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By Frosty Wooldridge
November 13
, 2015

Last year, Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore, Maryland and Chicago, Illinois presented Americans with a centuries-old, stark reality: Blacks and Whites don’t get along, don’t like each other and the future of a unified society looks worse than bleak.

Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society” didn’t work. Affirmative Action failed miserably. Food stamps and Section 8 housing created welfare slaves. EBT cards create generational dependency along with entrenched poverty. All social programs leave millions of Black Americans out of work. An immoral 73 percent of African-American children face life without a father while living with a single mother subsisting on welfare. Millions live in welfare-payment-poverty.

Black children face drugs, violence and hopelessness in gang-infested cities like New York, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

Only 52 percent of Black students graduate from high school in four years. At that rate of improvement, John H. Jackson, president and CEO of the Schott Foundation, says, “It would take close to 50 years for black males to have the same opportunities.”

At the University of Missouri this week, with a 93 percent White student body, 7 percent Black and nearly all Black football team—a threatened strike by the Black players called for university President Timothy Wolfe to resign. On Monday, he quit under the pressure that the university stood to lose $2,000,000.00 (million) if the team didn’t play next Saturday. (Source: CBS News with Scott Pelley, Monday, November 9, 2015)

City Journal writer Heather MacDonald said, “The pathological narcissism of American college students has found a potentially devastating new source of power in the sports-industrial complex.”

MacDonald added, “There is no evidence that the University of Missouri denies equal opportunity to its black students; those black students, like every other student on campus, are surrounded by lavish educational resources, available to them for the asking on a color-blind basis. The university’s faculty and administrators are surely among the most prejudice-free, well-meaning group of adults in human history.”

In my own college career at Michigan State University, and as a staff resident assistant, I know that minorities enjoyed tutors, scholarships based on their minority-status, free room and board, clothing and transportation. In 1965, our national championship team led by Bubba Smith, Charley Thornhill, Mickey Webster, Clint Jones and other minority football players rarely attended class, but passed all their classes because “football alums” bought-off professors. The academic fraud for college superstars who couldn’t pass a 10th grade math test, knew no bounds. As long as they hit like a Mack Truck or ran for a touchdown, they stayed eligible.

At one point, the taxpayers of Michigan paid for Detroit’s 100 finest minority students to attend MSU on a full minority scholarship. Unfortunately, only a few graduated. The rest spent most of their time playing cards in the grill.

MU alum, Mr. Taras said, “I suspect the mismatch theory also plays a role. Minority kids who succeeded in high school have been lured to schools, which need them to make up their racial numbers. And when 500 SAT kids go to a 700 SAT school, the results are not pretty. They fail, but the real reasons for their failure can't be even hinted at, so it must be "subtle racism" a.k.a. microaggressions.”

Another Missouri alum, Mr. Craig said, “I went to MU 20 years ago and it seemed to me people of European and Asian ancestry were bending over backwards not to offend those of African ancestry. To the best of my recollection I never heard anyone utter a racial slur; I never saw any overt act of racism. I have a very hard time believing in this "systematic discrimination" pervading the campus 20 years later, unless "systematic discrimination" is having the same performance standards for all students.”

In my own experiences at two major universities, bringing minority students into high academic disciplines created disaster. The results show themselves in watered down courses such as “Latino Studies”; “African Studies” or anything that doesn’t require high academic discipline.

As we look out across the country today, that 48 percent of Blacks who fail to graduate from high schools face incredible job-related hardships. Why? They dwell in the realms of illiteracy. Millions lack enough intellectual horsepower to prosper and remain in school. Result: a large, growing, illiterate and violent underclass.

Any help on the horizon? Barack Obama did nothing to change the Black man’s situation in America for the past seven years. Congress continues importing over 1 million legal immigrants annually—to take any and all kinds of jobs away from African-Americans. Congress’ Black Caucus brings nothing to the table to solve the jobs and educational nightmare facing American Blacks.

In fact, Obama and Congress do everything in their power to subvert Black Americans. They continue H2A visas, H1B visas, student visas, insourcing, outsourcing and offshoring of manufacturing jobs. Our leaders commit themselves to saving other countries, building other nations and sending billions upon billions in foreign aid to hopelessly corrupt third world countires----while they let our citizens rot inside our country.

Thus, Black-White America continues on a tenuous path toward inequality, joblessness, hopelessness and confrontation. It doesn’t have to be that way, but Obama and Congress make it that way.

Definition of slogan: "Immigration Shutdown Now means the American people want a total shutdown on all legal and illegal immigration. That means we want all illegal immigration stopped by arresting, prosecuting and jailing employers of illegal aliens. We deport all illegal aliens by taking their jobs away and as we catch them. We want English mandated as our national language. We demand a cessation of Muslim immigration in order to protect our culture, language and way of life. We can’t save the world but we can destroy our civilization. We demand a stable population that allows everyone to live, work and thrive into the 21st century. Especially our children." FHW

That’s why you need to take action. Send this series to everyone in your network. Educate them. Urge them to take action by joining these websites to become faxers of prewritten letters and phone callers. We must force Congress into an “Immigration Shutdown Now!

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“Immigration by the numbers—off the chart” by Roy Beck
This 10 minute demonstration shows Americans the results of unending mass immigration on the quality of life and sustainability for future generations: in a few words, “Mind boggling!”

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Frosty Wooldridge possesses a unique view of the world, cultures and families in that he has bicycled around the globe 100,000 miles, on six continents and six times across the United States in the past 30 years. His published books include: "HANDBOOK FOR TOURING BICYCLISTS"; “STRIKE THREE! TAKE YOUR BASE”; “IMMIGRATION’S UNARMED INVASION: DEADLY CONSEQUENCES”; “MOTORCYCLE ADVENTURE TO ALASKA: INTO THE WIND—A TEEN NOVEL”; “BICYCLING AROUND THE WORLD: TIRE TRACKS FOR YOUR IMAGINATION”; “AN EXTREME ENCOUNTER: ANTARCTICA.” His next book: “TILTING THE STATUE OF LIBERTY INTO A SWAMP.” He lives in Denver, Colorado.






At one point, the taxpayers of Michigan paid for Detroit’s 100 finest minority students to attend MSU on a full minority scholarship. Unfortunately, only a few graduated. The rest spent most of their time playing cards in the grill.