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By Frosty Wooldridge
December 19, 2005

Last week when a presidential aide told our president that several parts of the Patriot Act being reviewed for extension undermined the Constitution, George Bush said of the U.S. Constitution, �It�s just a goddamned piece of paper!�

Remember Pearl Harbor? As we slept--trusting our leadership inside the Washington DC beltway--Japan entered by stealth and bombed our Navy to the bottom of the Pacific. �December 7, 1941 will go down in history as a day of infamy,� said Roosevelt.

Recall September 11, 2001? While we trusted our president and Congress long after the 1993 WTC bombings, Muslim terrorists bombed New York City into rubble.

Over 5,000 Americans died in those two catastrophic days. They died because our leaders fell asleep at the wheel. They died because our leaders didn�t connect the dots. (History may prove that FDR and Bush share malicious secrets more in common than just those dates.)

Fast forward to Amsterdam, Holland; Paris, France and Sidney, Australia! Riots, deaths, 10,000 fire-bombed cars, house burnings and social anarchy by non-assimilating immigrants from incompatible cultures and distinctly different languages�unleashed onto their host civilizations.

Look for the correlations in the United States. Will our civilization survive the obvious stealth of immigration infiltration? Remember this fact: When the rate of immigration exceeds the rate of assimilation�it is a recipe for the downfall of any civilization.

Fast forward to President Bush and Congress! Evidently and from all his actions in the past five years, the United States Constitution warrants less than lip service from our 43rd president. Bush supports insourcing, outsourcing, offshoring and illegal immigration to mention a few problems we citizens face daily. His actions demonstrate his loyalty to multi-national corporations and foreign countries. Specifically, he aids and abets Mexico to export another 10 million Mexicans into our country on top of the 10 million that are already here.

This month, Representative Duke Cunningham of California suffered a humiliating moment when investigators nabbed him for pocketing $2.4 million in bribes by contractors. The former U.S. Marine choked up on CBS Evening News only because he got caught! Another 60 congressmen and senators will be investigated.

Along with Bush, the majority of senators and congressmen bring into focus a word that begs consideration in any civilization: Integrity. It means: honest, honorable, principled, ethical and incorruptible.

That same integrity must go hand in hand with their oath of office to �support and defend� the United States Constitution ��so help me God.� Those men say those sacred words as have our forefathers for 229 years.

But today, they do not defend or support our Constitution. Our president thinks it�s �just a goddamned piece of paper.� Congressman Cunningham shows his disregard for his sacred trust by accepting $2.4 million in bribes. Senator Teddy Kennedy lied about his part in Mary Jo Kopeckne�s death. Congressman Joe Baca of California openly supports La Raza which is an organization that wants to re-colonize our four borders states into Mexico. In other words, he advocates treason. He�s not alone. Congressman Chris Cannon of Utah degrades his state by openly advocating for and assisting illegal immigration�all in violation of Federal Laws. Arizona Senators Jim Kyle and John McCain assist and aid illegal immigration by ignoring their oath of office year after year. Nancy Pelosi of California rides the same bus!

In my state of Colorado, our Governor Bill Owens was caught aiding illegal aliens by endorsing a booklet showing them how to imbed themselves into Colorado�s state services, education and schools. Colorado Senators Allard and Salazar do nothing to stop illegal immigration as well as Diana DeGette who stands by while we suffer 300,000 illegal aliens in Colorado that bring killings, rapes and financial death to our citizens. Tom DeLay of Texas wilts under indictment. How many haven�t been caught, yet?

What does that tell you? Since integrity built this nation, what happens when our own president and Congress delete integrity from their daily agenda? Don�t fool yourself. We may be closer than you think to the fall of this civilization.

Bush based the Iraq War on false reports of weapons of mass destruction. The fact is, the word �false� means: forged, made-up, phony and counterfeit. Somewhere in Bush�s command someone lied. That lie cost 2,150 U.S. soldiers their lives and 15,000 horribly wounded--and counting. Over 30,000 Iraqi citizens have lost their lives over that lie.

I charge each individual public servant during the Congressional break to examine his/her integrity. Our nation faces a grave threat that you either don�t see yet, or you refuse to acknowledge�because you enjoy insulation and isolation from its consequences. But, much like the streets of Paris, France and Sydney, Australia�you won�t be aloof much longer.

What attracted you to serve in Congress? If your answer is power and money, then, please, step down to allow another civil servant to serve this country in your stead. Find a noble purpose that fits your needs--like running a corporation. You�ll enjoy such men as Ken Lay as colleagues. If your draw to Congress was leadership and intellect, examine the definition from Webster�s logic: �One whose example is followed.�

How will our country benefit by your actions? What will it take for you to change that example or admit you choose a lower standard? If the latter, do us a favor and relinquish your seat to an ethical public servant.

This civilization needs dignified leaders. This nation needs men and women with a noble purpose that transcends money, power and personal aggrandizement.

Examine your fitness for leadership. Leave no stone uncovered in any area. You must walk your talk and you must want to serve your country and fellow citizens.

Integrity includes honesty! More salient; who have you allowed to buy your vote? Sir or ma�am, America cannot afford the likes of more Cunninghams. American can�t afford a leader who thinks the Constitution is �Just a god damned piece of paper.�

Integrity must reflect when you look into the mirror or when you hear its voice resonate in the dark of night. Can you wake up each morning without flinching in your soul? Whatever your religious persuasion or not, can you match the morals and ethics demanded by this superb U.S. Constitution�written on a piece of paper?

If you will look around--and heed the pleas of your affected constituents�they speak about their plight. America�s streets degenerate into the consequences of Paris, France and Sidney, Australia. We�re tired of this social experiment where we are the pawns in your power game. No different than Pearl Harbor or WTC 9/11, immigration steals into America with destructive power unprecedented in our nation�s history. This certain invasion goes beyond December 7, 1941 and 9/11. It invades every state, every city and every community. We cannot afford to stand with you if you refuse to stand with us. It�s a matter of law and order or lawlessness and anarchy.

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We cherish our English language, our freedom we fought for, our culture and most of all, we cherish our civilization.

Members of Congress, you have 11 months until the November elections of 2006 to raise your ethics, integrity and personal behavior--and to demonstrate your allegiance to our Constitution. You have 11 months to rise to the stature of a statesman that one would expect in America. Otherwise, Americans demand you step down.

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Members of Congress, you have 11 months until the November elections of 2006 to raise your ethics, integrity and personal behavior--and to demonstrate your allegiance to our Constitution.