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By Frosty Wooldridge
January 12, 2006

Average American citizens know what is happening to the United States. They write, call and complain. Still, the immigration invasion continues at the behest of President Bush and Congress. While the U.S. Senate has a chance to augment the House�s HR 4437 immigration reform bill, powerful financial forces may well undermine the will of the people. Whatever happens to this country, we citizens allowed it by our inaction.

Enough of us have stood by grumbling and doing nothing for the past 20 years, that now, this national crisis quickens beyond our ability to contain it.

Last weekend, January 7, 2006, national protests exploded at illegal alien �day labor� sites around the USA. Activist citizens carried signs and bullhorns protesting hiring of illegal aliens against federal laws. In my state, Colorado suffers 300,000 illegal aliens and horrific financial consequences at schools, hospitals and citizen deaths.

Instead of thousands of American protesters at the Denver �day labor� site, only 30 brave souls stood on the protest line. Five times as many illegals raised their Mexican flag and told Coloradans to go back to Europe.

American apathy angers me. My college room mate was killed in Southeast Asia. I remember when 58,000 of us kids were slaughtered in the Vietnam War, but the �Silent Majority� stood by sucking its thumb while Johnson and Nixon sent us into the jungles like so many sheep.

Today, we�re under an invasion that will throw the United States into violent internal conflict greater than any threat in history. We�re standing by as our country fractures into Mexican colonization and �50 percent� Americans arriving from all over the globe. They don�t speak English, or assimilate and they could care less about what it means to be an American. Being an American is fast becoming meaningless to millions of Mexican illegal aliens as well as other immigrants.

Since I�m outspoken about it, many people write me about what happens in their states and countries. Average citizens see the United States on the way down. Here is what they have to say:

Jack said, �I love your commentaries. But you're a space cadet if you think the seditionists that deliberately undermined the foundations of your wood-framed house called America with "Enlightenment" debauchery then 'tented' the structure and introduced termites and fungus to cause more destruction--can be reversed. The floors have heaved, the walls lean-over and the roof is caved-in. The bulldozers are warming their engines on the sidelines waiting for instructions to tear the sucker down. The Socialist farce called �multiculturalism� was designed for precisely the anarchy you're witnessing; the gate was opened, the horse has bolted and it's pointless closing the gate now. But multiculturalism is one in a host of parasitic infections which has destroyed the fine house called America.

�The history of the world is all about great societies and civilizations reaching a zenith then collapsing into social chaos through decay. While the dynamics of collapse are known and well-articulated NOTHING can stop the repeating patterns of decay. And nothing can stop the present progression of decay in this shaky and diseased structure called America. Unlike other episodes of social collapse in history this 21st century episode may well be designer-made. The problem lies not in the lack of knowledge of �how� to remedy the rot, but primarily in the unfixable nature of the unwillingness of the people to resist decay. A suggestion for future articles: �How to minimize hurt from the bulldozing action just about to engulf America.�

Harold writes, �Our government continues to make it easy for illegals to come in as "farm laborers" but the fact is that they do come in as farm laborers but shortly thereafter they venture out into the higher paying jobs, construction, carpentry, etc. They bid themselves out for lower wages to get that job and once they replace the American worker who was making more, that American worker's taxes will be used to subsidize the illegal's housing, food, school for their children and most of all they will get free medical care. On the other hand, the American who was replaced by the illegal stands the chance of losing his house and loses his medical insurance he received through his job. But his taxes will still be used to subsidize the illegal. Now, tell me, how right and how fair is that? Now our health insurance premiums stand a chance of going up because of the new law stating that insurance companies must now absorb the cost of interpreters at hospitals, health clinics and others.

This country offers free courses in English but because of illegals refusal to learn English the American taxpayer must now pay more. Illegals do not come here to assimilate into our communities and become Americans. They come here blatantly, willingly and disrespectful of this great nation's laws. They encourage their children to quit school at 16 so that they can go work a minimum job to help support the large family the parents have continued to have knowing that they were already poor. This country will never stamp out poverty because this is all that this country is getting....the poorest of the poor of third-world countries.�

Harold said, �As a recent former Arizona resident, I can assure you that the "invasion" of Arizona was, is and continues to be incredible!! I was sick of the bilingual language requirements. Working in the "governmental" section as a right of way agent, we were "required" to have bilingual agents, so we could communicate with the countless Hispanics, who made little or no effort to learn the "official" language of the land. Driving in many areas of Phoenix and Mesa, Tucson, and others, you would swear you were in Mexico - for I saw no English signs. I made one attempt to go to the Emergency Room of the local hospital. Fortunately, due to my condition, I was seen "rather" quickly, but I didn't see many Anglo faces waiting to be seen.

�Unfortunately, from our national viewpoint, our country is "toast". The New World Order must bring down our country to the common level of a Third World Status in order to implement their plan.�

Nicholas said, �Frosty I think the problem here is two-fold. The Bush administration was put into office and is subservient to the big corporate interests who put them there. He may be the commander in chief in title, but he is simply the point man for the big money corporate interests. And they want cheap labor at all costs. Second of all, Bush and the neo-cans are too busy fighting a phony war on terrorism, which bye the way, they created in the first place, to facilitate their PNAC goal of global domination. Plus the mainstream media is bought and paid for; again there mostly owned by big corporations like G E. The 4�Th estate is basically dead with the possible exception of Washington Post and a few others. Also I'm sure you realize we are only one step away from a complete corporate fascist state.

