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By Diane Kepus
August 30, 2015

Pastor Chuck Baldwin once again asked the same question I have been asking for the past 10 years – “Where are the pastors”? The answer is actually very simple – they are in one of two places. Either hiding behind the curtain of a 501(C)3 or they are false prophets. Either way, they should not be called pastors in that they are not pastoring their flock’s, they are leading their “sheeple” to a fiery end.

There is no excuse for those hiding behind the 501(C)3 as they are weak and don’t have the backbone to explain to their church boards how strong the chains of that exemption are and that it is binding them to a passive existence which is not answering God’s call.

It is time to take a closer look at the False Prophets who are supporting the Emergent Church. The thought today is if you have a “mega” church you are a successful minister – but what are these parishioner’s walking away with?

What is the Emergent Church? It is one like we have never seen before! The movement takes its name from the idea that as the culture changes (no more morals, values) a new church should emerge in response. It is very apparent that some popular ministers are preaching a new form of Christianity that embraces experience and personal gain rather than God’s Word.

Look at it this way! Post-modernism is best described as the “removal” of the cold, hard true facts of the Bible in favor of the “warm, fuzzy, feel good, social justice” type of interpretation of God’s word. In fact, the emerging church rejects any standard methodology for doing anything. Therefore, there is a huge range of how far these pastors take their flocks to the post-modernist approach of Christianity. Some groups go only a little way in order to impact their community for Christ, and remain biblically sound. Most groups, however, embrace post-modernist thinking, which eventually leads to a very liberal, loose translation of the Bible. This, in turn, lends to liberal doctrine and theology.

It should be apparent by now that the emerging church is more experience-based than Bible-based. Further, in the emerging church the Word of God is taking a secondary position to the Worship of God.

This is where we find “false prophets” like Rick Warren and Joel Osteen. You would think Pope Francis, if a true man of God, could see right through these men and question their methodology of presenting the word of God. Instead he is also embracing their teaching and throwing in the mix his own version of where the church should be going. There is no denying where these men are leading as the words from their own moths say it all.

Where and how did this all begin? To the best of my knowledge the current push to worship God and Allah as one sprang out of Rick Warren with the backing of his indoctrinated congregation at Saddleback Baptist Church (SBC). Why do I say indoctrinated? Because any church full of that many people who support everything, especially untruths, from their pastor or anyone, is indoctrinated.

The bible has warned that, in the Last Days, the professing Christian church would be cold and dead with Jesus Himself being thrust outside and knocking on the door to get back in. Revelation 3:4-18.

Christians, can you picture Christ standing outside your front door knocking to get in and then you would turn your back on Him? If you see yourself doing that you are not a Christian. Yet this is what is happening as your hearts are cold and closed to the true words of God. If you attend one of these churches or just listen to them on the TV and are giving them money you are working against God.


The Emergent Church is actually the start of the One Word Religion that the bible said would be part of the great deception that would come upon those who rejected the truth of the Gospel. Some of the main Emergent Church leaders are Rick Warren, Rob Bell, Peter Drucker, Bob Buford, Joel Osteen, Joyce Myers and others. The entire movement is one built on and dedicated to the selling of a false gospel in order to create a financial empire. They have been wildly successful in this regard.

Their churches and/or followers are filled with millions of sheep being led to the slaughter and in the egos of these so called pastors are smiling all the way to the bank.

Warren has stepped out from behind the pulpit to take on a role of supra-political, arbiter of public virtues and religious responsibilities. He continues to align himself not with conservative political and ministerial figures, but those who are very liberal and fall into that “social justice” category. Rick Warren is no conservative.

He is both leading and riding the newest wave of change in the Evangelical community: an expansion beyond social conservatism to causes such as battling poverty (a never ending battle), opposing torture and combating global warming. But wait, he has raised millions to be able to attend to the first 2 and the last, global warming, is one of the largest lies every perpetrated on this country or the world outside of the World Wars.

Warren says church and state should be separate. There is no such thing as separation of church and state except in the minds of those with “social justice” minds. The idea that faith should be separated from politics is one of the worst expressions of “baby-out-with-the-bathwater” thinking that has come along. Instead of killing people for God Allah/Islam, we are killing God (Communist Manifesto/45 Goals 27-28), and that certainly isn’t working out so well either.

The Christian churches have never been so big, with mega memberships yet having so little results in terms of seeing the lost get saved and the prodigals returned. What is happening is indoctrination into a liberal functioning to repair the world. God has never said we are supposed to mend the world. I much prefer the thought “give them a hand up rather than a hand out”.

