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By: Devvy
December 25, 2012

Today, probably a couple billion human beings around the world are celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Whether you believe as I d do that Jesus wasn't born on December 25th, it is the date celebrated throughout the world.

This isn't going to be the usual warm and fuzzy Christmas day message.

The last few weeks folks around the country have been treated to lovely Christmas carols. Millions speak about 'Peace on earth, goodwill toward men'.

I'm sorry, but if emptier words were ever spoken those are at the top of the list. When was the last time there was truly peace on earth? If it's not tribes in some African country murdering each other, it's some other faction in another country murdering each other. It never seems to end. Just like our invasions and continued occupation of countries in the Middle East.

Some might say what I've written here is not appropriate for Christmas day, but I believe it is because Jesus is also called 'The Prince of Peace': "For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace." Isaiah 9:6, KJV

Following the slaughter in Newtown, CT, Barry Soetoro aka Obama took to the cameras and pretended to shred tears that "captured the hearts of many". What he said in Newtown was classic propaganda:

"And we know we can't do this by ourselves. It comes as a shock at a certain point where you realize, no matter how much you love these kids, you can't do it by yourself. That this job of keeping our children safe, and teaching them well, is something we can only do together, with the help of friends and neighbors, the help of a community, and the help of a nation. And in that way, we come to realize that we bear a responsibility for every child because we're counting on everybody else to help look after ours; that we're all parents; that they're all our children."

It takes a village all over again. I often refer to Soetoro as a Marxist because he pursues and supports all the goals of the Communist Party International. He is also a communitarian - something probably a hundred million adults in this country know nothing about, but is absolutely germane to what Barry said above. Let me quote from Masters of Seduction by Jeri Lynn Ball:

"The Communists planned to create not only a new way of life, but new human beings. They sought to achieve not only the reconstruction of social and cultural institutions, but reconstruction of human beings. Communist totalitarianism has undergone tremendous growth over the past century only because it has “the support of a man of a new social and psychological type”—the “new communitarian (Communist) man.” A communitarian is a member of a communistic community. A communitarian adopts and advocates communistic concepts, such as a spirit of community, selfless commitment to community service, and the duty to work for “the common good.” The terms “Communist” and “communitarian” are synonyms and are interchangeable, but the word “communitarian” connotes a sense of community and a spirit of collectivism.

"In 1928 Communists formally adopted “The Program” for building a new global communitarian social order composed of the ruling elite (the masters) and subjugated masses (the slaves). Soviet masters used the communitarian social system and moral code to prepare the “new communist man.” They reinforced the “spirit of community” that had been present in Europe for 200 years and instilled communitarian moral ideals into all Soviet citizens. The masters “reconstructed” each individual by urging him to: 1) develop a sense of community; (2) cultivate the communist virtue of selflessness; 3) suppress his personality, individuality, and identity, i.e., his personal desires, ambitions, beliefs, etc.; 4) merge himself into the community and become one with it; 5) fulfill his obligation to perform community service and accept his duty to work for “the common good.” The communitarian moral code is the powerful secret weapon Communists have used to enslave whole populations."

As we all know, Soetoro's only job experience was as a community organizer.


"Communitarianism holds that the individual is nothing and that the community is all; the interests of the community transcend the interests of the individual; the common good comes before the private good.

"The Role of the Government in the Communitarian Society

"In a communitarian society, the role of the government is to define, dictate, and implement community needs. Each citizen is conditioned to accept the loss of his individuality and identity, to reject individual initiative and enterprise, and to become a collective animal. He is trained to yield to governmental authority for “the good of the community.” In a communitarian society, the masters assume high positions in government and become the mind, the voice, and the conscience of the community. By grouping people into a “community”—a collectivized society—by creating an array of community rituals, campaigns, organizations, and service programs, by urging or requiring ever greater community participation, the masters can constantly increase their supervision, guidance, and regimentation of every activity and every need of every individual in the society."

