those areas need to consider in the weeks and months ahead. Yes, my husband and I donated for relief efforts with another decent one to United Animal Nations, a fine, fine operation that rescues and reunites pets with their owners in disaster areas. It's not about being uncaring or stingy, it's about common sense for the future.

What about the rest of the country and natural disasters?

Mayors of every city and town in America have been warned: you had better get your act together and prepare your populations for an event as crippling as Katrina because many of you live on borrowed time.

New Orleans' population was estimated at 1.2 million. In the end, we may see more than 10,000 fatalities and thousands of dead cats, dogs, birds and other little animals floating in the water. How about Los Angeles? A whopping 14 million people live in that basin which sits on earth quake faults. I have been to LA many, many times and every time I'm there, I pray the 9.0 or 10.1 quake doesn't hit. Those who live in hurricane belts have days of warning, earthquakes give none until the second they hit.

How about the San Francisco Bay Area with 8 million people packed in as densely as LA? I used to live in the Bay Area and have been through a number of earthquakes, it's pretty scary. Remember the large one that hit in 1989? The damage in human life and infrastructure was horrific, but the "big one" is coming and when it hits - unless those mayors all around the Bay Area get together and plan - the destruction will be beyond words.

Just imagine trying to evacuate LA tomorrow if a 9.5 earthquake hit? I guarantee you, the aftermath of that would make Katrina look mild. There are earth quake faults all over this country. There have been dam breaks, i.e. the St. Francis Dam, nicknamed "Mullholland Dam," which broke in 1928 in LA killing more than 500 people. That was about 13.5 million inhabitants ago. What would happen if the Hoover Dam went for whatever reason, terror or natural? Can't happen? Check this site. Let's not forget the Northridge quake of 1989 in the LA area. Let me repeat myself: Tragedy happens in a heart beat and it can happen anywhere, anytime.

Is your city or town ready for disaster? I submit to you that America is as unprepared as was New Orleans when Katrina hit. Those folks who live in the area between New Orleans and Mobile, Alabama would have fared much, much better had they had the organized militia step right in the minute the rain stopped from Katrina. The Kidd household is prepared for the worst. Having lived in Colorado where you wake up one morning with six feet of snow on your front porch and the city virtually shut down by a blizzard, one learns the value of being prepared. We keep food and bottled water to last at least two weeks. It's a drag, but I keep the process up even though I live in a huge, upscale planned development in Sacramento, California. Even though we are prepared, I can tell you, probably less than one in 25,000 in this area is prepared for anything but withdrawals if the local McDonald's closes down.

I hope everyone will contact their mayor and ask them what are the contingency plans for any kind of mass disaster and then demand that the states revitalize their militia. I urge you to become part of the process in reinstituting constitutional government with the organized militia. Dr. Vieira goes into it in great detail here. Americans need to get on the same sheet of music, i.e. United we stand. However, that isn't going to happen until people are fully educated about government. Recently, a column appeared on the militia and I asked Dr. Vieira to comment on it as he is the foremost expert on constitutional militia in this country besides the central bank. Edwin's comment about that column is as follows:

"Thanks, Devvy. I have seen this. Unfortunately, these people have not done their historical homework. For example, there is NO example in pre-constitutional Colonial or State laws where the Militia was subordinate or reported to or worked through sheriffs. The office of "sheriff" is NOT a constitutional office. The word does not even appear in the Constitution,. NO sheriff is above the laws of the State in which he holds office. And as far as I can tell, the office of sheriff can be abolished in any State with no constitutional consequence. This is why sometimes I almost despair of accomplishing anything in this country. These people's hearts are in the right place...but they operate on the principle that they can simply make up the law to fit some romantic, historical notions that suit their fancy. Another example: the suggestion that the Militia could be used "worldwide". Where is that authority in the Constitution? Then, "the Militia's General Staff would report to Congress." Does not the Constitution make the president the commander in chief of the militia? Unless these people intend a comprehensive amendment of the Constitution (which I doubt) these suggestions are worse than hopeless."

I cannot stress strongly enough to every American how important it is to get the organized militia back up and running in all 50 states. Dr. Edwin Vieira is spear heading this crucial and vital effort. We can all see what happens when people depend on big government to save their bacon. We can all see that our best hope for survival in any disaster is we the people and the organized militia is an absolute integral part of the plan. No way would I allow myself to be herded into some sports facility, then routed on a bus hundreds of miles away from my home area and transferred again to a state a thousand miles away from where I called home. What madness! Had the organized militias been in place in New Orleans and in every parish and town along the gulf coast, I guarantee you, we would have not seen the horror that has unfolded. Our fellow countrymen and women who live along the gulf coast would not have gone without food or water for almost a week. Do you want to be forced to leave your home area and bussed around the country and dropped a thousand miles from family? Think about it and please act now. Just take a look at the Mayor of New Orleans. If the results of Katrina in NO is Nagin's definition of planning ahead and being prepared, God help us all.

Please read Edwin's columns on the constitutional militia, contact him and then go after your mayors to get with the program - before tragedy strikes your hometown.

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Related Article:
New Orleans, Criminals, Looters and The Second Amendment.

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I hope everyone will contact their mayor and ask them what are the contingency plans for any kind of mass disaster and then demand that the states revitalize their militia.