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By Frosty Wooldridge
June 8, 2006



As we stood on the steps of the State Capitol building in Salt Lake City, a Mexican bicyclist pedaled by our news conference yelling, �Viva la Raza!� One American in the crowd yelled back, �Viva los Estados Unidos!�

For anyone who doesn�t know what �la Raza� means, it states, �For the Hispanic race everything; for anyone outside the race, nothing.� Furthermore, �Reconquista de Aztlan� stands as a prime directive for millions of illegal Mexican migrants in the United States today. How many? As of this writing, over 9.2 million illegal Mexicans reside in America in 49 states. They enjoy 56 Mexican consulates aiding, abetting and assisting them to remain illegally in the USA. They send $20 billion annually back to their master President Vicente Fox. How can such an extreme racist organization operate in the United States without being taken to court, disbanded or hounded out of our country?

By our own Congress doing nothing whatsoever against this organization for decades, it grows by sheer numbers of illegals gaining access to our country. Congressman Chris Canon of Utah assists and supports them. He was celebrated by them last year for his work in helping them establish more illegal aliens in Utah. Canon illustrates how our own elected leaders in the House and Senate undermine the American people by outright support of illegal alien migration or ignoring it by doing nothing. Follow the money!

Two days before, at the magnificent capitol building of Montana in Helena, a great American named General Thomas Francis Meagher, a former governor of the �Big Sky Country� state said on March 17, 1866, �The true American knows, feels, and with enthusiasm, declares that all human emotions, of all human passions, there is not one more pure, more noble, more conducive to good and great and glorious deeds, than that which bears us back to the spot that was the cradle of our childhood, the playground of our boyhood, the theater of our manhood.� If he were in office today, Governor Meagher would not insult U.S. citizens by saying, �Illegal aliens do the jobs Americans won�t do.�

Men like Chris Cannon, John McCain, Teddy Kennedy, Joe Baca, Harry Reid and other misfit senators and congressman desecrate the foundation of our nation by their actions that betray our U.S. Constitution and the American people. They can�t stand next to a man like Governor Meagher of Montana.

We rolled hard along the path of Lewis and Clark after having been inspired by General and Governor Thomas Meagher. We twisted the throttles through winding curves that raced through deep mountain canyons. Passing cars honked and waved their approval at our traveling Burma Shave commercial. Every bike carried a sign: �Stop Illegal Immigration: Ask Us How�;; ��; �48 States�; �How Many People Are Enough?� �Seal the Borders.� As we headed into the twenty mile bumper to bumper traffic from Ogden to Salt Lake City, the �How Many People Are Enough?� poster drew the most applause and horn honking! Because of mass immigration supported by Representative Canon and Senator Orrin Hatch, Utah will add two to four million people by mid century. Isn�t that just ducky!

Utah presented snow-capped mountains to our left and the Great Salt Lake to the west. In front of me, Micha and Cindy�s Harley-Davidsons roared down the road with authority, power and a sense of what America means to all of us. It means women speak loudly and ride hard when they choose. They can dress up at the grand ball as well as speak their minds. It means we�re all in this epic struggle for our county. Every race, creed and color of American bears a stake in the outcome of this invasion.

By the way, let me profile the Paul Revere Riders. Rick Chiesa, 67, hails from La Trobe, Pennsylvania. He�s quick of wit, passionate about his grand kids, and speaks with great wisdom as to the consequences our nation faces if we allow ourselves continued invasion by illegals. Micha Hardy, 36, of Perryton, Texas, is a legal, naturalized U.S. citizen married to J.D. Hardy, four kids and loves riding her Harley Davidson. She�s funny, smart, dedicated and loves the roar of her bike and the open road. Cindy Roddenbury, 52, Beaufort, South Carolina, works as an ICU nurse with a steady hand, cool head and gives a highly articulate interview to TV and print reporters. She loves horses and Harley�s. She brings a great deal of wisdom concerning the health care crisis we face because of illegal aliens flooding our medical system with unpaid care. Don McKee, 67, Boulder, Colorado, a retired physics genius, brings new ideas and humor to every mile along the road. His Gold Wing purrs like a kitten and he smiles at the passing miles like a man in charge of the Star Ship Enterprise. Howard Wooldridge, 55, trail boss, drives the van and works the media. He�s ridden his horse across America coast to coast twice and has trucked in an 18-wheeler and motorcycled from sea to shining sea many times. Glen Colton, 49, Fort Collins, Colorado, drives and works the media while keeping the team watered, gassed and together. He�s a top environmentalist with his wife Trudy and 16 year old daughter back home. Yours truly, a former teacher, rides bicycles, motorcycles, drives 18-wheelers, travels the world, loves dancing, skiing and writing. All of us ride for our families, communities and America, We won�t back down and we won�t give up. We are American citizens.

