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By Kelleigh Nelson
July 8, 2012

Woody Degan and Wolf River Airport

Why is Woody Degan's running for State Senate in District 32? The answer is because of the Tennessee corruption that is destroying private property and the water rights of the State's citizens. Tennessee has a $56 million dollar bank account that is off the state books! It currently has $13 Million in the account! The money comes from the state selling our rights to the water and waterways of Tennessee. Governor Haslam's bagman, Senator Mark Norris, attempted to legalize that process through SB2211, stripping the citizens of their water rights under Tennessee Law! Woody exposed it and defeated Sen. Norris' AGENDA 21 legislation, and saved our water rights!

Who is Woody Degan? He's a graduate of the University of Memphis with a B.A. degree in Marketing, Advertising and Corporate Communications. He is president and co-owner/manager of Wolf River Airport. He is certified in General Aviation Security through the Transportation Security Administration, Department of Homeland Security. He produces and engineers live concerts. He is a band leader, a lead vocalist, and has shared the stage with stars like Stevie Wonder, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Isaac Hayes, Sammy Davis, Jr., and Charlie Pride. Woody is also a groundskeeper and farmer and has 30 years of experience in special use Turf maintenance. The list goes on.

The Degan Family, Woody, his brother Reg, and his mother Mary, all own Wolf River Airport. The airport is east of Memphis about three miles into the next county, which is Fayette County. It was an old airport from the 1940's. Woody's father was a world renowned aviator. He was the guy who identified and located the Lost Squadron under the Greenland ice cap, which is actually a History Channel special.

Colonel Roy E. Degan, Jr. wanted a small place where youngsters could go to learn to fly and was outside of the control zone. He had three boys and decided he would build his own place, and so he joined with 10 other people and bought this old airstrip. They made a number of major improvements, including constructing buildings and hangars. They now house about 45 aircraft there. The airport is a general aviation airport and is federally numbered; 54M is the Wolf River Airport. It serves as the training place for the 101st airborne out of Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. They're the copters that took SEAL Team 6 to get Osama Bin Laden and they also do training operations at the airport. Wolf River Airport also services domestic traffic, local traffic, and emergency helicopters.

Wolf River Airport has been flooded by the developers of a Waste Water Treatment Plant and the developers of the new Norfolk Southern Intermodal Rail Yard. The damage to two streams, as well as the land surrounding the airport, is horrendous. The Degans are fighting to keep their business and their property from being destroyed. When this happened, Woody and his brother did their due diligence on how the developer got their permits. Tennessee has some great water laws, and the federal Clean Water Act is very clear and thorough in addressing water situations. However, Woody and his brother learned these developers had essentially "bought" their permits, which is illegal and should be! To do what they're doing with the streams that caused the Wolf River Airport flooding is certainly illegal.

This is the story of corruption, destruction of private property, pollution of waterways, failure to follow state and federal environmental laws, payoffs and monetary gains by the rich and powerful. It is the story of Woody Degan's fight to expose what is ultimately UN Agenda 21 in the State of Tennessee. It is a story that is happening across the Nation. It is the story of the destruction of God-given and Constitutionally guaranteed rights for all citizens. It is a story that goes to the top politician in the state, Governor Haslam. It is a story that needs to be exposed.

The Cast of Characters

William Adair is a developer in Memphis, Tennessee. He owns William C Adair Development Co LLC, established in 2008 in Tennessee. His partner is Pierre DeWet, a Texas billionaire. DeWet is the developer of "The Heart of Tyler, Texas Main Street Program." The Main Street website states, "The Texas Main Street Program, part of the Texas Historical Commission's Community Heritage Development Division, helps Texas cities revitalize their historic downtowns and neighborhood commercial districts by utilizing preservation and economic development strategies. The program began in 1981 and is affiliated with the National Trust for Historic Preservation." This is United Nations' Agenda 21 Smart Growth.

William Adair started Direct General Insurance in 1991 and sold it for $685 million in 2007. He and his wife then moved back to Colliersville, TN. He decided to build a $100 million project in Piperton which would include homes, industry, charter schools, and retail stores. He paid $28 million for the 3,000 acres known as Twin Hill Ranch, most of which he plans to develop into a mixed-use subdivision called Piperton Hills. It would be patterned upon his business partner, Pierre DeWet's "Heart of Tyler" program which is referred to as the "ideal city." Besides the obvious comparison to Smart Growth cities promoted by the United Nations Agenda 21, I am reminded of the book, "The Ideal Communist City." It was written in the 50s by six Soviets describing the ideal cities built in communist Russia that are exactly what the Smart Growth agenda is promoting in America today.