"In a full-blown communitarian society, there are no such things as individual God-given rights or private property, and the masters believe that they are acting for the “good of the community” when they invoke obedience through barbaric savagery, fiendish brutality, the most inhuman, unrestrained use of force. They believe that unless there is sufficient brutality to ensure blind obedience and blind conformity, the masses will suffer. With a clear conscience, they summarily execute recalcitrant resisters who refuse to be reconstructed."

Gifted writer, Niki Rapana, sees communitarianism (being taught on college campuses nationwide) as:

"Communitarianism combines or "balances" far-right capitalism (fascism) with far-left communism (totalitarianism) to make the "perfect middle;" this is what makes one progressive. There is ample, verifiable evidence that shows Obama is a communitarian. There is only speculation that his values are communist. There is undeniable PROOF that he follows a program for global "change" called communitarianism. Accusations of communism play directly into the fake dialectical conflicts between the right and the left."

I believe he is both, but that's just my opinion. Quite frankly, Barry Soetoro is nothing but an empty suit who does what he's told. In return, he and his militant wife live high on the hog from the sweat off your back. Right now they're in Hawaii living it up like royalty.

Let me go back to Soetoro's speech in Newtown that I have no doubt was written by someone else:

"Can we honestly say that we're doing enough to keep our children -- all of them -- safe from harm? Can we claim, as a nation, that we're all together there, letting them know that they are loved, and teaching them to love in return? Can we say that we're truly doing enough to give all the children of this country the chance they deserve to live out their lives in happiness and with purpose?

"I've been reflecting on this the last few days, and if we're honest with ourselves, the answer is no. We're not doing enough. And we will have to change.

"Since I've been President, this is the fourth time we have come together to comfort a grieving community torn apart by a mass shooting. The fourth time we've hugged survivors. The fourth time we've consoled the families of victims. And in between, there have been an endless series of deadly shootings across the country, almost daily reports of victims, many of them children, in small towns and big cities all across America -- victims whose -- much of the time, their only fault was being in the wrong place at the wrong time."

The illegitimate president has no legal authority to be commander-in-chief. But, while he has assumed that duty, how many children in the wrong place at the wrong time have been murdered by US drones? What? Why, Devvy, you can't make that comparison here. Oh, yes I can and I will.

Those precious lives, the children and teachers, in Newtown, CT., were murdered in cold blood. You tell me if that is any different than what has been going on in Afghanistan and Pakistan for years?

In the US, mass child killings are tragedies. In Pakistan, mere bug splats

"It must follow that what applies to the children murdered there by a deranged young man also applies to the children murdered in Pakistan by a sombre American president. These children are just as important, just as real, just as deserving of the world's concern. Yet there are no presidential speeches or presidential tears for them, no pictures on the front pages of the world's newspapers, no interviews with grieving relatives, no minute analysis of what happened and why.

"If the victims of Mr. Obama's drone strikes are mentioned by the state at all, they are discussed in terms which suggest that they are less than human. The people who operate the drones, Rolling Stone magazine reports, describe their casualties as "bug splats", "since viewing the body through a grainy-green video image gives the sense of an insect being crushed". Or they are reduced to vegetation: justifying the drone war, Obama's counterterrorism adviser Bruce Riedel explained that "you've got to mow the lawn all the time. The minute you stop mowing, the grass is going to grow back".

"Like George Bush's government in Iraq, Obama's administration neither documents nor acknowledges the civilian casualties of the CIA's drone strikes in north-west Pakistan. But a report by the law schools at Stanford and New York universities suggests that during the first three years of his time in office, the 259 strikes for which he is ultimately responsible killed between 297 and 569 civilians, of whom at least 64 were children. These are figures extracted from credible reports: there may be more which have not been fully documented."

Bug splats?

During what has become known as the Wech Baghtu wedding party airstrike, 37 Afghan civilians were murdered by a U.S. airstrike on November 3, 2008. Victims: 23 children, 10 women, 4 men. Another 27 were injured. Bombed and murdered because it was "thought" insurgents were there. Another independent organization, The Bureau of Investigative Journalism reported another 176 children in Pakistan were murdered by our military from drone strikes from June 2004 - September 2012. The total number of civilians murdered: more than 2,500.

