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By: Devvy
November 3, 2008

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Before I get into the massive vote fraud and what ALL of us must do the day after this gigantic hoax tomorrow, I would like to give an update on the lawsuits regarding Obama's citizenship status. First, Berg v Obama, et al. Phil's web site has had more than 86 MILLION hits since he filed. The day after Phil Berg filed an 'Application to Justice Souter for an Immediate Injunction to Stay the Presidential Election of November 4, 2008' and Writ of Certiorari with the U.S. Supreme Court, a news wire story flashed around the world, Oct. 31, 2008:

Obama's Hawaii birth certificate confirmed. "The director of Hawaii's Department of Health confirmed on Friday what Barack Obama has been saying all along: the presidential candidate was born in Honolulu....Citing her statutory authority to oversee and maintain Hawaii's vital records, Fukino said she has “personally seen and verified that the Hawaii State Department of Health has Sen. Obama’s original birth certificate on record in accordance with state policies and procedures."

The very next day, Nov. 1, 2008, Andy Martin, J. D. and Professor of Law (Adj.) had his own announcement regarding his lawsuit:

(HONOLULU) (November 1, 2008) Internet powerhouse Andy Martin has ignited a firestorm in Hawaii over Barack Obama's bogus "original" birth certificate. "Martin won a stunning victory Friday afternoon (October 31st) when the State of Hawaii backed his assertion that there was an original, "typewritten, 1961" birth certificate, called a "Certificate of Live Birth" or "COLB" in Hawaii, that no one has previously seen. Hawaii officials retrieved and examined the document after Martin filed a lawsuit seeking access to the historic 1961 original." His November 2, 2008 follow up is here.

The issue of what kind of birth certificate constitutes proof of citizenship is the most asked question in my mail box. Philip J. Berg's Assistant, Lisa, has done the research and provides us with this clarification:

"Once you are born, the hospital transmits the information to the Health Department, a birth certificate is created; If you are born abroad, you must take the original foreign birth certificate to Department of Health in the State which your birth is being registered, the original foreign birth certificate is placed and stored and the State Department of Health and a Certification of Live Birth is created. If you are born at home, then you must register that birth with the medical records (even births at home, a doctor must check the woman and child, then a birth certificate is issued by the doctor, the mother must register the doctors birth certificate of the child with the Department of Health).

"I spoke with the Director of Records in Hawaii, he explained to both (name withheld for privacy) and myself (we were on a three way) the above procedures. So yes, everyone in the United States and other countries (unless you were born in a field and never sought medical care) has a vault version of a birth certificate.

"On another note, in 1961 the Hawaii birth certificates are black and type written, this is true. In 2001, the Hawaii Department of Health changed formats and now offer a short version and a long version. The short version, if the birth occurred in a Hospital in Hawaii is called a "Certificate of Live Birth" not a Certification of Live Birth (COLB that Obama is using, fake or not) so there are differences in the wording of the document which folks are not aware of, unless they asked. A Certification of Live birth is nothing more than stating, not proving you were born, it does not prove your citizenship status or anything else.

"Now, the Certification of Live Birth is issued for foreign births abroad, which are registered in the Hawaii Department of Health. But there is more: On the bottom left of a Certificate of live birth is the words "recorded" which is the date the hospital transmitted the information for the production of the birth certificate or the Certificate of Live Birth.

"However, on the bottom left of a Certification of Live Birth, again for births abroad, it states on the bottom left corner "accepted", as Obama's COLB, fake or not, does. The wording "accepted" means that is the date the Department of Health in Hawaii accepted the registration and the documentation. Dunham could not have registered Obama's birth in Hawaii without the original "vault" version of the foreign birth certificate, nor could she have gotten Obama out of Kenya."

Another effort is underway to get to the truth:

November 2, 2008: New Federal Lawsuit Against Obama

"Why does it matter that we see Obama's real birth certificate? If we are to elect an unqualified candidate that assumes office, nothing that office holder does has any validity. Imagine a president that has no authority running your military, nominating judges and other officials, and pretending to sign laws: all of those acts are automatically invalid. That is the only reason this matters. As McCain has been ruled by a judge to be constitutionally eligible for office *, we must also know for a fact that all candidates are so eligible by verifiable documentation for the offices they seek and those they hold....

