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By Frosty Wooldridge
20, 2015

Part 9: Contaminating our food supply, collapsing fish populations

In the past week, I spoke to a young man who said, “Whether people live in their own countries or come to America, they still consume the same food and need housing, so what’s the difference?”

I replied, “Once they reach America’s shores, their consumption rates grow by 10 percent and as high as 30 percent. They change from a hut to a house, from walking to an automobile, from no heat to gas heat, from growing their own food to shopping at the grocery store.”

“Oh,” he said, “I guess that’s a problem.”

“Yes,” I said. “A very big problem.”

Again, as the title of this series commands your attention, remember that our U.S. Congress continues adding 1.2 million legal immigrants annually which equates to 100,000 every 30 days. The U.S. Census Bureau projects a total of 100,000,000 (million) added legal immigrants, their offspring and chain-migrated relatives within the next 35 years.

With that 100,000,000 (million) new immigrant Americans, we must feed them. Just about everyone consumes tuna, salmon, cod and dozens of other fish from our oceans. However, with 100 million more people, we plunder the oceans for food faster.

Oceanographer Callum Roberts said, “The oceans of today are filled with ghost habitats, stripped of their larger inhabitants. Our dismantling of marine ecosystems is having destructive and unpredictable consequences. With species loss and food web collapse comes dangerous instability. The seas are undergoing ecological meltdown.

“Fishing is undermining itself by purging the oceans of species on which it depends. The wholesale removal of marine life and obliteration of their habitats is stripping resilience from ocean ecosystems.

“Moreover, it is undermining the ability of the oceans to support human needs. Overfishing is destabilizing the marine environment, contributing to the spread of anoxic dead zones and the increasing prevalence of toxic algal blooms. Nature's power to bounce back after catastrophes or absorb the battery of stresses humanity is subjecting it to is being eroded, collapsed fishery after collapsed fishery, species by species, place by place.” Callum Roberts in The Unnatural History of the Sea

(At 90 million tons of fish annually, the oceans cannot withstand humanity’s onslaught. At some point, like the extinct Carrier Pigeon, untold species of marine life face extinction.) Photo by Greenpeace

As the human onslaught of the planet accelerates by an added 80,000,000 (million) people, net gain, annually and one billion every 12 years—the natural world staggers back on its heels.

Fully 80 percent of all life on this planet thrives beneath the surface of our oceans. This enormous body of water pulses with life-energy, which drives natural forces that sustain life on this planet. But in the 21st century the “Mob of Humanity” wreaks havoc on the foundation of life on Earth. It hooks, pollutes, skims, nets and daggers untold billions of creatures to death annually.

While Roberts brings his powerful research to the table, most of humankind remains oblivious to catastrophic onslaught raging beneath the waves. As a 50 year scuba diver, I watched it progress from the Gulf of Mexico into all of our oceans.

With America’s 321 million and headed toward 438 million people devouring ocean marine life such as squid, crabs, shrimp, tuna, salmon, flounder, swordfish and so many other species—take a look at what 7.3 billion humans devour worldwide:

Giant ships, using state-of-the-art equipment throw out 50-mile long drift nets that capture 90 million tons of marine life annually. These industrial fishing fleets exceed the ocean's ecological limits. As larger fish dwindle in numbers, the next smaller fish species are targeted and so on. A Canadian fisheries expert Dr. Daniel Pauly warns that if this continues, “Our children will be eating jellyfish.”

(Factory fishing ships with 50 mile long drift nets encircle hapless marine life, killing billions of creatures as “bycatch” while they scoop up endless fish for consumption by 7.2 billion humans) Photo by

For the past 35 years, humans continue their annihilation of all species of sharks by killing them at a rate of 100 million sharks annually. You must wonder, “How much longer can this kind of a killing spree continue before the sharks and all ocean life reach a point of no return?” (Source: Life Magazine August 1991; Julia Whitty, OneEarth Magazine)

(Thousands of miles of cut-loose drift nets kill millions of marine creatures unfortunate enough to swim into their deadly grasp.) Photo by

The latest threat grows beyond solving with “carbon footprint” waste from fossil fuel burning at 84,000,000 (million) barrels of oil daily and billions of tons of coal and natural gas annually—to overload our seas with carbon that acidifies the oceans to a point whereby marine life can no longer exist in the toxic ocean water. It would be like you taking a bath in carbonic acid water.