Have you ever heard of the Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a Healthier Life (TDP)? Many churches promote Warren’s plan to “fasting to change your life to seek a direction in your life” by abstaining from food.

This program was put together by Rick Warren and a group of New Age doctors he went searching for. I see them as wolves seeking to devour the Christian church anyway they can along with the sheeple inside. We as Christians are supposed to be giving examples to the unchurched and Jews to bring them to Christ. If they are seeing what is happening within the doors of these churches why would they want to join us?

What makes them qualified to create a program based on Biblical principles? Not a thing! Years ago this would have been thrown out of the church as heresy, however now people embrace it because a bible verse/story was slapped on it, printed by a Christian publisher and endorsed by a Christian pastor and away we go.

Using the Bible for self-indulgence goes against the teaching. “Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them. For they that are such serve not our Lord Jesus Christ, but their own belly; and by good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple. Romans 16:17-18 KJV

When it comes to the Bible – if it’s New it’s not True and if it’s True it’s not New.

I also happen to believe the saving of our souls is in the Believing in Jesus Christ and that everything I need is in the Bible. When Joel Osteen tells a church full of people God wants you to prosper, God isn’t talking about money or wealth:

And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf shall also not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper. Psalms 1:3 KJV

This doesn’t mean success will come to you in the accumulation of wealth as in money, but in the experience of God’s blessings for their words and deeds.

And at the same time Jesus warned: The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. John 10:10 KJV

Are Rick Warren and Joel Osteen’s sheep prospering as they are by the teaching of this false doctrine? They are the leaders of the false prophet pack!

Warren went searching for the doctors he thought he needed for this Daniel project and found: Daniel Amen (psychiatrist, practitioner of Tantra which is the use of Hinduistic-type mysticism during sexual intercourse/Jew), Mark Hyman (psychiatrist/ New Age mysticism) and Mehmet Oz (Sufi Muslim, cardio vascular surgeon). Research will show you these three men are steeped in Eastern mysticism and the occult. Not one of the “experts” Rick Warren chose to create, implement and push The Daniel Plan is Christian. It has since been “re-branded” “2.0”.

So — why did Rick Warren knowingly choose occultists? Did Warren know this about them? Why wouldn’t he choose physicians who are in the “faith"? Warren has earned a reputation which is larger than life – so why hook up with doctors involved in these practices? Why didn’t he elicit the aid of three notable Christian specialists to create “God’s prescription for your health”?

Rick Warren is represented as one of America’s most influential Christian ministers. He’s so popular that many folks call him “America’s Pastor.” He certainly is not mine!

Opening day and presentation of Rick Warren’s “The Daniel Plan” or “Devil Plan” came on Jan. 15, 2011 with over 6,000 flooding the church. I first read about this event some time ago which was attended and written/published by Jennifer Pekich. I received permission to reuse her article some years back but never had the occasion to use it until now. I am not going to re-print the whole article but include the jest of what happened and you can go to the link and read the whole thing.

“The first speaker, Dr. Amen, made reference to the Egyptian pyramids and how they were built upon an “idea,” and if man could build something like that all those thousands of years ago, what could he do today if he put his mind to it? I found that to be somewhat disturbing, as the pyramids, no matter how impressive they are, represent the ancient pagan religions which got their start in Babylon when Nimrod gathered men (the community) together to commit idolatry by building a tower to honor themselves as gods (Gen. Ch. 11). And yet here it was, the analogy that was chosen to illustrate this new “idea” Saddleback would launch for their 52 week program.

I’d like to state that Saturday Jan. 15th, 2011 will go down in the history books as the day Saddleback Church “sheep” were sold a bill of goods. The masses had come out in droves for answers to their weight loss difficulties & health problems, but unbeknownst to them, they were being given a prescription for restructuring society & population control – better known as “Agenda 21”/Sustainable Development” or “Smart Growth”. Yes, Rick Warren is a “greenie”.

The second speaker, Mark Hyman, began. It didn’t take too long to figure out what the basis of his message was: We “need to heal with community” (he termed this “accompaniment”), “we’re here for the sake of each other,” this plan “is our way out,” this plan “saved me,” and in fact will “change the world.”

Saddleback was being told they were a “test community” to show the world how to live “healthy and sustainably.” When I heard these words, my heart sank. It was as I’d feared. I knew which buzzwords to listen for, and he was hitting them all. The audience was told they would be champions in health to show the world what “living sustainably” was all about, but Dr. Hyman is a leftist who is more than a champion in health, he’s a change agent for the global elite, as is Dr. Oz & Dr. Amen.