Adair is also responsible for the construction of the Piperton, Tennessee Waste Water Treatment Plant. He is spending $5 million of his own money for the Waste Water Plant as a gift to the City. He is also involved in the development of the Norfolk Southern rail yard intermodal. Adair actually sold the land for the intermodal to Norfolk Southern.

Mark Norris is Tennessee Senator Majority Leader, from District 32, and serves as Chairman of the Senate Rules Committee. He is a member of the Finance Ways and Means Committee, Ethics Committee, State and Local Governments Committee, and Energy and Environment Committee.
Norris is an attorney for Adams and Reese, LLC. He is a member of the Litigation Practice Group where he represents small businesses, health care providers and property owners, and he provides general counseling to individuals, charities, corporations and nonprofit organizations. Adams and Reese also specializes in representation of clients in the oil industry before all courts, governmental regulatory bodies and tribunals, as well as in alternate dispute resolutions, including arbitration and mediation. This plays an important role in this expose`.

Norris is also a member of the Council of State Governments' Southern Legislative Conference. As a member of the delegation of presiding officers from The Council of State Governments' Southern Legislative Conference, he recently traveled to China at the invitation of the Chinese government.
The goal of the China-US Exchange Foundation is to help Americans across many spectrums gain a deeper understanding of the environmental, economic, social and political developments in China.

The Southern Legislative Conference delegation was among the invited guests to the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. The delegation gathered several hours before the parade began at Tiananmen Square to witness the vast display of Chinese military power, including 52 weapons systems, 151 warplane flyovers, 12 intercontinental-range missiles, and a new missile, the Dongfeng 21-C, along with thousands of marching troops.

Norris is also the Chairman for the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (TACIR), which is the liberal, Rockefeller spawned southeast division of Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR). On April 21, 1935, the New York Times magazine published a plan in which the states would merge into new units called Federal Regions, that would be controlled from Washington, DC. In 1959, Nelson Rockefeller called for an Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR), which became a federally-funded Rockefeller think-tank within Congress to prepare a working formula for the concept. Norris's seemingly close relationship with Governor Haslam is not surprising inasmuch as TACIR is a proponent of Agenda 21's Smart Growth. TACIR's "Growth Policy," which includes limitations on "urban sprawl," makes it quite clear they're a proponent of Agenda 21. Remember, Haslam allowed Smart Growth into Knoxville when he was the City Mayor, and Haslam refused to sign the non-binding Resolution against Agenda 21,--the first Resolution he's refused to sign.

Mark Norris plays an integral part in this story. His closeness with the Governor has him carrying legislation the Governor wishes to see passed. One such piece of legislation was SB2211 which would have codified the unlawful activities with "In Lieu Fees" via the Tennessee Stream Mitigation Program.

Typically the Senate will let the bills run their course in the House before they act on them; this way the Senator has some cover. He doesn't have to publicly take a stand on the issue. These bills are in what is called " summer study" and can be brought up again as soon as session starts in January of 2013. Therefore, these bills must be watched closely.

Norris Campaign Donations

Governor Haslam recently appointed Samir Ali to the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development (ECD). In the Governor's Constituent Newsletter #21, he referenced Dr. Subhi Ali who is Samar's father. Dr. Ali is past President of the Tennessee Medical Association (TMA). Rosine Ghawji states in her newsletter, that one likely explanation is "simple politics and cronyism." The appointment has caused some intense backlash against the Governor for many reasons. Samar Ali's background is of particular interest inasmuch as she will be International Director for the ECD under Commissioner Bill Hagerty. She served an internship for the Islamic International Arab Bank in Amman, Jordan. She was working as an associate at the international law firm Hogan Lovells where she specialized in advising clients on "Shariah-Compliant transactions." Samir was a founding member of the first U.S. delegation to the World Islamic Economic Forum where key leaders declared Shariah Finance to be "dawa" (missionary) activity to promote Islam and Shariah. She was one of the 13 appointed fellows serving in the Obama White House. She was also a donor to Democrat Harold Ford, Jr.'s Tennessee campaign. Samar Ali donated to the 2008 Obama Victory Fund.