"The request is this: a group of 24 electors for two different presidential tickets is preparing to file suit to gain access to Sen. Obama's birth certificate, however, because of their political parties, their suit would be automatically viewed as partisan and would likely be thrown out. Please, if you know or any one you know, is interested in joining a law suit to force Sen. Obama to reveal the truth, it would be tremendously helpful to having a fair and impartial outcome this Tuesday.

"We need persons who are members of the electoral college, preferably democrat, to volunteer their names on this suit by Monday. There is need for all political parties to be represented in this suit. The outcome of this election is imminently upon us. If you don't rise to this occasion, who will?"

Please note the asterisk above. Hundreds of emailers wanted to know why I haven't written about McCain's eligibility status? I have in the past and here is the court ruling that stopped all challenges:

Federal Court Holds Hearing on Lawsuit to Remove McCain from California Ballot

"Robinson v Bowen is different, because it was filed by the state chairman of the American Independent Party, Markham Robinson (although that party has an internal factional dispute and Robinson’s office is not completely, permanently secure). Robinson is also a candidate for presidential elector, pledged to Alan Keyes. The leading precedent on who has standing to challenge the ballot access of a major party nominee is Fulani v Hogsett, 917 F 2d 1028 (7th cir., 1990). It said that Lenora Fulani did have standing to challenge the ballot placement of George H. W. Bush and Michael Dukakis, since their presidential elector candidates had been filed after the legal deadline in Indiana. Fulani was also on the ballot. She still lost the case on laches, since she had not filed it until eleven weeks after the Republicans and Democrats had failed to file timely."


"The Robinson lawsuit notes that there is some controversy as to whether McCain was born in Colon, Panama (which was never part of the Canal Zone), or whether he was born in the Panama Canal Zone, but for purposes of the lawsuit, it assumes he was born in the Canal Zone...

"In 1968, the California Supreme Court voted 6-1 that a presidential candidate who is not eligible to be president should not be placed on the ballot. Cleaver v Jordan, Calif. Supreme Court minutes, Sep. 26, 1968, case no. 7838, not reported. Thus if it were true that McCain were not eligible to be president, under the Eldridge Cleaver precedent, the California ballot should list a blank for president, and Sarah Palin for vice-president, for the Republican ticket. Of course, it is extremely unlikely that any federal judge would rule that McCain is not eligible to be president."

Judge Rules McCain's U.S. Citizenship is "Highly Probable"

"A San Francisco federal judge ruled late Tuesday that Republican presidential candidate John McCain's claim of U.S. citizenship is strong enough that a lawsuit challenging his placement on the California ballot should be dismissed......Alsup also ruled that the plaintiff has "no greater stake than a taxpayer or voters" and so had no standing to challenge McCain's placement on the ballot. Interestingly, Alsup went on to say that procedures are available under the 12th and 20th Amendments to the Constitution to challenge a candidate's qualifications when electoral votes are counted, not before. "Judicial review — if any — should occur only after the electoral and congressional processes have run their course." (Emphasis mine)

'Highly probable' is an interesting way for a judge to rule on citizenship. Either you are or you aren't, but in that lawsuit, "it assumes he [McCain] was born in the Canal Zone." McCain "claims" he's a natural born citizen, so that's good enough for the judge. Dr. Edwin Vieira, has this to say on the matter:

"1) The notion that judicial review--if any--should occur only AFTER the Electoral College or the House of Representatives has purported to elect a President is a trap. Then the judges will say it is "too late", that the matter is a "political question", because it has been decided by the bodies (the College or the House) to which the Constitution delegates exclusive authority. The matter must be determined BEFORE the votes. NO elector and NO Member of the House has any right to vote for an ineligible candidate.