Between the patriot act and new powers given to agencies like CIFA: the pentagon's, which will actually have powers to investigate people with questionable "allegiance" to the bush administration; all the Right wing crazies need is anther 9-11 type event to occur to justify their unleashing a semi-police state in the good old US of A. Many of my friends are already afraid to send an E-Mail criticizing the policies of this administration to their senators or friends or media for fear the bush gang is monitoring, spying on them; Just looking for potential terrorists behind every corner. All the internet blogs are talking about now is Bush's cavalier almost Mussolini like attitude that almost anything goes as long as it's in the name of fighting potential terrorists and national security. {You know the same reasons Hitler and Stalin gave in their rise to absolute control of their populace}Michael Savage, Michele Malkin and even the great O'Reilly couldn't get our borders protected. They tried.�

RW from Canada said, �We have a Green Party here in Canada and they come by it fairly honestly. There is none in the States; unless, one considers Ralph Nader. Nevertheless, none addresses the fundamental issues of population growth and resource consumption. They are both inextricably intertwined. Migration in the past was a result of immediate shortages in local resources coupled with a decline in carrying capacity in any given region. In turn this was more often than not driven by the society's technological ability to extract energy from the local, regional and or larger political units. Hence people would migrate and if they were real lucky the people's territory they migrated into they could share, conquer or trade with some degrees of success.

�Immigration in more contemporary times has been used as a form of perceived/ organized and regulated form of migration between states. They have quotas etc. But the fact is the planet has exceeded its carrying capacity in humans. We are by far the most numerous large vertebrate on the planet by many fold. Our numbers keep on increasing through demographic profiles and in numbers of births per female. Our ideologies, concepts of economics and theologies are driving us to extinction. Yet we argue about borders, put up iron, electrified and pill boxed guarded walls! If someone has a Mexican Aunt or a German Uncle too bad so sad immigration/migration is over to solve personal and or larger social issues regarding whatever. There is no more room at the Inn!

WE, in our profound ignorance, are about to wipe out at least as many species as have disappeared at the end of the last Ice Age in a fraction of the time. It has already started. Norwegians want to increase their whale hunting quotas and the Japanese take over 700 Minke whales a year based on "research." The immigrants from many places have wiped out the larger vertebrates in the "natural areas" surrounding Los Angeles. The elephants, tigers, lions and bears in India and China are being driven to extinction by habitat lose and all that comes with it. These are the flagship animals of extinction .

And the people in these counties would immigrate in a heart beat to N. America. We, as a species with our N. American/ European values and lifestyles, have created a monster with values that are consuming our planetary capital at a brake neck pace. Do we know it? By our behavior you'd never guess it! Stopping immigration might buy us some time to think about the juggernaut we are on. Should we not, we will ride the extinction train to fossilization and not be the wiser for it.�

Glenda said, �I used to live in Mission, Texas. Right on the Rio Grande, I tended bar at a couple of places right on the river, and one place we had dock on the river. We used to watch them swim over all the time and border patrol/water patrol never caught anybody that I saw. In fact, one time we had a couple of border patrol agents in one day drinking beer, and I said look, there's 17 of them swimming right now, they said oh, it's our day off. You can make good money if you give them a ride and if you get caught, we only take your vehicle. 98% of border patrol is Hispanic, since they need to be bilingual. And most of them still have relatives on the other side. So our Mexican border is being guarded by Mexican Americans, kind of the "fox in the henhouse" thing. I was down there at 911 and I was thinking how it's going to take a long time to cross at the bridge because of increased security, but guess what? It didn't take any more time than before. I say this is because homeland security is a joke.

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Also, the Christmas right after 911, I was in nearby McAllen, and on Christmas day, a group of Muslims in full gear marched down Ware Road and no one even noticed. They were peaceful, but it was strange. Also, I worked at a biker bar in Madero, right on the river, and we used to get 17 Mexicans in there on a regular basis, waiting for their ride and border patrol would be out in the parking lot, and they never came inside. For some reason they don't go in buildings. 17 people is how many will fit in a minivan. Also, Chuy, the guy who picked them up would leave his considerable gold jewelry in our cash drawer in case he got busted, so the corrupt us cops wouldn't keep his stuff. I'll bet that area is 1/3 Mexicans.

They were all over. And if the cops stopped them drinking and driving, they didn't get in trouble like you or me, no they just got deported a couple of miles away. I could go on and on about this. They also get free everything and everyone feels sorry for them and helps them, as it is 86% Mexicans there. I'm not a racist, but the illegal immigrant problem is huge!�

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Between the patriot act and new powers given to agencies like CIFA: the pentagon's, which will actually have powers to investigate people with questionable "allegiance" to the bush administration; all the Right wing crazies need is anther 9-11 type event to occur to justify their unleashing a semi-police state in the good old US of A.