In 2004, Samir Ali's father, Dr. Subhi Ali donated to several Democrats, one of whom is pro-Hamas/anti-Israel Cynthia McKinney, a staunch supporter of the Nation of Islam. Of special interest is a donation to McKinney of $2,000 from Abdurahman Alamoudi, former Director of the American Muslim Foundation, and al Qaeda's top fundraiser in America. He is currently serving a 23 year prison sentence. [Link]

Other donations to Democrats included Lincoln Davis, Bob Clement, and former Tennessee Governor Bredesen. Of extreme interest is the fact that Dr. Ali has also donated to Senator Mark Norris. The Independent Medicine Pac (IMPACT) has also donated to Senator Mark Norris. The PAC is listed among the affiliates and partners of Dr. Ali's Tennessee Medical Association (TMA). Dr. Ali's other daughter, Yasmine Ali, M.D., is listed as a Board Member of the TMA.

One might also like to ask why Tennessee Republican State Senator Norris has donated to well-known Agenda 21 Senator, Lamar Alexander. Ali was recommended to the position by Will Alexander, the son of U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, who was promoted to chief of staff of the department in May. Hagerty and Haslam signed off on the appointment, which is an executive-level position.

The reality is, Woody found out what was going on in the state of Tennessee, why it was horribly askew, and why his representative, Mark Norris, wasn't representing him or the Citizens of the State of Tennessee. People encouraged Woody to run against Senator Norris. It took him about 9 weeks to get used to the idea and when he did, he threw his hat in the ring. [Link] If we elect Woody Degan, these bills will never get the opportunity to see the light of day again.

Once Norris found out Woody was running against him, he hired a private detective to spy on Woody and the Wolf River Airport. Fortunately for Woody, the detective wasn't as smart as Norris assumed. The bills for the detective's time were sent to Woody's Campaign Headquarters rather than to Mark Norris, so Woody had a head's up on the fact that he was being followed and spied upon. Wonder how the detective was paid...

Representative David Hawk is a House member of the 103rd through 107th House Assemblies. He is a member of the House General Sub-Committee of Conservation and Environment and he is also the Chairman of the House Conservation and Environment Committee. Interestingly enough, Hawk is also involved with Main Street Greeneville, TN, the same program both William Adair and his partner Pierre DeWet have invested in with Piperton, TN and Tyler, Texas respectively. This is a Smart Growth project.

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More importantly however, Representative Hawk carries legislation in the House for the Governor and especially in the House Conservation and Environment Committee where he hoped to pass HR2349 which would have codified the unlawful activities with "In Lieu Fees" via the Tennessee Stream Mitigation Program. Link to video Hawk tried to suspend the rules and push this bill forward. Thank God for a few good Democrats in the room who smelled a rat and put this bill under some serious scrutiny. Fortunately, this bill did not pass. However, the mounting pressure of his inability to deliver the bill back to Norris and the Governor so infuriated Representative Hawk that he apparently went home and physically abused his wife later that weekend. [Link]

In Part 3, we'll look at William Adair and Norfolk Southern's intermodal rail yard.

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2012 Kelleigh Nelson - All Rights Reserved

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Kelleigh Nelson has been researching the Christian right and their connections to the left, the new age, and cults since 1975. Formerly an executive producer for three different national radio talk show hosts, she was adept at finding and scheduling a variety of wonderful guests for her radio hosts. She and her husband live in Knoxville, TN, and she has owned her own wholesale commercial bakery since 1990. Prior to moving to Tennessee, Kelleigh was marketing communications and advertising manager for a fortune 100 company in Ohio. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, she was a Goldwater girl with high school classmate, Hillary Rodham, in Park Ridge, Illinois. Kelleigh is well acquainted with Chicago politics and was working in downtown Chicago during the 1968 Democratic convention riots. Kelleigh is presently the secretary for Rocky Top Freedom Campaign, a strong freedom advocate group.













More importantly however, Representative Hawk carries legislation in the House for the Governor and especially in the House Conservation and Environment Committee where he hoped to pass HR2349 which would have codified the unlawful activities with "In Lieu Fees" via the Tennessee Stream Mitigation Program.