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By Frosty Wooldridge
May 18, 2006

�While giving that ridiculous amnesty speech on how he�s going to guard our borders against illegal aliens last Monday,� Los Angeles radio talk show host Terry Anderson said, �Bush looked as nervous as a whore in church.�

After five years of neglecting border protection, Bush offered amnesty to 20 million illegal aliens who have resided illegally in the United States for an extended amount of time. That�s like being the president of a bank�then allowing bank robbers to walk in, rob the bank�stand around for a few days until their robbery blows over�then expect to deposit �their� money like honest citizens�and take up residence in the bank as if it were their home.

In his speech, he offered sad testimony about one illegal alien who was injured while serving in the U.S. military. That�s like giving solace to a bank robber whose been shot for robbing a bank. Bush would have been better off giving solace to Bonnie Eggle, mother of National Park Ranger Kris Eggle who was shot by a Mexican drug smuggler. Bush needs to give solace to the families of Dale Englerth, Justin Goodman, Officer Don Young, John Hessler and thousands of Americans sacrificed in death, disease and drugs by illegals.

After illegals knowingly invaded our borders, Bush proposes amnesty to 20 million criminals with a path to citizenship. How can one man degrade U.S. citizenship to that of a criminal? Let�s look at the reality of what we face.

The fall of the Roman Empire occurred after Emperor Valens opened Rome�s borders in 376 A.D. By 476 A.D., Rome vanished after it allowed the Goth nation to cross the Danube River. If the United States won�t protect its borders, its language or its culture, and will not enforce its laws--it will repeat Rome�s fall. Mexico�s invasion of the United States exceeds the scale of the Goth migration into Rome or any other migration in history.

As a nation we must protect our borders if we expect long term survival of the American Republic. Legal immigrants must demonstrate they intend to become Americans by learning our common language, English, and assimilating into the American culture that honors individual liberty, hard work and self-reliance. We cannot and must not reward criminals whose first act in our country was to break our laws.

The one aspect of Bush�s speech that hasn�t made an impact on Americans yet, is the addition of at least 100 million and up to 193 million people in the next 20 to 30 years. If that Senate amnesty bill moves ahead, we shall be invaded worse than Rome with consequences exactly like Rome. We will become a dead country.

Charles Hurt of Washington Times, May 16, 2006, wrote, �The Senate immigration reform bill would allow for up to 193 million new legal immigrants -- a number greater than 60 percent of the current U.S. population -- in the next 20 years.�

Senator Jeff Sessions, Alabama Republican said, �Congress is blissfully ignorant of the scope and impact of the bill, which has bipartisan support in the Senate and has been praised by President Bush.�

This illustrates the �gross stupidity� of our senators and this president who refuse to �see� what a statesman like Sessions sees. Senator Sessions is to be commended for his intellect and common sense.

On the other side of reality, Republican Senators Chuck Hagel of Nebraska and Mel Martinez of Florida �tossed� the bill together like a couple of mad chefs giving illegal aliens who have been in the U.S. two years or longer a right to citizenship. They did it in the face of 85 percent of the American public that demands no amnesty and a securing of our borders with troops.

The bill allows the annual flow of legal immigrants to double to more than two million annually. The guest-worker program adds 325,000 new workers annually who could later apply for citizenship.

Just consider 20 million illegal aliens, if not more, being allowed to bring their wives and kids into the USA! If only half the illegals are married, the average Mexican wife has three to six kids, that�s a minimum of 30 million Spanish speaking kids crammed into our classrooms.

Senator Byron L. Dorgan, North Dakota Democrat, said that he would introduce an amendment to strip out the guest-worker program, warning that the legislation would "pull apart the middle class in this country."

America slides into the low wage capitol of the world and suffers the loss of the Middle Class. We�d all become the low class mirroring a Third World country. On top of that, we�d be importing the entrenched poor of other countries with no intellectual tools or skills to maintain or sustain our country.

If enacted, the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act (CIRA, S.2611) would be the most dramatic change in immigration law in 80 years, allowing an estimated 103 million to as high as 193 million persons to legally immigrate to the U.S. over the next 20 years� fully one-third of the current population of the United States.

