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By Frosty Wooldridge
June 15, 2006



A thunderous crowd received the Paul Revere Riders on the capitol steps in Salem, Oregon. Supporters stood with hundreds of signs declaring their anger against the invasion reaching into the guts of that once pristine state. Their police suffer a continual onslaught of drunken illegal alien drivers; prisons overflow with convicted felons while drugs and gangs wreak havoc in their cities. Oregon�s schools struggle with multiple languages and racial intimidation by arrogant illegal aliens in the classrooms. Even with English as a second language classes, the illegals profess no intention to assimilate into America�s mainstream. They continue growing in separation, fracturing and balkanization. Yet Oregon�s senators voted for Senate Bill 2611 which grants amnesty and citizenship to 20 million illegals. It raises legal immigration to catastrophic levels that will import 100 million people into our country from foreign lands within 20 years. It further degrades citizenship to the status of criminals who knowingly broke our laws to enter the United States. Again, it shows disrespect for our Constitution and a total disconnect of the 62 U.S. senators who voted in favor of lawlessness.

We cranked the throttles out of Salem into Oregon�s primordial forests. We curled the bikes through verdant valleys with awesome rivers and quaint houses settled into the backwoods. Where clear-cut timber harvests denuded the land, we witnessed six foot high new growth from new pines planted to grow a new crop of trees. On the coast, we raced along the eternal Pacific Ocean. We crossed over the rivers where Lewis and Clark first made their way across this great land in 1803 with the Corps of Discovery.

Down Highway 1, we rode our bikes along a magnificent coastline with more curves than a can of angleworms. In the ocean, castle-sized rocks soared skyward with thousands of birds perched on their craggy cliffs. Seagulls sailed along the updrafts while waves rushed the sandy-white beaches.

�Welcome to California� the sign reads. Cindy and Micha raised their hands high as they roared along the road on their Harley�s. Years ago, �California Dreamin�� expressed what California meant to its newcomers: �gold in them hills�, hope, opportunity and personal betterment. As we cruised along magnificent vistas, my heart soared along that windswept coast. I have bicycled and motorcycled along its beauty a dozen times in the past. Riding through the Avenue of the Giants, we stopped under a canopy of 300 foot tall redwoods and slept beneath their majestic beauty. The campfire that night crackled as we roasted hot-dogs and told jokes. Nothing as splendid as soaking up the wisdom of 2,500 year old trees on the California coast!

That is, until we hit San Francisco! From the city where Tony Bennett sang, �I left my heart�� south to Los Angles, California morphs into a nightmare. It�s like riding from bliss into an ugly storm. Millions of cars pack the highways in one continuous gridlock. One gas station attendant, an immigrant from India, didn�t like our signs that read, �Stop Illegal Immigration�. He called us �White trash.� I just about fell out of my seat being called names by an immigrant. More illegals cursed us and flipped us the bird. More Americans cheered us along the gridlocked highways. On the chase van, in big letters, it reads, �HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE ENOUGH?� That sign became more appropriate as we sat in gridlock. We crossed over the Golden Gate Bridge with fog rolling in off the Pacific. In the distance, Alcatraz loomed dark against the gathering nightlights of the city by the bay.

Staying at Charles and Tammy�s apartment that night on the south side of the city, I asked their 10 year old boy Brandon how was school? He said, �I�m home schooled.� �Why don�t you attend school?� I asked. �It�s too dangerous�they beat me up, steal everything and I could get stabbed at school�no one speaks English.�

We got an earful of what has happened to San Francisco. It is no longer an American city, but a hodgepodge of legal and illegal immigrants that do not speak English nor do they participate in what it means to be an American citizen. They stand on the fringe of America, not citizens, not invested, not one of us�like a cancer cell that feeds off the host, but does not contribute. They encompass a growing armada of over three million illegal aliens in California that has bankrupted 86 hospitals in five years and turned schools into gang and battle grounds. American students don�t stand a chance. It costs Californians $10.2 billion in services to illegals while taxpayers stagger under at $38 billion state debt. Over three million illegals crush California into madness.