"(2) A "certified copy" of a birth certificate (or equivalent document) is NOT enough. The ORIGINAL document must be produced, so that its authenticity (especially its age) can be determined. A "certified copy" can be forged today, and the forgery be undetectable because all of the components of the copy are, of necessity, contemporary materials. But a 40+ year old birth certificate will be much harder to forge, if it can be forged at all. (E.g., are they using the same paper and ink they were using 40 years ago for such documents; or the same typefaces?)"

There is another area regarding citizenship that has been brought up as an issue:

December 24, 1952 to November 13, 1986

"If, at the time of your birth, both your parents were U.S. citizens and at least one had a prior residence in the United States, you automatically acquired U.S. citizenship with no conditions for retaining it.

"If only one parent was a U.S. citizen at the time of your birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for at least ten years, at least five of which had to be after the age of 16. There are no conditions placed on retaining this type of citizenship. If your one U.S. citizen parent is your father and you were born outside of marriage, the same rules apply if your father legally legitimated you before your 21st birthday and you were unmarried at the time. If legitimization occurred after November 14, 1986, your father must have established paternity prior to your 18th birthday, either by acknowledgment or by court order, and must have stated in writing that he would support you financially until your 18th birthday."

Obama’s father, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr, was a Muslim citizen from Kenya, not a U.S. citizen. Some have given the opinion that under the British Nationality Act of 1948, Obama II would also be a citizen of Kenya. I am not familiar with this Act, but did find it here.

Undeniable facts: Obama’s mother was 18 years old when Obama was born. His father was a citizen of Kenya, a Muslim who later became an atheist like Obama's mother, Stanley. Obama Sr., was married over in Kenya to a woman named Kezia; they had four children. While still married to Kezia, Obama's father then goes to Hawaii, leaving her and the children to fend for themselves. While in Hawaii, he meets and marries Obama's mother, also an atheist, on February 2, 1961. Obama is born August 4, 1961, seven months later. In 1962, Obama Sr., splits from second wife, Obama's mother. Obama's parents divorce in 1964.

It is firmly established that Stanley Ann Dunham (Obama's mother) married Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo, a Muslim Indonesian citizen. Her new husband adopted Barack Hussein Obama II; his name was legally changed to Barry Soetoro. Obama spent years in Indonesia and attended two Indonesian schools. As this document clearly shows, Obama is identified as Indonesian citizen.

What I can find in my research is that under Indonesian law an adopted child "has the same status as a natural child, and that his or her relationship to the birth parents is severed by adoption." This would mean Obama became an Indonesian citizen. There appears to be no effort by Obama to reclaim U.S. citizenship. Many want to know what documentation Obama used to acquire a U.S. passport? I have no answer to that one and the U.S. State Department certainly will not release any information unless ordered by a federal judge. Heck, who knows anything about Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, aka Barry Obama, aka Barack Dunham, aka Barry Dunham. Obama failed to disclose any of his other known names on his Illinois Bar Registration. He lied without blinking an eye.

Those following this constitutional issue have seen the denials by the Obama camp as well as analysis on the alleged birth certificate they released in June. These are documents sent over to me by Phil's assistant, Lisa:

1. Affidavit of Bishop Ron McRae;
2. Exhibits which go with the Affidavit of Bishop Ron McRae. Remember: The Kenyan government has sealed all records pertaining to Obama until AFTER the sham called an election tomorrow.
3. Affidavit of Kweli Shuhubia
4. Transcription of the audio tape of the interview with Sarah Obama, Senator Obama's grandmother.

Phil Berg is also asking that any lawyers out there who are interested in this case and would like to file Amicus Curiae Briefs in support of the actions currently on file with the U.S. Supreme Court, please contact him: or call the Office at (610) 825-3134.

Sorry to be so long winded and make this a two part column. There is so much disinformation out there on this issue, I hope Part I helps to clarify some questions. For part two click below.

Click here for part -----> 2,

Part II: Election already underway is too much of a mess to be held valid

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It is firmly established that Stanley Ann Dunham (Obama's mother) married Lolo Soetoro Mangunharjo, a Muslim Indonesian citizen. Her new husband adopted Barack Hussein Obama II; his name was legally changed to Barry Soetoro. Obama spent years in Indonesia and attended two Indonesian schools.