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By Frosty Wooldridge
February 20, 2006

Sitting here at this keyboard, sweat runs down my brow after reading the hundreds of emails responding to the �WHY?� piece last week. If you don�t think Americans passionately care about the immigration nightmare raging in our country, think again! Most expressed despair, defeat, anger and outrage. Many said, "Keep your powder dry!" In my columns, I'm connecting dots for Americans as to �how� fast America is being killed and �why� we�re losing our country. Your responses prompted me to share them with the rest of the nation.

At the end of these responses, I will make a few suggestions because everyone wants to know what they can do to stop this invasion.

Seventy-three year old William Tibbe wrote: �You have it pretty well figured out. To further understand in explicit detail I am recommending Paul Streitz' book, "Recommending America's Prosperity," just off the press a week or two ago. It is spellbinding. There are actually three facets to George Bush's agenda.

1. As you surmised he is beholden to his power base that keeps his coffers full: mega-multinational corporations. A handful of the elite will get richer and the rest of America will get poorer.

2. Free trade. He is equally sold on that idea. It is dismantling the American middle class and giving their jobs to foreign countries. The concept of free trade is moving manufacturing overseas that export back to America. The Americans are no longer manufacturers/factory workers but are now consumers who do not have jobs.

3. Globalization. The Council on Foreign Relations espouses open borders and a melding together of Canada, USA and Mexico as one mega North America along with multiculturalism. I have monitored Bush's speeches to Mexicans for several years and he is telling them that there will be open borders and free trade unimpeded.

�I'm a dedicated conservative Republican who has supported every Republican President since Eisenhower. I voted for George H. W. Bush 41 and for George W. Bush 43 twice. I have now disavowed the current president and am calling for his impeachment. He should step down before he completely destroys America. He is apparently listening to the voodoo economics of the likes of Milton Friedman whose "suggestions" have gutted American industry, left plants idle and rusting, and scores of tens of thousands of jobs evaporated.

�I believe that we are in a civil war right now albeit almost, but not quite, bloodless. The shooting has started and the prison riots and killings in California between blacks and Hispanics is the beginning. It will become unmanageable by the end of this year. The situation is really disintegrating rapidly. Citizen groups now number 51 in 20 states. The Government of Arizona is debating legislation to have Arizonans send their IRS income tax payments to the State of Arizona who will deduct the costs of illegal immigration and forward the balance left on to the IRS.

�I can tell you that I have been around the world several times; I lived and traveled overseas for 18 years. Wisdom gained! My total assessment is that we are being overrun primarily by communists with an agenda backed by many foreign powers. If the Senate procrastinates and does not pass a strong HR 4437 Sensenbrenner initiative, the majority of the American people will take things into their own hands. Bush appears to be completely out of touch with reality. He is living in a utopian dream world full of mistakes and calamity for the future of our country. He will destroy it if left to his own devices for he knows not what he is doing to the people, villages, towns and cities of America.�

Marlene said, �Great article on 'why'. A Third World country is the goal of the enemy within. We have rounded third base & heading home.�

Lance Hurley writes, �The real reason is to so destroy our America that we will wake up one day and we will be half illegal immigrants. The goal is to take away our nationality; we will then end up as a new region under the New World Order. At some point in the midst of rising crime, violence in the streets, foreign troops will march through our nation, guns will be confiscated and most will say, what happened?�

Steve Livingston wrote the most sobering and perhaps the most realistic point of all that follows in the footsteps of Paris, France, �We are rapidly approaching a time when there can be but one solution: violent revolution. We must begin by eliminating these "hapless aliens" in our midst. Please understand first and foremost that they are traitors to their own country; they have demonstrated no compunction about abandoning the place of their birth, heritage and invading another nation. They lay waste to our infrastructure, overwhelm our medical facilities and spread disease. The only deterrent to their continued flood is their deaths. They would treat us no differently if we were the ones overrunning their country.

