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By: Devvy
November 3, 2008

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I have been writing about vote fraud since 1993. The elections in 2000 and 2004, brought Democrats into a state of rage and vote fraud became a national issue. Tomorrow is another horse and pony show. A gigantic fraud. There is NO way to get an accurate vote count, not tomorrow or the next day. The media pundits can blather on for hours tomorrow night, but we will have no idea who legally won these elections.

Please go to this link and look at the mess. Believe me, there is so much more, it's impossible to keep up with even for a full time researcher like me. Anyone who thinks the system isn't completely corrupted is in a state of denial. How can anyone looking at that list believe there can be an accurate vote count?

ACORN isn't a new concept in stealing our elections. In that link above, you'll see my past research on ACORN. "Missouri, Nov. 7, 2006. Claire McCaskill And ACORN Plan Election Night Rally-- ACORN Workers Have Been Indicted For Fraud And Accused Of Illegally Campaigning For McCaskill." ACORN has been at it a long time. Funny how the lame stream media just found out about them a short time ago and decided to finally expose their corruption.

Two weeks ago, Ohio "relaxed" its voter registration requirements to allow individuals to simply sign up and vote on the spot. For weeks, advocacy groups have been "assisting" non-English speaking minorities on how to vote. Most likely a large number of them are illegal aliens because we know illegals are voting in huge numbers thanks to the insidious Motor Voter Law of 1993.

Citizenship is a five year process. If you can't speak English by then, how committed are you to your new country and how our government operates? I guess it doesn't matter if you have someone instructing you on which box to punch on a card inside the voting booth. BEFORE my grandparents got on the boat from Sicily, they had to take an English proficiency test (reading and writing) and have a valid health certificate. The same applied to my other grand parents when they left Munich. We know what's going on here and it's hijacking our elections.

Even with paper ballots in many states, between dirty voting rolls that are supposed to be purged and cleaned, and multiple voting by one person thanks to registration fraud, there's no way to get an accurate count on election night. The switch to scanners over electronic voting machines is simply switching the deck chairs on the Titanic. 31 states - with big 'swing' states included - still use electronic machines and/or scanners. Ripe for fraud. In smaller states with small precincts, it's harder to hide the vote fraud. In major metropolitan cities, it's as easy as walking across your living room.

By Oct. 30, 2008, more than 17 million people voted; no telling how many are multiple votes. Last week, the city fathers in DC announced they have no idea how many absentee ballots were mailed out! In Madison County, Mississippi, they have over 123% more registered voters than people over the age of 18. Is anyone outraged yet? This has been going on for election after election after election for decades. Contrary to the propaganda being pitched, most of these machines do NOT have a real paper trail. See Oct. 31, 2008, transcript from Lou Dobbs - close to half way down. The lawsuits are coming. The insidious Motor Voter Law of 1993 added gasoline to the bonfire and Secretary's of State across the Union have allowed the situation to simply snow ball from one rip off election to the next.

Massive vote fraud ruled the primaries, but not everyone is willing to just shrug their shoulders and go back to watching WWF Smackdown. The action isn't coming from Republicans who seem content with letting vote fraud steal the primaries and general election. Once again it's Democrats:

October 10, 2008: Clinton supporters sharing evidence for RICO case against Obama campaign. "If you haven't been a regular here at HillBuzz, you might not know about Gigi Gaston’s documentary “We Will Not Be Silenced” on the caucus fraud deliberately orchestrated by the Obama campaign during the primaries. Voter intimidation, registration fraud, vandalism, threats of violence, you name it, Obama’s supporters did it. For veterans of the McGovern ‘72 campaign who remembered thugs and hooligans engaged in similar tactics in service of their own far left candidate, the actions of Obama’s followers were so bad that even people who've lived through the last 36 years of ups and downs in America testified that this is the worst thing they've ever seen happen to our democracy.

"Gaston’s documentary continues to gather testimonials from people across the country — and we have word now that the people behind these efforts to document what Obama did during the primaries are also cooperating with law enforcement in an investigation into the Obama campaign's efforts to undermine the true will of the people in the general election."

Vote fraud hurts all Americans regardless of party affiliation, race, religion or gender. It's wrong, period.

Despite the non-stop coverage by cable net works the past week and all the predictions, it's a fraud. A fake. A scam against the American people. I don't care how they call the race tomorrow night for president, it's all based on a foundation of fraud beginning with the primaries. Obviously, this fake process will proceed, but what can we do about it?

The election tomorrow isn't just about Obama and McCain. It's also about all the House of Representatives, 1/3 of the unlawfully seated U.S. Senate, 11 governors, hundreds of members of the state houses, mayors, sheriffs and on down the line. That's why it's important everyone vote and then we audit the vote. Nov. 4th is not the end of this election. Tragically, it's the beginning of a lot of lawsuits and pitting Americans against each other.

Threats of violence

There has been media coverage of expected riots and violence if Obama doesn't get "elected." This is obviously a form of black mail by black voters: Either our candidate gets elected or we'll burn cities to the ground. If you think I'm kidding, I'm not. Law enforcement in major cities where there are large black populations are geared up for the worst:


Police prepare for unrest. Oct. 21, 2008. "Police departments in cities across the country are beefing up their ranks for Election Day, preparing for possible civil unrest and riots after the historic presidential contest."

