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By Frosty Wooldridge
December 23, 2004

Are you angry about illegal immigration? Really upset that this president and Congress walk around pretending to protect us while our country�s borders cascade into lawlessness? A sixth grader knows Los Angeles and most of California have become clones of Mexico!

You�re not alone. Millions of Americans scream at the fa�ade Congress and Bush slam into our faces daily. Rather, Jennings and Williams report the consequences, but, like prisoners in the �politically correct� jail cell, they offer nothing to stop it. They won�t report the underlying destruction of our country. If it weren�t for the Internet, you�d think the USS Titanic of America would steam into New York harbor without a care in the world. Wrong!

"Well, you Americans have it coming, don't you? You stole ancient territories by destroying absolutely everything of value while howling 'democracy and freedom� and now you are going down the toilet as fast as a bullet train." Gerry, Germany

"Greetings from Virginia Beach, Virginia: We in Virginia Beach are overrun with Mexicans and everybody and his brother are joining them since the word is out that BICE won't do its job. There are no jobs here. They play Mexican music at the malls and in stores, sell Mexican food, and even write about selling to Mexican markets in the local rag for grocers. At the rate we are going, the entire USA will become a colony of Mexico." Miss Ross, VA

"I will be replaced by cheap foreign slaves on work visas, in addition to the 65,000 previously planned. I am trying hard to find a way to not be a burden to my kid in my old age. GODDAMNED PISSED OFF AMERICAN HIGH TECH WORKER." Richard, CA

"I live in Los Angeles so I am well aware of the problem of illegal immigration. None of our leaders seem accountable for their acts of treason against the U.S. What can be done to reverse policies such as paying for 300,000 anchor babies of illegals each year? Why are we funding things that are destroying us? I feel that there is a conspiracy at the highest level of the global elitist to destroy and bring America under their control." Jack

"Do you ever discuss how overpopulation and capitalism overlap? It seems to me that capitalism thrives on consumerism and consumerism thrives on greater numbers of people. I have often thought of is like the 'self destruct' aspect of capitalism. Destroy the planet with the plagues associated with overpopulation, while maintaining the capitalist ideology." James, GA

"If only more people could learn of it and take it seriously! I have watched this movement grow, along with the Mexican population, over the years, ever since I took Spanish I at Santa Monica College and the teacher, Mr. Quevedo, was being mean to some of us white students in the class. Hitler was not taken seriously when he started, and Jewish people reacted passively. The Jewish people were later shamed for this and derisively nicknamed "Soaps" by the Israelis who consider themselves to be fighters. Some Jews cooperated with the Nazis. I wonder if we are now following the same pattern of passivity, denial, and cooperation." Chris, CA

"I live in an area that borders California and Oregon on the coastline. There are many, many, many illegal Mexican children attending our schools. They need no birth certificates to register and they even have their place of birth in their records as towns in Southern Mexico or South America. They are the troublemakers who come in with no discipline or speaking abilities much less willingness to go to school. They eat our free meals, require special teachers and bi-lingual helpers and interpreters. This is a major problem and a drain on our tax-paying right at $7.4 billion across the nation annually." Sally, Oregon

"You are not going to like what I am about to tell you. You may have heard and disregarded this reason for amnesty for illegal aliens. Amnesty for illegal immigrants helps accomplish steps of a process. This process can be referred to as "regional economic harmonization." The results to be achieved via this harmonization include a lowered standard of living and income for U.S. citizens, the massive reduction of the middle class, and the dissolution of meaningful borders.

"Our current president and many before him have been advised and tasked to accomplish steps toward the goal of one world government over time. This is probably a tough bite to swallow and hard to accept as the truth, but that is what the socialist one-world architects are "banking" on. The one world agenda is easier to proceed if the gullible public assumes that a Republican administration would not dare sell out the United States for an international socialist supra-state. And this is what amnesty for illegal aliens is all about � a component step in an intentional plan process.

"The facts are there. The only question is, are you willing to accept them? After all, every issue regulated by our current constitutional system will be inconsequential if the FTAA is allowed to achieve its desired objectives." John, NY

"I work in the Information technology field. My friends and I have seen this coming for a long time. The company I work for is planning to off-shore IT and many of my IT friends can't find a job, yet these companies hire in many Asians and Indians while also off-shoring."

"It makes me mad that my politicians are selling me and the middle class out. These companies are ruining the USA. Once the US falls, that is it for the world. How can they sell out their own country and its citizens? The US is going to be a third world country. We have H1-B and L1B visa people taking jobs. They say they can't find talent here: BULLSHIT. Illegals stream across the borders and our teens can't even find work and all the while they use our schools and crowd emergency rooms." Paul, MN

Fellow Americans, I have thousands of letters like these you have just read. We�ve got a Congress and president intent on destroying the Middle Class. Why is it so easy for them? They are the elites. What will change it? You! Again, write me for the 22-point action letter that you can send to all your networks. With the power of the Internet, we�re going to take back our country.

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Fellow Americans, I have thousands of letters like these you have just read. We�ve got a Congress and president intent on destroying the Middle Class.