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By Frosty Wooldridge
June 22, 2006



A dozen motorcycle cops, 30 bicycle officers and six police cruisers with flashing blue and red lights--led the Paul Revere Riders through Los Angeles streets last weekend. Each time we arrived at an intersection, motorcycle cops sped up to wave off traffic. Our large banner �Stop Illegal Immigration: Ask US How� reported our message to the crowds. It felt like being in a Clint Eastwood movie about protecting the president of the United States.

Along the route, Americans waved Old Glory while illegal aliens flipped us the finger as they cursed us and waved signs saying really nasty things about us and America. We rode down the guts of a city that houses three million illegals mostly from Mexico. Spanish dominates store fronts and English may as well be a foreign language in Los Angeles. Sadly, Los Angeles is no longer an American city. It�s lost 86 hospitals and ER wards in the past five years from tens of thousands of illegals not paying for health care, but allowed to force themselves on our medical systems by the Federal Government. Our Congress won�t do its job to stop illegals from crossing our borders, but it forces us to pay for illegals� medical and schooling of their children. Our citizens flee drugs, gangs, failing schools, gridlock traffic and a growing, intense dislike for Americans from legal and illegal immigrants in the LA area and elsewhere.

We rode with Black activist Ted Hayes, Marvin Stuart, Ray Guerroro and other leaders working against the invasion devastating their black and American Hispanic neighborhoods. At the City Hall steps, the long line of Harley Davidson motorcycles lined up in a show of American defiance. Jim Gilchrist, founder of the Minutemen, talked along with a dozen others. In the city where, weeks before, 500,000 illegal aliens marched to demand their rights for their illegality and against the rule of law, a total of 175 people attended the Saturday Paul Revere Rally. I stood there with Ted, Marvin, Ray, Jim and others�and wondered what is it going to take to get Americans to stand up for their country? New York Mike said, �There are two parties running this country�one is evil and the other is stupid.� It�s possible that American apathy spawned this invasion.

We finished the rally and headed onto the freeway. LA traffic, seven lanes full, defies one�s imagination. On Saturdays, it�s thicker than hair on a sheep dog and just as snarled. We passed three accidents in the north bound lanes with 10 mile backups. Toxic air fills the skies while traffic runs bumper to bumper on an endless merry go round of insanity. Why anyone remains in that �new� Mexican city run by a Mexican mayor mystifies a sane man. As more Americans leave, given enough time, no one will be left to keep up city services, infrastructure and other maintenance. LA has become much like Mexico City with ghettoes, poor enclaves, schools utterly useless and a sense of futility. With its �18th Street Gang� owning many sections, police don�t even try to maintain law. So many illegals drive cars with no insurance and no licenses that crime has become normal. Of course, the LA Times won�t address it, but Americans fleeing southern California betrays their �silent-assertion�.

In San Diego, a hundred patriotic Americans stood with signs, horns and colors as they supported the Paul Revere Riders. Susie Hawkes and her supporters and their passion for America shined in their eyes. Again, in the state where three million illegals created a $38 billion debt, failed educational nightmare for California children, and more drug crime than can be imagined�the apathy astounded us. To those brave souls who attended the rally, we toast them.

A ride into 112 degree heat along the border brought us to outposts near Campos, California where Brit, J.J., Debbie, Barbara and dozens of Minutemen stand watch along the border with Mexico. We inspected fences, smuggling routes and pickup locations. While our Congress pretends and our president toasts Vicente Fox, real Americans stand guard over our nation�s borders to stop terrorists, drug smugglers and coyotes. The whole thing made me sick to think that we citizens do the job that our president pretends to do. Unfortunately, cities like LA become collateral damage as Vicente Fox continues his colonization of America. While the Fox works his plan, the American citizenry henhouse sleeps or fiddles with remote controls. Americans shop at Wal-Mart where 90 percent of merchandise arrives from China because Chinese do the jobs that Americans CAN�T do because our corporations outsourced those jobs.

We cranked the bikes through Dome Valley on our way to Phoenix. Huge rock cathedrals rose out of the desert sand like castles from a Star Trek movie. We rode past sand dunes rimmed by rock mountains frying in the heat. A daunting desolation of sun burned hills and juniper trees garnished with cacti created a magnificent backdrop as we pressed our steeds eastward. If Billy the Kid or Wyatt Earp popped up at the next stage stop, I wouldn�t be surprised. We�re traveling through history. This is where America�s heartbeat continues. This is where Doc Holiday gunned down more people than he filled cavities. Gamblers, bank robbers and Clint Eastwood created the West. Every movie you�ve seen such as �The Good, Bad and Ugly� came to life where we�re riding. Magnificent sunsets originated in the American West. At sunset, thunderheads explode into the heavens in purple, gold, pink and strawberry. This is America at her best. It�s what inspired the songs we sing. It�s why we love this land from sea to shining sea. If Mexico thinks it�s going to take away our land, it better be prepared to fight to the death because we will not back down and we won�t give up.

