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By: Devvy
December 20, 2007

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"Nature gave man two ends - one to sit on and one to think with. Ever since then, man's success or failure has been dependent on the one he used most." George R. Kirkpatrick (1867-1937) Lecturer

Not another Ron Paul column. Yes, because certain things need to get said and done because the clock is ticking.

For those who are undecided about a candidate, I invite you to visit my election special; updates on the individual files soon. For those of you who do support Congressman Paul, we must stay focused and recognize certain realities.

Enemy number one: Ron Paul is a target of the compromised "mainstream media" and that includes cable network propaganda machines like FAUX (FOX) News, MSNBC and CNN. This is a fact. They are powerful, they are rotten to the core. They cannot cast your vote. However, they can and do influence the herd who rely on someone else (Oprah Winfrey, Chuck Norris, et al) to tell them how they should vote. The attacks on Ron Paul will become more fallacious as we move along in the process. These buzzards who call themselves news anchors, commentators and fair and balanced have shown themselves to be just the opposite when it comes to one man's run for the White House. The standouts include: Carl Cameron, FOX news correspondent, Bill O'Reilly, Glen Beck, shallow Sean Hannity and the smarmiest of all, Frank Luntz - major creep factor.

It has been reported that Willard Romney's business consortium is buying Clear Channel Communications. What better way to continue feeding the masses your propaganda than to buy a massive amount of radio stations? Flip Romney is a shrewd businessman, but he's bad for America.

On December 18, 2007, Glen Beck had Dr. Paul on his show for the full hour. I have a great deal of contempt for Glen Beck because of the way he has treated anyone asking reasonable questions about 911 - and that includes widows, mothers and loved ones of those killed. His vituperative remarks have been insulting to the families and to millions of Americans who seek only the truth. He has also attacked Ron Paul supporters in a most unprofessional way for quite some time. However, last night he actually did show some professional traits in that he treated Ron Paul with respect. Actually, I think once the interview began with this statesman, he was intimidated to a certain degree and decided to behave himself. The full transcript of that show is here. You can also view it on video here.

Ron Paul is not a good target for honest journalists, but he is for lying, conniving hacks who have sold their soul for a paycheck to the hand full of media conglomerates that control the entire flow of information in this country - excluding the big cannon, the Internet. Congressman Paul has been married to the same woman for almost 50 years, there are no doxies in the back ground waiting to come forward, no drug use, no scandals and no flip flopping on the issues. A steady rock. A moral man. In truth, we can do little about this problem with the lame stream media except continue to expose the hypocrisy of these corporate junkies. Honest journalists like Cliff Kincaid and others are carrying the truth in their columns about the corrupt media and I believe that down the road, this concentrated effort to shun Congressman Paul is going to back fire in their faces, i.e., ratings and advertising dollars.

Enemy number two: Ron Paul supporters. What? Yes, and let me give you one example that came up last night on Glen Beck's show. Glen Beck: "My life has been threatened. I`ve had to wear a vest and have securities. I`ve had an S.W.A.T. team watch my family because of people who say they support you." Does anyone think this is a good way to support a candidate, not to mention stupid? I knew, as well as others that Glen Beck would bring up 911. He asked Ron Paul direct questions about some of the allegations out there about 911 and Congressman Paul responded he knew nothing about these allegations and conspiracy theories. This also got wound into Ron Paul supporters.

911 doesn't belong in the presidential race. Let me say that again: 911 doesn't belong in the presidential race. I have already received email this morning from some rabid 911 people who say Ron Paul sold out the movement and they will not vote for him. Fine. My mother always says: Stupid is as stupid does. Let's inject some reality here:

I am one of Glen Beck's "nut cases" in that I have reasonable questions about 911 and have written extensively on the issue. One only has to go to, type in my name plus 911 and dozens of columns pop up. Dr. Paul didn't sell out anyone Tuesday night. His responses indicate what I believe are his honest opinion. You have to remember what this man does: He serves in the House of Representatives full time. His staff in DC opens, reads and sorts his mail; the same process is a daily occurence in his district offices. He writes columns on a regular basis and since January 2007, when he announced his candidacy, one can imagine his schedule to be nothing short of a nightmare for most of us. Is in inconveieveable to anyone that he has not spent a thousand hours like many of us combing through the massive amount of information, disinformation and available documentation? Because that's what it takes: a massive amount of time, energy and an open mind to delve into 911.

Do I believe he's heard some of the looney stuff out there? Possibly and if he has, he's tuned it out because it's garbage. There were no planes that hit the World Trade Center towers, it was all a fake with special effects. No plane hit the ground in Shanksville, PA., it was a missile, it was an illusion and on and on and on. I've read them all and have found them to be absurd. I know the frustration level continues to grow over 911 and the refusal by any official in state, federal or county government to convene a grand jury or hold congressional hearings is building like a head of steam. We must continue reaching out to our fellow Americans with concise, factual and professional presentations that will raise questions and not shrill, hysterical side shows that turn people off. Congressman Paul has stated his opinions on this issue. If that doesn't sit well with some, it is his opinion at this time. Perhaps it will change later on down the line, but to beat him up and call him a sell out is disingenuous because what these whiners are saying: he isn't entitled to his own opinion if it doesn't match theirs.

