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By: Devvy

August 23, 2004

Q: Ronald Reagan has recently passed with an impressive out pouring of affection and mourning from the American people. However, there is a history with the Reagan administration and what some call very foolish dealings with America's mortal enemy, Communist China. According to The United States and China page found on the official web site titled International Information Programs, US Department of State, the information below is found on one of their links:

April 8, 1986 Reagan Administration informs US Congress of intent to sell PRC (People's Republic of China) $550 million in aviation electronics, in largest military sale to Beijing since 1972.

July 23 1985 President Ronald Reagan meets at White House with Chinese President Li Xiannian, announces signing of pact allowing sale of American nuclear reactors and nonmilitary technology to China

Oct 13-18, 1985 Vice President George Bush visits China, announces US agreement to speed export of some high-technology products to China; Taiwan issue is raised by Chinese leaders as obstacle to Sino-US relations

July 14 1984 U.S. at end of visit by Chinese Defense Minister Zhang Aiping, announces agreement "in principle" on sale to China of US antiaircraft, antitank weapons.

June 15, 1984 White House spokesman, citing Chinese support for Pakistani nuclear programs, warns that 4/30 US-Chinese nuclear cooperation accord will not be sent to Congress without new guarantees that China will not aid emergence of new nuclear-weapon states

A very detailed time line can be found at: [read]

I think it's accurate to say that this type of information is not welcome - especially by conservatives. President Reagan was and remains a very popular President. The rock of truth is a lonely place sometimes, but the stakes are very high and we must forge on, even when we don't like what we learn. If mistakes are made, don't we all want them corrected for the good of our nation and not covered up or hidden just to protect political turf?

Pat, you maintain these transfers of US nuclear and weapons technologies to China and Pakistan were illegal. Can you please comment on this?

Pat: In 1986 the Reagan-HW Bush administration openly sold US nuclear weapons technology to Pakistan AND Communist China under an agreement that Pakistan and China were not to transfer the technology or any weapons built from the technology to any third parties. The Soviet Union had provided similar technology to make India a nuclear power. The Reagan-HW Bush administration claimed they gave Pakistan and Communist China US nuclear technology to counterbalance the Soviet nuclear threat and to offset and balance the Soviet move with India.

However, Pakistan began to set up off shore companies in Malaysia, Indonesia and parts of Southeast Asia including Hong Kong to build nuclear components with business assistance of US defense contractors. The Clinton administration suspended sales of the US technology to Pakistan when it was discovered that Pakistan had sold the US nuclear weapons technology to Iran, Libya and North Korea. China was also discovered to have sold US nuclear weapons technologies and components to North Korea.

But, when the GW Bush administration assumed the White House, it resumed the sales of US nuclear technology to Pakistan. Last month VP Cheney went to China to resume US nuclear reactor technology sales to Communist China. Yet Communist China remains the largest backer of terrorists groups and terrorist nations like AlQaeda Iran and North Korea without being embargoed or publicly singled out by the GW Bush administration.

The sales of classified US nuclear weapons technology to Pakistan and China by the HW Bush and GW Bush was illegal because the sales were used to facilitate arms transfers to the Contras in violation of the conditions of the Boland Amendment passed and signed into law in 1982. But more importantly is also a violation of the 1946 McMahon Act, the Atomic Energy Act .

Pakistan's President General Musharraf pardoned his nuclear weapons chief Dr. Abdul Khan for illegally selling the US technology to North Korea, Libya , Indonesia and Iran. US weapons inspector David Kay has said that Musharraf and Khan together had set up a Malaysian manufacturing company to produce krypton switches necessary to detonate nuclear bombs and used in binary biological and chemical bombs and artillery shells.

This Malaysian company was in business together with Boeing-Bell and United Defense, once part of the Carlyle Group. This same Malaysian company set up a contract to the consulting firm of Neil Bush and the son of China's President, Jiang ZI Min. GW Bush had been involved with Neil Bush in another consulting group that profited from illegal sales of missile components and systems for Pakistan.

US nuclear technology and components illegally provided to China, and Pakistan by HW Bush, GW Bush and Neil Bush have also been provided by China and Pakistan not only to North Korea, China, Iran, and Indonesia but also to AlQaeda. Bush and his family have illegally given the Islamic terrorist nation Pakistan, and China the nuclear weapons that they can give to AlQaeda, Hezbollah or Hamas to attack and terrorize and blackmail the US into giving up freedoms under the Patriot Act and domestic spying by the CIA and Pentagon on US citizens. Pakistan, Russia, China and North Korea are high potential sources of nukes to Bin Laden, and terrorist groups like AlQaeda, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah and even Iraqi agents still in the US.