At Stubb�s Harley Shop in Phoenix, Arizona, two candidates for governor of the state of Arizona spoke at their evening rally. Don Goldwater stated, �When elected governor, I will place National Guard troops on Arizona�s borders to stop illegals from crossing our borders�I will take away all assistance to anyone not entitled to our social benefits�I�ll create tent city prisons to show illegals we mean business�if anyone hires an illegal alien, I�ll go after them on their withholding taxes�no more sanctuary policy.� Later, Mike Harris stated, �Our citizens should not have to wait at our own ER wards for 14 hours�John Deere will invent a machine to pick lettuce�I�ll send National Guard troops to our border to stop this invasion.�

Bob Park, military veteran of several wars, and a dear friend of mine, said, �It�s the vet who gave us the right to vote, not the politician�our soldiers did not die for open borders.�

For two candidates campaigning for governor to stand up with those speeches shows me we still produce real men in America. Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano vetoed seven bills aimed at stopping illegals from gaining welfare and social benefits. She undermines average Arizona citizens, but forces them to pay for the consequences of 500,000 illegals operating in that state. How would you like a governor you elected to promote illegal alien crime? How would you like to be the car jacking capital of the world with 57,600 cars stolen in the Phoenix area annually? How about every Arizona taxpayer paying $1,000.00 in hard earned money that subsidizes illegal aliens� medical, free school lunches and schooling for illegals? Napolitano is toast in the next election.

At the press conference, we spoke to three TV stations and a wildly enthusiastic crowd. An AP press writer asked a lot of questions. We answered them with, �In post 9/11, America cannot afford to suffer three million illegal aliens crossing our borders annually without knowledge of their intentions, what kind of diseases they carry, their criminal background, their terrorist intentions and the fact that they stand on American soil illegally�we demand National Guard on the borders, a fence created to stop further invasion, prosecuting employers of illegals, stopping 380,000 anchor babies annually, no amnesty for 20 million illegals that degrades American citizenship, and last, we demand legal immigration be reduced to 100,000 annually. We do not and will not tolerate 200 million people added to America by mid century. Those immigrants need to improve their own countries with their own efforts.

Late in the afternoon, we throttled our bikes into the mountains of northern Arizona. We rode from deadly heat to cool mountain air! Pine trees replaced cactus as we headed toward 6,000 feet. Magnificent canyons invited us into their magical beauty. Riding a motorcycle through such splendid scenery soothes my heart, enlivens my spirit and gives me hope for tomorrow. The torturous road carried us up toward the sky. Why do bikers love the mountains? Why do their hearts pound as their Harley�s throb along our nation�s highways? If you were on this ride, and I know you are, your heart pounds with excitement because this is your land, this is your country, this is America. It doesn�t get any better than this!

We reached the �Land of Enchantment� in New Mexico. Wow! What stupendous mountain vistas! Tomorrow, we speak at the capital. On a positive note, membership climbs with each day we gain TV interviews. Keep spreading the word to make the biggest faxing and phone calling organization to bring the �Tipping Point� sooner. We�ve got the Senate befuddled and we�ve empowered the House as the Immigration Reform Caucus now stands at 101 members. Demand your House rep become a member to stop this invasion and create sensible immigration policy�not further lawlessness.

Each day, as this Paul Revere Riding team settles into a campfire or where Tom Bodet says, �I�ll keep the light on for ya�, I can�t help think that a lone silversmith made such an impact on our country, and since he did, we are making an impact on our generation. Thank you for following this ride because you too are a Paul Revere Rider and we are you and you are us. Good night and God�s speed.

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As a post note, I�m a bit disappointed in that I�ve seen tens of thousands of abandoned automobile carcasses spread across the land. I�ve seen piles of cars, trash, open dumps and trash too much to count. I�ve seen discarded tires filling gullies and refrigerators piled up in fields. I�ve seen abandoned trailers trashed in the woods. I�ve seen millions of bottles, cans and plastic containers discarded along our nation�s highways. I recommend personal responsibility. I recommend incentives to recycle millions of old cars left to rot on farms, lots and everywhere you can imagine. We need a 10 cent bottle return law like Michigan�s. If those who are careless throw out the containers, kids pick them up for 10 cents a container. We need to respect our land. When we took it from the Indians 150 years ago, it was in perfect condition. Today, it�s not only embarrassing what carnage we�ve done to this land, it�s shameful and irresponsible beyond measure.

Please keep up with our rallies on our website at and join Be sure to send donations to: �21st Century Paul Revere Ride� c/o Wooldridge, POB 207, Louisville, CO 80027. Tell your friends about the rallies and bring all the bikers in your state. Make sure your immigration groups bring crowds to the rallies. The more people and bikes, the more impact. Call Howard, trail boss if you have planned a rally for us in your state. Ph. 817 975 1110. Write me at The web site offers our really cool T-shirt!

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Each day, as this Paul Revere Riding team settles into a campfire or where Tom Bodet says, �I�ll keep the light on for ya�, I can�t help think that a lone silversmith made such an impact on our country, and since he did, we are making an impact on our generation. Thank you for following this ride because you too are a Paul Revere Rider and we are you and you are us.