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By Frosty Wooldridge
December 9, 2005

Ever been offered something you didn�t like? Did you say, �No thank you.�

You might like to stand in that person�s face to say it. What if you were face to face with every senator and House member in the United States Congress? What if you didn�t like a number of things they had done to you and your family in the past five years? Would you like to tell them to their faces? What would you say?

Here is what I�d say if I could speak face to face with my Colorado Senator Allard or Salazar and Representative Mark Udall. You can fill in the names of your senators and representative:

No thank you for so many unanswered questions and so little practical action after 9/11. I would have closed the borders with Mexico the next day with troops and airplane surveillance. I would have tightened up the borders with Canada. We�ve got 37,000 troops guarding South Korea�s border. That begs an answer as to why our troops aren�t guarding our borders. It further begs an answer as to why you allow this president to pretend that we�re safer today than before 9/11. The fact is�we are in greater danger. A December 5, 2005 NBC Brian Williams report from the 9/11 Commission said �The U.S. is in imminent danger of another attack.�

You, Senator Allard and Salazar, chase your coattails by pretending to protect us at airports while you allow, at our borders, an invasion unprecedented in American history. Over 20 million illegal aliens operating in our country�against Federal Laws. More sobering is the fact that an untold number of them are Muslim terrorists operating in our country because of sanctuary laws, non-enforcement of immigration laws and outright fraud at the Federal level. Who in America will be the next �Madrid train bombing� victims or �London subway� bombing because the majority of you, save Congressman Tom Tancredo, refuse to close our borders with Mexico?

No thank you senators and congressmen for ignoring Article IV Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution that demands that you protect American citizens from foreign invasion. Instead, you assist it at every turn by your silence and inaction. You are in violation of your oath of office. We�ve suffered five deaths at the hands of illegal aliens in Colorado in the past year from execution style killings of our police officers and traffic deaths by Mexican drunks.

No thank you for supporting a cowboy war in Iraq that has killed thousands of people on both sides of the equation. It�s killed and maimed thousands of our finest men and women. No thank you for not standing against a war based on non-existent weapons of mass destruction. No thank you for supporting dropping depleted uranium bombs on Iraqi civilians who will suffer birth defects for decades from the radiation. �NO THANK YOU� for our na�ve US soldiers being exposed to the same radiation which will cause horrific birth defects and cancers in them and their children in the coming years.

No thank you House and Senate members for being duped into thinking that you can force democracy on an area where a stone age and violent religion has worked via a theocracy for hundreds of centuries. Our form of government cannot work in such a setting as over 50 percent of Iraqis suffer illiteracy. A democratic form of government can�t survive people who vote with dye on their finger tips and no literate knowledge of their choices.

No thank you for losing California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico back to Mexico via colonization through illegal migration. Along the way, no thank you for all American citizens who have been killed, raped, burglarized, lost jobs and suffered medically from the illegal alien invasion. No thank you for National Parks Ranger Kris Eggle�s death, Los Angeles Police Officer David Marsh, Denver Police Officer Donald Young, Dallas Police Officer Jackson and other police officers� deaths by illegal aliens in our country at your behest.

In Georgia, Senator Saxby Chambliss is a major player in the effort to grant amnesty and grant virtually unlimited "guest worker" status. Last summer he tried to sneak an unlimited "guest worker" program into an appropriations bill (See: Georgia Senator Chambliss speaks out of both sides of mouth on immigration and you will foot the bill!). He voted for CAFTA which will only increase the effects of immigration. Last month he spoke in favor of and supported a bill that would sell American jobs for $500.00 to H-1B (and L) visas and increase the numbers. (See:Georgia US Senator Chambliss PROPOSES selling 30,000 American jobs for $500.00 each). Senator Arlan Specter added a bill last week that increases our legal immigration to 1.8 million annually. What kind of a bone-head idiot is he?

No thank you for millions of Americans who suffered crimes committed by illegal aliens. No thanks Congress for our having to pay for your mistakes. We pay room and board for 30 percent of our prisons filled with illegal alien felons who raped, killed, robbed and otherwise destroyed tens of thousands of American families� lives. That bill is $1.6 billion annually and could have been spent on our schools nationwide.

A BIG no thank you for endorsing corporate interests resulting in rape and pillage our tax system to the tune of billions lost in IRS income taxes because of an underground economy of non-paying illegals who work off the books. We can�t stand the fact that you allow them to send a whopping $56 billion in cash back to their home countries while we legal American citizens pay the bills. Damn you Congress for your fraud and incompetence and down right disregard for American citizens.

