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By Frosty Wooldridge
December 16, 2005

On December 6, 2005, former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan wrote a brilliant essay published around the country. His column rocked readers back on their heels. Buchanan spelled out how grossly out of touch George Bush is as the cheer leader on the sidelines that can�t get into the game because of his inability to play with the big boys.

�No Amnesty, No Deal, Mr. President,� by Pat Buchanan stands as one of those essays that needs to be a national treasure. You�re invited to send this rendition of it to every friend, grandma, grandpa and parent across the USA. We must build �counter critical mass� to move against the flood of legal and illegal immigrants breaking over our national borders like the levees broke on New Orleans.

The damage to our country will be MORE devastating because we will not be able to rebuild after �Immigration Katrina� smashes into every town, city and state in our country. Once the flood of immigrants settles into the USA, we don�t stand a chance. If you think the present 20 million illegals are a living nightmare, Bush has another 20 million ready to crash our borders with his help.

Bush�s Guest Worker Amnesty plan will crush this country. He failed to address this question: Is there any numerical limit to the number of workers who will be admitted under Bush�s �guest worker� program? No! His plan could allow 10, 20, 30 or 50 million guest workers. The U.S. immigration service is already back- logged 4.8 million cases for legal immigrants right now. Who will be processed first?

Beyond that, Buchanan trumps everything Bush said with pure logic concerning the parallel of the Katrina disaster, �When the 17th Street levee broke and the floodwaters of Lake Pontchartrain inundated New Orleans, the immediate imperative was: Fix the levee! Before the cleanup could begin, before the refugees could return, the levee had to be repaired so water stopped flooding into the city. Everybody understood this.�

�Why, then,� Buchanan said, �has it taken five years for the White House to wake up to the first imperative in the immigration crisis: Fix the border, stop the flood? Why is President Bush still chattering on about a "guest worker" program that has nothing to do with the crisis?�

Buchanan said, �Since he took office in 2001, Bush said in Tucson, Arizona, U.S. border agents have apprehended and sent home 4.5 million illegal aliens, including more than 350,000 with criminal records. Astonishing! That is 75,000 criminals a year, 200 felons a day, for the last five years, trying to break into our country to rape, rob and kill, and molest our children. Of the millions of illegals who succeeded in breaking in on Bush's watch, how many came to rape, rob and murder, like John Lee Malvo, the Beltway sniper?�

The whole time, while Bush lives behind �gated� walls and body guards, we must suffer from the invasion so he can make sure we have enough Third World slaves to do �jobs Americans won�t do.� Doesn�t it make you want to vomit?

Buchanan continued, �This is a national crisis, an existential crisis. But after five years of ignoring it, and now finally addressing it, what did Bush say in Tucson? �I can't defend the border if you won't give me a guest worker program,� said Bush, �We will not be able to effectively enforce our immigration laws until we create a temporary worker program."

�This is preposterous; apples and oranges,� Buchanan said. �Bush is saying he cannot do his constitutional duty to protect the nation from invasion -- unless we let 12 million illegal aliens become guest workers and allow U.S. businesses to go overseas and hire foreigners for jobs that U.S. workers won't take at the paltry wages they offer.�

Buchanan�s essay, as you can see, features a higher plane of thinking than Bush is capable of! It�s what I have been writing about for years. Buchanan hits the nail on the head with deadly accuracy. It�s difficult to put into words that Bush is either (1) incompetent beyond all measure (2) stupid beyond understanding (3) totally under control of Cheney and others with another agenda (4) all of the above.

Buchanan continued, �Not since the "bracero" program of decades ago have we had a national guest worker program. And never in our history have we given business carte blanche to go abroad and hire foreigners to come and take American jobs. Yet Bush says if we don't, he can't control the border. What he means is, he won't control the border.�

�The president's speech in Tucson was a kind of extortion of those who have fought for tough border protections,� Buchanan said. �Bush is saying: Unless you give me what I want, a guest worker program, you're not getting what you want. But what a majority of Americans want is what they have a right to demand: That Bush do his sworn duty and enforce the immigration laws of the United States.�

�Conservatives should reject this "guest worker" program, even if it is Bush's price tag for border protection,� Buchanan said. �Far from solving the crisis, this Chamber of Commerce-LULAC scheme will mean final defeat, after decades of struggle to protect the borders. For though Bush may say, "I oppose amnesty," his guest worker program is amnesty. Amnesty means no punishment and a reward for law-breaking. And that is exactly what Bush is proposing. In his guest worker program, those who broke our laws and broke into our country get to stay and work for six years, then go home on sabbatical, then return to work permanently. What is that, if not rewarding law-breaking?�

It brings this journalist back to the intent of this president to destroy the sovereignty of the United States. Bush chooses to do it by breaking the back of the American voter, American worker and our Constitution�by flooding us with non-citizens and illegal aliens.

�Twenty years ago, Ronald Reagan was persuaded to grant a one-time amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who had been here for years. Result: Some 1.5 million illegal aliens were caught almost every year after that,� Buchanan said. �They had missed out on the amnesty, and they, too, wanted in. When Bush first broached his "guest worker" program two years ago, there was a surge to the border from Mexico.�

�A recent Pew Hispanic Poll found 46 percent of all Mexicans say they would like to live in the United States and 20 percent, more than 20 million, are willing to break in,� Buchanan said. �If Congress votes for Bush's guest worker program, nothing will stop the flood -- for the world will see it as admission that America is a weak nation that will not even order out of its home those who have broken in uninvited, sat down at the table and demanded to be treated like a member of the family.�

Ronald Reagan said it best, �The country that can't control its borders isn't really a country anymore.�

It leads me to understand that Bush stands to break this nation to pieces. He�s got three years to succeed in turning America into Humpty Dumpty. Once he breaks us, nothing will glue America back together again.

�The battle to regain control of the borders is a cause that has won the support of a No-Longer-Silent Majority,� Buchanan said. �This is all about GREED! The open-borders, Business Roundtable Republicans know it. On the run, they want to compromise. They will accept some border security, they say, if they can get in return an amnesty for their illegal workers and the legislated right of U.S. businesses to go overseas and hire foreigners to take American jobs.�

Let�s face it, the recent expose� of Representative Duke Cunningham taking $2.5 million in contractor bribes illustrates how deep and wide corruption reigns in our Congress. Again, I repeat, �Corruption becomes a mechanism by which Third World societies operate.� We�re seeing our country being handed over by our own president as a feast for Mexico�s Fox and other Third World leaders with millions coming in on H-1B, H-2B and L-1 visas. It�s pure corruption!

Buchanan said, �Conservatives need to tell the White House, in no uncertain terms: No deal, no amnesty�do your duty, defend the border, or we will find men and women political candidates to replace you�folks who will enforce our laws and protect our country.�

This brings the question of �integrity� into play. Are leaders in the White House and Congress serving with integrity for our Constitution and American citizens? The answer is clearly, No! Buchanan, one of the most notable figures in Washington, DC, spells it out concisely and compellingly. I urge you to send this rendition of his brilliant work to all your friends, web sites and everyone else in America. We MUST create �counter critical mass� to stop this flood of immigrants from turning our nation into another New Orleans ravaged swamp. We must stop Bush and Congress from breaking the �levees� of our border sovereignty.

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If we don�t, much like the survivors in New Orleans, we won�t have anything to go back to ourselves. This immigration flood is the worst national disaster to happen to this country in 229 years. We either stop it or it will be the beginning of the end of the United States of America.

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The damage to our country will be MORE devastating because we will not be able to rebuild after �Immigration Katrina� smashes into every town, city and state in our country.