Another aspect of humanity’s “deadly treatment” of our oceans deals with the phenomenon of “dead zones” at the mouths of all our major rivers worldwide. For instance, the Ganges and Yangtze rivers exhaust their toxic sewage waters into the world’s oceans 24/7 to create 20,000 square mile dead zones. The water grows so toxic that higher marine life cannot exist in those zones. In America, the Mississippi River spews chemical waste, petroleum waste and endless sewage waste to create a 10,000 mile square dead zone at its mouth in New Orleans. With 100 million more legal immigrants, the Mississippi expects to deluge the Gulf of Mexico with trillions of gallons of toxic waste.

WWII major war powers dumped their mustard gas, oil and other chemicals along with radioactive waste into the oceans of the world. Humanity’s 70,000 chemicals always end up in the oceans as their final toilet destination.

Over time, those toxic rivers exhausting out of Europe, Asia, South America, Russia and North America cannot help but toxically contaminate the oceans of the world. That means all the fish in them bear the chemicals they breathe and eat in their daily existence. With the latest Fukushima radioactive waste spill of trillions of gallons of toxic liquids, our oceans cannot help but stagger to keep their “Ph” balance. Fukushima spreading:

When you include the 100 million ton, the size of Texas, (and growing by 2.5 million plastic pieces per hour), “The Great Pacific Garbage Patch”, which constitutes a floating plastic island and hangs 1,000 miles off San Francisco—you cannot help but understand that we humans desecrate our nest at blinding speed. Soberingly, researchers tell us that 46,000 pieces of plastic float on every square mile of our oceans. Those constitute pretty sickening statistics.

(Is it little wonder that marine life cannot survive the plastic onslaught of their environment? Ocean beaches around the world feature this plastic filth. I’ve stood in knee deep plastic on some beaches.) Photo by

Plastic killing zone at Midway Island:

Do the oceans stand a chance when we remain on course to add another three billion of our species within 36 years by 2050? Answer: not a snowball’s chance in hell!

So when you read a sobering series like this that reports on the underpinnings of humanity’s dilemma, what do you think? What do you do? How do you do it? When do you start?

It’s my contention that environmental leaders and demographic experts rattle the bars, scream at the media and make some noise in every country around the world. Silence won’t cut it fellow humans. You need to engage your courage, your guts, your true grit and your creative energy to move the discussion to the highest levels in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and beyond. If the Western world doesn’t address this, no one else will touch it!

Finally, your kids won’t be eating jellyfish; they will choke on seaweed.

Definition of slogan: “Immigration Shutdown Now means the American people want all legal immigration dropped to less than 20,000 annually with compatible immigrants that fit our ethos and want to become Americans, and only those who benefit our country and/or they marry an American and speak English. That means we want all illegal immigration stopped by arresting, prosecuting and jailing employers of illegal aliens. We deport all illegal aliens by taking their jobs away and as we catch them. We want English mandated as our national language. We demand a cessation of Muslim immigration in order to protect our culture, language and way of life. We can’t save the world but we can destroy our civilization. We demand a stable population that allows everyone to live, work and thrive into the 21st century. Especially our children.” FHW

(Permission to republish this population graph by Roy Beck,

That’s why you need to take action. Send this series to everyone in your network. Educate them. Urge them to take action by joining these websites to become faxers of prewritten letters and phone callers. We must force Congress into an “Immigration Shutdown Now!”

Share these videos all over America:

In a five minute astoundingly simple yet brilliant video, “Immigration, Poverty, and Gum Balls”, Roy Beck, director of www.numbersusa.ORG, graphically illustrates the impact of overpopulation. Take five minutes to see for yourself.

“Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck
This 10 minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, “Mind boggling!”

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United Kingdom:
Australia: Sustainable Population Australia

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Frosty Wooldridge possesses a unique view of the world, cultures and families in that he has bicycled around the globe 100,000 miles, on six continents and six times across the United States in the past 30 years. His published books include: "HANDBOOK FOR TOURING BICYCLISTS"; “STRIKE THREE! TAKE YOUR BASE”; “IMMIGRATION’S UNARMED INVASION: DEADLY CONSEQUENCES”; “MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURE TO ALASKA: INTO THE WIND—A TEEN NOVEL”; “BICYCLING AROUND THE WORLD: TIRE TRACKS FOR YOUR IMAGINATION”; “AN EXTREME ENCOUNTER: ANTARCTICA.” His next book: “TILTING THE STATUE OF LIBERTY INTO A SWAMP.” He lives in Denver, Colorado.






The report said, “CCD has wiped out some 10 million bee hives worth $2 billion over the past six years. The death rate for colonies has hit 30% annually in recent years and there are now about 2.5 million honeybee colonies in the US, down from 6 million in 1947 and 3 million in 1990. That downward spiral leaves “virtually no cushion of bees for pollination.”