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By Frosty Wooldridge
March 6, 2006

Last week, Congress and President Bush invited 7,000 Russian Muslim immigrants, without inspection of any kind, into our country with a lifetime promise of unlimited welfare. Was this a hoax? Was this a madcap moment? Who got high on paint fumes wafting through the halls of Congress? Why didn�t someone protest adding 7,000 members of a religious sect that bomb their way into the 21st century and whose Koran espouses death to all Christians and Jews?

As Brigitte Gabriel, author of �March Against the West� said, �If you want to understand the nature of the enemy we face, visualize a tapestry of snakes. They slither and they hiss, and they would eat each other alive, but they will unite in a hideous mass to achieve their common goal of imposing Islam on the world. This is the ugly face of the enemy we are fighting.� With that reality facing our country, George Bush injects us with 7,000 more Muslims. Isn�t Detroit, Michigan�s turning into an Islamic city within our borders scary enough? Those people do weird things like female genital mutilation, stone their women, make women wear total body covers and implement �honor killings�.

The harsh and glaring reality of the insanity of Islam manifested itself last month when millions rioted over cartoons. Those riots show that Muslims and Sharia Law remain incompatible with free speech and democracy. Mohammed was an illiterate thug who beheaded his enemies and 1,400 years later, his followers repeat his deeds. It manifested itself this past Friday as an American Muslim drove his car, with intent to kill, into nine Americans at a North Carolina college�to avenge Muslims around the world. It shows you how whacked out this religion and its followers are! But of course, Muhammad would be proud! He trained them via the Koran to be like him.

Bush not only invited 7,000 Muslims, he signed over 22 ports to United Arab Emirates. These people fund the deadly terrorist group Hamas which is bent on killing every Jew in the world. The UAE served up two of the 9/11 terrorists that killed 3,000 Americans. UAE launders terror-sponsoring money throughout the world. At the United Nations, United Arab Emirates votes against the U.S. 70 percent of the time.

Does Bush not understand the consequences of the latest �Waterloo� last fall in Paris, France? Amsterdam, Holland? London, England? Sydney, Australia? Did he not understand that French Muslim ghettoes exploded into flames and 10,000 cars suffered fire bombings? Total anarchy reigned in the streets for three weeks!

What about the bald faced lie of weapons of mass destruction that has killed or maimed 17,000 of our nation�s finest soldiers in Iraq? Bush defends this war waged against terror while our southern borders stand open and unguarded to terrorists 24 hours per day. What a charade on the American people! Worse, we buy it!

While Bush builds Iraq with $300 billion of our tax dollars, he lets New Orleans rot without hope. Why rebuild Iraq at the expense of Americans? Better yet, why not leave the rest of the world�s countries to their own responsibilities? To manifest their own choices? You can�t expect to bring democratic reforms to countries where Sharia Law dominates their core culture when that Islamic Law stands in direct contradiction to democratic governance. How stupid is this president?

What about our own elected Congress and president supporting H-1B, H-2B and L-1 visas that have stolen jobs from 1,000,000 Americans? How about all the outsourcing, insourcing and offshoring of our jobs? It�s unconscionable!

Why hasn�t he done something about the $700 billion trade deficit? What�s he waiting for? We owe China over $280 billion in trade deficit from last year alone!

We�ve got 14 million unemployed American workers and Bush hasn�t created jobs for them, but he wants to legalize 20 million illegal aliens to work those jobs at slave wages. How completely stupid is that?

How much does he want to swamp this country with foreigners? Another 10 million Mexicans? That�s right; we�ve got 10 million Mexicans and if Bush has his way, we�ll have another 10 million. So when does the need for �cheap labor� end and the rights of American citizens begin?

As our national language vanishes into a Tower of Babel, why hasn�t Bush rescinded Bill Clinton�s insane E.O. 13166 that forces us to give all immigrants documents in their own language instead of them learning English? It�s a national nightmare we may not survive as we balkanize ourselves into city states where language separates us from ourselves. How stupid is this president?

What about illegal Mexicans colonizing us from the south? Bush pushes a guest worker program that will give us millions upon millions of legalized illegal aliens with a promise of more to come! He does it in spite of the fact that they are not working the �jobs that Americans won�t do� but taking jobs in all sectors that Americans have always worked�for a living wage. Bush forces our working poor into welfare lines while we pay food stamp and unemployment costs.

While illegals don�t pay into our income tax (half work off the books), school and medical systems but use them, they send $20 billion back home to Mexico annually. Bush supports that horrific financial drain out of our states. How stupid is this president?

Does Bush have any inkling as to �carrying capacity� and the lack of water in the West that�s already screaming for water that isn�t available?

Do any of our members of Congress have a single ounce of common sense or reasoned thought? What drives their madness? How stupid can they be? How stupid are we for electing them? In November, 2006, we must toss 33 senators and 435 House members out on their ears if they don�t address and solve America�s problems instead of the rest of the world�s!

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How stupid is this president? How is his stupidity affecting you? Let me hear your ideas!

As this battle escalates, please call two senators that stand up for America: Senator Sessions at 1 202 224 4124 and Senator Grassley at 1 202 224 3744. Give their offices a quick call and thank them for stopping the guest worker program. Tell them that you want the borders secured and illegal immigration stopped. You want legal immigration reduced back to the 1964 levels of 100,000 per year. No amnesty for 20 million illegals! Call Congressman J.D. Hayworth�s office and thank him and Tom Tancredo for their standing up against this invasion: 1 877 762 8762. These statesmen need all the support you can give them.

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Do any of our members of Congress have a single ounce of common sense or reasoned thought? What drives their madness? How stupid can they be? How stupid are we for electing them?