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By Diane Kepus
August 12, 2014

What are “sexual deviates?

A type of mental disorder characterized by a preference for or obsession with unusual sexual practices, as pedophilia, sadomasochism, or exhibitionism.

Then you have the legal definition of which I am going to let you look up as it is almost as disgusting as the actions themselves.

You may be asking why I am continuing on this path of writing and it is because of my love and fear for our children. Deviates are lurking around corners everywhere – schools, churches, malls, ball fields, legislative halls. LEGISLATIVE HALLS? How can that be? Well in some cases they are the ones passing legislation which sets our children up for being vulnerable.

ELECTED, APPOINTED and those with the MONEY OFFICIALS! This includes Obama, Lamar Alexander, Bill Gates, Jeb Bush, United Nations, Human Traffickers and many more to include anyone who has a hand in pushing off on our children through education in the classrooms of our schools deviate behavior or sexual education which is beyond their years.

In fact, most of it has no place in the classrooms of our schools. Five - seven year olds are still innocent and curious, so why would we want to flood them with sex instruction while they are still operating as innocents – a child? Along with the Common Core has come the “National Sexuality Education Standards”. Another opportunity for the Federal government and other agencies to determine what is best for OUR children whether it is age appropriate or not.

According to the timeline of those “National” standards:

1. By the end of the 2nd grade they are to be able to describe the differences and similarities in how boys and girls may be expected to act and they are going to provide the examples. Is this going to include teaching them about the government’s endorsement of gay, lesbian and transgender behaviors even to passing legislation to support it?
2. Also by the end of the 2nd grade they are to “identify the different family structures demonstrating they should show respect and acceptance of those differences. We are talking about 7 year olds here. I don’t believe a 7 year old should have to be concerned with these issues – in many ways they are still babies.

It is only “normal” to have to “identify” different family structures because the government is fueling every bit of immorality that has been washed over this country. Social justice being the 2 words that no one can give the same definition to at any given time. Yet WE are all to follow the path of social justice which is immorality, turning away from GOD and adding fuel to the fire of constantly creating division in this country among the people.

The term JUSTICE is difficult to define since justice is a concept, an idea, an invention of the human mind. Like other concepts such as truth, liberty, fairness, justice means what people want it to mean at any given time.

By the end of the 5th grade, they are not only supposed to be able to define both the male and female reproductive parts and how they function, butdefine sexual orientations as the “romantic” attraction of an individual to a person of the “same” or “opposite” sex. TEN year olds.

This push for the “sexual” power over our children is also bringing them to have to decide in many cases to go against their religion since the government is also supporting the murders of the unborn. The last session of the United Nations on the “Rights of Women and Children” showed everyone clearly that the push for the support of what some of us refer to as “immoral” is to be commonplace. (I will discuss this in another article).

So not only do we have “standards” the teachers are supposed to go by in teaching SEX to our children rather than a true education, but they are being given reading material that endorses some of these behaviors and these books are being passed off as “great works of literature”.

I suggest everyone check with their schools, school library, schools approved book list and the public library to see if the following are part of the “allowed”. I want to remind you as I stated in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, some of this push to the support of the gay side to our school children has been going on for some time with the approval of the schools.

“The Little Black Book – Queer in the 21st Century” was distributed to hundreds of kids (middle school age and up) at Brookline High School, Brookline, MA. It was written by the Boston-based AIDS Action Committee, with help with the MA Department of Public Health and the Boston Public Health Commission with financial support from GLSEN. The reasoning for the distribution of this book was in “preventing aids”. I might have bought that except for the listing of all the gay establishments that were available in the book.

Reminding you the event that day where this book and “fisting kits” were distributed was designed for children and teachers across all of Mass and organized by the “Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network” (GLSEN) which has been led by the former Obama “Safe School CZAR Kevin Jennings for years. This group has also been running “Gay-Straight” clubs in public schools across America.

You must ask yourself what kind of person would write this? What kind of person would give it to kids? It was given to students 10 and up. Where is this movement headed? Why are the schools supporting it? If you care to verify what I am reporting here you can go to this link to view and download the full version of the book.

Why do you need to know this? Parents must be aware of what is being done in the form of indoctrination and manipulation to their children.

Here you can read Michelle Malkin’s articles regarding these events: [Article 1] and [Article 2]

Parents it is up to us to make sure our children are not INDOCTRINATED into a world of “sex” for “sex” and that parents are given the right and authority to teach their own children about reproduction, their bodies, experiences and the rights and wrongs of life.

