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By Frosty Wooldridge
January 23, 2006

�They�re doing the jobs Americans won�t do,� President Bush blathers for the past five years.

Since Bush, his wife and daughters live behind gated walls with security guards and 24 hour protection, he�s not aware of the sordid jobs illegal aliens �work� in America. He thinks they come here for a better life, but in fact, thousands kill, rape, molest, drive drunk, rob, bilk welfare services, destroy school systems, savage our hospitals and destroy our language.

Along with thousands crossing our borders daily to do the work Americans won�t do, thousands of predator and drunk aliens converge on America committed to doing jobs that most Americans wouldn�t dream of doing: killing, raping, drunk driving and child molestation. This past September near my town an illegal alien, Francisco Montero, driving without a license and having been stopped nine separate times for drunk driving--turned into and killed Lafayette, Colorado man Dale Englerth. In Denver last spring, Gomez-Garcia executed Officer Don Young. In October, Dallas, Texas Police Officer Brian Jackson suffered execution by an illegal. Two illegals ran head-on into John Hessler, CU quarterback and left him for dead. Hessler, a potential pro quarterback now rides a wheelchair with severe brain damage. A jogger mother of three in New York�s Central Park two years ago was raped and killed by three illegal aliens. An illegal alien with a five page rap sheet ran over and killed father, husband and son Justin Goodman, of Denver, Colorado, 18 months ago. The drunken Mexican fled the scene and left Justin for dead before being discovered six months later.

In Greeley, Colorado where thousands of illegal aliens work at the meat packing plants, 570 hit and runs occurred last year. Virtually all of them were illegal aliens. While you and I pay taxes, and stop if we�re involved in an accident, these federal criminals flee. We pay in death and higher insurance rates.

These crimes wouldn�t happen if President Bush did his job. But these victims represent tens of thousands of American citizens.

At a forum two weeks ago in Denver, Colorado, Mayor Hickenlooper laughingly denied a Denver sanctuary policy which protects illegal aliens from being arrested, detained and deported. He said he couldn�t find the policy. Mike McGarry, of Colorado Alliance for Immigration Reform, read it to the mayor. Hickenlooper laughed some more. It�s not a laughing matter to the wife and children of Officer Don Young that Hickenlooper had been hiring illegal aliens in his Denver restaurants long before becoming mayor. They�re not laughing these days with a dead husband and father.

At that forum, many victims� survivors stood up. By his political arrogance, Governor Bill Owens has been supporting illegal aliens in Colorado his entire term of office along with House Representative Terrance Carroll. Arguing against them were former Governor Richard D. Lamm and Representative Tom Tancredo.

By their support of criminal illegal aliens--Bush, Hickenlooper, Owens and other leaders become criminals themselves. If you drive the getaway car, you may not have robbed the bank, but you drove the robbers away. You are guilty of the crime. In the same way, Bush is responsible for thousands of crimes committed by illegal aliens crossing our borders the past five years under his administration.

Let�s get down to the sickening side of the �Jobs Americans won�t do.�

John Vizzi, father of Justin Goodman in Denver, wept at a recent forum. Goodman�s mother stunned the crowd with her speech about the loss of her son to a drunken illegal Mexican whose rap sheet extended five pages. Still, no enforcement official deported the illegal for over five years.

On the Vizzi�s web site, you may view a litany of faces of sexual predators and drunken aliens who raped, tortured and killed.

Vizzi writes, �From July 9, 2003 to March 3, 2003 Immigration Enforcement agents arrested 4,250 foreign national sexual predators in the United States. The top states for predators included: California with 1,317; Texas 448; New York 317, Illinois 209; Florida 189; Arizona 185; Minnesota 147; Michigan 128; Colorado 125; New Jersey 369.�

He exposes where drunk and sexual predator Mexicans have killed thousands of American citizens.

Bush defends them by saying, �They�re doing the jobs Americans won�t do.�

�While my site deals with predatory aliens committing violent crimes against our children, we must remember that the real criminals are the politicians and government employees who prohibit enforcement of our immigration laws and the proper screening of foreign nationals who enter our country,� Vizzi said. �There is no penalty too harsh for these politicians who are wiling to sacrifice our children for their own perverse agenda.�

In Atlanta, Georgia: Mexican Miguel Carrasco raped a female victim in front of her four year old child and two minors; California Mexican Zacarias Camacho committed lewd acts upon a child under 14; El Salvadoran Oswaldo Martinez raped, sodomized and murdered a 16 year old; MS-13 gang member Reinaldo Ramos convicted of 2nd degree sexual offense for brutal gang rape of 16 year old girl. The list goes on and on!

Vizzi said it, �These politicians are the criminals that prohibit enforcement�.� Would Governor Owens, Hickenlooper or Bush laugh and smile as much as I saw them at the forum if their kids were the victims instead of ours? Would this nightmare become their reality? How big would their belly laughs be if their daughters suffered rape from an illegal alien predator that they helped get across the border or helped remain in our country?

I�ll bet you Mrs. Bush would be hysterical with rage�much like Mrs. Goodman. I�ll bet Governor Owens� wife Francis would back her husband into the corner with a frying pan with demands to �DO SOMETHING!� I�ll bet John Hickenlooper�s wife would be screaming if the Denver Police officer who got shot by illegal Gomez were John Hickenlooper, Jr.

If you want to see more of what we all face, visit Vissi�s web site. Additionally, go to for more horrifying stories on drunken illegal alien drivers. This Mexican crime spree spans the entire United States. Representative Sue Myrick of North Carolina introduced a bill to take immediate action on illegals in her state. She said, �You�re drunk, you�re driving, you�re illegal, you�re deported, period!�

Since President Bush is a convicted DUI offender, he should understand that drunks behind the wheel kill people. Will Bush or his family be victims of a drunken driver? No chance in his stretch limousine. Will his immediate family suffer rapes and murder? Not a chance your tax paid 24 hour body guards! However, thousands of American citizens are victims of drunken illegal alien drivers and sexual predators.

It�s time Bush sealed the borders against all illegal alien entries. Why? Because he has the power and we KNOW it can be done because it�s been successful in South Korea for over 45 years. Ninety percent of the American public wants the borders sealed off. We are sick and tired of Bush repeating, �They do the jobs that Americans won�t do.�

Our state and federal prisons hold over 500,000 convicted felons that are illegal aliens. Each committed a crime that left death, rape or murder for an American family. Our wives, daughters, sons and friends shouldn�t have to suffer those crimes because those illegal aliens wouldn�t be here if Bush did his job.

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This column doesn�t address the 11,000 MS-13 gang members operating in 33 states with guns, drugs, killings and extortion. It doesn�t mention the 20,000 member �18th Street Gang� in Los Angeles. It doesn�t address TB spreading throughout our country.

Bush isn�t doing his job while he encourages drunk driving, child molesting, sexual predator illegal alien Mexicans doing a �job� on American citizens.

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Along with thousands crossing our borders daily to do the work Americans won�t do, thousands of predator and drunk aliens converge on America committed to doing jobs that most Americans wouldn�t dream of doing: killing, raping, drunk driving and child molestation.