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By Frosty Wooldridge
December 2, 2005

President Bush finally made a limousine tour of our broken borders. His cosmetic stops at the border presented photo ops much like his Johnny-come-later stops in New Orleans. He didn�t see the millions of tons of trash, stay to watch the thousands of illegals crossing nightly, nor did he ask any American citizens about their horror stories.

Nevertheless, he did make a promising speech on what he was going to do. However, and this is a salient HOWEVER, he didn�t follow through with his speech on giving 10,000 more Border Patrol officers and he has not followed through with interior enforcement of our immigration laws to arrest employers of illegal aliens.

Instead, he presented yet more aspects of his guest worker amnesty program. Let�s not fool ourselves like Bush tries to fool us�it is an amnesty program. And, much like he didn�t consider or design an exit strategy from Iraq, he hasn�t projected any of the problems with this guest worker program.

Remember him strutting across the aircraft carrier in his flight suit? Remember his �Mission Accomplished� speech? That was two years ago and 2,000 dead American kids and another 15,000 maimed soldiers. His new �guest worker� program will leave America �dead on arrival� if he is allowed to continue this gargantuan fraud.

Additionally, why give workers three to six year guest working cards when they are only here to pick lettuce, berries and apples? Why not a three month working visa and out the door at the end of the season? Since Bush refuses to think past his nose on this nightmare, let�s ask a few pertinent questions:

1, Will spouses and children be able to accompany the guest worker? Just minor children, or adult ones as well? Will they be allowed to work even more jobs Americans won�t do, which will double the jobs taken by guest workers?

Because if they do, we must build thousands of new schools, homes and infrastructure for these �seasonal� fruit and berry pickers, and their families. This will mean millions of more people added to our already congested cities.

2, Will any or all of the above be able to demand government services in the language of their choice, per President Clinton's Executive Order 13166? Will the workers be required to have at least a minimal working knowledge of English?

At what point do we expect our country�s language, English, to be honored by foreigners? Why not rescind Clinton�s moronic Executive Order 13166 that has cost American taxpayers millions of dollars? What happens when there are more Spanish speakers in sections of our country and the bigger cities that we simply abandon them as foreign city-states within our country? Will we still be America or just another internally violent nation? Hint: Paris, France.

3, Will their children be eligible to attend school, and if so, at whose expense? In what language(s) will they be educated? What if their kids speak 50 different languages? Do we hire even more teachers from out of our country?

Give us a breakdown Mr. Bush on WHO will pay for these kids. Will the corporations making us the �low wage paying capitol of the world� shell out money for guest workers� kids� education, medical, housing, transport and food?

4, How will health care services - including birth control - be provided and paid for?

To give you, Mr. Bush, an idea of what this guest worker program will cost, how about the 86 hospitals that have collapsed in California because of non-paying hordes of illegals? Who, sir, will pay for even more additional millions of guest workers using our medical services? Birth control will be critical when immigrant families historically prove to have large families that our environment can�t sustain. Will they all of a sudden become enlightened and use it?

5, Will any children born in the United States, automatically become US citizens?

You, Mr. Bush, have not stopped the �anchor baby� invasion in the past five years at over 350,000 annually. What about these new �anchor babies� and who will pay that cost? Will you subtract it from your retirement? Or will you be sending the bill to U.S. taxpayers as you have for the past five years?

6, Will the workers be eligible for the Earned Income Tax Credit? Will children remaining in the home country count as deductions when calculating the EITC benefit? How will the number of dependents claimed be verified?

Mr. Bush, you don�t have a clue do you?

7, Will IRS and Social Security charges be deducted from their wages? Will they be eligible for Social Security benefits, either here, or later in their home country? How many quarters of work will be required for eligibility? (Six years equals 24 quarters, less than the 40 quarters required for US citizens.)

How about it Mr. Bush, Mr. Rove or Mr. Cheney? Have you thought this one out? What about the fact that our Social Security program is already in deep trouble? Have you figured out an �exit strategy� for these guest workers?

8, Will workers be permitted to marry? Will those who marry a US citizen, or have a child while here, be able to stay beyond the six-year period? Would a man who fathers an "illegitimate" child qualify for citizenship on petition by the child when it reaches legal majority?

What about the integrity of citizenship for Americans versus blatant disregard for citizenship based on the loss of the rule of law? How do you turn that Titanic around Mr. President?

9, How about Worker's Compensation and unemployment?

Sir, we�re talking 20 million illegal aliens working at slave wages that want medical and unemployment paid. But what happens when they demand a living wage?

10, If the job for which the worker came to the United States evaporates or otherwise disappears, will workers be required to take a different job, or return home? If relocation is required, who will pay the expense? Will they be eligible for unemployment? If so, who pays a premium?

Got an answer to that one Mr. Bush? We would love to hear it.

11, Will child labor laws apply, especially in the fields?

Since you�ll be rewarding millions of desperately poor Mexicans and other Third Worlders, how will you police their actions in the lettuce fields of despair?

12, Will the workers be able to purchase a car, and obtain a US drivers license? If so, will they be required to purchase automobile insurance, and will this be available to them at a cost they can likely afford?

Will we change all our road signs into Spanish? How about Arabic? How about Portuguese? How about German, Dutch, French and Norwegian?

13, Will children be eligible to attend college? If so, at what tuition rate: in-state or out of state?

Who pays for those kids in our colleges when migrants work for such pathetic wages? How many of our kids will lose college slots to students from other countries?

14, Will minimum wage laws apply? How about the Davis-Bacon Act?

Much like your �Mission Accomplished� in Iraq, you�re about to create another debacle that will tip this country into violent internal conflict more than you quite understand or comprehend. Ask the French politicians about the recent riots in Paris!

15, Will the workers be free to unionize to demand improved wages and conditions?

When they demand living wages and unions, what are you going to do?

16, Will there be requirements for immunizations, and initial and periodic health clearances? On what schedule? Who pays?

Perhaps you might hire guys like Michael Brown formerly of FEMA to figure out that question? While we�re at it, we�d like your follow-up on that last questions?

17, Will workers come under any contract? If so, enforceable in what courts? Will public defenders be provided? At whose expense?
18, What system of identification documents will be required?
19, If conditions have not improved in the home country after six years, what are the chances that the guest workers will go home? Did the guest workers imported to Europe after World War II go home when they were no longer needed, or did they stay and send for their families to join them?
20, Will workers and their adult spouses be able to vote in local elections?
21, How will the workers (and families?) be housed and fed?
22, Will workers be permitted to travel home at will? Do they receive two weeks paid vacations?
23, Given these difficulties, won't most employers of the illegal aliens still prefer illegals?

Mr. Bush, taken as a whole, isn�t this a system of Indentured Servitude? Isn�t it a plan that will rip this country into two countries? Won�t it legalize a slave class? Won�t it erupt into violent confrontations much like Paris, France? Isn�t it a recipe for disaster much like the captain who guided the Titanic? Would you walk barefoot on broken glass? Or, do you want American citizens to walk on broken glass for you? Mr. Bush, you�re SO far removed from what is happening to America that your �guest worker� illusion reflects your leadership skills.

Why not once and for all stand up for America, for our Constitution, for our language, for our way of life, for what it means to be an American? Is that too much to ask? After all, you swore on a Bible to serve our United States Constitution, not Mexico�s.

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Remember him strutting across the aircraft carrier in his flight suit? Remember his �Mission Accomplished� speech? That was two years ago and 2,000 dead American kids and another 15,000 maimed soldiers. His new �guest worker� program will leave America �dead on arrival� if he is allowed to continue this gargantuan fraud.