�Whatever occurs, I can see no way out of the mess we're in without bloodshed in some form or other. To paraphrase "Dirty Harry" ( I take no pleasure in doing so): "There's nothing wrong with shooting, as long as the right people get shot." We need our militia standing shoulder to shoulder, weapons at port arms, along our southern borders, FACING SOUTH! How much more are we supposed to endure before many among us simply snap and begin doing this on our own? It's going to get ugly, and soon.�


Liam Condon said, �I reached the same conclusion some time ago, mainly from looking at history. The elite want to go back to a feudal-type society where the majority would be the peasants, and they would be the royalty. The only difference being royalty defined by money not necessarily family blood lines, although that will follow eventually. This is the only explanation that fits. The two recent attempts to do this, Communism and Fascism, failed because they tried to do it by force of arms. The current movement is using money, which is proving much more effective in accomplishing the goal.�

Larry Fleisher said. �If enough aliens come in and work for low wages then the American worker will have to work for less or starve. Benefits to our vets and retirement for our workers are disappearing or have gone altogether. Our elected representatives do not care about the people they represent, because they have theirs and that is all that is necessary for them. I find the current administration and the elitists running it, the most objectionable band of cutthroats I have ever seen, in elected and appointed positions. The question is how do we get them out? How do we make enough noise that the person going to the voting booth, will come out of the ether and vote to usurp the power mongers, before we lose all our rights, our constitution and our country?�

Barbara Anderson of Oregon writes, �You gave us all some answers to WHY our leaders are letting this country become Third World-like. I think the president and some rich and powerful others, are intent on establishing a One World Order. The trade agreements, NAFTA and CAFTA are helping this along. The most important, FTAA (Free Trade of the Americas) is behind schedule and will be presented to our lawmakers when it is the optimum time for passage. FTAA is the last of the free trade trifecta and will include ALL of the Americas, from Canada to the tip of South America.

�I think this is WHY Bush will not do ANYTHING to close the borders. The nearest we will get from him is a vague promise to use technology on the border. I am a lifelong Republican who worked to get Bush elected and voted for him twice. Mea culpa! My Republican friends can't conceive that a fellow Republican, even a fellow American, would stab them in the back this way.�

Those are your �whys� of this invasion and you�re right on the money. The only thing I can add is: we�ve got to get our butts in gear. We�ve got move! We�ve got to demand paper trail voting machines at every precinct. We�ve got to get out in force, in numbers, in phone calls, in demonstrations, in letters to the editors, in calls to radio stations, in attending meetings of our reps and city councils and we�ve got to call senators and congressmen weekly. We�ve got to become a collective force of massive public opinion that magnifies the polls, or we�re going to see the death of our country.

It�s that simple and tragic. Only 134,000 Americans have joined but they have made tremendous impact with the 1.5 million faxes they send in each month. Imagine if over five million of us joined Roy Beck�s team. If you�ll just do that one simple thing and spend five minutes each week to send in those pre-written faxes at the touch of a button, you would become a formidable force. It takes five minutes a week! Please, have all your friends join and their friends.

Next summer, I'm riding in the bicycling '21st Century Paul Revere Ride' across America to all 48 states. For three months from May 29, 2006 to September 16, 2006, our teams and RVs will be a rolling reality check and pain in the butt for George Bush, Condi Rice and Congress. We're going to lead immigration groups and citizens of all walks of life in every small town and every capitol all the way to Washington, DC. They won't be able to call us 'vigilantes' like they called the "Minutemen" because we'll have on our T-shirts, "STOP ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: ASK ME HOW." They won't be able to run, duck or hide because we're going to be out there gathering the greatest citizen army of activists since Dr. Martin Luther King and the Vietnam War. We're going to empower average Americans by reaching 100 TV shows, 100 radio shows and 500 newspapers. We'll give each citizen directions on how to change the course of history for their children.

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In the meantime, write my web site for the action letter. Write my brother Howard at, who is coordinating the Paul Revere Ride and bring your talents, organizations and time. Get involved, get moving, get into gear. It�s your country, your children and their future. Just think of Paris, France and 10,000 fire bombed cars by immigrants and that might give you the �fire� you need to take action.

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The Council on Foreign Relations espouses open borders and a melding together of Canada, USA and Mexico as one mega North America along with multiculturalism.