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By Frosty Wooldridge
March 2, 2006

�But it sold out to an invasion of illegal aliens,� said Joe Rizoli of Concerned Friends and Citizens of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement.

If you think illegal aliens stay in the Southwest, think again. If you think Phoenix with 57,000 cars stolen annually by illegal aliens is an isolated problem, think again. If you think the 7,000 illegal aliens housed in Colorado prisons are that state�s problem, think again. If you think the rapes, killings, drunks, overrun schools and anchor babies don�t happen in your state, think again.

�My town of Framingham has a population of 67,000,� Rizoli said. �The most recent official count is that there are 20,329 Brazilians living in Framingham, most are illegal. Many take advantage of local social services and their children overburden our schools and other public institutions, all of which seem to be more than happy to serve their needs. This creates a heavy tax burden on the average homeowner forcing them to sell their homes and move out of town.

�What happens next is predictable; illegal aliens buy these vacated homes and turn them into rooming houses, thus violating most building codes established by the town�s by-laws. This generates parking problems and quality of life issues for most of the town�s residents and homeowners.

�This array of problems didn�t just happen overnight. Over the last 20 years, town officials and State Representatives sold themselves out to an endearing oligarchy of Brazilian friendships that the working class citizenry were not invited to join.

�Framingham has not only embraced this local illegal alien invasion, it also initiated and established a Sister City pact with a Brazilian city, Governador Valadares, the most corrupt city in Brazil.�

�Its biggest export is illegal aliens and document fraud,� Rizoli said. �Of course, their idea of this Sister City pact emphasizes a sharing of cultures to make a bond with Brazil. Reading the daily police blotter these days one cannot help but notice which �culture� is getting the most police attention.

�Like many cities and towns in this invasion of America we now have day laborers loitering in front of the local Brazilian bakery looking for work. While town officials sit in their offices directly across the street!�

�It is at sites like these across the country where the American betrayers shun all sense of prescribed law and �employ� these workers,� Rizoli said. �Of course, the claim is �they work hard.� The reality is that they work for wages that no American could live on, unless you are living in a house with 15 plus people sharing expenses.

�A recent *Wall Street Journal article exposed the illegals working in Framingham revealing how widespread the problem has become. A notable quote describes the situation this way, �Illegals have made Framingham an outlaw town.�

*WSJ 2/16/06 Tidy Business: Immigrant Group Puts a New Spin on Cleaning Niche

�Framingham is experiencing unprecedented unlawful activity such as, bombings, stabbings, home invasions and even attacks by from one illegal immigrant to another.�

�Another low point for the town is the collusion of churches dedicated to helping and supporting this invasion,� Rizoli said. �We have in our town alone OVER twenty Brazilian churches servicing the needs of the illegal aliens fresh from Mexico and other illegal ports of entry. These churches play a huge role in the peonage slavery going on in this town. We have a group called BRAMAS, The Brazilian American Association, which is anything but American, serving the various needs of these illegal aliens and working hand in hand with town officials and our State Reps.�

�Another major concern is the introduction or in some cases the re-introduction of long eradicated diseases coming to the area,� Rizoli said. �A special delegation of doctors from Brazil recently came to the area offering their services because TB is making a comeback.

�The result of this illegal alien invasion has caused our backers to protest against this unholy alliance of bad government and corrupt State and local representation.

�Groups like CCFIILE, Concerned Citizens and Friends of Illegal Immigration Law Enforcement, have boldly taken on this spawning illegal alien industry and are waging a battle just like the real life Minutemen, but for us, it�s against the Benedict Arnolds who have sold out the town.�

�Where Framingham goes from here is anyone�s guess,� Rizoli said. �Like other surrounding towns we are trying to update our by-laws to stop the illegals coming here cramming apartments and working without health checks in the food and health industries.

As you can see, Massachusetts is a long way from the Mexican border and even further from Brazil. What you�re witnessing is the loss of the rule of law for the citizens of that state. You�re watching the governor of Massachusetts doing nothing and saying nothing. Senator Ted Kennedy does only harm as he eats a lot, drinks a lot and blathers winded, meaningless speeches in the Senate. The president of the United States certainly is doing nothing to serve the U.S. Constitution. Perhaps that�s why CBS showed him at 34% approval rating. I�d say that tipped him into THE disapproval rating of all time. In other words, none of our senators, congressmen, governors or state reps is doing his or her job. They�re picking their noses and scratching their considerable butts while we suffer the consequences of this invasion.

What Joe Rizoli speaks about is �Third World Momentum� as addressed in my book, �IMMIGRATION�S UNARMED INVASION: DEADLY CONSEQUENCES.� The more we allow illegal aliens to enclave into our country, the more they take over, suppress our laws, take advantage of our systems, use us against ourselves, break our laws and bring their own corruption as standard operating procedure. Corruption becomes a mechanism by which Third World countries operate. It�s now in America and you�re not going to like it as we sink toward Third World status where lawlessness and corruption permeate every sector of government.

As one of my readers said, �I don't understand what you suggest we do about illegal immigration. If our leaders will not act, and the same leaders keep getting into office, what can be done? If you run as a Republican that is against immigration, the president will come to your area and support the Republican that is for illegals. People just don't see what can be done.�

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Today, hundreds of immigration groups have formed in every state of the Union. Join one in your state! Join Joe Rizoli�s group in Massachusetts. Organize, mobilize and participate in every state. How many of you will help with the �21st Century Paul Revere Ride� coming through New England this summer? We�ll be riding from the West Coast. How many have taken my 25 point action plan and sent it to dozens of their friends and on to more friends? How many have joined and become a weekly faxer? This is not the time to cry and complain; this is the time for action. In the next election, if they are an incumbent that won�t stop illegal immigration, vote them out. If you don�t think votes work anymore, then become a part of the �counter critical mass� of Americans who bring this immigration invasion to every radio station, newspapers and television station in the country. Actions speak louder than words.

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If you think illegal aliens stay in the Southwest, think again. If you think Phoenix with 57,000 cars stolen annually by illegal aliens is an isolated problem, think again.