No thank you for collapsing our school systems across America with a horde of Third World kids who can�t speak English. This forces our kids into compromised educations in every classroom in America affected by illegal alien children who go back to functionally illiterate parents who can�t and won�t speak English. No thanks this past May for the 65 percent dropout/flunk-out rate experienced in Denver, Colorado high schools loaded with 30,000 illegal alien students. California is worse and other states who suffer this invasion like North Carolina, Illinois, Georgia, Florida, New York, Arizona and Texas!

No thank you Congress for the $128 billion drug trade you assist with your cooperation with Mexico�s Vicente Fox. While you neglect putting troops on the border, drugs continue addicting our kids, creating unprecedented crime and misery for our population. Added to that, your war on drugs at $70 billion annually has done NOTHING to stop this nightmare. Why not use the $70 billion to put troops along the border? Why do we have to contend with 11,000 MS-13 Gang members in 33 states while you sit in your air conditioned offices?

No thank you for destroying the American Dream not only for Americans but for legal immigrants who came here for a better life, L-E-G-A-L-L-Y. What a concept! Do you understand the definition of LEGAL or has it ceased to have any meaning for you with your dealings in the corporate and political world? With Representative Duke Cunningham�s recent admittance of bribery for $2.5 million from contractors, he�s the tip of the iceberg in the House and Senate when it comes to corruption that takes our tax dollars for a ride on your yachts.

No thank you for adding to the $7.9 trillion debt as a legacy from you to our children. What do you do all day in the Halls of Congress? You don�t have to answer because your results speak louder than your words.

No thank you for creating in cities across America an atmosphere of arrogance by millions of illegal aliens who do not, will not and otherwise refuse to be a part of America. You in Congress are the reason I receive letters like this: �Mexicans feel no fear crossing your border. They look and see an American people terrified of their government and its media attack dogs. When human animals see weakness they attack immediately. Mexicans see weakness; that's why your nation is under attack from within and without. The main reason your country is being shit on by Mexico and the rest of the world is because you guys are now viewed as scared sheep that won't lift a finger for fear of retaliation.�

It sickens me that Congress allows Fox to place 56 Mexican consulates in our major cities to assist illegals to further entrench themselves unlawfully in our country. No thank you for condoning them, their crimes, their diseases and their disregard for our laws. No thank you for my inability to walk down the streets of Los Angeles without fear of being killed or demeaned by over three million illegal aliens who have taken over the city and turned it into a crime-infested, trashed out, Third World slum�like Mexico City.

No thank you Mr. Mark Udall, my congressman, for helping introduce 16,000 cases of TB into our country by unscreened illegal aliens crossing our borders at will. No thank you for 7,000 new cases of leprosy in three years and spreading. No thank you for tens of thousands of cases of hepatitis �A� now spreading among our citizens from illegal aliens operating all over our country. We give Udall this documented information at town meetings and he ignores it. I�d like to slap him upside his head to get his attention.

No thank you for stealing jobs away from America�s working poor by flooding those jobs with illegal aliens while single handedly condoning this lawlessness by the majority of members of Congress.

No thank you senators for building Iraq at the expense of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. We suffer over one million adult homeless in this country and at least one million homeless children according to �60 Minutes� recently. Maybe you could have built a lot of housing and provided for their needs as citizens of the United States over a deadly country like Iraq where our soldiers continuing dying daily in that endless war of attrition. Bush says, �We must stay the course on terrorism.� He sounds like the Captain of the Titanic in 1912, �We must stay this course because we�ll get to New York faster.� Yeah, right!

Congress, no thank you for the million high tech jobs taken away from our citizens as you disperse H-1B, H-2B, H-2A and L-1 visas to foreigners. Your support of outsourcing, insourcing and offshoring is a pathetic example of your ethics. No thank you for NAFTA, CAFTA, FTAA and other policies that hurt American citizens. All 85 of you who voted for another 350,000 H-1B visas given to foreigners in that S.B. 1932 last month shows you work more for foreigners in other countries than you work for your own citizens.

I don�t appreciate my English language being disrupted, discounted, disrespected and trashed at the hands of illegal aliens who do not respect nor do they EVER intend to honor our country. In short, no thank you Congress for your non-service. How many of you are like Representative Cunningham, Delay, Chambliss, Hatch, Cannon and others in your corrupt service to all Americans affected by your policies.

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That�s what I�d say to my senators and congressman if I could stand in their faces. I�d tell President Bush the same thing. How about you calling your senators and congressmen and telling them over the phone or at a town meeting. Call Senator Arlan Specter from Pennsylvania who is trying to add to legal immigration by 1.8 million annually in his recent bill. His office phone is: 1-202-224-4254. Specter is as incompetent and out of touch as the Captain of the Titanic. But so is the rest of the Congress!

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No thank you senators for building Iraq at the expense of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. We suffer over one million adult homeless in this country and at least one million homeless children according to �60 Minutes� recently.