Worse, the Sierra Club maintains its office in San Francisco, but left its common sense in an oar-less rowboat somewhere on the Pacific. John Muir, its founder would take Carl Pope and the directors of the club to the woodshed for tar and feathering. They encourage members to contribute to save our environment, but refuse to address massive immigration as the single most devastating cause of America�s environmental problems. Because of immigration, we�ve added 106 million people in 40 years. Within another 60 years, we�ll add 300 million, but the Sierra Club loves to remain deaf, dumb and blind to its uselessness. Muir said, �There is no doubt that not one sane man lives in San Francisco.� The Sierra Club leaders validate Muir�s wisdom to a T, but America suffers from this invasion no matter what pretentious do-gooder nothingness the Sierra Club fabricates for its members. In the end, their efforts will be for nothing as we add 300 million people.

To make matters worse, California, driven by legal and illegal immigration, grows by 1,500 to 2,000 people daily. It adds 500 cars to its choked highways every 24 hours with no end in sight. Housing and development destroy hundreds of thousands of farmland acres annually. Water will be the defining crisis for California�s future. On a sobering note, California�s growth adds 20 million people by 2035. California paves land for malls and lays down concrete on tens of thousands of acres annually. It�ll be curious how it grows crops on concrete and how will the cows eat hay grown on asphalt! Jay Leno makes lots of jokes about it, but when the last joke is told, no one will be laughing.

We headed east toward Carson City, Nevada for a rally and news conference. With all the press releases, calls and faxes that we send out to the media, only 50 people showed up for the rally. One quiet reporter took a few notes, but that was it. It astounds me that over 500,000 illegal aliens marched in L.A. a month ago supporting illegality, but only 50 Americans showed up to support our rights as citizens. When 50,000 illegals marched in Denver, only 10 of us stood on the corner protesting their illegality. Should America fall into the same consequences as Paris, France with their immigrant riots last December, it will attest to American apathy of the cancer that grows by 10,000 illegals daily according to Time Magazine, September 20, 2004, �Who Left the Door Open?�

Back up over Donner Pass, we hit rain, sleet and hail. Temperatures dropped to 38 degrees under cloudy skies. We pushed heavy headwinds on our way toward Los Angeles.

In Watsonville, California, Michelle and her husband Rich said, �We�re finished in California�our state is lost�we hope the other 49 states act fast to stop this invasion from happening to them�our schools teach in Spanish and American kids don�t stand a chance�we pay and they play and abuse our tax dollars, our language, our hospitals�it makes me sick because we�re educating kids from another country at our expense while they change our language to suit them�if America thinks they are assimilating and speaking English, think again�they infiltrate our school boards and take over�and it�s coming to your city as they expand their reach across to every state in our country.�

Today, NBC interviewed our team and filmed us rolling down the highway. Thousands of truckers, RVs, cars and motorcyclists pump their fists, honk their horns and wave in support of the Paul Revere Riders. A lot of illegal aliens flipped us the finger. We rolled through strawberry, artichoke and onion country in California�s central valley. Thousands of illegals toiled in the fields. I watched chemicals injected into the soil and sprayed across the crops. If anyone wonders why cancer is the second largest killer in America, one look at what we eat with all the residual chemicals on our vegetables should give pause to anyone. For my family, we choose �organic� products.

This Saturday, we ride into the belly of the beast with Black Biker Clubs leading us into Los Angeles. Representative Dana Rohrachbacher will speak along with black activist Ted Hayes and Minuteman Jim Gilchrist and Lupe Moreno along with many others. Notice we�re all in this together. Yours truly will speak along with the Paul Revere Riders. Start begins at 9:00 AM, 200 N. Spring Street, LA, CA. Details: 213 892 9011 or . Be there for one heck of a show of All-American power. As it says in the U.S. Constitution, �We the people�.� We expect 1,000 bikers in this parade and more. It�s All-American with citizens of every race, creed and color. It�s about them, it�s about you, it�s about our country, and most of all, it�s about our children. We will not back down, we will not give up and we will not accept S.B. 2611. We will not tolerate amnesty or citizenship to 20 million criminals who knowingly broke our laws. We will not degrade our citizenship to the level of a criminal.

Become part of 1,000,000 new members to for free. Fax your prewritten letter weekly to your officials. I promised Roy Beck one million new members. I am a man of my word. Please help me keep my promise! Make your phone calls as directed by Roy Beck�s team. We intend, we WILL change history by our actions through you.

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Staying at Charles and Tammy�s apartment that night on the south side of the city, I asked their 10 year old boy Brandon how was school? He said, �I�m home schooled.� �Why don�t you attend school?� I asked. �It�s too dangerous�they beat me up, steal everything and I could get stabbed at school�no one speaks English.