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By David R. Usher
August 23, 2008

When the story broke about Christian Bale’s criminal arrest for cryptic reasons on domestic assault charges, it appeared that Bale was being hammered for fame and money, just like the infamous false Duke Lacrosse Case.

Readers will remember that I was the first to call the Duke case a farcical abuse of the justice system in the article “The Hazards Of Duke: Predatory Feminism.”

Batman’s arrest is no less of a debacle. It is known that money is the motivation behind the entire incident. Bale is set to become the top paid male star in Hollywood. His mother and sister want a piece of the action and aren’t going to take “no” for an answer.

According to The Sun, they have been badgering him for $200,000 to help his sister “raise her three children”. Bale (unsurprisingly) found the demand unreasonable. A family disagreement ensued. Bale’s sister hurled insults at his wife. Bale pushed or shoved the mother aside (apparently they were blocking egress or cornering him).

In a family situation where the mother and sister are clearly the aggressors, they would have us believe that Bale somehow bullied them and “want him to be taught a lesson”?

Then the police mysteriously dropped the charges and issued a “warning”.

These women knew exactly what they were doing: blackmailing Batman. How do we know this? The first thing they did was to raise the ante by having an uncooperative Batman arrested on criminal assault charges for saying a few nasty things and pushing a blackmailing mother and sister aside.

When the story went international, instead of touting their case (which of course would expose the blackmail attempt), they wanted to keep it a “private family matter” (to keep the leverage quietly in place).

These women are crooks, just like the Duke Stripper. Enough information has now emerged to add the Batman to the long list of victims of treacherous domestic violence policy in Western countries.

Domestic violence laws are not tailored to serve the stated purpose. They require nothing more than an unsupported allegation to bring about criminal arrest or civil punishment of an individual leading to a later criminal arrest.

Allegations are not evidence, and do not establish probable cause for purposes of arrest. Allegations are merely assertions that have no meaning lacking evidence that probable cause exists.

Truly, the most fundamental principles of free and just countries go out the window whenever somebody mentions “domestic violence”. The do the same in Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, Columbia for slightly different reasons.

So, why do Western domestic violence laws behave like nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists?

They are designed to make years of unnecessary work for trial lawyers, psychologists, medical professionals, foster care, adoption services, and gossip columnists at the expense of male monetary, political, or marital targets (a few individuals genuinely at risk are saved along the way to justify town square “lynchings” of a much larger number of innocent individuals).

The interaction of the gears comprising the domestic violence machine is so obvious as to be undeniable. A chronic pattern of collaborative racketeering and fraud clanks noisily behind these showcase situations (and the many invisible family law cases nobody ever hears about).

The Batman caper has a particularly sinister twist to it: the British police are essentially accomplices to blackmail by two women (who would drop the criminal charges immediately if Bale gave in to their monetary demands).

The police should have arrested the mother and sister, and TUA’d the charges against Bale. He handled himself reasonably well in the face of crass insults and an ongoing familial extortion attempt.

Christian Bale should stick to his guns and never give his mother or sister a nickel. He (and other celebrities similarly milked by the corrupt cabal of trial lawyers and politicians) would be wise and even politically-correct to philanthropically support organizations that are fighting hard on the front lines to reform domestic violence laws, and prevent globalist expansions proposed by radical feminists at the United Nations. The system is senselessly destroying many marriages and leaving many men and women in desperate straits. It is time for Celebrities to step up to do great public works rebalancing our domestic violence laws.

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I know a few good organizations worthy of philanthropic support if Christian is inclined to help change the system of organized Jokers who nearly brought him down.

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David R. Usher is Legislative Analyst for the American Coalition for Fathers and Children, Missouri Coalition and is a co-founder and past Secretary of the American Coalition for Fathers and Children.












Domestic violence laws are not tailored to serve the stated purpose. They require nothing more than an unsupported allegation to bring about criminal arrest or civil punishment of an individual leading to a later criminal arrest.