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By: Devvy
May 29, 2008

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The deluge of email from my last column was encouraging because it demonstrates that Americans are "getting it," like I did 18 years ago. A small number are still in denial. A sincere gentleman sent email and wrote that I should not use the word communism because among other things, it turns off liberals:

"I was going to forward this latest article of yours, but realized there's going to be huge problem amongst the "liberals" that I know who will see the word "Communist" in your article and immediately shut down and reject everything else you're trying to say...turn off liberals who are for the most part well-meaning, caring people who are only sticking up for the little guy against what they perceive as the primary enemy, which is capitalism. I should know about how liberals think - I've been one almost all my life, and I continue to bristle somewhat whenever I see the word "Communist" bandied about. I'm just old enough to have some recollection of the McCarthy era, and even as a little kid felt revulsion at the notion of looking for a Communist under every bed. I've always believed in free speech, and believe that if Communist ideas are so bad, they will die a natural death in the free-market of ideas. There shouldn't be any need to deliberately suppress Communist ideology, or haul people off to a prison just for their beliefs, however much I might disagree with those beliefs.

"I still try to reach my liberal friends though, because we're all going to lose if we continue to divide ourselves, especially over something silly like semantics....I just finished reading Gary Allen's excellent book, None Done Call It Conspiracy, that addresses these issues. I'm also familiar with Anthony Sutton's work along these lines. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I prefer to use the word globalist rather than Communist, so as to not automatically alienate the libs."

Of course, that's just what the communists would like to see! Deception is their expertise. Besides, the communists don't care what label is currently in vogue, only that 'The Program' is implemented. Communism isn't silly semantics. Communism is a brutal form of totalitarian government. Just ask the poor souls who live in Communist Red China and North Korea. Globalist is such a benign word, most people snooze when they hear it. We have to identify our enemies and get Americans to understand how they are being pitted against each other, all to achieve the same goal. The destroyers are taking bold steps these days and aren't even trying to hide their intentions anymore:

California Schemin' - Next on school agenda: Teaching communism

"A new plan by a California lawmaker would allow schools to be used to promote the overthrow of the U.S. government, and let teachers in public district classrooms "inculcate in the mind of any pupil a preference for communism," according to a traditional values advocacy organization. "Just when we thought the indoctrination in California's public schools couldn't get any worse, state lawmakers introduce bills that will further brainwash innocent children," said a statement from Capitol Resource Institute, a traditional values and family advocacy organization based in California.

"This bill would also strike the law that a public school or community college employee may be fired if he or she is a member of the Communist Party," the group said. Worse yet, the group said, "the bill would also strike the law that prohibits a teacher giving instruction in a school or on public school property from teaching communism with the intent to indoctrinate or to inculcate in the mind of any pupil a preference for communism," CRI said."

Who introduced this dangerous legislation? Democrats in the California State Legislature. Don't forget these two major goals of the Communist Party listed in the Congressional Record: 12. Resist any attempt to outlaw the Communist Party. 13. Do away with all loyalty oaths. You can see how many have been accomplished here (scroll down about half way for the list).

On a recent radio show, a caller asked me what difference did it make if the Communist Party USA endorses Al Gore(bechev), John Kerry and is looking to Barack Obama as their favorite because they're such a minority in this country? (Communist dictator Fidel Castro just endorsed Obama.) Why? Because communists recognize that Obama will further the goals of the Communist Party. (So will Marxist Hillary Clinton should she end up the annointed one for the Democrat party.) Obama is loved by Reds: Communist band opens for Obama "A hip rock band that features the Soviet national anthem and communist-inspired lyrics was on stage to open for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama at his record-breaking Portland, Ore., rally that attracted 75,000."

One has to wonder who in the Democrat Party scheduled that band and why hasn't Obama denounced such an anti-American display. Are communists a minority in this country?

Americans committing national suicide. "Kevin Kornbuckle is Oregon's only duly elected Communist; he ran as a Democrat and "came out" after he was elected. In March, 1996, this Communist, after coming under attack by other city council members stated: "I'd simply point out that Communists in the U.S. are fighting for health care, housing and jobs as a human right. I'm proud to be a Communist." Mail Tribune, Medford, Oregon, March 4, 1996."

How many other Communists have been elected as Democrats or Republicans who haven't come out of the closet yet, but vote for new world order programs and totalitarian legislation? Recall from my last column I directed readers to a congressional record document which stated 30 U.S. Senators and 100 members of the House had endorsed the 'Declaration of Interdependence (pushed by Bill Clinton) endorsing a one world government. How many Americans watched Maxine Waters [D-CA] who has been on the public payroll for decades make this slip during hearings on the oil companies?