Dr. Hyman is the founder and medical director of the Ultra Wellness Center, he advises Dr. Oz’s health core group, and was a nominee to President Obama’s advisory group on prevention, health promotion, and integrative and public health. (He didn’t get the appointment) I smell an agenda.

He practices what’s known as “functional medicine,” which means he uses a “whole systems” approach to medicine; in other words, he practices medicine “wholistically,” This is also known as “Mind Body” medicine. At Saddleback’s seminar, “mind body” or “functional” medicine was presented as if it’s completely scientific.

What came to mind were traveling salesmen of the 1800’s. They talked fast, so fast that the message that’s really being given goes right over people’s heads, but they still buy the snake oil.

I about fell off my chair when Dr. Hyman stated, “The key to the success of the “Daniel Plan” is “group living”… individuals” will not succeed, our only hope lies in “community.” This is exactly what the emerging church is teaching. And with that, it was announced that the “Saddleback community” would be an example of “sustainable living” and would set the course to “change this world” — and the crowd went wild!

Note Here: In case you have never read about the internal working of Rick Warren’s church it is run similar to the Christian Scientist where the members are separated into groups (communities) to begin to feel like family and tell all their deep, dark secrets to each other and then the “group leaders” can hold these confessions over members if their tithing is not up to par or they try to leave the church.

Dr. Hyman said, “We’re all the same underneath.” The only way in which we’re “all the same underneath” is we’re all sinners in need of a Savior; and the Savior isn’t “sustainable living.” Remember, the Emergent/New Age Church says the era of the single savior is OVER! The tragic thing about this day at Saddleback is, Jesus was never mentioned ... and I mean NEVER.

(You must read the full article as there is a great deal more insight there).

If you have been reading all the information that has been presented, you will begin to see “Chrislam” as the branch to the One World Religion, and the “The Daniel Plan” as the road to everything which composes a New World Order.

Who needs “sound teaching” anyway? You get a whole lot more people to fill the pews when you tell them what they want to hear, rather than what the revealed word of God clearly teaches. Pastors like Joel Osteen of the Lakewood Church in Texas have built up a weekly audience of over 15,000 people by telling them that God “wants you to be rich and selling his books will prove that someone is getting rich – I doubt through God’s design.

Pastor Rob Bell of the Mars Hill church has gained an audience of over 7,000 a week by teaching them “another gospel” – that there is no actual hell. “Maybe the bible was only talking about hell to scare us and that in the end everyone, including Hitler, and pedophiles and Al Capone, all get “reconciled to God”, and no one actually spends eternity in Hell”.

CHRISTIAN ALERT: If Rod Bell is correct then Jesus is a liar and the bible is a useless book not fit for much of anything except maybe a bookend.

The core of the Evangelical worldview is changing the understanding of salvation so much so that Christianity becomes more of an ethical habit of mind and a routine rather than a faith based belief in divine revelation – God and Christ.

I encourage you to listen to Chris Lawson and Ray Yungen discussing the serious compromise of Rick Warren allowing New Age doctors and various Alternative Health (New Age) practices on his Saddleback Church ‘Daniel Plan’ website.

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A little research on all of the mentioned “false prophets” in this series will help to open your hearts and minds as to what is actually happening.

Jesus Christ as the only way to salvation, but the Emergent church is telling you inter-spirituality which is the outcome of contemplative prayer and the uniting of all religions is the way – One World Religion (OWR).

I believe that now is that time that God, from the beginning of the Old Testament to the end of the New Testament, has warned us would come one day. God tells us to be a "watchman on the wall", blow the trumpet and warn the people that the time of God's Judgment is upon us. My trumpet is my hands, the computer keys and my mouth. What is yours?

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© 2015 Diane Kepus - All Rights Reserved

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Dianehaswitnessed the decline in the scholastic achievement levels of our children brought about by the interference of the Federal DOE and individuals/businesses who choose to use our children as “human collateral” for their own financial gains. In the process they are leading them into a Communist agenda to be overseen by the United Nations.

She actually began her Education research regarding the “International Baccalaurate” (IB) program and that branched out into all aspects of foreign education of which has been allowed into our schools. Then it moved on tothe push for Charter Schools with “unelected” school boards to the indoctrination of our children with the Common Core State Standards.

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It should be apparent by now that the emerging church is more experience-based than Bible-based. Further, in the emerging church the Word of God is taking a secondary position to the Worship of God.



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