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By Michael Moriarty
April 1, 2013

The End of Dueling Hypocrisies?

I have been a fan of Lt. Col. Allen West ever since he first appeared on the American political scene.

God’s Military Leader

God’s Physician

Now that Dr. Benjamin Carson has also swept into the headlines, I’m certain that God… the God I know at any rate… has sent the United States a Divine Formula for not only addressing the consistently estranged Third World on Earth, but He has sent us two of His most perfect messengers. Two exceptional Americans to remind all of humanity that America, all of America, has been and most likely always will be a Right-of-Center Nation.

The Third World has not comprehended either why or for what reason individuals mature most fruitfully in the United States if they place all their faith upon not only God but upon individual freedom and individual responsibility.

Do you know whom I blame most for the American collapse into the Far Left Insanities of Barack Hussein Obama?

The Kissingerized Nixon Administration and the Bush Family’s unconditional surrender to Communism’s Greatest Ponzi Scheme: a Progressively Marxist/Leninist New World Order run by the United Nations.

Republican hypocrisy!

Which American conservatives appear to be free of and immune to the Bush-Romney and McCain love affairs with a Progressive New World Order?

Both Allen West and Dr. Benjamin Carson.

Nor are they shouldering any Far Right Ghosts of the Past such as Barry Goldwater.

I don’t really care which of these two men are President and which becomes our Secretary of State. I only know that their three main ingredients: minority backgrounds plus impressive military and medical vocations? The human race and the Earth demand their ascendancy into power.

The White Power Base on both sides of the political aisle have failed to stop humanity’s race into an ever-impending World War III. The white know-it-alls have, in fact, parted the human race into two very deadly enemies:

The Progressively Marxist/Leninist New World Order vs. The Holy Bible.

Karl Marx vs. Christ.

That both of these superstars are Jewish?

That might explain why History is certain that the future of Western Civilization hangs on the survival of a Judeo-Christian Israel.

It is only predictable that Marx’s battalions would, in the end, seal another precarious allegiance to raving anti-Islam’s Radical Jihadists. Hitler’s non-aggression pact with Stalin certainly filled Marxism’s self-loathing, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel dance card.

They’re at it again.

The Devil’s Imam, Amin Al Hussein and Friend

Signing of Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact

Syria’s Assad with the Neo-Soviet Putin

The Devil’s Third Millennium, double-team strategy simply looks subtler.

Putin only opposes abortion because of that Marxist throw-back’s dwindling Russian population.

Meanwhile, radical Islam applauds the complete and utter abortion of the non-Islamic human race. That, of course, would also include Putin… but Putin knows that.

However, the eternal enemy of Marxism is never an anti-Semite.

That common enemy of both Marx and Radical Islam is still the United States of America… or what it used to be under men like Dwight D. Eisenhower.

I’ve called Allen West “The Black Eisenhower.”

I’ve said that Allen West’s Biblical destiny as a major Free World Leader is a certainty.

Whether God sees fit to make West a President of the United States or that Free World leader’s Secretary of State?

That remains to be seen.

Perhaps the Almighty feels a physician is best as the 45th President of the United States. The man to be elected in 2016.

If the Red Islamic, Communist Anti-Semitism of a growing non-aggression pact between radical Islam and the Sino-neo-Soviet, Communist World strengthens its belligerence? Continues threats out of both North Korea and Iran?!?!

Lt. Col. Allen West should become President of the United States in an instant!!

With a President West as America’s possible “tough cop” and a President Benjamin Carson as her “nice cop”?

Both are necessary!

Either will work as President since the Third World will have a hard time siding with Red China and neo-Soviet Russia if the leadership of the United States so emphatically represents a Third World minority. Obama’s momentum will be exploited to a profoundly conservative humanity’s benefit.

At last the color issue would be off the political stove and Man would be dealing solely in political and not racial differences. This, of course, will throw the Left’s decidedly consistent anti-Semitism into the full light of the Democrat Party’s hypocrisy.

That the Kissingerized Nixon and Bush Republicans have, in many ways, surpassed the Democrats in the hypocrisy competition? The last forty years of the American Presidency engraves a dueling hypocrisies upon its record.

Without proof that there is indeed such a thing as “Third World Conservatism,” everything America has stood for has been lost in its depraved exercise in dueling hypocrisies.

The throbbing, endless and ever-evolving pulse of human history cries, begs, yea, demands that both Allen West and Dr. Benjamin Carson be elected to both the Presidency of the United States and the powerfully influential office, Secretary of State. When the White House and the State Department advertise the Truth of the American Dream, that there is no office out of the reach of any American, no matter what his or her race, creed or color.

When that divinely cold and hard political fact is a living reality on the faces of our American leadership?!

Nothing, in a final analysis, will remain out of the reach of anyone on earth who has the divine calling to powerful and/or powerfully influential vocations.

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Winston Churchill said that America has always, in the end, made the right decision… after, of course, she has exhausted every other possibility.

Time has run out on all the other, disastrous possibilities.

Besides, God’s not a hypocrite.

Hypocrisy is the main skill taught in Philosophy 101 at St. Lucifer’s Progressively Catholic University!

About that decades-long and particularly Pan-American “improvement” upon Rome?! And Progressive Catholicism’s role in the inevitable World War III??!!

More later.

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© 2013 - Michael Moriarty - All Rights Reserved

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Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent movie and TV credits include, Pale Rider, Who'll Stop the Rain, The Glass Menagerie, Courage Under Fire, The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby, Deadly Skies and many more.











Which American conservatives appear to be free of and immune to the Bush-Romney and McCain love affairs with a Progressive New World Order?