We also have to remember what a presidential race is all about: Approximately 100 MILLION Americans going to the polls and voting. While millions of Americans don't believe the government's version of events that day or have serious doubts and questions, the overwhelming majority are concerned with a candidate on issues like health care, the economy, the immoral, unconstitutional invasions of Iraq and Afganistan, energy, the environment and abortion. Do you think Ron Paul would stand a snow ball's change in Hades if he made 911 a subject of discussion during his campaign? It would kill his chances quicker than a lightening bolt. Ron Paul supporters need to step back and evaluate their actions because first impressions are everything and everything you do and say reflects on this decent man and all he's sacrificing in this race for the White House. Ron Paul's message is resonating with the American people, don't become one of his negatives.

Enemy number three: Electronic voting machines. If you have an agenda and you want it to go forward, you make sure the lawmakers and policy makers, both county, state and federal, are put in office and stay in office. THAT is the purpose of electronic voting machines. I began pounding on this issue in 1993 and again, you need only do a search with my name plus vote fraud and dozens of columns will appear. The good news is that because, slowly but surely over time, Americans have finally caught on to these insidious devices which have been stealing our elections for decades. More and more progress is being made to get rid of them once and for all and it's primarily being done by the states themselves because of massive heat from we the people.


Those all important primaries, which I detest, are coming up: 15 days to Iowa, 20 days to New Hampshire and "Super Tuesday," Feb. 5, 2008; as many as 22 states could be in; see map here. Electronic voting machines in all forms will be used in most of these states. This is bad for honest and fair elections. It is very bad for Ron Paul. I know a big effort is being made to have precinct watchers in place, but here's the raw truth about those machines: They have internal modems which can be programmed from anywhere. So called "paper trails" mean nothing because of the ability to rig the vote and spit out a different number. I covered this extensively in my booklet, Blind Loyalty, devoted to vote fraud, giving example after example after example; this booklet is on my CD.

What has to be done? The same thing I've been telling candidates for 15 years: you have to audit precincts with hand counts. I proved in my Blind Loyalty booklet how hand count disputes resulted in a defeat turned into a win. Old veterans like me remember what happened to Buchanan during the primaries and even if you would never vote for him, I hope you will agree that election fraud is not what this country is about. I know Ron Paul's campaign is worried about this and well they should be. This web site has a tremendous amount of information on vote fraud. There's no doubt in my mind based on my research that counterfeit U.S. Senator Harry Reid was elected by electronic vote fraud as was U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez, who I am also convicned is an illegal alien.

Those of us who support Ron Paul have given his campaign more than enough funds to conduct these audits and I will be sadly disappointed if it doesn't happen. How do you do this? The bigger the precinct, the easier it is to pull off vote fraud with machines as I discussed in my Blind Loyalty booklet. The day after the primary, Dr. Paul's campaign needs to immediately file for a hand count in a half dozen precincts in the big cities and a small number of precincts in areas where he was showing strong support but allegedly lost.

Let me give you an example: In Modesto, California, several elections ago, a local measure, M, was supposed to pass. It was popular and it didn't. A hand recount was done, televised on our local news. What it showed after the first 500 cards were fed into the machine was sysematic flopping of the vote count. The process was stopped, all the cards were hand counted and the measure actually passed. It doesn't matter what "paper trail" is coming out of the machine because they are programmed internally. Only the programmers know the code and you and I, according to the courts, have no right to this proprietary information even though we pay for every phase of elections in this country.

Ron Paul's campaign needs to get set up over the next couple of weeks with the paper work that has to be filed in Iowa and New Hampshire. I know NH used to be 100% hand counted ballots, but research I just did shows the voters there will be robbed like all the other states. A candidate has to catch the fraud immediately and file an injunction to stop certification of the vote, otherwise, it stands. Let me repeat that: You have to catch the fraud when its fresh or the vote will stand.

I sincerely hope Ron Paul doesn't do the same thing Bob Dornan did when he allegedly lost his race to Loretta Sanchez. Dornan made a few whimpers, did a little scratching on the surface and then walked away. I say no more. Your supporters aren't just giving so generously from their wallets, but also their time and hope. No more, gee the media calls the outcome of the vote five minutes after the polls close and you walk away and onto to the next state. Choose those precincts at random, get the hand count done and then let's see the true results. Of course, we're still stuck with tainted voting rolls as I have written about before and this means massive numbers of illegals voting.

Earlier this week one of the cable anchors spent endless minutes on Rudy Julie Annie, Flip Romney and Brother Huckabee honking that once the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries were over, it was pretty much over for the nomination. Such blatant propaganda is toxic, but the norm. Congressman Paul is in this for the long haul, but vote fraud will hinder his run because of the message it sends: no one votes for him. Every trick in the book will be used to keep Dr. Paul's vote count low to dry up his support and funding. Before you knee jerk, read the book, Vote Scam: The Stealing of America, by the Collier Brothers, they caught the League of Women Voters commiting vote fraud on film. I read Vote Scam back in 1993 and it made me sick to my soul which is why I have never let up on this issue. You can read the book on line for free. The chapter dealing with the aforementioned fraud is here.

We have to stay focused right through the moronic "Super Tuesday" and then on to the convention delegates. A reminder: If you do want to vote for Ron Paul in the primaries, you need to check your state regarding elibility to vote by party; this map shows the dates of the primaries. See Ron Paul's web site for dates to change your party affilation voter registration.

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The attacks on Ron Paul will become more fallacious as we move along in the process. These buzzards who call themselves news anchors, commentators and fair and balanced have shown themselves to be just the opposite when it comes to one man's run for the White House.