Q: We have seen the terror alert warning system elevated recently. Many Americans are edgy and worried about the next strike that most feel is a given, it's just a matter of when. Based on your years of intense research - and I might add, this is all you do is chase down facts on this critical issue - do you feel American cities are still being targeted for major terrorist attacks?

Pat: According to former FBI agent Paul Williams, Bin Laden has now targeted 6-9 US cities with nuclear bombs, bombs that easily could have been built using US technology and components provided illegally by the Bushes to not only Pakistan but also China. As mentioned earlier, GW Bush has further facilitated the transfer of US nuclear technology to China by deliberately not carrying out the recommendations of the Cox report after the 1998 Chinagate scandal to stop Chinese espionage inside the US of military contractors and nuclear labs by 3000 Communist Chinese front companies set up inside the US according to the FBI.

Break - This issue has also been exposed by journalists Bill Gertz and Rowan Scarborough in a Washington Times piece dated July 23, 2004 where they reported in part:

"The White House and Energy Department apparently do not want the public to know that China was the source of nuclear warhead design information supplied to Libya and possibly other rogue states by the covert nuclear supplier group led by Pakistani Abdul Qadeer Khan.

"Asked recently about Chinese-language warhead design documents found in Libya, Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham said he could not speak to the "chain" of how design information reached Libya from the Khan network. Mr. Abraham referred the Chinese document question to the White House National Security Council, which also ducked.

"The NSC told us that President Bush said in February that Mr. Khan had sold a blueprint for 'a nuclear design stolen from the Pakistani government.' But the NSC statement noted: "We cannot offer any further details about Dr. Khan's transactions but continue to support Pakistan's efforts to investigate and prosecute those associated with Khan's network. Other officials said the Energy Department and NSC are trying to avoid linking the warhead documents to China to keep from upsetting Beijing.

"China's government initially said it was investigating reports of the Chinese warhead documents found in Libya, but has not revealed what its investigation found. U.S. security officials said China provided the warhead documents to Pakistan. Depending on when they were transferred, the discovery could prove to be a violation of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, which China signed in 1992."

Back to Pat's comments:

HW Bush not only helped equip Pakistan and China with nuclear weapons and technologies, he also directly transferred nuclear, biological and chemical weapons technologies and materials to Iraq right up until 1990 via the CIA, Ramzi Yousef and Ishan Barbouti and $4 billion in illegal agricultural loans through BNL bank. Saddam Hussein cooperated with Bin Laden and AlQaeda to help them train terrorists in the use of biological and chemical weapons at Ansar Al Islam and at Salmon Pak, weapons developed with US technology and materials because of HW Bush policies.

Saddam Hussein provided Bin Laden monies and training and US arms when Bin Laden was fighting the Russians in Afghanistan. The CIA under HW Bush directly helped Saddam provide weapons to Bin Laden to fight the Russians in Afghanistan. But the CIA and William Casey under HW Bush and Reagan also used illegal drug trafficking proceeds to fund the arming of Bin Laden's forces in Afghanistan via Iraq.

The CIA and HW Bush connections to illegal drug and arms trafficking cartels globally still exist today and some of these cartels are believed to have been connected to the groups that FBI translator Sibel Edmonds identified as being involved with 9-11 via Uzebekistan, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, AlQaeda, and the Pakistan ISI. The Bush family and/or the CIA have also reportedly been connected by numerous researchers and journalists to international mob, drug and arms trafficking cartels, money laundering schemes, banks, BCCI, and foreign countries in some cases going back more than twenty five years that may have been involved in the same drug and arms cartels uncovered by Edmonds.

Ashcroft has used the state's secrets privilege against Edmonds to keep her testimony classified and to keep these connections from becoming being known publicly.

It is an incestuous nuclear arms and drug trafficking relationship that the Bush family and the CIA have had with China and Pakistan while at the same time knowing these countries back terrorists. The selling of illicit arms and drugs to nations of the world for profit and power and control is morally wrong and illegal even when used for intelligence tracking purposes because it leads to slavery, terror, war and the loss of American lives.

Coming in Part III: The Bush-Putin Agreement

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However, Pakistan began to set up off shore companies in Malaysia, Indonesia and parts of Southeast Asia including Hong Kong to build nuclear components with business assistance of US defense contractors.