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By Dr. Laurie Roth
September 22, 2013

How many tough guy moments at the microphone can America endure from conservatives and the GOP? It is hardly ‘tin helmet’ or extremist anymore to say that America, her Constitution, Bill of Rights and Judeo-Christian values have been at war with Obama since the beginning of his fraudulent reign. He intends to completely destroy, tame and control us all if our elected leaders and the people don’t rise up and stand against him.

As chunks of Americans have experienced their wake up call (a little late I might add) the battles have escalated with Obama and those against his UN Constitutional and corrupt behavior. As the Obama train began he unfolded his name-calling plan.

Us ‘bitter clingers’ were the early problem Obama identified -- that is those of us who valued our Bibles and guns. Obama knew the heart of Americas wouldn’t just give up their 1st amendment, Religious and gun rights without a bloody battle. We wouldn’t exchange the God of the Holy Bible and our real birthright with Obama and his phony birthright. He was right.

It has become clear and is under alleged investigation that Obama uses the IRS, NSA, EPA, CZARS and all other Government tentacles to seek and destroy his enemies. He and his ‘plausible deniability shields’ are busy 24/7. Some conservative groups are fighting back but not nearly enough. ACLJ announced early this year a class action lawsuit representing at least 25 conservative groups against the illegal attacks by the IRS. Let’s see some more and clog up the courts.

The latest

House Speaker John Boehner, who has often been a major disappointment to Americans with his endless compromises, has allegedly had a sudden turnaround. GOP leaders announced that they are planning a vote Friday, Sept. 20th. According to Fox News, GOP leaders are putting forth a Bill that will tie the vote to de-fund the health care bill with the bill to fund the government and its operations. Defunding Obamacare is on the battlefield right now with the debt ceiling and Government shutdown war.

Obama is doing the usual fear mongering and attacks against the GOP and their plans. How dare they want the poor people, children and Mommies not to have health care! Apparently, the conservatives in the House want our elderly not to get their social security and Medicare payments on time either. The GOP and Boehner must follow through and realize that the attacks, threats and lies about their plans to defund this ‘holy grail’ of Obama will be the bloodiest political and power war they have ever fought.

I talked at length about this with my husband this morning and he thought that perhaps the American people would only snap out of their complacency if Obamacare were just allowed to unfold. He said, when the masses finally see the endless lies unfolding…doubling and tripling of health insurance prices, dramatically less care, fines everywhere and seniors not getting care, the people will rise up against Obama and he will lose the 2014 mid term elections battle.

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That may be true, however, my deepest concern is that every inch we politically give Obama he takes a mile. Also, the people become increasingly trained to be big Government dependent surfs. The more this Unconstitutional health care bill increases its controls on the people my fear is that the masses won’t be able to rise up even if they want to. Like all dictatorships…they will be dependent, threatened and trained to submit, expecting a Government surprise here and there yet living on dog bones…and being thankful for it!

Stand behind the House and their plan to push defunding. We cannot allow the health care bill to survive. It will end up being the Obama tool that controls your lifespan, accesses your bank accounts and publicizes your private information and medical records. The House has peered behind the curtain, now they must follow through and show some guts for once! This is war and we must win!

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Obama is doing the usual fear mongering and attacks against the GOP and their plans.