Idaho stands for potatoes, mountains, rivers, country people, cows, horses and fresh air. We spent the night at Zeb and Deanne Bell�s ranch in Murtaugh, Idaho. Good folks in that beautiful state.

In Boise, folks turned out at the capitol building with signs and T-shirts supporting the Paul Revere Team members. We gave interviews to print, radio and TV media. I wandered across the street to a statue of Frank Steunemberg, Governor of Idaho from 1897 to 1900. A plaque read, �When in 1899 organized lawlessness challenged the power of Idaho, he upheld the dignity of the state, enforced its authority and restored law and order within its boundaries for which he was assassinated in 1905�rugged in body, resolute in mind, massive in strength of his convictions, he was of granite hewn. In memory of his courageous devotion to public duty, the people of Idaho salute him.�

Such statues and words cannot be written for our current president and a majority of our Congress as they betray our Constitution, country and future generations. The recent passage of Senate Bill 2611 illustrates the power of this president to undermine the American people as well as the power and idiocy of 62 senators to betray 90 percent of the American public�s call for stopping illegal aliens, sealing our borders and prosecuting employers of illegal aliens. No amnesty you numbskulls! This travesty mirrors the 1986 amnesty, but impacts Americans with an added 20 million illegals that will now be granted citizenship as well as bring in millions of their wives, children and relatives. Americans suffer displacement from their own country.

We powered our bikes out of Boise toward Washington State. Huge snow-capped mountains circled the horizon before us. The bikes ran hard and true into a golden sunset that sprayed colors across deep valleys and verdant plains. Rivers sparkled alongside the highway as we roared into apple, cherry and berry country. We slowly wound our way up Chinook Pass through pines that swept down from aspirin-white summits. Rushing waterfalls sparkled under 20 foot deep snowdrifts along the highway. We inhaled fresh mountain air with a sense of wonder, awe and gratitude for our surroundings.

In Yakima, we stopped at citizen meeting with angry, concerned and motivated folks ready to fight for their state. Claude Oliver, a local congressional candidate, spoke to unseat the do-nothing House member called �Doc� in D.C. whom has done little to stop illegals during his tenure in Congress. We spoke and assured them that such groups grow in numbers and energy across the nation. �We the people� grow in our passions and engagement daily. The worse this invasion, the faster we stand to counter it.

A long ride to Seattle brought us into gridlock traffic. Everyone loved our moving Burma Shave commercial. Thus far, 15 TV show interviews, 18 newspapers and 12 radio shows have created a lot of discussion. We passed out our �Action letters� to citizens and press kits to media people. We�ve reached millions on Fox News, local ABC, NBC and CBS stations. We expect to add 1,000,000 Americans to as active fixers and phone callers. We expect millions more to make phone calls and hound U.S. Senators who have betrayed our Constitution and the American people. Thank you for your donations at: Checks to �21st Century Paul Revere Ride� c/o Frosty Wooldridge, POB 207, Louisville, CO 80027. Thank you for buying our fantastic T-shirts that support the ride at We need another driver to help out Howard in 12 days in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Please call 817 975 1110 if you have time to ride with us. It�ll be the time of your life as you meet Americans across our nation. If you are a woman biker, we�d love to add you to the team. We invite all bikers to check the web site and organize hundreds if not thousands of bikes to ride with us for an hour, day or week. Call Howard at 817 975 1110 to coordinate into the ride, especially in the capitol cities.

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As I ride down the road watching gorgeous scenery across America, I am encouraged by citizens saluting us, thanking us and riding with us. Young and old stand with us as their children wave to us. I can�t help thinking that Paul Revere would salute us from the saddle of his horse if he were here today. He stood tall and rode hard. His legacy inspires me daily. I slip my bike into gear, rev the engine and let out the clutch. I surge forward with urgency, purpose and passion. Revere didn�t let his country down in 1775 and neither will the 21st Century Paul Revere Riders. Good night and God�s speed. For part 1 click below.

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In Yakima, we stopped at citizen meeting with angry, concerned and motivated folks ready to fight for their state. Claude Oliver, a local congressional candidate, spoke to unseat the do-nothing House member called �Doc� in D.C. whom has done little to stop illegals during his tenure in Congress.