Even Newt Gingrich said, �The GOP is drifting toward disaster. I am very worried that the Republican leadership in the Senate and potentially the White House are just going to end up very alienated from the vast majority of Americans on this issue. The Senate bill is an absolute disaster."

Gingrich cited Gallup polling data that underscores the importance of an enforcement-first approach taken by the House:

  • 84% say the U.S. should go after employers who hire illegal immigrants
  • 86% say the U.S. should cut off federal funding for cities and states that refuse to enforce the law
  • 90% say English should be a requirement to become a citizen
  • 85% say citizens should have a voter-identity card to make sure only Americans are voting

As you can imagine how nervous a whore would be sitting in church, we have a president who can no longer lie, duck or deceive his �congregation� which is a increasingly astute American citizenry. He can�t pretend any more. He can�t fool us and Bush cannot ignore us. Illegals work all our jobs! We are the ones being killed, raped, robbed, introduced to TB, leprosy, hepatitis, and our schools and hospitals overrun. We�re tired of this president with no clothes as he parades in his regal falsities against our Constitution.

Beyond his being �nervous� facing U.S. citizens, he can�t keep telling us that we �can�t� deport 20 million illegal aliens. We don�t have to. We simply enforce our laws against employers of illegal aliens. We shut down the rides at Disneyland and the folks go home. No more come to Disneyland. It�s call �Attrition through Enforcement� and it works.

If he allows this massive amnesty bill, our country will pile up in the history books along with Rome.

If Mr. President, you think mass immigration can continue, first tell Americans where our waters are too pure, where the air is too fresh, where there is too little roadway congestion, insufficient urban sprawl, too much biodiversity, not enough energy consumption, under-utilized landfills, too much cheap electrical power, where jobs for underprivileged minorities are too abundant, and where our national parks are not loved to death. Tell us how there is too little gridlock in our cities. Tell us there aren�t two million homeless people in America. Tell us we need more immigrants instead of taking care of millions of our own poor.

How on God�s green earth can an added 100 million to 200 million more people make America better? Is it better in China? How about India? Anyone traveled to Bangladesh lately? Please answer that Mr. Bush, because the fact is, you cannot. With your lack of integrity and ineptitude, I agree with Terry Anderson: Bush should be as nervous as a whore in church.

The detailed route map and each state capital visit schedule is available at We can always work-in another rally, but planning time is running short. Inquire at Frosty's email address for full details on how you can support the PRR Team: Howard Wooldridge at Start date is May 29, 2006 in Denver, CO -- with completion in Washington, DC set for 12 Aug 2006.

To all red-blooded Americans who ride a motorcycle, drive an RV and love our country:

Starts in Denver, May 29, 2006: Ends in Washington, DC August 12, 2006, with a massive motorcycle rally at the capitol steps.

Dear fellow American:

Below is all the information needed if you would like to become a part of the �21st Century Paul Revere Ride of 2006�. It is a 14,500 mile coast to coast MOTORCYCLE ride alerting Americans to the immigration invasion. All information on the ride is below for riders, RV drivers, immigration groups, routes and dates.

�I will ride at midnight to warn the Militia and Minutemen of the towns about the approach of the British Redcoats once we have lighted the one or two signal lanterns in the belfry of the North Church.� �Paul Revere to Patriot/Militia Leaders and Activists: Warren, Church, Dawes, Prescott in April 1775 in Boston, Mass.

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." - Thomas Paine, "The American Crisis," 1776

"Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier", -Colin Powell, Army General, Statesman, Mensch

�We will ride, as our forefathers before us, to warn Americans in 2006 of this destructive invasion of lawless foreigners that commandeers our American Republic.�-Frosty Wooldridge 2005 to Patriots to Preserve the American Republic.

Ladies and Gentlemen of our American Republic:

We have a rare opportunity to participate in an historic event, The Paul Revere Ride of the 21st Century. This Paul Revere Ride will carry a �Freedom Message� that is as critical to our freedoms in 2006 as Paul Revere�s �One if by Land, Two if by Sea� warning was to the American colonists� freedoms in 1775.