There is an ugliness out in America and this email should demonstrate to everyone the rage just waiting to be unleashed:

----Original Message -----
From: magda robinson
Sent: 10/30/2008 6:43:33 PM

"You racist white bitch! How dare you question the citizenship of the greatest hope our country has ever had for change? You lying honkeys are afraid of having a Black President that's why you continue to spread the lie that he wasn't born in Hawaii. You're damned right we will burn this racist piece of shit country to the ground if we are denied our messiah. you white motherfuckers already stole two elections, we will not let you steal a third. Obama is the great hope of the oppressed masses, and he will win in a landslide. You racist whites better not try anything funny, or else you will pay. We will make the Watts riots look like a party you white lying bitch. Power to the People! God bless Barack Obama!"

As soon as I read this email last Thursday night, I sent it to the FBI's domestic terror hot line for investigation along with Ms. Robinson's email address. My web master did some sleuthing and I believe we have identified this woman. She doesn't deny she sent the email; the information on her probable identity has also been sent to the FBI. Let this vile woman explain to federal agents how she and her friends are going to "burn this racist piece of shit country to the ground."

Not satisfied with sending me such a toxic email, Ms. Robinson sent one to a regular contributor to Jeff Rense's web site with the same threat, but added I was an "insignificant racist c*nt." It might surprise Ms. Robinson, but I have voted for candidates with black skin who stand for the constitution. Of course, they have been defeated by the machines because they would be a threat to the elites who own Congress and the White House. It's not about skin color, it's about character and if that candidate or incumbent is a constitutionalist who will stand up and get the job done.

This is the rage boiling out there. Ms. Robinson isn't the only email I've received regarding what will happen if Obama isn't elected; hers was just the most extreme. Where is Obama, Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and other black leaders? They know things are tense. Black ministers in all the big inner cities as well as Obama, Sharpton, Mad Max Waters and Jackson should all be out there making their voices heard: Please do not incite violence, it solves nothing. There are going to be legal challenges as a result of the mess tomorrow. Nothing will be solved by destroying property and possibly causing loss of life. I urge readers to help spread the word: no violence on election night.

It might surprise Ms. Robinson to know that Caucasian, Latino and Asian Americans are just as outraged over all this fraud and the stealing of our elections, but we don't burn cities or start riots that kill or maim innocent people.

This is the most important election of our life time for a hundred reasons. The vote count is up for grabs via fraud. Besides public offices, there are critical ballot measures like Prop 8 in California; this sort video explains Prop 8 to stop same sex marriage. Vote fraud also determines the outcome of bond measures and election of lower level judges. It only takes 7.4 seconds to replace a chip when no one is looking. has put out a special alert to show YOU how to protect the vote as best as possible tomorrow; see the links here.

If your candidate, regardless of office, loses on Tuesday night, call that candidate on Wednesday and volunteer to help audit the vote. Get friends and like minded folks together and get it in gear BEFORE the vote is certified. It varies from state to state, so call your county clerk's office and the Secretary of State's office and ask when the drop dead date is for certification of the vote. These candidates can't do it without all of us. You voted for them, you might have worked for their campaign, now help them prove vote fraud and stop unlawfully elected incumbents or candidates from taking office.

What are you looking for? Please hit this link. While these numbers are old, it's how I analyzed the vote count. Scroll down about half way to where it begins 'Herger's Race.' There you will see the number of registered voters, how they allegedly voted and the missing votes. The narrative continues with another investigation. Read it all. Go to the county clerk's office in your district and get the number of registered voters, how many people voted and how they voted for the office you're investigating, i.e, sheriff or member of Congress or mayor.

Once you begin to look at the numbers, you'll see they don't match. They never do. The vote count in the primaries changed daily in California for almost two weeks, yet the winners were declared election night. What a scam. Once you gather the numbers, the candidate or incumbent who allegedly lost files for an injunction to stop certification of the vote with the superior court. If a judge agrees there's enough documentation and the county/state is at fault, in most states the candidate doesn't have to pay for a hand recount. It's the only way we're going to stop what will happen tomorrow.

Do you know that according to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are only 3,141 counties or county-equivalent administrative units in the entire country? That's only an average of 62 counties per state. You see, with a relatively small number of people working with each constitutional candidate or incumbent who allegedly lost, beginning the day after the election, we CAN stop who got the winner's flag as a result of fraud.

If we don't get rid of a substantial number of incumbents in Congress, we are toast. Every member of Congress who voted for the unconstitutional looting of our money called the big bail out must be thrown out of office. Without at least 150-200 constitutional candidates elected to the House, we will have no way to hold the next new world order puppet in the White House in check. We won't have any fighters in the House of Representatives to begin dismantling the police state being erected around us, as well as getting rid of all the bad laws and begin the process of returning to a sound monetary and banking system. The same applies to the state houses and what must be done at the state level.

Will you help or will we once again be robbed of our choice of leadership?

A few notes. I will be a guest on the fabulous Barbara Jean show, K-TALK out of Salt Lake City on Nov. 4, 2008. You can listen live via the Internet. I will be a guest on Jeff Rense's radio show, Nov. 5, 2008, to discuss what happens tomorrow; see here for details on listening live via the Internet. Dr. Edwin Vieira will be a guest Monday, Nov. 3 at 2pm EST on New Rumor Mill News Radio Program. To listen, click here. Edwin will be discussing the Obama birth certificate controversy.

By clicking on this link, you can hear the oral argument before the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals in the Bill Benson case by the brilliant, Jeffrey Dickstein. For part one click below.

Click here for part -----> 1,


Doubts persist about Obama birth certificate Considerable evidence still points to candidate's birth in Kenya

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