And, you wonder why terrorists from the Middle East are crossing our Southern border? Think they're smuggling themselves into this country for a job at McDonald's?

Now, you tell me how that's different than what happened in Newtown, CT? Those children in Afghanistan and Pakistan bled red blood the same as American children. Their parents grieve just the same as the parents who lost their precious child on December 14, 2012. The men and women murdered by American drones bled red blood; they are mourned by their loved ones.

Oh my, how could I have over looked killing children is just part of American foreign policy? Go watch this 23 second video clip. It is the vile former Secretary of State, Madeline Albright, on May 12, 1996. She is asked by Leslie Stahl of 60 minutes if it (meaning another undeclared war in Iraq) was worth it? Albright said, yes, it was worth murdering a HALF MILLION innocent children.

All for a lie: Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice - Iraq Has No WMD's And Is Not A Threat - in their own words (57 second video) "Colin Powell states clearly in February 2001, that Iraq is in no position to pose any threat to the US and has no weapons of mass destruction."

The despicable usurper in the White House is incapable of feeling empathy for anyone but himself. Just like George Bush, Jr., felt no pangs about lying to the American people to drag us into yet another undeclared war and sending our soldiers to their deaths over a lie. The U.S. government's foreign policy isn't about peace. It's about death and destruction.

If you're wondering why the president of Pakistan hasn't demanded all US troops leave and stop all US drones from flying in his country killing innocents, you need only look at the bribe money:

Hillary Clinton's $100 Million-a-Month Apology to Pakistan

Of course, that bribe money wasn't for killing children, but rather their troops. $100 MILLION BORROWED DOLLARS A MONTH stolen from you, me, our children and grand children with the interest slapped on our backs forever. No where in the U.S. Constitution does it give Marxist Hillary Clinton or the U.S. Congress any authority to steal from you and me to give to any foreign country for any reason.

Where is the collective consciousness of the American people? There's an old saying: Out of sight, out of mind. After all, today is presents, turkey, see a new movie and "joy to the world."

Peace on earth? Is that what the U.S. government has been bringing to countries in the Middle East for more than a decade? How can anyone at this point in time believe such a thing? It's all about oil and money. About being the world's bully no matter how many innocents we kill to, as George Bush, Jr., so famously said, "liberate the people of Iraq." There's not much about being liberated if your child has been blown to bits by US bombs or drones.

In our name, those grotesque, immoral and unconstitutional invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan and "operations" in Pakistan have killed MILLIONS of innocent people who had nothing to do with terrorists.

More than a decade and trillions of borrowed dollars - for what? Because our troops are over there "fighting for our freedom"? Oh, please. When are Americans going to stop believing such putrid propaganda?

While none of victims of US drones and bombs were likely Christians because those are Muslim countries, do they matter less? Are their deaths not as heinous as the victims of Newtown? God rest the souls of those who died in Newtown because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time. No different than all the children, women and old men murdered by US drones and bombings in the wrong place at the wrong time even though they were in their own country. We are the invaders.

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In Newtown, the parents and families of all the victims just buried their loved ones this past week. There will be no Merry Christmas for them today. While Muslims don't celebrate Christmas, their dead children are gone from them on their holidays, too. Tell me the difference?

I suppose the people in those countries can be glad Americans celebrate Christmas because, at least for today, they don't have to fear their children will be blown apart by an American drone.

"Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God." Matthew 5:9 KJV

Will the American people become the peacemakers by telling the war mongers in the U.S. Congress: Bring all our troops home now. We don't want any more innocent blood shed in our name. We don't want anymore of our troops maimed and killed for a lie.

I'm sad to say, I won't hold my breath.

In our name:

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While none of victims of US drones and bombs were likely Christians because those are Muslim countries, do they matter less? Are their deaths not as heinous as the victims of Newtown?