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David R. Usher
December 24, 2006

In early April, I was the first analyst to call the Duke case a fraud. Early in the case it was already evident that Mike Nifong was serving interests other than justice. This piece will demonstrate exactly what the other interest might be.

But first: the lastest news. Nifong finally dropped the rape charges, but is pursuing kidnapping and sexual offense charges which are equally ridiculous and absurd. As before, he won�t even tell us what the charges might be.

In a historic move, the President of a beleaguered Duke University has called for Mike Nifong to step down. Early applications to Duke dropped by 20% this year. It seems that wise parents are unwilling to send their kids to a county where the High Sheriff of Hazard has a personal hobby sacrificing young men on the guillotine of radical feminism.

No ethical prosecutor would have tried the original rape charges, much less tried a case on the lesser ones, given the fact that the alleged victim has changed her story about thirty times, is a convicted thief, and has filed false rape charges before. She was having sex with numerous men at the time of the alleged incident, lied about it, and became pregnant by one of them to have a �dollar baby� and get more welfare � a secret withheld until birth of the evidence. It is not unreasonable to say that the alleged victim is really a sex predator who made a career out of using sex to get everything she wants from men by hook or crook.

No prosecutor alive could get a conviction for even a traffic violation now: the improper police line-ups disqualify the most important evidence. Without the alleged victim picking from a valid line-up, the prosecution cannot lay a proper foundation for identification of anyone to prosecute.

How anyone could ever believe Nifong in this or any other future trial is another question. He lied about exculpatory evidence, and conspired with the DNA testing laboratory to have the evidence concealed by the lab so he did not have to produce it to the defense. He performed two illegal police lineups. He continued to press a case that no merit whatsoever.

Now Nifong would have us believe, given all the evidence made public, that he has either the credibility or evidence to prove sexual abuse or kidnapping beyond a reasonable doubt? Short of moving the case to Outer Mongolia or an Alzheimers ward, it will be impossible to find a jury who has not heard about the prosecutorial shenanigans in this case!

The real issue in this case has yet to be discussed. Corruption within the legal system is endemic. The Duke case is merely a peek inside Dunderbeck�s Machine.

There have been 17 complaints filed with the North Carolina Bar about Nifong in this case. Despite a wide body of public evidence indicating a history of disbarrable and perhaps criminal practices by Mr. Nifong, the North Carolina Bar Association has done nothing to intervene in the complaints filed with the Bar.

One would think the public would be able to know what the substance of these complaints might be (although we can bet with certainty what the complaints are). We will never know for sure, because Bar complaints are secret. Those who filed complaints are not even allowed to talk about them publicly. And, the public is not allowed to know what, if any punishment was meted out by the disciplinary committee. The Bar and legal profession are a sub-rosa trade group: no matter how serious the violation, everything disappears into the Star Chamber, from whence America is ultimately controlled.

There is no rule requiring the Bar to delay or stay disciplinary action against any attorney or public official where the disbarrable offenses were committed within a case in progress. In fact, has been the duty of the North Carolina Bar all along to intervene � to revoke Nifong�s law license or at least order him to step down. The fact that the Bar failed to act in timely and appropriate manner demonstrates it is an accessory to the corruption.

Certainly, if any case would ever evoke prompt disciplinary action, the Duke Lacrosse case is the Gold Standard. Cases of tremendous public import always get the closest scrutiny, and are the most likely of all to bring down the roof when government officials act illegally. As we have witnessed, nothing motivates the Bar in North Carolina to discipline its members.

All across America, countless criminal cases are in progress. Prosecutors do lie. Prosecutors and judges manipulate or hide evidence and even forge court documents to get the conviction over with. DNA evidence in old cases is being intentionally destroyed so innocent convicted Americans cannot clear themselves. Innocent people have been locked up for much of their life, and even executed.

Civil cases are worse: the standards of evidence are now so low as to be meaningless. Millions of good fathers have been thrown out of their families on false domestic violence charges, had their parenting rights terminated without trial, or been ordered to pay child support based on imaginary income some judge invented to make himself appear worthy of an appeals court appointment.

Legal corruption has been driving expanding political corruption for years. Neither the Republican or Democrat parties listen to their grassroots supporters. They do what the ABA wants, while spinning their activities to create the appearance they are doing what America wants. This fourth branch of government is not elected, but it clearly controls the other three.

Legal corruption must be ended in America. I urge all grassroots organizations of all political persuasions to realize that America cannot be healed until legal corruption is ended. No legitimate special interest group can get what they want until this task is accomplished in every state. A unified effort by all grassroots organizations must be undertaken to restore Democracy in America.

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My article �How to Reform the Corrupt Legal System� [MND version] is an excellent legislative package to make this happen. Take off your coat, folks, and roll up your sleeves. Get this introduced in your state, and do not let anything else distract you until it is enacted.

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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition and is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children.












No ethical prosecutor would have tried the original rape charges, much less tried a case on the lesser ones, given the fact that the alleged victim has changed her story about thirty times...