Congresswoman threatens to nationalize oil industry. "Waters responded, in part, "And guess what this liberal would be all about. This liberal will be about socializing … uh, um. …" The congresswoman paused to collect her thoughts. "Would be about, basically, taking over, and the government running all of your companies. …"

May I remind people that while the greenies make a lot of noise and environmental advocacy groups lobby Congress - it is YOUR member of Congress (and mine) that vote on all energy bills. Not Greenpeace, the Sierra Club or Greens Against Drilling in ANWR. Only members of Congress vote for these bills. Congress caused this mess and now, as usual, they are trying to shift the blame else where. Same old players. Same old hypocrites. I am not letting the oil companies off the hook because they also buy the favors of Congress. McCain has emphatically stated that if he's president, there will never be drilling in ANWR. Easy for him to say. When you're worth $40 million bux, $3.85 a gallon gas doesn't mean much.


"Mad Max" Waters is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) which I pointed out in my Blind Loyalty booklet back in 1996 and in columns. More than 50 Democrats who sit in the U.S. House of Representatives belong to this organization which seeks to over throw our legitimate form of government. The Republicans took the biggest steps since the Revolutionary War in destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights while they held power. The Democrats have done nothing to reverse any of it.

Tens of millions of Americans regardless of their label (conservative, liberal, independent), support the programs which are specifically defined by the International Communist Party ('The Program'). Tens of millions of Americans support politicians at all levels of government who are working towards world government. If you asked them what form of government we have, 99999% of them will reply a democracy. A lie, but this is what the government indoctrination centers pump into the heads of school children and the media reinforces it with their electronic and print propaganda. If Republicans claim to be such ardent supporters of the U.S. Constitution, why did they support the lawlessness under the Clinton Administration and with even more fervor, the lawlessness of the Bush Administration?

Communist take over succeeds in a Godless nation. In order to achieve that goal, Christianity must be eradicated. Communist take over succeeds when a nation's moral fabric becomes decadent and perverted beyond description. Go look at those communist goals again. This is the real deal, not silly semantics. I have explained the endless "wars of liberation" and how the American people have been manipulated into supporting them in several columns:

Will Americans sacrifice more of their own for the bankers?
Another week in looney land
The Praetorian Guard

I have covered other aspects of destroying your rights that are critical to The Program, i.e., forced mental health screening:

"There is an underlying agenda behind Bush's so-called 'New Freedom Commission on Mental Health' to "identify policies that could be implemented by Federal, State and local governments to promote successful community integration for adults with a serious mental illness and children with a serious emotional disturbance." This forced mental health screening will eventually be extended to adults - an exact replica of Communist Russia, straight from the Communist Manual of Instruction of Psychological Warfare. In the summary section of this "New Freedom" Commission on Mental Health, the summary states, "The State plan will include consumers and families and will create a new partnership among the Federal, State and local governments."

The destroyers use other words defining a philosophy to further the agenda of communism. Communitarian being the one now so popular among academics and shoved down the throat of young college students. Those who are following domestic and world events are seeing this massive attack on corporate America as the big bad guy on the block. Yes, these former American companies have sold out the American worker and joined the other evil doers to establish world government. However, there is a huge point being missed here and I would like to quote the brilliant, G. Edward Griffin:

"In summary: Governments and corporations intrinsically are neither good nor evil. What makes them so is the character of the people who direct them. If laws did not grant them personal immunity from their acts, the likelihood of corruption and crime in governments and corporations would be no greater than found in any other segment of society." I encourage you to read the full column here. I have said it before: These corporations are mostly publicly traded which means a huge percentage of the stockholders are Americans who have the power to change their policies. Hold them accountable. We the people also have the big stick: our wallets. Starve your enemy, don't fund them. Invest in America first.

If we as Americans can commit as a unified nation to restoring this country to a constitutional republic, we will crush this massive force arrayed against us to destroy all we hold dear. That means discarding labels, abandoning blind party loyalty, understanding true constitutional government and go on the offensive through activism. Those who choose to ignore the truth will be sailing on a voyage of the damned.

Please don't forget retired USAF Brigadier General Ben Partin will be on the Jeff Rense Radio show tonight. Please see here for times and to receive the broadcast. Ben is going to discuss this in great length and he is an expert Again, if you just can't listen to the show, you can watch Ben explain OKC, WACO and world communism for free. I put on a sold out event at the Santa Clara Convention Center in June, 1998; Ben was a featured speaker. He was 72 years old then; a remarkable man who has never been given the credit due him for all his work in exposing the lies and 'The Program' to destroy this republic. This free Internet video is a must watch.

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Last Battle of the War against Totalitarianism.

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If we as Americans can commit as a unified nation to restoring this country to a constitutional republic, we will crush this massive force arrayed against us to destroy all we hold dear. That means discarding labels, abandoning blind party loyalty, understanding true constitutional government and go on the offensive through activism. Those who choose to ignore the truth will be sailing on a voyage of the damned.