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By David R. Usher
July 14, 2008

For several years, True Equality Network (TEN) has conducted investigations into reports of child abuse, child molestation, abuse of women in the shelters, organized operation of prostitution, sales of illegal drugs, misuse of federal funds, and violations of employment laws.

We have discovered an astonishing amount of illegal activities. However, we have not been able to discuss these cases publicly because they have been turned over to the various government agencies for prosecution.

Last week, one shocking case involving child sexual abuse in a women’s shelter opened up that we can talk about. This is the first of many stories that will be exposed in the coming months.

Before discussing the case, it is important for all readers to fully understand the goal of True Equality Network. The structure of the Violence Against Women Act and state laws that have evolved around pass-through funding requirements have placed the funding in the hands of radical non-governmental organizations that care more about ensuring their monopoly over entitlements than anything else.

The agenda begins with the American Bar Association Commission On Domestic Violence, and Senator Joe Biden’s undying support for this dangerous system, and far too often ends with abuse of women in the streets. TEN and many others are demanding major reforms of VAWA and will not rest until Congress takes appropriate actions.

Alleged child sexual abuse at the “Another Way” shelter

The case involves a four-year-old girl and her mother who went to the “Another Way” shelter located in Lake City, Florida. According to the police report, the girl was sexually molested by a nine-year-old girl.

The contents of the police report do not begin to describe what really happened. “Jane Doe 783”, is a mandated reporter who discovered the incident. She helped the mother report the incident to Florida’s Department of Children and Families (DCF) and helped her make the police report. She contacted True Equality Network and provided us with a statement describing the whole story.

According to Jane Doe 783, the 4-year-old girl was molested on June 4, 2008 between 8 and 9 pm by another girl, age 9. It is not known if any of the shelter’s advocates were aware of the event. A babysitter responsible for watching the two children had left them unattended in a playroom together. One of the children then locked the door from the inside.

The babysitter managed to get one of the children to open the door. She found the 4-year old with a blanket wrapped around her. When the 4-year old stood up, the blanket fell and the babysitter noticed her pants and panties were around her ankles. The 4-year old then ran from the playroom while trying to pull her pants up.


The babysitter took the 4-year told to the bathroom, during which time the 4-year old told the babysitter the 9-year old had put her fingers in her “privates.”

The babysitter then gave the 4-year old a bath. During the bath the babysitter left the 4-year old alone in the tub. When she returned she found the mother of the 9-year old yelling at the 4-year old, claiming this was just a game the girls play.

After the babysitter got the mother of the 9-year old to leave the bathroom, the 4-year old repeated her original story saying that it was not a game they play. The 4-year old, while crying said that the mother of the 9-year old girl told her not to tell anyone about what happened.

An Attempted Cover-Up

When the mother of the 4-year old girl returned to the shelter at approximately 12:00 AM and found out about the event, she wanted to report it to police. But the shelter advocate, Gloria Taylor, said she had to speak with the residential director, Shanna Travis first. Ms. Travis told the mother of the 4-year old that she should not call the police or DCF at this time because it would cause great distress to the little girl. The shelter manager never reported the incident to the police or DCF and encouraged the mother of the 4-year old girl not to report the incident.

Shelter advocates were adamant about not reporting the incident to authorities. Their position was based on an assertion that, ”no reports could be made due to the confidentiality of others in the shelter and if reports were made, no names could be given because of confidentiality. Even though a criminal act had taken place, they could not report it in order to maintain the confidentiality of the participants.”

However, Reporting requirements issued by the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence unquestionably require reporting of child abuse occurring in women’s shelters to state authorities. Moreover, the shelter is required to report such incidents to the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (FCADV) as specified in the their governing minimum standards for shelter operations.

Florida’s DCF also require mandated reporters to report actual and suspected cases of child abuse in shelters.

It was later discovered that another child sexual abuse instance occurred two months earlier, involving the same 9-year old female perpetrator, which was also not reported to authorities.

Why didn’t anyone in the shelter think these children needed help?

Reform of VAWA is mandatory

This and many more accounts will be exposed by True Equality once the witnesses have completed their reports to the authorities. These cases will clearly illustrate that the Violence Against Women Act and the oversight procedures of the funding systems and shelter operations must be reformed.

The shelters operate on what is called an, “Empowerment Model” that provides no rules or guidance to the participants. As a result “empowerment” programs are actually teaching the shelter participants how to lie, cheat, and steal, while hiding behind the cloak of shelter confidentiality. The gross lack of accountability of the entire domestic violence support system places individuals working or staying in abuse shelters in positions that can easily be take advantage of.

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If Senator Joe Biden does not want to go down in flames, he would be wise to stop backing big-government advocates who condone abuses of women, denial of services to men, and parental rights; and begin working with True Equality Network and other equality advocacy groups.

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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition and is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children.











Last week, one shocking case involving child sexual abuse in a women’s shelter opened up that we can talk about. This is the first of many stories that will be exposed in the coming months.