Parents all over the country are finding books like the following being listed as “required” or “recommended”. For myself and many others who have read or gone through these books there is a conclusion that: “There is a mind-numbing degree of indoctrination (definition: teach a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically) and (inappropriate sexual references/diagrams) found in the textbooks.” I will once again apologize and warn the following is not for children, but parents MUST be aware of what is being put upon our children and none of it is good education.

I previously wrote to you about the book out there called “It’s Perfectly Normal”. This book was written by Robbie Harris who is an employee of Planned Parenthood and this book and another that Harris wrote “It’s So Amazing” are supported and endorsed by Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood and very graphic.

I remind you this book is listed on Amazon to be age appropriate at 10 years. Within “It’s Perfectly Normal” various articles are:Page 11 – Making Babies; Page 12 – Sexual Desire; Page 14 – Making Love and Sexual Intercourse; Page 16 Straight and Gay; Page 48 – Perfectly Normal – Masturbation; Page 54 – Cuddling, Kissing and Sexual Intercourse (with pictures); Page 68 – Postponement, Abstinence & Birth Control (pic shows how to put on a condom – I remind parents this book is listed for 10 year olds; Page 73 – Abortion (a few of the reasons given: parents don’t have enough money or time to take care of a baby; parents think they are too young to have a baby; female is single – no mention of Adoption as an alternative and it glazes’ over Sexual Abuse, Sexually Transmitted diseases and Aids.

The (NY) Council for School Supervisors and Administrators,who reviewed a recommended text, “Make Lemonade”, were disturbed by the books “sexually explicit language and content.”

The young adult novel is part of the eighth-grade Scholastic CODEX curriculum that some city schools listed this year as part of their compliance with CCSS. Some passages “worried union members, including discussions of sex and drugs,” said spokeswoman, Antoinette Isable-Jones. Isable-Jones also said the principals union sought more information on whom and how the city selected the materials recommended to schools.

Age rating for this book is 10-14 years and is about a 17 year old single mother of 2 who needs a baby-sitter and a young high school girl who takes on the job. In the review part on Amazon most of the 200+ pages are blocked out. I would be interested in knowing who the people are who wrote the remarks since all are positive and as a mother, I don’t believe our 10-14 year olds should be reading a book about sex and a positive side to being a single 17 year old with 2 children. It does also show the hardships, but neither should have to concern a 10 year old.

“Black Swan Green” is addressed as a “coming of age” 13 year old boy in England in the 1980’s. My main objection to this book since I am well aware of a boy’s curiosity at that agebut is the author’s need to use negative language and the narrator of 13 who graphically describes his father’s genitals and a sex act necessary? It has been suggested that because all of the excerpts do not contain explicitly sexual material some students would read only the required portions of the book.

Under New York State’s Common Core requirements, excerpts from the book “Black Swan Green”, are required reading for ninth graders. Some scoff at the idea that once the books are in a student’s possession that the sexually graphic material would be skipped over. In another section of the book, the narrator watches a couple having sex and details the sounds made by the woman involved.The words “dick,” “cock” or “erect penis” appear on at least 11 separate pages, according to several readers.

Isn’t there literature out there for our children to read and meet the CCS requirements that doesn’t base its story line around sex? I guess not because that has been the main push for years at our young to abolish the morals of America.

“Dreaming in Cuban” by Christina Garcia, is again another sexually explicit novel. Schools, especially public schools, are already high-risk environments in some communities that are struggling to contain drugs, bullying, and violence. Do such texts increase violence, teen pregnancy and drug use among susceptible, vulnerable children? I would guess the answer to that to be yes as in what D.A.R.E. proved to have done with drugs. Can such novels be understood as educational? One shocked parent noted that material in Dreaming in Cuban, if filmed, would be rated R-17, but if it’s listed by CCSS, it is used in schools as “lessons” for 15 year olds.

Buena High School in Sierra Vista, Arizona, having acknowledged parental pressure removed the sexually explicit novel. Dreaming includes teen sado-masochistic passages and it is an “exemplar text” according to the Common Core State Standards for English Arts & Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science and Technology Subjects... Furthermore, in conjunction with the study of this novel, teachers and students are sent to a website that features an interview with Garcia about her newest book—found by parents to be even more disturbing.

The most alarming CCSS selection by far is the novel “The Bluest Eye”, by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Toni Morrison. Bluest Eye, now banned from several school districts, is an explicit depiction of rape, incest, sexual violence and pedophilia. The pedophile, named Soaphead Church, claims God as his inspiration, “I work only through the Lord. He sometimes uses me to help people”.In her research on The Bluest Eye, Macey France exposes some shocking discussion by the author.