Starts in Denver, May 29, 2006: Ends in Washington, DC August 12, 2006, with a massive motorcycle rally at the capitol steps.

All of you are aware of the multiplicity of problems facing our People and States and Nation and Businesses and Schools and Hospitals, Water Supplies, Food Supplies, Jobs, Social Services, Spirit Based Organizations, etc. in 2006 from the out of control, unmanaged, unplanned, invasions of aliens and immigrants coming illegally into America; therefore, this document will not present the problem but rather will present one of several plans underway for solving our States� & Nation�s problems. And, YES !, WE DO NEED YOU AND YOUR NEIGHBORS� assistance just as Paul Revere and the Militia Patriots needed assistance in 1775�so, PLEASE STAND FORWARD WITH US TO AID IN SOLVING THIS OUT OF CONTROL IMMIGRATION PROBLEM which IS ONLY ONE OF THE VERY IMPORTANT PROBLEMS THAT MUST BE SOLVED THAT IS VERY NEGATIVELY IMPACTING OUR AMERICAN REPUBLIC AND ALL ITS COMPONENT PARTS...

This plan of the upcoming Paul Revere Riding Teams comes to us from many sponsors and the planning teams of Frosty and Howard Wooldridge with some input from several others across America.

If you can make monetary contributions do so by sending check or money order to "21st Century Paul Revere Ride" c/o Frosty Wooldridge, P.O. Box 207, Louisville, Colorado 80027. Make them out to the �21st Century Paul Revere Ride�. We will send you a personal "Thank you" with the Paul Revere Ride letter. For those of you who want the exceptional T-shirt, it's rock bottom at $15.00 including shipping. It's got "Stop Illegal Immigration: Ask Me How" on the front with the website and on the back, "Stop Illegal Immigration" with the 21st Century Paul Revere Ride logo below it. It looks pretty amazing and is sure to start a discussion no matter where you stand. Send your check to the same address and remember to state your size.


The 21st Century Paul Revere Ride

1. Major objective: The 21st Century Paul Revere Riders' major objective connects the dots by informing Americans of all walks of life, in small towns and big cities across America about the dangers of unending legal and illegal immigration.

Six men and two women motorcycle riders will reach millions of Americans via 100 radio interviews, 200 TV interviews and an estimated 400 to 500 newspaper interviews from small town dailies to big city papers.

We expect to reach in excess of 50 million Americans concerning the dangers of continued immigration-driven population growth that exceeds 'carrying capacity' within the United States of America.

Riders will cover 48 state capitals on their way to Washington, DC. We expect to impact the 2006 elections focusing on immigration AND getting MORE Americans involved on a continuous and ongoing basis to support �the reaping of freedom�� as Thomas Paine had said back in 1776. This will show our American forefathers and mothers that we CAN KEEP OUR REPUBLIC!!!

2. The �Paul Revere Riding Team� will leave Denver on May 29th. They will visit 48 Sovereign State capitols and then rendezvous on August 12 at the Capitol in Washington DC.

The Volunteers will coordinate media contacts and offers of hospitality along the route.

3. Main audience: We expect to reach Middle Class America, who will, in turn, impact local, state and federal elected leaders.

4. Connecting the dots: We expect to center on the negative impacts immigration thrusts on all Americans, their communities, cities, schools, language, hospitals, and water supplies to name just a few. We expect with your assistance to enlighten and empower American Patriots and Statesmen toward action.

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5. Major media contacts: Frosty Wooldridge and Howard Wooldridge will serve as primary media contact persons. Both bring vast media experience. Howard Wooldridge resides in Washington, DC and Frosty Wooldridge will coordinate from the field as one of the Paul Revere Riders. Ph. (301) 695-1739 . Available seven days a week.

6. Supporting this coast to coast motorcycle ride will be one donated RV equipped with computers, press kits, magnetic signs created for maximum exposure.

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Even Newt Gingrich said, �The GOP is drifting toward disaster. I am very worried that the Republican leadership in the Senate and potentially the White House are just going to end up very alienated from the vast majority of Americans...