"Morrison says that she wanted the reader to feel as though they are a 'co-conspirator' with the rapist. She took pains to make sure she never portrayed the actions as wrong in order to show how everyone has their own problems. She even goes as far as to describe the pedophilia, rape, and incest 'friendly,' 'innocent,' and 'tender.' It's no wonder that this book is in the top 10 list of most contested books in the country."

The goal of both formal and informal education, according to the proponents of Common Core, is no longer knowledge and comprehension, but rather to change attitudes and behaviors—apparently by attempting to demoralize and desensitize our children.

Our children are being infused with physical, feel good sex not love. Probably the most destructive ideas in the history of human thought. These books invoke envy, thrive on insecurity, and end in disillusionment. They are showing lust rather than true love which cannot really be felt in the ways these books are describing them at the early age of 10. These authors treat sex and love as possessive mating, and romance as the goal that might happen, but if not Owell!

These books are not a wholesome, decent, truthful groundwork for our children maturing into well balanced, adults/parents. The expectations being laid out before them for the most part are un-natural and un-healthy. They draw on the most destructive of emotions, deceiving the lover and seeking to imprison the beloved, making them prisoners of their emotions and at a far too young age.

So who are the deviates? Pedophiles of course - be it the teacher in the schoolroom, the minister in the pulpit, the next door neighbor or a stranger lurking in the darkness. How about the Human Trafficker?

But what about the legislators, other elected officials, those appointed to oversee the textbooks that are recommended? How about the evils behind the CCS themselves and those who have written the standards? How about those that are behind the destruction of America – the World being forced into an immoral, sheppeled down society and fund this trash, laughing all the way to the bank!

How about the publishers who are feeding our children with mounds of lies in regard to Science and History? Feeding them information to be memorized and passed on which is inaccurate, revisionist, anti-American, racist, climate change propaganda based on fake science, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, pro-Islam, Marxist, globalist, pro-Socialism/Communism, pro-homosexuality, pro-abortion and sexually explicit.

Has everyone lost their minds?

Parents you certainly have your work cut out for you. Working and having to take on your children’s education full time is probably not something you envisioned, BUT I have to give you more.

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Inform your families, neighbors, keep after even those who don’t want to hear – they must hear. And for your families and America’s sake, vote in 2014 and 2016 – not for the name you recognize, but for someone you yourself have ask questions and done your research. Heavy load I know, but one that must be taken on!

It is for the Preservation of America as our Country and our Children and the Family structure.

Always remember when thinking about a person running for office – “Would I really want that person to dinner, sitting at my dinner table and close to my children?” Choosing the lessor of 2 evils never works either. See part 1 and 2.

Click here for part -----> 1, 2, 3, 4,

© 2014 Diane Kepus - All Rights Reserved

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Diane Kepus – Parent, Education/Human Trafficing Researcher, Speaker

My background as an Accountant /Auditor showed me my love of “digging.” In 1980 when I took up the hobby of Genealogy as the TV commercial says “I was in deep babe.”

I am married with a blended family of 8 children, 13 grandchildren and one great-grandson and you can readily understand why I chose Education or the “lack thereof” and Human Trafficking as my passions for the past 4 years.

I have witnessed the decline in the scholastic achievement levels of our children brought about by the interference of the Federal DOE and individuals/businesses who choose to use our children as “human collateral” for their own financial gains. In the process they are leading them into a Communist agenda to be overseen by the United Nations.

I actually began my Education research regarding the “International Baccalaurate” (IB) program and that branched out into all aspects of foreign education of which has been allowed into our schools. Then it moved on to the push for Charter Schools with “unelected” school boards to the infiltration of the Common Core State Standards which are to be implemented into the states without proper state legislation.

The Common Cores State Standards (CCSS) are an important issue we must tackle by getting the information out to the parents so they can help stop this. This is not about making your children smarter, or worrying about whether they will actually go to college or not – this is about Total Control by others who are not their parents. The cost alone – wait until your property taxes go off the charts to pay for this. It is all about $$ and Big Business.

My goal is to reach as many people as possible to teach and inform them the truth about the Common Core State Standards and all the other evil things of which are being put on our children on a daily basis and most of it without parental permission.







In fact, most of it has no place in the classrooms of our schools. Five - seven year olds are still innocent and curious, so why would we want to flood them with sex instruction while they are still operating as innocents – a child? Along with the Common Core has come the “National Sexuality Education Standards”. Another opportunity for the Federal government and other agencies to determine what is best for OUR children whether it is age appropriate or not.



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